World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Sage James Ransom 27 M Dresden Summit
Saindon Ameil Louis     Coffeeville, KS  
Sawdon Halle Henry     Oberlin  
Sawdon John William 27 M Selden Bassettville
Sawyer James Burton     Dresden  
Sayles John Crane     Norcatur  
Schesler Fred Paul     Traer  
Schlicher Louis     Selden  
Schmitt Martin John     Selden  
Schmitt Nicholas Albert 24 S Clayton Allison
Schmoker John Fredrick     Selden  
Schnabel Frank Joseph 29 M Jennings Allison
Schneider Steve 25 S Traer---Alien Finley
Schoppe Fredrick William     Oberlin  
Schreiber George 29 M Traer Finley
Schreiber Louis 30 M Oberlin Summit
Schrock Glen Adison 24 M Oberlin Olive
Schroeder William     Jennings  
Schroer George     Dresden  
Schroer John Bernard     Dresden  
Schroer John Rudolph     Dresden  
Schroer Rudolph George     Dresden  
Schuler Newell W.     Selden  
Schultz Arthur Edward     Oberlin  
Schultz Carl Herman 28 S Oberlin Oberlin
Schultz George Henry 24 S Oberlin Oberlin
Schultz John Theodore     Oberlin  
Scott Arthur Chester     Oberlin  
Scott Byron Clifford     Jennings  
Scott Clarence B.     Jennings  
Scott Henry Burton     Oberlin  
Scott Horace Francis     Jennings  
Scott John Joseph     Oberlin  
Scott Ola     Oberlin  
Scott Warren Dies 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Scott Workman Archer 22 S Jennings Allison
Scott Paul Edward     Oberlin  
Searcy Arch 27 M Norcatur Lincoln
Sears Earl Benjamin 28 M Jennings Allison
Sears George Thomas 29 M Jennings Lyon
Seavey Edward Ingraham     Oberlin  
Sebaugh Benjamin Ira 24 M Clayton Garfield
Sebaugh Edward Perry 23 M Norcatur Lincoln
Sebaugh Louis Henry     Norcatur  
Sedustine Fred D.     Oberlin  
Segeda Grabiel 21 M Jennings---alien Jennings
Seigenthaler Fred 25 S Oberlin Summit
Seigenthaler John W. 27 S Oberlin Summit
Selby Guernesey Clay 23 M Oberlin Sherman
Senior Henry Arthur     Oberlin  
Sewell Claudia Dell     Dresden  
Shaffer Wincle 28 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Shaw Earl Kimball     Oberlin  
Shaw George Herbert     Oberlin  
Shaw Glynn Harrison     Oberlin  
Shaw Guy Walter     Oberlin  
Shaw Lewis Carl     Lebanon, NE  
Shearer Evans Harold     Jennings  
Shearer Glenn Arnold 28 M Jennings Lyon
Shearer Orrill Earston 23 S Jennings Jennings
Sheley John Beverly     Jennings  
Shellenbarger Hugh Nelson 28 M Norcatur Roosevelt
Shick Earl Kester 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Shick Hiram Albrey     Norcatur  
Shick James Preston     Norcatur  
Shick John Austin 30 S Norcatur Grant
Shields Edward Lyman 23 M Oberlin Bassettville
Shimek Stanley Earnest     Jennings  
Shimek William Frank     Jennings  
Shimmick Albert     Jennings  
Shimmick Joe W.     Jennings  
Shirley Frank     Norcatur  
Shirley Willis Orville 29 M Norcatur Lincoln
Shuler George Luther 30 M Selden Cook
Shuler Newell W. 24 S Selden Prairie Dog
Shwadlenak Frank 28 M Jennings Jennings
Sills Alexander 27 M Lebanon, NE Grant
Simmons George Earl     Norcatur  
Simons Guy Marion     Cedar Bluffs  
Simonson John Albert     Selden  
Simpson Albert William 30 M Jennings Jennings
Simpson Elmer Noble 28 M Oberlin Bassettville
Simpson Frank L.     Oberlin  
Simpson Guy Richard     Jennings  
Simpson Harry Edward 22 S Jennings Jennings
Simpson Harry Elva     Oberlin  
Simpson Holden David     Oberlin  
Skubal Rudolf Leon     Dresden  
Skubal Vencil 24 S Jennings Jennings
Slagle Ernest Clarence     Oberlin  
Slagle Sherman Newton 25 M Oberlin Oberlin
Slaven James Ambrose 26 M Selden Cook
Sloan Claud Carl 26 M Clayton Garfield
Slocum Geln     Oberlin  
Smallberger Simon Glenn 25 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Smick Caleb William 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Smick Fay Donald 28 M Oberlin Custer
Smith Arthur A.     Jennings  
Smith Bert     Danbury, NE  
Smith Elmer Perry     Norcatur  
Smith Everett 22 S Oberlin Liberty
Smith Floyd Orville 23 S Norcatur Grant
Smith George D.     Oberlin  
Smith Harry William     Clayton  
Smith Hyland     Jennings  
Smith Jacob Wilmer 21 S Jennings Jennings
Smith Jay LaVinno 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Smith John Abel     Oberlin  
Smith Louis Joseph 23 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Smith Lowell Wallace     Norcatur  
Smith Ralley Lee     Dresden  
Smith Ray Wayland     Jennings  
Smith Walter James     Oberlin  
Sneckenburger Abner     Dresden  
Soderlund Dean Otto     Kanona  
Soderlund Walter A. 26 S Kanona Altory
Soderlund William E. 24 S Kanona Altory
Sorick Harvey Lester     Norcatur  
Spaun Carmon Scott     Dresden  
Spear Emmet 25 M Oberlin Center
Spear Gerald Charley 25 S Jennings Lyon
Spear John Sam 27 M Dresden Dresden
Spear Lyle Leo 21 S Dresden Dresden
Spearing Joseph Watkins 29 M Norcatur Lincoln
Spencer Charles Cassius     Norcatur  
Spiers Charles George     Clayton  
Spohrer Arthur Jennings     Clayton  
Spohrer Roy Phillip 23 S Clayton Allison
Standfast John Henry 24 S Jennings Allison
Standfast Joseph 26 S Jennings Allison
Standfast Mike     Jennings  
Stangfast Leo     Jennings  
Stapp Ray Joseph 26 S Norcatur Lincoln
Stapp Roy albert 27 M Norcatur Lincoln
Steele Dale Morrison     Jennings  
Steele Franklin Pierce     Norcatur  
Steele Otto Blain     Jennings  
Steffen Henry     Jennings  
Stegaman John     Selden  
Stegeman William M.     Selden  
Steiner Matt 24 M Traer Finley
Stenier John     Herndon  
Stephens Clyde     Jennings  
Stephens Gilbert L.     Jennings  
Stevens John Albert     Norcatur  
Stevens Owen 21 S Norcatur Lincoln
Stevens Thomas Preston 25 M Norcatur Lincoln
Stevens William 26 S Norcatur Lincoln
Stevens William Henry     Norcatur  
Stevenson Richard 22 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Stevenson Tudor Marks 24 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Still Charles A.     Oberlin  
Stimbert John Danial     Oberlin  
Stinebrook Harries 29 M Oberlin Oberlin
Stiner Robert     Selden  
Stiner Vernal 23 M Oberlin Olive
Stone Arthur Freeman     Oberlin  
Stowell Albert Pearle Wilson     Oberlin  
Stowell Samuel Orr     Oberlin  
Stramp William Robert     Norcatur  
Stricker Edward Louis     Norcatur  
Stroup Henry Franklin 28 M Jennings Allison
Struble John Morgan     Norcatur  
Studer Elmer Augustus     Jennings  
Swartwood William 27 M Traer Finley
Swartz Elmer Guy     Oberlin  
Swift John Frederick     Jennings  
Swisher Christopher Columbus     Oberlin  
Swisher Noah Scott     Jennings  
Symonds William Roy     Oberlin  
Systma Frank John 21 S Dresden Dresden
Sytema Henry Dan 30 M Dresden Dresden
Tacha Carl     Jennings  
Tacha Earl Leroy 21 S Jennings Jennings
Tacha Edward Ernest     Jennings  
Tacha Ernest W. 29 M Jennings Jennings
Tacha Frank W. 29 S Jennings Jennings
Tacha George James 25 M Jennings Jennings
Tacha Harry L. 24 M Jennings Jennings
Tacha Jesse     Jennings  
Tally Guy Albertus     Oberlin  
Tally Raymond Wilber     Oberlin  
Tatum Hopie Smith 21 S Norcatur Lincoln
Taylor Chester Aurthur     Jennings  
Taylor Guy Edward     Jennings  
Taylor Jay Lesley 30 M Norcatur Grant
Taylor John robert 25 S Selden Prairie Dog
Taylor William Edward     Norcatur  
Temple Clarence Nathaniel 23 M Norcatur Lincoln
Temple James Edward     Norcatur  
Temple Lewis Edward 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Theiler Herman Henry     Selden  
Thielbar Guy Leslie     Oberlin  
Thiesen Peter     Clayton  
Thir George 22 S Traer Finley
Thomas Allan Geoffrey     Oberlin  
Thomas Ralph Middleton     Danbury, NE  
Thomas Walter A.     Clayton  
Thomm William Ferdinand     Cedar Bluffs  
Thompson Ray Albert     Cedar Bluffs  
Thompson Stephen James     Oberlin  
Tice Charlie Van 26 S Dresden Lyon
Tice Floyd Leland     Dresden  
Tice Glenn Walker 22 S Dresden Lyon
Tice Ross William     Dresden  
Tilden George F.     Oberlin  
Tilton Ora Lester 30 S Norcatur Grant
Tjarks John Claus     Oberlin  
Tofflemoyer Elmer     Norcatur  
Tolle James Oscar     Norcatur  
Tolle Joseph Lilbern 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Tomb William Rolland 26 S Dresden Dresden
Tongish Emery Martin     Cedar Bluffs  
Toops William Robert     Oberlin  
Top Jno. Jacob     Oberlin  
Torluemke Henry     Oberlin  
Towery Franklin Pierce 27 M Oberlin Roosevelt
Townsend Earl 23 M Oberlin Harlan
Townsend Merl 25 M Oberlin Harlan
Traxler Raymond 21 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Tritt Ira Samuel     Jennings  
Tritt Oscar J. 27 S Jennings Jennings
Trometer Charles Franklin     Dresden  
Trommeter Simon Earl 21 S Dresden Dresden
True James Wallace     Oberlin  
Turner Rosco Neal 22 M Selden Cook

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