World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Uehlin Alonzo Gilbert     Oberlin  
Uehlin Charles Clifford     Oberlin  
Uehlin William Albert     Oberlin  
Ufford Elmer Darling 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Ufford Frank Elfonzo 27 M Oberlin Oberlin
Ufford Richard Herbert 24 S Oberlin Oberlin
Ufford William Danial     Oberlin  
Unger Anton Fred     Oberlin  
Unger Martin     Oberlin  
Upson Bernard Charles     Oberlin  
Upson Ross Penny 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Urban Emil     Oberlin  
Urban Isaac     Jennings  
Urban Rudolph     Oberlin  
Vacura Cedelie     Jennings  
Vacura Charles     Jennings  
Vacura Jerry     Jennings  
Van Curon Thomas Alcil 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Van Gundy Archie     Norcatur  
Van Gundy Ira Dennis     Norcatur  
Van Pelt Leroy     Oberlin  
Van Pelt Willie Ross 22 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Van Vleet Charles Emery     Danbury, NE  
Van Vleet Weaver 25 M Oberlin Harlan
Vanover Elva Earl 21 S Clayton Garfield
VanSickle Charles William     Jennings  
Vavroch Henry Charles 28 M Oberlin Custer
Vavroch John     Oberlin  
Vavroch Joseph     Oberlin  
Vavroch Lewis George 24 M Oberlin Custer
Veerhees William Franklin 29 M Oberlin Oberlin
Vernon Alva Guy 22 S Norcatur Roosevelt
Vernon Bert Carl 28 M Kanona Roosevelt
Vernon Cloyce Lester     Jennings  
Vernon Ithiel Enoc 30 M Norcatur Roosevelt
Vernon Leslie Cecil     Oberlin  
Vernon Lester Ray     Norcatur  
Vernon Loyd Emery     Jennings  
Vernon Ray Charles     Kanona  
Vernon Roscoe Dell 29 S Norcatur Roosevelt
Vernon Ruthiford Benjamin     Norcatur  
Vernon Walter Orval 30 M Oberlin Oberlin
Vernon William Albertus     Oberlin  
Vessey Glenn Rae     Clayton  
Vickers Alonzo Abel 25 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Vollborn Luther Vance     Marion, NE  
Von Osdel Ivan Earl 25 M Oberlin Summit
VonSchuetz Hugo Adolphus     Jennings  
Voorhees Fred Jerma 27 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Votapka Charlie     Oberlin  
Votapka Claude Clifford     Oberlin  
Votapka Frank     Oberlin  
Votapka Jerry     Oberlin  
Voyles Wm. Nelson     Norcatur  
Wade Gerald Elwood 25 S Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Wade Orvill Howard 27 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Wade Perry Plumb     Lebanon, NE  
Wade Robert Townley     Danbury, NE  
Wagner Florian Mat 27 S Belleview, Iowa Dresden
Wahlmeier Aloysius Louis     Jennings  
Wahlmeier Henry Ben 26 M Clayton Pleasant Valley
Wahlmeier Joseph Peter     Jennings  
Waldo Charles Dwight     Oberlin  
Waldo Clifton     Oberlin  
Waldo Orley     Traer  
Walinder Oscar Adrian     Oberlin  
Walker Elwood L.     Dresden  
Walker Jesse Orval     Oberlin  
Walkey Charley Hershey     Dresden  
Walkey Walter Minters 22 S Dresden Dresden
Wallace Isaac Lee     Norcatur  
Wallace Lester Allen 21 S Almena, KS Dresden
Wallack Philip Walter     Jennings  
Walters Frank Cyrus     Norcatur  
Walton Charles Clarence 25 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Walton Clarence Ray     Traer  
Walton Fred Earl 28 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Wammack Thospson Lemons 30 M Traer Finley
Ward Clarence Leo 28 M Norcatur Lincoln
Ward Clyde Spencer     Norcatur  
Ward Merl Forrest     Norcatur  
Ward Perry Clarence 30 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Warley Zacharrah Abe     Oberlin  
Warner Horatio Nelson     Dresden  
Warner John Hiram 24 M Norcatur Grant
Warner Leo Oliver     Norcatur  
Warrick Charlie Frank 25 S Clayton Garfield
Warrick George Cleveland 29 S Clayton Garfield
Wasson Ira Morral 23 S Selden Bassettville
Waterman John Erban     Lebanon, NE  
Watkins Herbert Cotting     Marion, NE  
Watson Harlen     Oberlin  
Watson Nathan C. 25 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Watts Robert Ancel 30 M Kanona Altory
Way Delbert Garfield     Oberlin  
Weaver Alpha 30 M Clayton Garfield
Weed Raymond Edward 28 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Weir Arthur Earl     Oberlin  
Weir Charles Lawrence     Oberlin  
Wells Francis Liborn 30 S Willsonville, NE Grant
Wells Harmon Charles     Wilsonville, NE  
Welsh Nathniel     Danbury, NE  
Welter Earl A. 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Welter John Lendwic 25 S Dresden Lyon
Welter John Marton     Dresden  
Welter Peter     Dresden  
Wenger Herman J.     Selden  
Wenger John William     Dresden  
Wenger Lewis Edward 23 M Dresden Summit
Wennihan Charley Francis     Kanona  
Wennihan N. S.     Clayton  
Wensink Carl     Selden  
Wentz Ludwig Frederick     Norcatur  
Wernette Bertram William     Dresden  
Wert John Clinton     Oberlin  
West Harvey Thomas 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Wheeler James Earl     Oberlin  
Wheelock George Burns 25 S Allison Allison
White Eary Earl 27 M Oberlin Logan
White Emette 29 M Oberlin Harlan
White Omer Clyde 30 S Oberlin Olive
Whittington James Andrew 30 S Selden Cook
Wickham Aden     Norcatur  
Wickham Edgar Carl     Norcatur  
Wiggins Ambrose Ellsmer     Lebanon, NE  
Wilbur Rex Arthur 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Wilhelm Fred Alouis 26 M Traer Logan
Willcoxin Albert Wes 27 S Oberlin Summit
Willcoxon Sam Randolph     Oberlin  
Williams Earl Ransom     Lebanon, NE  
Williams Edgar Lindley 23 S Jennings Allison
Williams Glenn Kellog     Lebanon, NE  
Williams John Walter     Norcatur  
Williby Frankton Amos 29 M Selden Cook
Wills Thomas     Selden  
Wilson Charlie     Dresden  
Wilson Charlie Aaron     Oberlin  
Wilson Dick 25 M Norcatur Lincoln
Wilson Earl Cadet 28 M Oberlin Logan
Wilson Edwin Roy 24 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Wilson Frank     Dresden  
Wilson George Wallace 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Wilson Glen R. 26 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Wilson John Alexander 28 S Dresden Prairie Dog
Wilson John Harvey     Jennings  
Wilson Lee Roy 26 S Dresden Prairie Dog
Wilson Lewis 30 M Norcatur Lincoln
Wilson robert Edwin 30 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Wimer Harry Loy 26 M Oberlin Center
Winegar Walter William     Dresden  
Winemiller Jesse Emmett 27 M Oberlin Olive
Wingo Albert Ross     Danbury, NE  
Wingo Gordon Lee 22 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Wintjen George Henry     Oberlin  
Witham Carey Rey 22 S Norcatur Grant
Witham Harry 23 S Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Witham Harry Palmer 28 S Norcatur Grant
Witham Jess Marsdon 26 S Norcatur Grant
Witham Shelby H. 27 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Wolf Ernest Almon 21 S Jennings Allison
Wolf French Thurman 28 S Jennings Allison
Wolf Oscar Lewis     Jennings  
Wolf Russell Ray 30 S Jennings Allison
Wolf Tully Scott Mizer 24 S Jennings Allison
Wolfram George     Herndon  
Wolfram John     Herndon  
Wolfram Martin Jr. 28 M Herndon Finley
Wolfram Paul     Herndon  
Wonderly Lewis Edward     Oberlin  
Wood Ora Dongolia     Norcatur  
Woods Frederick Clyde     Norcatur  
Wookey Glen B. 24 S Kanona Altory
Woolley Edward W. 30 S Oberlin Bassettville
Worrall Fred Calvin     Norcatur  
Wray Orson Wilmer     Norcatur  
Wright Charles Dillion     Dresden  
Wright Ernest Truman 23 S Dresden Lyon
Wright Lasalle Albert     Cedar Bluffs  
Wudtke Gustaf Adolf     Traer  
Wurm Andy M. 28 M Traer Finley
Wurm George J. 29 M Traer Finley
Wurm John 25 S Traer Finley
Wurm Matt 22 S Traer Finley
Wurm Walter William     Herndon  
Wyant William Edwin     Traer  
Wyatt Fred Rollie     Marion, NE  
Wycoff Calvin Buford     Norcatur  
Wycoff James Ralph 23 M Norcatur Lincoln
Wylie Harry Hubert 21 S Jennings Lyon
Yeo Leo Grant 25 M Norcatur Lincoln
Yohey Jesse James     Oberlin  
Yost Floyd William     Traer  
Young Ernest Elmer 24 M Dresden Prairie Dog
Ypma Florian John 23 S Dresden Dresden
Zimmerman Charles Arthur     Oberlin  
Zimmerman Earl Morton 29 M Kanona Altory
Zodrow Frank Charles     Selden  
Zouhire Ayoub Farries     Norcatur  

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