YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE   1932 & 1941 & 1954

For copies of records contact the Clerk of the District Court 1-785-475-8107
120 E. Hall, Oberlin, KS, 67749.

Thanks to Luanne Henthorn for transcribing these.

Last Name First Name

Petition #

Albright Beatriz Santos 93
Amrein Annette Marie 107
Angeloff Kristo Georgoff 58
Antholz Ana Garia 116
Balthazor Anna Lotte 103
Barneveld Albert 56
Bartley Ingeborg Graf 73
Baude Eugene Louis Andre 55
Beamgard Lilly 63
Berkheimer Yukiko 113
Brooks Ella June 70
Burbach Margaret Hildegard 88
Chung Joan Sik 86
Conrikas Frank 46
Cope Helga Antoine 65
Cuadrado Angel 75
Davis Pere Marquette 91
Dixon Phyllis Smart 66
Fawcett Pearl Gwendolyn 67
Fitzmaurise Dolores Maria 106
Fredrickson Carl Gustave 44
Griswold Fumiko 115
Harper Barbara Joan 114
Heikes Kristi Lynn 123
Hillmann Elfriede 64
Horn Heidemarie 101
Horn  Anna Lotte 100
Horning Belinda Sue 98
Horning Nonya Lou 97
Humes Gisela Renate 109
Janousek Douglas Anton 108
Jansonius Gerrit 52
Jansonius Waltraut Annie 121
Kamla Maria Eva 105
Kim Soon Ock 95
Koaurek Mary 45
Krien Luise 85
Lagmay Esteban Castales 61
Landenberger Carolina 74
Legg Doreen 122
Lipsky Robert William 48
Lorimor Ritsuko Ito 90
Magers Dorothy Ellen 89
Mayes Ida Burr 54
Meyer Gustaf Kolk 87
Miexner Dora Unknown
Miller Lois Maria 112
Moody Helmi Elvira 72
Neyer Erin Mary 120
Nordstrom Lydia Shepherd 71
Northe James Neill 49
Nuttle Ellen 60
Petry Setsu 124
Phillips Naomi Margaret Laura 76
Plas Adrianes Van Der 51
Porsch Walter 41
Pyka David Anthony 84
Pywell Moon 79
Randall Gloria Faye 92
Reeb Elizabeth 82
Rieb Nena Ausyo 111
Roberts Jeh 117
Rodgers Shirley Ann 102
Runnion Ursula Rosemarie 110
Rurb Robert John Drury 42
Schemper John 53
Schemper Lambert Albert 50
Schlueter Katherine Hock 43
scranton Cornelia Martina Maria 94
Seemann Marie Julia 119
Snolinski Otto 77
Spiegel Helene Leone Victorine 68
Stapel William Albert 62
Steifel Nelly 104
Taberner Francisco Rioja 59
Tweedy Ernestine 99
Tweedy Maria Martha 96
Ukele Myrtle Mary 69
Underwood Jacqueline Eliane 78
Walz Amelia 80
Walz Fred Chris 81
Winger Ernst 83
Young Jeh 118
Zollman Barbara   47


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