Anna (Rumpeltes) Wurm

Mrs. Anna Wurm, 82, Dies of Heart Attack
Taken from the Oberlin Herald Thurs. Sept 16, 1948

Death came suddenly and with little or no suffering to Mrs. Anna Wurm, 82, at the home of one of her sons, George, in Oberlin Friday morning. The final summons came in almost the exact manner "Grandma" Wurm had often expressed the desire to be taken, without lingering illness or even being confined to a sick bed. She had always enjoyed good health, and even in her advanced years and slight stature she seldom was unable to be up and about the home.

Last Thursday she mentioned a pain on the left side of her chest, and Friday morning, after arising and eating breakfast, she said the pain had gone higher, into her neck. But she insisted that Mrs. George Wurm not remain a t home because of her that she would be all right. However, she did suggest the Mrs. Wurm drop back in an hour or so to she check up on her condition. Before leaving for her work at the high school, Mrs. Wurm went outside for just a few minutes to pick some flowers, and on her return she found "Grandma" on the floor in the bathroom, dead.

Mrs. Wurm came to America from Austria with her parents in 1885, and the family settled near Herndon. The following year she was married to Andreas Wurm, and to this couple were born 13 children, two of whom died in infancy. They moved to Traer in 1902 where the family lived and farmed until the death of Mr. Wurm in 1933. Mrs. Wurm continued her residence at Traer until six years ago, when she came to Oberlin, where she had since made her home with Mr. and Mrs. George Wurm.

Funeral services were held in St. John's Lutheran church Sunday afternoon, with the pastor Re. E. C. Schmidt in charge. The body was laid to rest beside that of her husband, in the Lutheran cemetery.

Submitted by Phil and Sharleen Wurm