From the Oberlin Herald, pg 1
DANIEL CASTER born in West Virginia August 7, 1841.  Died at his home in Olive Township, August 14, 1914, aged 73 years and 7 days.

Mr. Caster was married twice, his first wife being Mary J. Turner.  Four children were born to this union, Herbert O., Vincent R., Mrs. Nora Morton and Mrs. Alice Gilbert, all of whom were present at the funeral.  This Mrs. Caster died in Missouri in 1877.  Mr. Caster was again married to Mrs. Viola Moore in 1879 soon after coming with his family to this county. The children from this union are Fred G. of Oberlin, Amer Caster who lives in western Canada and was the only one not present at the funeral and Mrs. Bertha Askin of Olive.

The family coming to this county with only limited means the struggle for a living was at times trying in the extreme.  But thru all the bad years of drought and failure Dan Caster was always hopeful and made an earnest fight for his home and family.

He was converted, and joined the Baptist Church in 1880 and was a devoted and consistent member up to the day of his death.  He had been deacon for more than twenty years and had been the teacher of the Bible class for over twenty two years, and as one of the members of his class all these years, we can testify to his sincerity and earnestness and never knew him to stand before the class unprepared or to teach in a vain or frivolous manner.

He was a man of positive convictions, her was tenacious for the right and when convinced that his position was right he never wavered or compromised with wrong or evil. To his financial affairs he was positively honest and with his neighbors was fair in his dealings and never wanted anything for nothing.  Was always willing to accommodate a neighbor when it was in his power to do so.  He gave liberally to all benevolent institutions and was greatly interested in the work of missions in foreign countries.  He was an old soldier having been a member of Co. D,  194th Ohio Infantry and served his time and was honorably discharged.  He was a member of the T.E.G. Ransom Post of Oberlin and loved to meet with his old comrades at their monthly sessions.

He was a man of strong constitution, was a tireless worker and only a few years ago could chop off a log quicker than any man of his age.  He loved to have his friends visit him and it was his delight each year when melons were ripe to invite his bible class to his home and spend the day in social. conversation.

Mr. Caster had held the position of County Commissioner and had been twice elected to the Legislature, in both positions he acquitted himself honorably and with perfect satisfaction to his constituents.

One year ago he began to be troubled with cancer of the stomach and this gradually weakened him until he did not feel able to attend to some of the church duties as he found it too hard a task to come from his home each Sunday.  He, however, attended the monthly meeting of the church and was present in June but was quite feeble and remarked he did not expect to ever preside again.  The monthly meeting of the church occurred two hours after he died and the following resolution was unanimously passed:
         "In the death of brother Dan Caster the Oberlin Baptist Church has lost one of
          its oldest and most esteemed members whose loss is keenly felt, knowing his
          place cannot be filled.  We, however, shall ever remember his kindly greetings
          and shall strive to emulate his example in all good. works and so live that we shall
          meet him where parting shall be no more". 

he funeral was held at the Baptist church on Sunday, August 16, a large crowd being present to show their respect to one they had loved and known so long. Sermon by Rev. J. P. Clark of the Presbyterian church who had been his friend for a number of years.  Burial in the Oberlin Cemetery. 

Submitted by Elsie Morton Rarey