George Walter Moler

George Walter Moler passed away at a hospital in Denver a week ago
Tuesday.  He had been in the hospital about three weeks previous after
he suffered a blood clot when a blood vessel back of his eye bursted and
caused him to lose the sight of one eye, but it was thought the clot had
dissolved and he was released.  He had been feeling fine until Tuesday
morning July 24, when he became ill and was rushed to the hospital where
he lapsed into a coma and passed away that evening about six o'clock.

He is survived by his wife Edna and a son, Myron.

He was born and raised in Decatur County on a farm near Norcatur where
he spent the greater part of his life, moving to Denver about seven
years ago.

Services were held in Denver and again at the McClure Funeral Home with
Rev. Donald Hobbs officiating and interment was made in the Norcatur

George Walter Moler was born October 21, 1902 and died July 24, 1951.
He was the son of Phillip Park and Samantha Jane Moler.

Submitted by Max Moler