Mirl Leroy Townsend
Oberlin Herald, January 9, 1941, page 5

Mirl Leroy Townsend, son of Charles and Llona Townsend, was born in
Harlan township, Decatur county, Kansas, April 17, 1892 and passed away
at his home in Red Willow county, Nebraska, December 31, at the age of 48
years, 8 months and 14 days.
Mirl had grown to manhood in this community and had spent almost his
entire life in the near vicinity of his birth where his friends knew him
and loved him for his many good qualities.
On February 27, 1917, he was united in marriage to Ala [Ola]
Elizabeth VanFleet.  To this union four children were born:  Leora
Elaine, Delbert Leroy, Dole Ellsworth and Sylvia Elizabeth, all of whom
As we have already indicated almost all of Mirl's life had been
spent in this vicinity where he had long been known as an industrious and
energetic farmer.  He was naturally rather retiring and inclined to keep
his troubles and worries to himself; reasoning that others had plenty of
worries of their own without being further burdened with his cares.  This
natural tendency coupled with the perplexing problems heaped upon him
through the recent strenuous years broke down his health and weakened him
so that life's burden was more than mere human resistance could
withstand.  We can never fully know what he endured for he steadfastly
refused to burden even his closest friends and loved ones with his
troubles.  Here is one of the mysteries of life we can never fully
understand or explain, but we do know that the loving Heavenly Father,
who doeth.

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"Oberlin Herald," January 2, 1941, page 1.
Relatives and friends of Merl Townsend were shocked and grieved Tuesday
after it was learned his body had been discovered, hanging from a rafter
in the barn at the farm home just across the state line in Nebraska.  The
discovery was made shortly after noon Tuesday.  No details were available
here yesterday, beyond the telephone message calling for Andy Harger, and
reporting the finding of the body.