Sattie May Krack
1903 Oberlin Esp
Sunday, Sept. 27. Mrs. Lewis Krack of Bassettville gave birth to a daughter.  A doctor was summoned, but before he could reach the farm the mother died.  She was 26 years old. Her maiden name was Sattie May McCune.  The child for whom she gave her life is doing well. The sympathy of the many friends and neighbors go out to the stricken husband and the wee girl who will never know a mothers tender care.
Sattie May Krack
Oberlin Herald, Oct 1, 1903
We were sorry to receive the intelligence on Monday of the death of Mrs. Lewis Krack of Bassettville, who died quite unexpectantly on Sunday of internal hemorrhage. She leaves 4 small children, the youngest but a few hours old. This is one of the hardest blows any man has to undergo and we sympathize with friend Krack, for he has met with a loss that is hard to bear. Mrs. Krack was an excellent wife and mother, and her neighbors all testify to her good qualities. She was the daughter of Mrs. McCune of the Prairie Dog and had many friends in that part of the country. We did not learn where interment took place