Personal Genealogy Home Pages with Decatur County ties.

If you have a home page that has Decatur County connections, we would be glad to provide a link to it.  Just email me your URL.

The Wentz Family from Decatur County, Kansas.  Homepage of Lane Kraft

Home Page of Jeanne Lee Cunningham.  Decatur County surnames include Shirley, Bell, Dowling, and many more.  

Ancestors of Mark Gordon WILSON Homepage of Bob Wilson.

Burgenland Families   Links that may be helpful for researching ancestors from the area in the former Austria-Hungarian Empire now known as the Burgenland. Some of the surnames included: Allacker, Ecker, Goltl, Herzog, and Wurm.  Site of Gary L. Portsche

Euhus and Jording Families  Homepage of Brad Euhus.

Wheelock Family Genealogy   Family of Chris Galbraith

Our Past and Our Future  Wonderful site if you are looking for the surnames of Vernon, Kinsey, Shepard, Mason, Castell, Finch, Iverson, and Chronister.  Email address is listed on the site to contact the author.

Family Page for Benjamin Franklin Maggard & Emma Jane Hicks.

The Randall Vernon Family Home PageSurnames include Hadix, Shaw, Kannarr, Olson, Ireland, Edgerton, Lambert, Stubbs, Osborn, Walters, Cathcart, Jarvis, Remington.  Site of Randall Paul Vernon.

Family History of Frank Lawrence SIMPSON and SIMPSON Genealogy Page.  Both of these sites were done by Patti Simpson.  Some surnames include: Simpson, Baker, Smith, and Shaffer. 

Home Page of Phil and Sharleen Wurm.  Decatur County surnames include: Wurm, Herzog, Wolfram, Cathcart, and Rumpeltes.

Family Tree of Luanne Lynne Vernon Henthorn. Decatur County surnames include: Vernon, Holben, Capps, Trotter, and Guinn.

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