Decatur County
Automobile and Truck
License Directory

Read and see what kind of car and truck your relative had in 1946.   Fun and interesting reading.  

Thanks to Luanne for transcribing them for us.

Automobile Directory below.   Click on TRUCK for the license directory for the truck section.

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Last Name First Name City Make Year
Abbott Floyd Oberlin Esse 1930
Adams Raymond Oberlin Plym 1941
Adamson Bros.   Oberlin Chev 1941
Adamson Bros.   Oberlin Dodge 1938
Addleman D. G. Oberlin Ford 1937
Addleman T. B. Oberlin Dodge 1938
Alexander Delbert Norcatur Plym 1935
Alexander Glenn Unknown Chev 1937
Alexander J. H. Norcatur Chev 1936
Alexander Jesse Norcatur Chev 1936
Alexander Pearl Norcatur Chev 1934
Allen F. G. Oberlin Chev 1933
Allen Guy C. Oberlin Ford 1946
Allen Harold Oberlin Dodge 1936
Allen J. W. Jennings Ford 1937
Alstrom C. H. Dresden Chev 1940
Alstrom Keith Dresden Ford 1929
Amack Stansor Selden Chev 1939
Amlin Lona Oberlin Chev 1928
Amos Asa Oberlin Ford 1921
Anderson A. G. Dresden Ford 1930
Anderson Anton Oberlin Chev 1936
Anderson Art Oberlin Ford 1932
Anderson Carl Oberlin Olds 1942
Anderson Claus E. Oberlin Hud 1938
Anderson E. R. Oberlin Chev 1937
Anderson Ed W. Oberlin Chev 1941
Anderson Edith Oberlin Chev 1938
Anderson Edward Oberlin Chev 1938
Anderson Elmer Oberlin LaFay 1938
Anderson F. A. Oberlin Chry 1942
Anderson F. E. Oberlin Plym 1940
Anderson Fritz Dresden Terrap 1937
Anderson Gilbert Oberlin Terrap 1937
Anderson Gordon Oberlin Chev 1935
Anderson H. G. Dresden Hud 1941
Anderson Howard H. Selden Chev 1935
Anderson Joe W. Unknown Buick 1940
Anderson Lucille Oberlin Plym 1938
Anderson R. Selden Chev 1936
Anderson Russell T. Oberlin Olds 1940
Anderson T. M. Oberlin Chev 1936
Ankenman F. W. Oberlin Buick 1940
Ankenman F. W. Oberlin Chev 1934
Ankenman G. L. Oberlin Ford 1938
Anthony Geo Norcatur Ford 1935
Anthony Glenn Oberlin Chev 1936
Area Harold Oberlin Olds 1936
Arehart B. Fred Oberlin Plym 1935
Arehart Fred Oberlin Chev 1929
Arehart Fred G. Oberlin Ford 1934
Armstrong Harry Oberlin Buick 1931
Arnold Jacob Selden Ford 1930
Arnold Lee Norcatur Chev 1936
Arnold O. R. Norcatur Buick 1937
Aron Glenn Oberlin Ford 1934
Aronson Pearl Norcatur Plym 1935
Asbahr H. H. Danb N Chev 1929
Ashley D. J. Selden Chev 1941
Ashley J. S. Selden Chev 1940
Askins Ray Herndon Chev 1940
Ater Fred   Oberlin Ford 1935
Ater Harry Oberlin Chev 1934
Ater Harry Oberlin Pont 1940
Auker F. L. Norcatur Chev 1942
Ault M. E. Norcatur Ford 1930
Ayres Lowell Selden Chev 1939
Bader Erwin Jennings Ford 1942
Bader F. E. Jennings Ford 1928
Bader Florent Jennings Plym 1938
Bailey C. S. Oberlin Ford 1929
BAiley Clarence Oberlin Chev 1940
Bailey E. L. Jennings Ford 1941
Bailey Elwood Jennings Plym 1937
Bailey Ray Norcatur Chev 1939
Bailey S. W. Jennings Ford 1939
Bailey S. W. Jennings Chev 1931
Bainter D. C. Dresden Ford 1939
Bainter E. J. Jennings Ford 1941
Bainter Norman Jennings Chev 1931
Banta H. Oberlin Olds 1941
Banta H. Oberlin Chev 1937
Banta M. G. Oberlin Plym 1937
Barker Emory Oberlin Buick 1941
Barnes D. D. Oberlin Ford 1935
Barnett Lester Clayton Chev 1936
Barnett Ray W. Rexford Chev 1940
Barnhart Allen Oberlin Ford 1931
Barnhart E. R. Norcatur Chev 1937
Barnhart T. Oberlin Chev 1936
Barr Bliss Oberlin Chev 1930
Barratt C. A. Oberlin Chev 1941
Barrett Arlie H. Oberlin Chev 1929
Barrett H. A. Oberlin Ford 1941
Barrett J. W. Oberlin Ford 1936
Barrett LeRoy L. Oberlin Chev 1935
Barrett Robert Oberlin Chev 1935
Bartley E. B. Jennings Chev 1925
Bates Harry Oberlin Chev 1938
Batterton U. C. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1940
Beard James R. Kanona Ford 1930
Beardsley H. S. Oberlin Buick 1940
Beardsley H. S. Jr. Unknown Ford 1937
Beckwith R. J. Oberlin Linc-Z 1937
Beers A. H. Jennings Ford 1937
Beers E. B. Jennings Chev 1928
Beers Frank Jennings Ford 1930
Bell  O. G. Norcatur Ford 1941
Bell Brice Norcatur Ford 1931
Bell Lee Selden Chev 1934
Bell S. C. Oberlin Olds 1939
Bell Warren Norcatur Chev 1934
Bemmer H. G. Herndon Pont 1941
Bencken J. A. Oberlin Plym 1936
Beneda Everett Oberlin Ford 1937
Beneda James Jr. Oberlin Ford 1930
Beneda Jerry Oberlin Ford 1930
Beneda Lloyd Oberlin Ford 1940
Beneda Val L. Oberlin Chev 1937
Bengston Ralph Oberlin Chev 1935
Bennett J. B. Jennings Chev 1928
Bennett Regis C. Jennings Ford 1933
Benton Earl Traer Plym 1938
Benton H. D. Norcatur Chev 1940
Benton Lewis C. Oberlin Plym 1938
Berg Walter Norcatur Chev 1936
Berls Albert Oberlin Ford 1941
Berls Edward Oberlin Hud 1941
Berndt A. H. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1941
Berndt A. J. Oberlin Buick 1939
Berndt H. F. Oberlin Chev 1939
Berry Donald Oberlin Chev 1929
Berry S. D. Oberlin Whip 1928
Berthwick Leonard Oberlin Ford 1930
Bickett B. A. Oberlin Ford 1934
Birdsell Geo R. Oberlin Pont 1929
Bishop Clyde Oberlin Chev 1935
Bishop Donnis D. Dresden Ford 1940
Bishop Merle Dresden Ford 1938
Bivans J. W. Oberlin Plym 1935
Bivans J. W. Oberlin Plym 1941
Black C. V. Dresden Plym 1935
Black Edwin Dresden Ford 1938
Black Keith Dresden Chev 1935
Black Ralph Dresden Chev 1931
Blees Lewis Leb N Chev 1939
Blickenstaff Clifford Oberlin Ford 1936
Blickenstaff M. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1935
Boam Fred Oberlin Ford 1929
Bobbitt Ray Oberlin Ford 1936
Bogart A. A. Norcatur Plym 1941
Bogart E. C. Danb N Chev 1937
Bogart Neal Danb N Chev 1938
Bollig Seraphim Selden Ford 1929
Boor John Leoville Chev 1936
Bosler Clifford Oberlin Ford 1934
Botts J. R. Oberlin Buick 1942
Botts S. W. Norcatur Chev 1936
Boulls C. D. Jennings Ford 1942
Boutz B. H. Jennings Chev 1930
Bowman M. H. Dresden Chev 1940
Bowser H. M. Norcatur Plym 1935
Bowser Reed Oberlin Ford 1936
Boyd J. Norcatur Nash 1929
Boyles O. C. Jennings Ford 1941
Bradley O. W. Oberlin Chev 1936
Brainard C.   Selden Ford 1934
Brainard Jesse Selden Pont 1941
Brainard W. H. Selden Chev 1939
Brantley W. Selden Pont 1938
Bremer George D. Dresden Ford 1938
Bremer Jn. M. Oberlin Ford 1941
Bremer Marion Dresden Ford 1941
Britton Joe Jennings Ford 1929
Brock A. M. Jennings Chev 1929
Brock Clark Jennings Chev 1929
Brock Fay Jennings Ford 1941
Brock Fay Jennings Ford 1930
Brock W. C. Jennings Ford 1935
Brooks B. H. Jennings Chev 1939
Brooks Lloyd Norcatur Chev 1936
Brouhard F. Dresden Ford 1935
Brouhard F. C. Oberlin Chev 1932
Brown Bartes Jennings Ford 1941
Brown C. B. Oberlin Chev 1937
Brown Chas Oberlin Ford 1931
Brown Creighton Oberlin Chev 1941
Brown E. J. Oberlin Ford 1939
Brown Elmer Oberlin Hud 1940
Brown G. G. Jennings Chev 1936
Brown G. G. Jennings Plym 1935
Brown G. G. Jennings Chev 1927
Brown Gerald L. Leb N Ford 1935
Brown Harold Oberlin Hud 1942
Brown I. S. Oberlin Chev 1936
Brown James Oberlin Ford 1929
Brown Joseph A. Oberlin Pont 1940
Brown L. G. Oberlin Chev 1940
Brown Leonard Oberlin Ford 1941
Brown Les T. Oberlin Chev 1935
Brown Leslie G. Oberlin Chev 1931
Brown Leslie T. Oberlin Ford 1929
Brown Morton Oberlin Chev 1929
Brown N. A. Oberlin Ford 1937
Brown O. C. Oberlin Chev 1931
Brown Ralph Oberlin Plym 1934
Brown Robert Oberlin Ford 1935
Brown Woodrow Norcatur Chev 1935
Bruecker August Oberlin Dodge 1924
Bruggeman Al. Leoville Chry 1939
Bruggeman Al. Leoville Ford 1931
Bruggeman Anna Selden Plym 1941
Bruggeman Clarence Selden Chev 1928
Bruggeman H. Selden Plym 1941
Bruggeman H. Selden Chev 1930
Bruggeman J. Selden Chev 1935
Brunk Chas Norcatur Chev 1941
Brunk Dale Oberlin Chev 1937
Brunk Ed Norcatur Chev 1937
Brunk Howard Norcatur Dodge 1936
Brunk J. J. Norcatur Chev 1936
Brunk John Jr. Norcatur Ford 1940
Brunk Oral Oberlin Chev 1940
Bryan B. L. Cedar Bluffs Dodge 1942
Bryan Floyd Cedar Bluffs Ford 1936
Bryan G. Oberlin Ford 1935
Bryan Gerald Oberlin Chev 1935
Bryan Guy Oberlin Ford 1939
Bryan M. & G. Oberlin Chev 1937
Bryan Newton Oberlin Ford 1937
Bryan Victor Oberlin Chev 1936
Bryan Wayne G. Oberlin Plym 1941
Bunny Walter Norcatur Ford 1935
Burg A. E. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1935
Burns A. B. Oberlin Ford 1941
Burns Anna F. Oberlin Plym 1936
Bush Elsie Oberlin Olds 1936
Bushnell C. Traer Chev 1929
Calhoon O. D. Oberlin Stude 1941
Cameron Roy R. Norcatur Chev 1939
Campbell D. G. Oberlin Chev 1940
Campbell Dennis & Lon Oberlin Chev 1929
Campbell E. Oberlin Chev 1941
Campbell Roy Oberlin Chev 1938
Canfield D. F. Kanona Chev 1936
Capps C. L. Kanona Ford 1931
Capps L. L. Oberlin Ford 1937
carlisle A. L. Traer Ford 1932
Carlisle D. Traer Ford 1935
Carlson Ray Oberlin Chev 1935
Carlton Alma Jennings Ford 1927
Carman Archie Selden Chev 1940
Carman David Dresden Chev 1941
Carman Elmer Oberlin Chev 1934
Carman Joe B. Selden Chev 1938
Carper E. Jennings Ford 1929
Carper Galen Jennings Chev 1931
Carper Judd Jennings Chev 1939
Carper M. F. Jennings Chev 1938
Carroll Edgar Jennings Ford 1929
Carstens H. W. Jennings Ford 1929
Carstens J. H. Jennings Ford 1929
Carstens Mae Jennings Ford 1929
Carte Hazel Jennings Ford 1936
Carter Forrest B. Norcatur Chev 1940
Carter Ida M. Norcatur Chrys 1927
Carter Jesse Jennings Ford 1928
Carter L. Oberlin Chev 1934
Carter Wm-Wrd Jennings Studeb 1937
Carver O. M. Oberlin Plym 1936
Case Co. J. I. Kan City Chev 1940
Caster Fred G. Oberlin Ford 1938
Castle A. J. Oberlin Chev 1942
Castle A. J. Oberlin Chev 1931
Castle J. H. Oberlin Whipp 1929
Castle Robert Oberlin Buick 1927
Castle W. W. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1931
Castle Walter Cedar Bluffs Olds 1936
Castor Harold Dan N Pont 1933
Cathcart C. C. Oberlin Ford 1941
Cathcart J. V. Oberlin Chev 1937
Cathcart S. D. Danb N Ford 1938
Cedarberg Sidna Oberlin Chev 1933
Chambers A. L. Norcatur Ford 1940
Chambers Clifford Norcatur Ford 1941
Chambers John Oberlin Chev 1941
Chambers   K. R. Leb N Chev 1941
Chambers Bros. D. D. Oberlin Chev 1935
Chambers Bros.   Leb N Plym 1941
Chance Emery Rexford Pont 1941
Chance Vern L. Jennings Ford 1940
Chandler Nadine Jennings Ford 1934
Chandler W. H. Jennings Buick 1936
Chapin Lyle Oberlin Pont 1941
Chapman M. F. Dresden Chev 1941
Chastain E. S. Oberlin Olds 1940
Chenoweth L. A. Jennings Ford 1940
Chenoweth L. A. Jennings Ford 1930
Chilson Roy Oberlin Chev 1936
Cilek L. W. Jennings Chev 1930
Cilek Lweis Jennings Chev 1936
Claar Gordon Oberlin Marguett 1930
Claar Lawrence Rexford Ford 1942
Claar R. S. Oberlin Marq 1930
Claar Ward Oberlin Ford 1936
Clark Ralph Oberlin Buick 1940
Claycomb K. L. Dresden Chev 1939
Cleland Geo M. Norcatur Plym 1940
Cleland Geo M. Norcatur Ford 1929
Close A. W. Oberlin Chev 1930
Cochran Ivan Oberlin Plym 1937
Cochran J. E. Oberlin Dodge 1937
Cochran L. Oberlin Chev 1939
Cochran S. Oberlin Chev 1931
Cochran S. Oberlin Chev 1935
Cochran Veere Oberlin Olds 1936
Cochran Virgil Oberlin Chev 1930
Cody Elden Oberlin Chev 1937
Cody Geo M. Oberlin Chev 1936
Coleman E. J. Jennings Chev 1937
Coleman G. Jennings Chev 1932
Coleman Robert Oberlin Chev 1935
Coley Wm Oberlin Chev 1928
Collins J. T. Norcatur Ford 1934
Colton Chas R. Oberlin Chev 1937
Colton G. F. Oberlin Chev 1938
Compton A. C. Oberlin Plym 1935
Cook L. E. Oberlin Buick 1941
Cook W. A. Oberlin Olds 1940
Corcoran Lloyd Oberlin Ford 1940
Corcoran W. J. Oberlin Chev 1936
Corder Dennis Selden Ford 1934
Corder Elmer Selden Chev 1940
Corder Elmo Oberlin Chev 1937
Couldter Mrs. Lizzie Oberlin Plym 1930
Coulter A. I. Oberlin Ford 1940
Coulter E. E. Oberlin Plym 1935
Coulter L. A. Danb N Chev 1941
Counter F. J. Oberlin Ford 1934
Counter H. D. Oberlin Plym 1937
Counter Perry Oberlin Chev 1941
Counter Wilbur Oberlin Ford 1932
Cox I. C. Traer Ford 1931
Cozad Rex Norcatur Pont 1940
Cozad Van Norcatur Chev 1938
Crabill D. N. Norcatur Ford 1929
Craig C. E. Oberlin Chev 1936
Craig Flona Oberlin Chev 1935
Craig Floyd Oberlin Chev 1933
Craig Wm Oberlin Chev 1935
Crocker M. H. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1936
Cullison Alice Oberlin Buick 1928
Cullison G. W. Oberlin Buick 1940
Curry W. K. Oberlin Olds 1940
Cyrus Louise Oberlin Chev 1928


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