Decatur County
Automobile and Truck
License Directory

Read and see what kind of car and truck your relative had in 1946.   Fun and interesting reading.  

Thanks to Luanne for transcribing them for us.

Automobile Directory below.   Click on TRUCK for the license directory for the truck section.

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Last Name First Name City Make Year
Daniel Thurman Rexford Packard 1936
David W. C. Oberlin Terr 1935
Davis A. J. Norcatur Ford 1930
Davis George Oberlin Chev 1935
Davis  Elmer Norcatur Ford 1942
Davison Ellis Oberlin Chev 1929
Davison V. E. Oberlin Chev 1938
Davitt Raymond F. Jennings Ford 1930
Dean Mrs. E. S. Oberlin Buick 1941
Dean Mrs. Walter Cedar Bluffs Ford 1936
Dearsmith Milo Oberlin Ford 1941
Dec. Co. Wel.   Oberlin Chev 1942
Decatur Co.   Oberlin Ford 1942
DeLong R. M. Danb N Chev 1935
DeMay H. A. Cedar Bluffs Buick 1941
Demmer Matt Herndon Chev 1934
Dempewolf F. J. Dresden Chev 1933
Dempewolf V. Dresden Chev 1934
Derby Harold Dresden Chev 1939
Deu Pree G. R. Dresden Plym 1934
DeWitt Alan Oberlin Ford 1942
Dick O. L. Norcatur Nash 1929
Diederich C. H. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1938
Diehl C. C. Oberlin Chev 1936
Diehl L. H. Oberlin Ford 1936
Diehl R. S. Oberlin Ford 1937
Dillon Dr. C. M. Norcatur Chev 1931
Dodson F. J. Jennings Chev 1931
Donny J. N. Jennings Ford 1930
Dooley Harold Oberlin Chev 1933
Douglas Juel Cedar Bluffs Ford 1931
Dowdall I. J. Oberlin Chev 1935
Dowling A. J. Oberlin Plym 1940
Drake J. R. Oberlin Plym 1941
Driskell Zella Oberlin Plym 1935
Druecker August Oberlin Dodge 1932
Dryden A. A. Oberlin Olds 1942
Dryden Luray W. Oberlin Olds 1941
Duncan A. Oberlin Chev 1940
Dwyer John Jennings Ford 1929
Easter A. E. Jennings Pont 1939
Ecker Ernest Herndon Chev 1931
Ecker Robert Herndon Chev 1929
Eckhart B. E. Norcatur Chev 1937
Eckhart C. A. Norcatur Chev 1942
Eckhart Eldon Norcatur Chev 1937
Eckhart Floyd Norcatur Chev 1937
Edwards Ora Oberlin Ford 1929
Ehler Chris Dresden Ford 1930
Ehler Don  Dresden Chev 1929
Ehlors Bryan Dresden Plym 1937
Ehlors Fred Dresden Ford 1935
Ehrlich B. Jennings Plym 1938
Eiler Howard Oberlin Ford 1935
Eilor Harry Oberlin Ford 1936
Elling Henry Oberlin Chev 1936
Ellis Harry F. Oberlin Ford 1936
Elson Preston Cedar Bluffs Olds 1936
Elson Richard Cedar Bluffs Ford 1928
Emerson L. E. Oberlin Ford 1930
Emigh Don C. Selden Chev 1942
Emigh Don C. Selden Chev 1930
Enyeart Wm Oberlin Buick 1931
Erickson Axel Oberlin Terrap 1935
Erickson Clifford Jennings Ford 1940
Erickson L. O. Jennings Chev 1938
Eubank J. A. Norcatur Chev 1931
Euhus H. F. G. Oberlin Buick 1940
Euhus John Oberlin Dodge 1941
Fagerberg W. H. Texas Ford 1940
Fair J. W. Oberlin Chev 1930
Farmers L & A Oberlin Ford 1938
Fawcett Oscar Kanona Chev 1933
Feaster Bert   Oberlin Ford 1935
Fed Land Bank   Wich Plym 1941
Feely C. E. Jennings Hud 1941
Fees Chas Oberlin Chev 1929
Fellhoelter Joe Dresden Chev 1938
Ferguson James Oberlin DeSo 1940
Ferguson O. Oberlin Chev 1940
Fiala Edw Oberlin Plym 1934
Fiala Jerry Oberlin Plym 1939
Fiala Jn Jr. Oberlin Chev 1937
Fiala Joseph Oberlin Ford 1935
Fiechter Florence Leb N Chrys 1929
Firebaugh C. Jennings Chev 1939
Fish Walter E. Kanona Dodge 1928
Fisher Bert Cedar Bluffs Ford 1928
Fisher Cleo Oberlin Ford 1938
Fisher Harvey Oberlin Ford 1939
Fisher Royal Oberlin Chev 1929
Flaska A. J. Oberlin Chev 1935
Flaska Chas Oberlin Chev 1937
Flaska Emil R. Dresden Ford 1929
Flaska J. L. Jennings Chev 1939
Flaska Mary Dresden Ford 1941
Fleckenstein A. Selden Merc 1940
Fleckenstein J. Dresden Ford 1941
Flick Roy Oberlin Pack 1937
Foley Archie Danb N Plym 1937
Foley Lester Dan N Chev 1931
Foley Loyd R. Danb N Olds 1940
Foley M.   Kanona Ford 1935
Follis Charlie Jennings Ford 1938
Follis James Jennings Chev 1941
Fortin D. J. Jennings Ford 1928
Fortin E. A. Dresden Ford 1939
Fortin Everett Jennings Ford 1931
Fortin Lloyd Jennings Ford 1929
Fortin Martha Dresden Ford 1933
Foster E. L. Dresden Chev 1938
Foster Flav. M. Dresden Ford 1937
Foster Lorenzo Oberlin Chev 1933
Foster R. J. Jennings Willys 1931
Foster Violet Jennings Ford 1937
Foster Walter Jennings Ford 1930
Fowler Chas Selden Ford 1929
Francis A. Lloyd Jr. Oberlin Ford 1935
Francis Stewart Oberlin Chev 1935
Frank Thos E. Clayton Chev 1940
Frank W. N. Clayton Chev 1935
Fredrickson A. L. Oberlin Ford 1930
Fredrickson Carl Oberlin Dodge 1932
Freichs Wert Oberlin Ford 1937
Frewen F. A. Norcatur Chev 1940
Frewen Frank Norcatur Chev 1937
Frey Clarence Jennings Chev 1929
Frickey Carl L. Oberlin Plym 1941
Frickey Harold Oberlin Buick 1942
Frickey Wendell T. Jennings Chev 1939
Friedemann Robt Oberlin Chev 1936
Fringer Bonnie Oberlin Chev 1932
Fringer F. L. Oberlin Olds 1941
Fringer J. C. Oberlin Chev 1941
Fringer R. P. Oberlin Chev 1937
Fringer V.   Oberlin Chev 1931
Furlong Mrs. C. Oberlin Ford 1937
Gage Clyde Oberlin Ford 1929
Gaines Alvin Dresden Chev 1936
Gallatin E. Clayton Chev 1938
Gallatin Keith Clayton Plym 1936
Gallentine A. V. Norcatur Studeb 1929
Gallentine D. M. Clayton Ford 1930
Gallentine Eli Clayton Ford 1929
Gallentine F. Jr. Leb N Ford 1929
Gallentine F. Jr. Leb N Chev 1941
Gallentine I. Norcatur Chev 1930
Gallentine I. Clayton Pont 1935
Gallentine John Clayton Ford 1937
Gallentine K. Clayton Pont 1929
Gallentine King Clayton Dodge 1936
Gallentine N. Norcatur Ford 1941
Gallentine Nellie Norcatur Chev 1938
Gallentine Norman Clayton Olds 1934
Gallentine W. E. Clayton Ford 1935
Galusha Warren Traer Ford 1930
Gardner A. Oberlin Chev 1932
Gardner G.   Oberlin Terrap 1937
Garver Frank Oberlin Chev 1941
Garver K. Rex Oberlin Ford 1937
Gaumer J. A. Oberlin Ford 1929
Gaumer J. A. Jennings Ford 1935
Gaumer W. J. Oberlin Chev 1940
Gaumo Wesley Oberlin Chev 1929
Geisenhonor Guy Rexford Chev 1935
Gierhart Glen Oberlin Chev 1929
Gierhart Glen Oberlin Pont 1936
Gierhart Glenn Jr. Oberlin Ford 1937
Gierhart Zena M. Unknown Ford 1942
Gilbert F. B. Oberlin Olds 1941
Gilbert Lester Oberlin Ford 1935
Gill  L. W. Oberlin Ford 1935
Gillespie E. M. Jennings Ford 1931
Gillespie Ed Jennings Chev 1941
Gillespie Geo Dresden Ford 1929
Gillespie Geo Dresden Ford 1931
Gillespie Ora Jennings Ford 1928
Gillespie Ora Jennings Chev 1936
Ginther A. Oberlin Ford 1939
Ginther Albert Oberlin Ford 1937
Gnagy Junior Jennings Chev 1934
Godwin S. Jennings Ford 1929
Golden F. E. Oberlin Ford 1933
Goltl Fred Selden Olds 1936
Goodenberger D. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1931
Goodman J. T. Norcatur Ford 1935
Gould Donald Selden Ford 1936
Grace John T. Selden Ford 1937
Graves J. E. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1936
Graves Mrs. Jn Oberlin Ford 1929
Grice J. R. Oberlin Pont 1939
Griffin L. S. Kanona Olds 1942
Griffith C. W. Clayton Ford 1941
Griffith V. H. Oberlin Olds 1937
Griffith V. H. Oberlin Henn 1937
Groneweg G. H. Selden Ford 1938
Groneweg G. H. Selden Stude 1941
Guenther Fred Oberlin Buick 1940
Guenther George Oberlin Ford 1929
Guinn Bruce Oberlin Ford 1935
Guinn Bruce Jr. Oberlin Plym 1940
Guinn James B. Oberlin Ford 1930
Guinn L. D. Oberlin Ford 1929
Guinn Lyle Oberlin Chev 1937
Gunthert A. Oberlin Ford 1936
Guy Ralph Oberlin Chev 1937
Haas George Oberlin Ford 1938
Haas Keith Oberlin Chev 1936
Haas M. L. Oberlin Chev 1940
Hackney Kermit Oberlin Ford 1936
Hackney P. S. Oberlin Chrys 1937
Hafner Bertha Herndon Ford 1930
Hagen S. T. Clayton Chev 1936
Hahn Henry Oberlin Dodge 1940
Hall Carroll J. Norton Pont 1942
Hall E. L. Oberlin Chrys 1941
Hallock F. A. Rexford Chry 1938
Hambers Lester L. Leb N Ford 1941
Hamilton A. Oberlin Chev 1942
Hamilton Archur Oberlin Chev 1930
Hamit Gordon Oberlin Chev 1940
Handwerk J. A. Oberlin Ford 1938
Hanson Evald Jennings Chev 1937
Hanson Vada Oberlin Pont 1937
Hardesty H. O. Jennings Ford 1946
Hardesty J. H. Jennings Chev 1940
Hare W. P.   Norcatur Chev 1941
Hare W. P. Jr. Norcatur Nash 1941
Hargleread Mrs. M. A. Neb Buick 1926
Harmon A. C. Oberlin Chev 1932
Harmon C. C. Oberlin Plym 1941
Harmon C. F. Norcatur Ford 1938
Harmon Leo Oberlin Chev 1937
Harmon Otis Oberlin Ford 1938
Harmon Paul Oberlin Nash 1938
Harold  Pauline Cedar Bluffs Ford 1936
Harold Albert Oberlin Ford 1934
Harold Basil Dresden Ford 1937
Harold Bruce Dresden Chev 1931
Harold Chas Dresden Olds 1933
Harold Chas Dresden Plym 1936
Harold Mrs. Jennie Dresden Ford 1935
Harold R. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1930
Harold Royce Dresden Chev 1934
Harper W. E. Norcatur Chrys 1941
Harris L. D. Clayton Chev 1928
Harris Ray Oberlin Chev 1939
Harris Rollie Clayton Ford 1941
Harshman Floyd Traer Plym 1938
Hasonyager F. Norcatur Chev 1936
Hatch H. C. Oberlin Ford 1939
Hatch Joseph A. Oberlin Chev 1936
Hatch Walter Oberlin Ford 1930
Haubenschild F. J. Oberlin Terr 1936
Hawkins J. W. Oberlin Dodge 1928
Hayes C. A. Rexford Ford 1940
Hayes Elsie Oberlin Ford 1938
Hayes Flossie Oberlin Olds 1936
Hayes Virgil Jennings Chev 1939
Hayes W. L. Oberlin Dodge 1937
Hayward G. Oberlin Ford 1936
Hayward K. Oberlin Chev 1938
Hayward L. H. Oberlin Chev 1929
Hegree Edwin Kanona Dodge 1927
Heilman A. Jennings Chev 1938
Heim William Leoville Chev 1936
Heisel Ralph Oberlin Ford 1935
Heller Glenn Norcatur Ford 1930
Heller Glenn Norcatur Chev 1936
Helmkamp Ed Oberlin Dodge 1942
Helmkamp Ed Oberlin Dodge 1938
Hendricks Elsie Lebanon Chev 1939
Henry W. E. Jennings Dodge 1941
Hensell Fred F. Oberlin Chev 1941
Herron C. E. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1937
Herzog J. G. Oberlin Chev 1941
Herzog Joe Oberlin Chev 1932
Herzog John Herndon Ford 1936
Hess A. F. Oberlin Ford 1940
Hessenflow Chas Norcatur Ford 1935
Hessenflow J. W. Norcatur Chev 1937
Hessenflow S. W. Norcatur Ford 1929
Hettler Ralph Oberlin Chev 1937
Hickert A. M. Jennings Ford 1928
Hickert H. M. Jennings Buick 1941
Hickert J. E. Jennings Ford 1928
Hickson Glee Dresden Chev 1936
Higbee O. W. Jennings Ford 1925
Higgins Bert Clayton Ford 1936
Higgins G. M. Oberlin Chev 1939
Hill H. D. Herndon Chev 1939
Hines Chester Rexford Dodge 1939
Hitchcock A. W. Oberlin Ford 1939
Hix A. W. Norcatur Stude 1942
Hix Francis Norcatur Stude 1940
Hix Wilbur L. Clayton Ford 1941
Hodberg W.   Herndon Chev 1930
Hodges Harold Oberlin Pont 1940
Hoehner Karl Oberlin Plym 1935
Hoffbauer Paul Oberlin Chev 1929
Hoffman H. E. Oberlin Chev 1941
Hoffman Rev. H. H. Herndon Olds 1937
Hokenson John Oberlin Ford 1930
Holben Fannie Norcatur Chev 1927
Holben Harold Norcatur Terr 1935
Holliday C. Cedar Bluffs Plym 1935
Holliday Floyd Cedar Bluffs Whipp 1929
Holliday Lloyd Cedar Bluffs Ford 1932
Holmberg Arthur Oberlin Terrap 1936
Holmers R. R. Dresden Chev 1938
Hoover A. D. Jennings Ford 1930
Hoppas J. Dresden Ford 1929
Hoppas Tollo Oberlin Chev 1938
Hoppes Marvin Oberlin Chev 1930
Houtsma John Jennings Ford 1929
Howard G. F. Oberlin Dodge 1939
Howland Carl Norcatur Chev 1934
Hrabe Ed. E. Jennings Chev 1934
Hrabe Everett Jennings Chev 1933
Huber W. L. Selden Chev 1941
Huelsman John Selden Chev 1934
Huff Claude Norcatur Ford 1938
Huff Clint Lebanon L-Zeph 1937
Huff Jesse Jennings Chev 1937
Huff John Leb N Plym 1942
Huff Leonard Leb N Ford 1941
Huff Meredith Jennings Merc 1940
Huff Roy L. Norcatur Plym 1936
Huff Vance Norcatur Ford 1930
Hughes H. Jennings Ford 1940
Hughes W. A. Norcatur Ford 1938
Humes F. R. Traer Chev 1934
Hunt G. E. Oberlin Ford 1929
Hunter Wilbur Oberlin Chev 1941
Huntley B. & C. Traer Chev 1934
Huntley F.   Cedar Bluffs Chev 1935
Hunziker H. Oberlin Plym 1941
Hutchins A. S. Dresden Chev 1934
Ingrum J. C. Dresden Chev 1928


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