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License Directory

Read and see what kind of car and truck your relative had in 1946.   Fun and interesting reading.  

Thanks to Luanne for transcribing them for us.

Automobile Directory below.   Click on TRUCK for the license directory for the truck section.

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Last Name First Name City Make Year
Nauer M.   Jennings Plym 1940
Nauer Thos Selden Chev 1940
Nauer Will J. Selden Chev 1940
Neff Lee E. Dresden Chrys 1936
Neff M. H. Oberlin Plym 1933
Neff M.H. Oberlin Ford 1929
Neff P. D. Dresden Plym 1938
Neff P. D. Dresden Ford 1935
Nellans George Oberlin Chev 1935
Nelson A. L. Oberlin Ford 1937
Nelson C. M. Oberlin Buick 1940
Nelson Chas Norcatur Chev 1941
Nelson David N. Oberlin Ford 1929
Nelson F. B. Norcatur Olds 1942
Nelson Forrest F. Seatt DeSo 1937
Nelson Frans Oberlin Ford 1937
Nelson Harold Oberlin Pont 1939
Nelson Harold Oberlin Olds 1941
Nelson J. N. Dresden Ford 1936
Nelson Johnnie H. Ill Chev 1936
Nelson L. M. Jennings Olds 1938
Nelson Lois Dresden Ford 1929
Nelson Merle Oberlin Ford 1936
Nelson R. E. Jennings Chev 1936
Nelson T. W. Dresden Hud 1939
Nemeth Ernest Oberlin Dodge 1935
Nemeth Ernest Oberlin Chev 1929
Nemeth J. A. Oberlin Plym 1934
Neuer John Selden Ford 1935
New Fred Norcatur Chev 1936
New J. F. Norcatur Chev 1937
New Leafy Norcatur Chev 1929
New R. W. Norcatur Chev 1936
New S. B. Norcatur Chev 1938
Newberry Jay Oberlin Ford 1940
Nichols H. Oberlin Chev 1929
Nicholson C. R. Oberlin Ford 1940
Nickell Claude Norcatur Ford 1936
Nicodemus E. C. Oberlin Chev 1930
Nicodemus H. R. Oberlin Chev 1936
Nicodemus K.   Oberlin Olds 1936
Nicodemus Mary Oberlin Chev 1928
Nielsen Anton Oberlin Ford 1929
Nitcher J. F. Oberlin Ford 1938
Nitsch P. A. Oberlin Buick 1940
Noone W. P. Jennings Chev 1941
Noone W. P. Jennings Chev 1936
Noren David Oberlin Chev 1935
Noren Evelyn Oberlin Ford 1928
Norton Chris Jennings Chev 1931
Norton Kenneth Oberlin Chev 1940
Nowm Grove Norcatur Buick 1941
Nusso Marjorie Jennings Dodge 1936
Nygren Arvid Dresden Plym 1937
Ogier Milford Oberlin Ford 1937
O'Hare E. R. Norcatur Chev 1936
O'Hare Ernest Norcatur Pont 1931
Olson George Dresden Hud 1936
Olson George Dresden Pont 1936
Olson Henry A. Oberlin Hud 1935
Olson Lowell Oberlin Chev 1937
Olson N. H. Oberlin Chev 1936
Orr Dean Kanona Plym 1938
Orthman Karl Oberlin Chev 1936
O'Toole Jim Cedar Bluffs Ford 1935
Otter Arthur Jennings Plym 1940
Otter Joe Jennings Ford 1929
Owen V. J. Oberlin Ford 1934
Pachner F. Oberlin Chev 1931
Pachner L. Oberlin Plym 1940
Pachner R. Oberlin Chev 1940
Pachner R. Oberlin Chev 1930
Paddock C. H. Oberlin Buick 1937
Paddock Jay D. Oberlin Olds 1936
Paddock Jay D. Oberlin Buick 1937
Padget Glenn Jennings Ford 1935
Padget Glenn Jennings Ford 1930
Page Carl A. Oberlin Chev 1929
Page Neva M. Oberlin Chev 1942
Pankaskie A. B. Dresden Ford 1939
Parish P. F. Jennings Ford 1937
Paschke Alvin Oberlin Ford 1929
Paschke Harold Oberlin Chev 1936
Patton Mrs. Cora Oberlin Ford 1941
Pavlicek E. Oberlin Chev 1934
Pavlicek F. R. Kanona Ford 1930
Pavlicek Ford Jennings Ford 1931
Pavlicek Ralph Oberlin Chev 1936
Payne Owen R. Oberlin Plym 1936
Pearson A. O. Oberlin Chev 1938
Pelkey Mrs. Pearl Norcatur Chev 1940
Pelkey Truman Oberlin Pack 1936
Pelky Dewey Clayton Ford 1936
Penn William Oberlin Ford 1935
Peppe Henry G. Jennings Chev 1930
Perrin Clarence Jennings Dodge 1940
Pester E. A. Oberlin Buick 1939
Peter James Selden Chev 1939
Peters Arthur Oberlin Chev 1931
Peters John F. Newton Ford 1941
Peters Leonard Jennings Ford 1937
Peters S. J. Oberlin Ford 1941
Peterson Ed Selden Ford 1938
Peterson Fred Herndon Dodge 1940
Peterson Merle Oberlin Ford 1936
Petracek A. Jennings Plym 1941
Petracek Alfred Jennings Chev 1938
Petracek Ernest Oberlin Ford 1939
Petracek Joe Jennings Chev 1941
Petracek John Jennings Chev 1941
Petracek Julius Oberlin Dodge 1940
Petracek Julius Oberlin Chev 1930
Petracek W. Oberlin Pont 1936
Petrasek A. Jennings Pont 1936
Petrasek Anna Jennings Ford 1941
Petrasek Geo Jennings Chev 1935
Petrasek Geo A. Jennings Ford 1927
Petrasek J. Jennings Ford 1937
Pettis C. Oberlin Chev 1937
Pettis Elba Kanona Ford 1932
Pettitt Mrs. F. O. Norcatur Ford 1930
Pfrimmer C. N. Oberlin Ford 1939
Pfrimmer M. F. Oberlin Ford 1939
Phillips H. L. Traer Ford 1938
Pierce Floyd Oberlin Ford 1929
Pierce Lewis Oberlin Chev 1936
Pingetzer Karl Oberlin Chev 1932
Plotts James Oberlin Chev 1935
Plotts L. C. Oberlin Chev 1934
Ploussard Fred Oberlin Chev 1940
Poage Orval Clayton Chev 1929
Pollnow Elaine Oberlin Plym 1941
Pollnow Everett Oberlin Ford 1936
Pollnow Hughie Cedar Bluffs Chev 1937
Pollnow Hugo Cedar Bluffs Buick 1941
Pollnow M. Oberlin Ford 1941
Pollnow O. Oberlin Dodge 1929
Pollnow Tod Oberlin Chev 1936
Pool Doris E. Norcatur Chev 1940
Pope Lawrence Selden Chev 1932
Pope Ruben Selden Chev 1933
Poppe H. G. Jennings Chev 1929
Portschi A. Herndon Ford 1936
Post Dale Cedar Bluffs Ford 1929
Post L. A. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1929
Post Lewis H. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1935
Post I. K. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1934
Post I. K. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1930
Powell A. Leb N Chev 1938
Powell J. Leb N Chev 1931
Powell J. A. Leb N Chev 1931
Powell J. B. Norcatur Chev 1937
Preston F. C. Oberlin Pont 1941
Price Kenneth Norcatur Ford 1935
Price Virgil Norcatur Ford 1935
Pummer Frank Oberlin Chev 1936
Pummer Lyle Oberlin Plym 1935
Purcell Ralph Selden Olds 1938
Railsback Chas Norcatur Chev 1935
Railsback Cloyd Oberlin Plym 1936
Railsback Gordon Oberlin Ford 1937
Railsback J. Oberlin Ford 1930
Railsback L. Leb N Ford 1931
Railsback N. Oberlin Ford 1937
Randall A. A. Jennings Ford 1930
Randall Charlotte Oberlin Plym 1934
Randall Gerald Jennings Ford 1933
Randall Harold E. Oberlin Ford 1934
Randall Marvin Jennings Chev 1937
Randall T. I. Jennings Chev 1932
Randolph Ernest Jennings Chev 1941
Randolph Louis Jennings Buick 1941
Randolph P. W. Jennings Chev 1936
Randolph W. G. Jennings Ford 1930
Rasmussen C. P. Oberlin Chev 1941
Rathbun Harry Jr. Traer Ford 1936
Raulston Russel Oberlin Studeb 1940
Raymond Harold Oberlin Ford 1937
Reager Roy C. Oberlin Chev 1935
Redman F. G. Oberlin Buick 1939
Reed James F. Traer Ford 1932
Reed John Norcatur Ford 1930
Reeves Pete Oberlin Chev 1938
Rehm Fred J. Oberlin Plym 1936
Rehnke Carl   Norcatur Chev 1929
Reichert Arnold Selden Chev 1941
Reichert F. J. Selden Plym 1942
Reid M. W. Norcatur Ford 1935
Reist Horace Oberlin Ford 1934
Reith Evelyn Oberlin Plym 1935
Reith Richard Oberlin Plym 1937
Relph Otis Cedar Bluffs Ford 1940
Relph Otis W. Norcatur Chev 1930
Resch Paul Oberlin Ford 1938
Rezner Gerald Oberlin Chev 1936
Rezner Murrel Oberlin Ford 1935
Rezner Walter Oberlin Chev 1930
Rhodes D.   Dresden Chev 1929
Rhodes M. J. Jennings Chev 1930
Rhodes Milo Dresden Chev 1932
Rhodes Ralph Dresden Ford Unknown
Rice H. C. Jennings Chev 1941
Richards George Oberlin Plym 1935
Richards  Allen Oberlin Ford 1936
Richardson Ben Herndon Chev 1935
Richardson Frank Herndon Ford 1933
Richardson Wes Kanona Ford 1928
Rickenberg L. H. Cedar Bluffs Plym 1933
Ridgway Gale Oberlin Ford 1935
Riley Ross Oberlin Chev 1934
Rist C. Clayton Chev 1930
Ritter Ben A. Dresden Ford 1929
Ritter Ben A. Dresden Ford 1941
Ritter Cletus Dresden Ford 1931
Ritter Raymond Dresden Linc-Z 1939
Ritter Raymond Dresden Ford 1930
Ritter S. J. Selden Ford 1929
Ritter Vincent Dresden Ford 1937
Roach Mike Oberlin Chev 1940
Robbins Guy   Jennings Ford 1929
Roberts Evert F. Oberlin Chev 1935
Roberts Lowell Oberlin Chev 1937
Robertson Dwight Oberlin Ford 1931
Robertson Frank Oberlin Chev 1936
Robertson J. Oberlin Chev 1940
Robertson Tod Jennings Chev 1938
Robertson Tod Jennings Ford 1925
Robinson H. R. Oberlin Nash 1936
Robison Glenn Traer Plym 1934
Robison Harold Oberlin Stude 1940
Rodewald E. H. Jennings Ford 1937
Roe Donald Cedar Bluffs Ford 1929
Roe Earl Cedar Bluffs Ford 1936
Roe Mrs. Erma Cedar Bluffs Chev 1930
Roedel Daniel Oberlin Chev 1934
Rogers C. W. Oberlin Ford 1936
Rogers Curtis A. Norcatur Buick 1941
Rogers Fayne Norcatur Ford 1929
Rogers Neil Cedar Bluffs Ford 1941
Rogers W. A. Norcatur Ford 1930
Rohan Chas Jennings Chev 1936
Rohan Harvey Jennings Chev 1936
Rohm Harold Oberlin Buick 1938
Ropert George Oberlin Nash 1929
Rorabaugh Earl Norcatur Dodge 1934
Roten W. O. Oberlin Plym 1930
Rothmeyer A. R. Cedar Bluffs Plym 1938
Rothrock Jesse Jennings Chrys 1936
Roulier Ernest Dresden Chev 1939
Rounsley Del Oberlin Chev 1936
Rubendall Earl Norcatur Chev 1939
Rubendall Mrs. W. L. Oberlin Olds 1939
Rule B. L. Jennings Ford 1940
Rummel Charlotte Oberlin Olds 1942
Runyan C. P. Traer Chev 1937
Rush Rob't D. Danb N Chev 1933
Russ Bruce J. Oberlin Ford 1931
Ruzicka E.   Oberlin Ford 1938
Ruzicka Emil Oberlin Pont 1934
Ruzicka James B. Kanona Ford 1941
Ruzicka Joe Oberlin Chev 1935
Ruzicka L. F. Oberlin Plym 1935
Rydquist Evald Oberlin Ford 1939
Rydquist Gordon Oberlin Chev 1935


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