Decatur County
Automobile and Truck
License Directory

Read and see what kind of car and truck your relative had in 1946.   Fun and interesting reading.  

Thanks to Luanne for transcribing them for us.

Automobile Directory below.   Click on TRUCK for the license directory for the truck section.

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Last Name First Name City Make Year
Tacha Carl Jennings Chev 1935
Tacha E. W. Jennings Pont 1936
Tacha Earl Jennings Chev 1941
Tacha Elmer J. Jennings Chev 1935
Tacha Gerald Jennings Chev 1937
Tacha H. L. Jennings Ford 1941
Tacha Jesse Jennings Ford 1938
Tacha Julius Jennings Chev 1939
Tacha Lee W. Jennings Ford 1941
Tacha Paul Jennings Ford 1937
Tacha T. A. Jennings Chev 1941
Tally Guy Cedar Bluffs Buick 1937
Tally Nina Oberlin Ford 1937
Tally Raymond   Oberlin Ford 1937
Temple L. E. Norcatur Chev 1937
Temple Lester L. Norcatur Ford 1941
Temple Paul Norcatur Chev 1931
Tennant Mrs. Emma Oberlin Chev 1937
Thiesen Harold Jennings Dodge 1937
Thieson Willard Oberlin Plym 1936
Thioler Henry Rexford Chev 1937
Thir George Herndon Ford 1938
Thomsen T. A. Oberlin Chev 1942
Thomson A. J. Oberlin Chev 1941
Tice F. L. Dresden Chev 1939
Tice Maida Oberlin Chev 1937
Tice Merlin Selden Ford 1936
Tilden G. M. Oberlin Chev 1942
Tolle Frank Norcatur Chev 1936
Tolle Maude Norcatur Chev 1941
Tongish E. M. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1938
Torluemke E. Oberlin Plym 1940
Torluemke H. Oberlin Chev 1939
Torluemke Walter Oberlin Pont 1936
Townsend Denzel Danb N Chev 1938
Tritt I. S. Jennings Pont 1928
Trommeter Tony Selden Chev 1931
Trommeter Tony Selden Hud 1942
Trowbridge Fred L. Selden Ford 1929
Trowbridge J. D. Dresden Ford 1929
Tuttle G. H. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1930
Tuttle G. H. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1936
Tuttle Wm Cedar Bluffs Dodge 1925
Tuxhorn Louis Oberlin Ford 1929
Uehlin Alvin Oberlin Ford 1931
Uehlin C. C. Oberlin Dodge 1940
Uehlin Gail B. Oberlin Pont 1937
Ufford Calvin Oberlin Plym 1936
Ufford Frank Oberlin Ford 1936
Ufford Herbert Oberlin Chev 1937
Underwood R. A. Jennings Ford 1930
Unger A. P. Oberlin Dodge 1936
Unger Bertha Oberlin Pont 1941
Unger Carl Oberlin Ford 1935
Unger Ernest Oberlin Plym 1941
Unger F. H. Oberlin Dodge 1936
Unger M. Oberlin Chev 1940
Unger Martin Oberlin Plym 1937
Urban Anthony Oberlin Ford 1936
Urban Emil Oberlin Chev 1928
Urban Emil Oberlin Ford 1928
Urban Mavis C. Oberlin Ford 1937
Vacura Cedelie Jennings Ford 1935
Vacura Frank  Oberlin Chev 1936
Vacura James Jennings Chev 1940
Vacura Jerry Jennings Ford 1938
Vacura Joe Jennings Plym 1935
Van Gundy E. E. Norcatur LaFay 1937
Van Gundy Lee Norcatur Ford 1930
Van Gundy V. I. Norcatur Linc-Z 1939
Van Sickel Wm Jennings Ford 1936
Van Vleet Alva Danb N Chev 1936
Van Vleet D. Leb N Ford 1931
Van Vleet H. Jennings Ford 1939
Van Vleet K. Dan N Will 1938
Van Vleet W. E. Danb N Chev 1941
Van Vleet Weaver Danb N Chev 1942
VanGundy Archie Norcatur Ford 1933
VanPelt Carl Oberlin Chev 1937
VanPelt Don  Oberlin Chev 1934
VanPelt J. R. Oberlin Chev 1931
VanPelt Kennoth Oberlin Ford 1938
VanPelt Ross Oberlin Ford 1935
VanSickler A. H. Norcatur Chev 1937
Vaughn E. R. Oberlin Buick 1935
Vaughn John Rexford Plym 1939
Vavroch H. C. Oberlin Chev 1941
Vavroch John Oberlin Plym 1937
Vavroch John Oberlin Dodge 1937
Vavroch Joseph Oberlin Chev 1936
Vernon A. C. Norcatur Chev 1929
Vernon A. R. Norcatur Chev 1934
Vernon Bert Oberlin Chev 1934
Vernon C. L. Oberlin Willys 1937
Vernon Cecil Cedar Bluffs Ford 1929
Vernon Clell Norcatur Ford 1934
Vernon Cloyce Oberlin Ford 1931
Vernon Glenn Norcatur Chev 1934
Vernon Haddow Oberlin Chev 1935
Vernon James C. Oberlin Studeb 1941
Vernon Mrs. J. H. Oberlin Chev 1937
Vernon R. D. Oberlin Plym 1936
Vernon R. H. Oberlin Chev 1929
Vernon Walter D. Oberlin Nash 1939
Vernon Warren Kanona Chev 1933
Vernon Wayne L. Oberlin Chev 1932
Versch Paul Traer Chev 1931
Versch Virgil Traer Ford 1937
Vessey D. G. Oberlin Chev 1941
Vessey Glenn   Clayton Chev 1939
Von Schuetz Mrs. H. Jennings Chev 1938
Votapka Chas Oberlin Ford 1941
Votapka Frank Jennings Chev 1941
Votapka Guy Jennings Chev 1941
Votapka H. C. Oberlin Ford 1941
Wachendorfer F. Selden Ford 1937
Wade Gerald Cedar Bluffs Chev 1935
Wagner T. L. Dresden Chev 1940
Wagoner Victor Oberlin Olds 1939
Wahlmeier A. L. Jennings Chev 1936
Wahlmeier H. B. Clayton Ford 1929
Wahlmeier H. B. Clayton Ford 1941
Wahlmeier Lawrence Clayton Chev 1936
Waldo Clif Oberlin Chev 1934
Waldo Dwight Oberlin Ford 1930
Waldo Glenn Oberlin Plym 1933
Waldo L. D. Oberlin Ford 1930
Waldo Loyd Oberlin Pont 1935
Waldo Ralph Oberlin Chev 1941
Waldo Waid Oberlin Buick 1937
Waldo Waid Oberlin Plym 1939
Walinder O. A. Oberlin Chev 1937
Walinder R. W. Oberlin Chev 1939
Walker E. L. Dresden Ford 1939
Walker G. E. Dresden Ford 1941
Walker L. C. Oberlin Chev 1941
Walker L. F. Jennings Chev 1935
Walker Virgil Dresden Linc 1936
Walkey W. W. Dresden Plym 1935
Wallace Frank Norcatur Chev 1935
Walters Bill Oberlin Dodge 1932
Walters L. H. Oberlin Chev 1934
Walton C. C. Oberlin Chry 1937
Walton Earl E. Oberlin Chev 1935
Walton P. S. Oberlin Chev 1936
Wammack T. L. Traer Chrys 1931
Wammack T. L. Traer Buick 1937
Ward F. E. Norcatur Ford 1940
Ward Gladys Norcatur Plym 1935
Ward K. G. Norcatur Chev 1935
Ward Marcella Norcatur Chev 1933
Ward Ross Clayton Dodge 1939
Ward Virgil Oberlin Plym 1940
Warren Walter Jennings Ford 1936
Warrick G. C. Clayton Ford 1929
Warrick W. W. Clayton Chev 1933
Wasch Mrs. Emma Traer Ford 1933
Wasson Ira   Selden Chev 1937
Watkins Dean Oberlin Ford 1940
Watkins Edw Oberlin Ford 1937
Watkins H. C. Oberlin Dodge 1933
Way Delbert Oberlin Chev 1928
Weatherwax Elvis Danb N Ford 1929
Weaver G. A. Dresden DeSoto 1938
Webber E. Oberlin Ford 1931
Weber A. G. Jennings Plym 1936
Weber Mrs. A. M. Traer Plym 1936
Weidner Rudolph Oberlin Chev 1926
Weiser E. O. Oberlin Dodge 1937
Weiser Wayne Oberlin Ford 1935
Welsh N. Danb N Buick 1937
Welter John Dresden Terrap 1935
Welter Louis Dresden Ford 1935
Wenger Alvin Dresden Chev 1937
Wenger Dwight Dresden Ford 1939
Wenger Herman Selden Chev 1936
Wenger L. E. Oberlin Olds 1935
Wenger Marion Selden Chev 1938
Wennihan C. F. Jennings Ford 1935
Wennihan Lowell Kanona Plym 1938
Wennihan M. E. Jennings Chev 1936
Wennihan Virgil Jennings Chev 1937
Wentz Fred Norcatur Dodge 1929
Wentz Fred Norcatur Chev 1935
West R. F. Oberlin Ford 1936
White Elwyn Oberlin Terr 1935
White L. A. Oberlin Plym 1937
White Warren Traer Plym 1929
White Warren Traer Plym 1937
Wickham C. A. Norcatur Ford 1936
Wiggins W. Leb N Hud 1938
Wiley Gerald Oberlin Chrys 1939
Wilkening F. H. Oberlin Chev 1936
Willcoxen A. W. Oberlin Ford 1936
Willcoxen S. R. Oberlin Ford 1936
Willcoxen S. R. Oberlin Ford 1929
Willey Robert A. Norcatur Pont 1936
William Fred C. Jennings Marq 1930
Williams Ellis Jennings Chev 1931
Wilson Ardelle Oberlin Chev 1931
Wilson Doris Oberlin Chev 1936
Wilson Earl C. Oberlin Chev 1942
Wilson Edwin R. Oberlin Ford 1936
Wilson Lee Dresden Chev 1929
Wilson Murrel Oberlin Chev 1933
Wishon Clarence Oberlin Ford 1929
Wishon Jacob Oberlin Ford 1930
Witham J. M. Norcatur Ford 1931
Witt Milton Cedar Bluffs Chev 1941
Wittlakem Clarence Oberlin Chev 1940
Wittlakem Rob't Herndon Ford 1936
Wolf Rev. John G. Leoville Dodge 1939
Wolf French Jennings Buick 1926
Wolfe W. T. Oberlin Buick 1941
Wolfram Edwin Traer Chev 1934
Wolfram Gerald Herndon Chev 1931
Wolfram Harry Herndon Plym 1937
Wolfram Henry Herndon Ford 1937
Wolfram J. H. Herndon Chev 1941
Wolfram Paul Herndon Plym 1937
Wood Emma Norcatur Chev 1937
Wood Leon C. Norcatur Ford 1936
Wood Mae Norcatur Ford 1928
Woodruff Jess  Oberlin Ford 1940
Woodside D. R. Oberlin Olds 1937
Woodside H. Oberlin Dodge 1931
Woodside Harley Oberlin Pont 1929
Woodward Ernest Oberlin Terrap 1937
Woofter E. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1928
Woolen H. E. Norcatur Chev 1933
Woolen Ward Norcatur Chev 1938
Wooley Sarah Oberlin Ford 1930
Worcester P. L. Oberlin Ford 1936
Wost Emmet Oberlin Ford 1938
Wright Ernest Jennings Chev 1938
Wright Ernest Jennings Ford 1929
Wright Harold Dresden Chev 1928
Wright L. A. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1940
Wurm Allen Oberlin Chev 1938
Wurm Anna E. Oberlin Will 1938
Wurm E. J. Oberlin Olds 1939
Wurm E. J. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1929
Wurm Edward J. Herndon Chev 1934
Wurm Geo J. Oberlin Plym 1935
Wurm Geo L. Herndon Chev 1935
Wurm John Oberlin Plym 1936
Wurm John M. Herndon Ford 1936
Wurm Matt Oberlin Plym 1942
Wurm R. G. Oberlin Ford 1936
Wurm Walter Herndon Ford 1935
Wycoff J. R. Norcatur Chev 1939
Wymore A. Selden Chev 1937
Wymore D. C. Oberlin Plym 1937
Wymore D. C. Oberlin Ford 1930
Wymore Earl   Oberlin Chev 1931
Wymore R. Oberlin Ford 1928
Yauk C. D. Oberlin Ford 1935
Yost Francis Traer Ford 1930
Young Curtis Oberlin Chev 1934
Young Eugene Jennings Ford 1930
Young J. T. Oberlin Ford 1940
Ypma F. J. Dresden Ford 1934
Zander August Oberlin Buick 1938
Zimmerman K. L. Jennings Ford 1942
Zimmerman L. E. Dresden Chev 1938
Zimmerman L. J. Jennings Plym 1941
Zimmerman L. W. Oberlin Ford 1930
Zodrow Lee J. Oberlin Ford 1936
Zweigle Alex Norcatur Chev 1930
Zweigle F.   Norcatur Chev 1934
Zwickle Harry Oberlin Ford 1936
Zwickle Walter Oberlin Ford 1929


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