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License Directory

Read and see what kind of car and truck your relative had in 1946.   Fun and interesting reading.  

Thanks to Luanne for transcribing them for us.

Truck Directory below.   Click on Automobile for the license directory for the car section.

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Last Name First Name City Make Year
Abbott Bob Oberlin Henn 1932
Adamson Bros.   Oberlin Chev 1935
Alexander G. Norcatur Chev 1934
Alexander H. Jennings Ford 1929
Allen F. G. Oberlin Int'l 1937
Alstrom C. H. Dresden G. M. C. 1938
Alstrom C. H. Dresden G. M. C. 1939
Amack James   Selden Ford 1940
Amack Stanser Selden Plym 1941
Andeerson G. T. Oberlin Ford 1930
Anderson Art  Oberlin Chev 1925
Anderson Carl Oberlin Chev 1940
Anderson Clause Oberlin Chev 1936
Anderson D.   Selden Ford 1945
Anderson E. R. Oberlin Chev 1931
Anderson E. R. Oberlin Chev 1929
Anderson Ed W. Dresden Chev 1936
Anderson Edw Oberlin Chev 1935
Anderson Elmer   Oberlin Int'l 1939
Anderson F. A. Oberlin Ford 1935
Anderson Francis Oberlin Chev 1937
Anderson Francis Oberlin Dodge 1938
Anderson Herbert Dresden Chev 1936
Anderson Ruben Selden G. M. C. 1934
Anderson Ruben Selden Chev 1928
Anthony G. Norcatur Chev 1937
Anthony Glenn Oberlin Chev 1929
Area Jesse Kanona Chev 1936
Area Jesse Kanona Chev 1938
Arehart Fred Oberlin Chev 1931
Arnold Dale D. Norcatur Ford 1928
Arnold Leo Clayton Int'l 1938
Ashley J. Selden Ford 1938
Ater Harry Oberlin Ford 1936
Aumiller I. C. Jennings Int'l 1935
Ayers L. O. Selden Chev 1938
Bailey E. E. Dresden Int'l 1939
Bailey E. L. Jennings Chev 1935
Bailey Ray Norcatur Chev 1935
Bailey S. W. Jennings Chev 1940
Bainter Corral Jennings Dodge 1939
Bainter E. J. Jennings Chev 1942
Barker Emery Oberlin Dodge 1938
Barnett Ray Rexford Chev 1936
Barnett Ray Rexford Chev 1929
Barrett Arlie Oberlin Chev 1928
Barrett C. A. Oberlin Ford 1934
Barrett H. A. Oberlin Ford 1941
Barrett J. W. Oberlin Chev 1928
Barrett Robert Oberlin Chev 1937
Barton Dale Oberlin G. M. C. 1941
Bates Harry W. Oberlin Chev 1936
Batterton A. Z. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1930
Bell J. S. Norcatur Chev 1929
Bell Lee Selden Ford 1937
Beneda  James Jr. Oberlin Ford 1937
Beneda J. Jr. Oberlin Ford 1936
Beneda Lloyd Oberlin Ford 1939
Bennett J. B. Jennings Ford 1935
Benton E. W. Traer Chev 1929
Benton H. D. Norcatur Chev 1936
Benton H. D. Norcatur Chev 1938
Berls J. A. Dresden Chev 1940
Berndt A. J. Oberlin Chev 1935
Berndt H. F. Oberlin Chev 1936
Bickel L. L. Kear N Chev 1942
Black Keith Dresden Ford 1930
Blees Lewis Leb N Chev 1936
Blickenstaff C. Oberlin Chev 1938
Blickenstaff M. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1931
Bogart Elmer Dan N Chev 1928
Bogart Neal Dan N Chev 1929
Boulls C. D. Jennings Ford 1935
Boulls C. D. Jennings Ford 1941
Bowser H. M. Norcatur Chev 1929
Bowser Rood Oberlin Dodge 1937
Boyles O. C. Jennings Ford 1937
Brainard Claude Selden Chev 1936
Brantley Walter Selden Int'l 1942
Brantley Walter Selden Ford 1938
Bremer George D. Dresden Chev 1927
Bremer Marion Dresden Chev 1935
Brooks M. H. Jennings Ford 1935
Brouhard E. J. Norcatur Chev 1931
Brown Bartos Jennings Di-T 1937
Brown C. Selden Chev 1938
Brown C. C. Oberlin Chev 1939
Brown C. C. Oberlin G. M. C. 1934
Brown Clyde Oberlin Ford 1933
Brown G. G. Jennings Chev 1930
Brown G. G. Jennings Chev 1938
Brown G. G. Jennings Chev 1929
Brown Harold Oberlin Chev 1938
Brown Harold Oberlin Stude 1929
Brown L. T. Oberlin Ford 1934
Brown Leonard Oberlin Ford 1937
Brown R. C. Oberlin Mete 1930
Bruggeman Al Leoville Chev 1940
Bruggeman John Selden IHC 1936
Brunk Chas Norcatur Chev 1929
Brunk Frank Norcatur Ford 1938
Brunk Howard Norcatur Ford 1937
Brunk John Jr. Norcatur Chev 1939
Bryan Dale Oberlin Ford 1936
Bryan Gerald E. Oberlin Dodge 1938
Bryan Gilbert Oberlin Ford 1935
Bryan Victor Oberlin Chev 1932
Bryan W. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1936
Bryan Wayne Oberlin Ford 1939
Burns Anna F. Oberlin Ford 1941
Burns Anna F. Oberlin Chev 1928
Buss Lyman Jennings Ford 1930
Capps C. L. Kanona Ford 1924
Carlton Harley Jennings Chev 1939
Carman David Dresden Chev 1936
Carman Joe B. Selden Chev 1935
Carman Paul Selden Ford 1939
Carper Judd Jennings Chev 1931
Carper M. F. Jennings Ford 1930
Carper Otto Jennings Chev 1941
Carstens Geo Jennings Chev 1930
Carter F. B. Norcatur Chev 1940
Caster Myron Oberlin Ford 1936
Castle Walter Cedar Bluffs Chev 1932
Cathcart C. C. Oberlin Int'l 1937
Cathcart S. D. Dan N Chev 1946
Chambers   John Oberlin Ford 1929
Chambers Bros. Darrel Norcatur Chev 1845
Chambers Bros. Lester Leb N Ford 1929
Chambers Bros.   Leb N Dodge 1940
Chambers Bros.   Leb N Dodge 1939
Chance Emory Rexford G. M. C. 1940
Chapman M. J. Dresden Ford 1930
Chapman M. J. Dresden Chev 1936
Chastain E. S. Oberlin Terrap 1938
Christian E. Herndon Ford 1937
Cilek F. - L. Jennings Chev 1928
Cilek F. - L. Jennings Ford 1929
City of Oberlin   Oberlin Chev 1934
City of Oberlin   Oberlin Ford 1936
Cochran Ivan Oberlin Ford 1936
Cochran Shirley Oberlin Chev 1936
Cochran Veere Oberlin Chev 1930
Cochran Virgil Oberlin Chev 1929
Coleman Geo T. Jennings Ford 1929
Coleman M. C. Oberlin Olds 1936
Cont. Oil Co.   Jennings Dodge 1946
Cont. Oil Co.   Jennings Chev 1941
Corder Dennis Selden Ford 1934
Corder E. C. Oberlin Ford 1930
Coulter L. A. Dan N Ford 1935
Counter Fred Oberlin Ford 1929
Counter H. D. Oberlin Chev 1929
Counter Perry Oberlin Chev 1929
Counter Perry Oberlin Chev 1939
Cozad Rex Norcatur Ford 1942
Crocker M. H. Cedar Bluffs Chev 1938
Cullison O. W. Oberlin Chev 1939
Davison C. E. Oberlin Int'l 1936
Davitt R. F. Jennings Ford 1924
Dean Raleigh Dresden Chev 1940
Decatur Co.   Unknown Chev 1938
Decatur Co.   Unknown Chev 1939
Decatur Co.   Unknown Chev 1940
Deiner R. A. Oberlin Ford 1939
DeMay Hal Cedar Bluffs Ford 1934
Demmer H. G. Herndon Chev 1941
Demmer H. G. Herndon Dodge 1937
Dennis F. Oberlin Ford 1937
Dennis Fred Oberlin Ford 1939
Diederich C. H. Cedar Bluffs Hudson 1938
Dorsey L. Oberlin Ford 1931
Douglas J. Cedar Bluffs Ford 1930
Ecker Robert Herndon Chev 1930
Eckhart B. E. Norcatur Chev 1941
Eckhart Eldon Norcatur Ford 1938
Ehler Carrol Dresden Dodge 1937
Ehlers Chris Dresden G. M. C. 1928
Eicher Frank Oberlin Chev 1938
Ellmers C. H. Norcatur Chev 1936
Emigh Don C. Selden Chev 1935
Euhus H. F. G. Oberlin Chev 1933
Euhus H. F. G. Oberlin Chev 1938
Euhus John Oberlin Chev 1940
Fawcett Oscar Kanona Ford 1920
Feely C. E. Jennings Ford 1937
Fees Chas Oberlin G. M. C. 1941
Fellis Charlie Jennings Ford 1929
Ferguson J. Oberlin Chev 1938
Fette Vic H. Mcook N White 1930
Fiala Edw Oberlin Chev 1930
Fiala J. Oberlin Dodge 1936
Fiala J. Oberlin Dodge 1937
Fiala Jerry Oberlin Buick 1929
Fiala John Oberlin Chev 1938
Flaska Chas Oberlin Ford 1929
Flaska E. R. Dresden Int'l 1938
Flaska Fred Dresden Dodge 1937
Flaska J. S. Clayton Ford 1936
Flaska Wes Dresden Chev 1937
Fleckenstein A. Selden Plym 1935
Fleckenstein G. Dresden Dodge 1938
Fortin Gene M. Leoville Hudson 1941
Fortin J. Dresden Ford 1937
Foster F. M. Dresden IHC 1933
Foster K. L. Dresden Chev 1938
Foster L. Oberlin Ford 1939
Foster R. F. Jennings Ford 1926
Foster W. Jennings Ford 1941
Frickey Harold Oberlin Chev 1939
Fringer Francis Oberlin Ford 1938
Gailes Mrs. Dale Oberlin IHC 1939
Gaines D. L. Dresden IHC 1938
Gallatin R.  Clayton Int'l 1935
Gallentine Frank Jr. Norcatur Ford 1935
Gallentine Ivan Clayton Chev 1930
Gallentine John Clayton Chev 1929
Gallentine Noel Norcatur Chev 1941
Gallentine Noel Norcatur Chev 1941
Gallentine W. E. Clayton Chev 1931
Gaumer James A. Jennings Ford 1944
Gaumer Wesley Oberlin Chev 1936
Geisenhener Guy Rexford Chev 1939
Gilbert F. B. Oberlin Chev 1937
Gilbert F. B. Oberlin Chev 1936
Gillespie Edw Jennings Chev 1935
Gillespie G. Dresden Ford 1930
Gillespie Ora Jennings Chev 1936
Gillespie T. W. Clayton Ford 1931
Griffin L. E. Kanona Dodge 1938
Griffin L. E. Kanona Chev 1936
Griffith V. H. Oberlin Graham 1927
Groneweg G. H. Selden Chev 1935
Guenther Fred Oberlin G. M. C. 1930
Guenther Geo Oberlin Chev 1936
Guinn Bruce Oberlin Ford 1944
Guinn Lyle Oberlin Ford 1940
Guinn Lyle Oberlin Chev 1926
Gunthert Alvin Oberlin Ford 1939

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