Logan Lutheran Cemetery

Also know as German Lutheran or Herndon Lutheran


      photo by Phil and Sharleen Wurm  Jan of 2002

  The cemetery was read Oct. 22, 2005 by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

Driving directions: From the intersection of highways 36 and 83, the Logan Lutheran Cemetery is located 10 miles west, 2 north, 1 mile west, and 3 miles north.


This cemetery had many wooden crosses for markers at one time 
but the weeds were burned off and so the wooden crosses are gone.

Small unmarked grave with concrete rim

Last Name First Name Birth date Death date Info Info
Andorka Katerina Nemeth 1839 1-15-1914 75 yrs  
Andorka Martin 1846 1912    
Berndt Bertha 4-10-1904 6-12-1904 Daughter of H. F. & Tracy  
Berndt Clara   7-28-1910 1 mo dau of Theo & Tracy  
Berndt Lee Roy M. 9-7-1917 9-8-1917 Son of Herman and Tracey  
Berndt Thelma   2-22-1917 2m, 20d, dau of Theo & Tracy  
Berndt Theodore 1872 1920 48 yrs  
Berndt Theresia 1876 1961 85 yrs old wife of Theodore
Bruhn Fred 1850 1922    
Demmer Elisabeth 1-5-1814 4-14-1904 Mother of John Sr.  
Demmer Elisabeth 8-6-1839 11-24-1902 wife of Math  
Demmer Eugene G. 11-12-1910 3-11-1911 Son of Geo & Rosie  
Demmer John 8-7-1843 9-23-1921 78 yrs, husband of Mary  
Demmer John H. 1906 1962    
Demmer Mary 1-31-1843 12-13-1893 50 yrs, wife of John  
Demmer Mary A. 1881 1960 Wife of Matt  
Demmer Math 1840 1917 Husband of Elisabeth  
Demmer Matt 1866 1961 Husband of Mary A.  
Demmer Melvin E. 1915 1934 son of Matt  
Ecker baby       Unmarked
Ecker Katrina 1818 1893    
Everett Minert Bert     son of Mike Unmarked, deaf and mute
Fleishaker Lawrence     Son of John & Mary Unmarked 
Gabbert Edward 10-3-1843 12-7-1885    
Goeschel John   Dec-1918   Unmarked
Goeschel Maria 3-2-1827 12-13-1900    
Jording Bertha 12-16-1901 1-26-1902 Daughter of F. H. & T. Jording  
Ecker Katrina 1818 1893   K.E. on stone
May Alfred   Apr-19 3 mos  
May Dora 1855 1931 Wife of Henry  
May Emma M. 1-12-1885 12-14-1921 wife of Herman  
May Henry 1830 1907    
May Martin W. H. 1883 1920 died from the flu  
May Walter 1-23-1920 1-28-1920 son of Fred  
Portschy Susanna 2-19-1844 3-6-1934 Herzog married Wendelin  
Preisinger George 1849 1895 Husband of Rosina  
Preisinger George, Jr. 1876 3-29-1893 Son of George & Rosina 17 years
Preisinger Math   3-9-1893 Son of George & Rosina 7 yrs old
Preisinger Paul 1884 3-9-1893 Son of George & Rosina 10yrs old
Preisinger Rosina 1853 1939 Wife of George  
Rosenberger John       Unmarked
Schmidt William       Unmarked
Schramel Paul 1888 1893    
Wendelin Edna M. 6-29-1914 8-3-1986 wife of Karl  
Wolfram baby       Unmarked
Wolfram Lizzie       Unmarked
Wurm Andreas 1-23-1862 5-17-1933    
Wurm Anna 10-31-1865 9-10-1948 Wife of Andreas  
Wurm Donald 1925 1925 child of Walter  
Wurm Elizabeth     wife of Johan  Unmarked
Wurm George   10-24-1898 Husband of Susanne Unmarked, had wooden cross
Wurm George 1868 1927 Husband of Rosie  
Wurm George L. 3-14-1904 2-25-2000 Marr to Martha 8-3-1933  
Wurm Johan 1820 2-11-1885    
Wurm Joyce 1930 1930 twin daughter of John  
Wurm Lawrence G. 3-27-1935 5-4-1985 Son of Geo & Martha  
Wurm Martha 1-20-1908 7-20-1998 Marr to George L. 8-3-1933  
Wurm Michael 12-21-1862 7-28-1909    
Wurm Ralph 1930 1930 twin son of John  
Wurm Rosie 1866 1930 Wife of George  
Wurm Susanna     Wife of George Unmarked, had wooden cross
Wurm Thereia   5-8-1892 daughter of Andreas and Anna 1 yr 6 mos 15 dys
Wurm Elizabeth R. 1901      

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2001 Sharleen Wurm & Ardie Grimes
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