Shibboleth Cemetery


      photo by Phil and Sharleen Wurm  Jan 2002

  The cemetery was read in Jan 2002 by Phil and Sharleen Wurm.

Driving directions: From the intersection of highways 36 and 83, the Shibboleth Cemetery is located 13 miles south, 1 mile east, 1/4 mile south, and then follow the trail leading up to the cemetery. 

This is a real interesting cemetery.  We went expecting to find only about 35 markers, but as soon as we drove up to it we could see that there were more that 35 stones.  Besides the stones that were marked, we found 51 native limestone markers with no names or dates visible.  Either they were never marked or the weather and elements have taken their toll. One of the stones is marked just "Mother".  In the first pictures you can see what the stones are like and in the second picture a group of seven of the stones that are unmarked. 


Last Name

First Name Birth Date Death Date



Adams Martha   1-28-1886 dau of J. H. & H. M. 3 mos.
Amlin Arche B. 1-8-1887 10-6-1925 child of J.A. and M.I.  
Amlin Henry O. 5-19-1899 5-19-1899 child of J.A. and M.I.  
Amlin Joshua A. 1861 1942    
Amlin Lena E. 1881      
Amlin Mary Ida 2-3-1860 1-3-1913 wife of J.A.  
Amlin Rosa C. 9-29-1889 8-8-1892 child of J.A and M.I.  
Anderson Matilda 1868 1886    
Baker Abagail   12-30-1901 wife of Rev. J.D. 52yrs2mos22dys
Banes Jessie May 5-28-1888 9-24-1886 dau of G. H. & Cora B.. 6yrs3mos26dys
Bell Capt. A. A.     Co.H 128 Ill. Inf. GAR
Brown Martha J.   7-14-1884 wife of George A. 41yrs
Brown May Belle   4-30-1883 dau of George A. 5yrs2mos
Caldwell Vernie   4-11-1885 son of A. P. & Clara 10yrs3mos19dys
Conquest Rebecca   8-10-1891 68yrs2dys  
Conquest Richard   3-10-1886 63 yrs, 7mos, 5 dys  
Cushion       no other info.  
Custard Frank O.   11-21-1881 30yrs28dys  
Ellis Frances 1899 1899    
Ellis Joel 1830 3-13-1905    
Forbes Asahel   8-3-1886 56 yrs, 11mos,25 dys GAR
Holton       GAR  
Horner W.N.        
Hunt Violet C.   4-8-1890 wife of L. D. Hunt 46yrs4mos18dys
Koll Nicholaus C.   6-1889 no stone found  
Lacey John G.   3-1889 no stone found  
Lacy     ? GAR  
McCowen Alexander   6-20-1883 son of Wm. And Mary 7yrs5mos1dy
McKay Baby   4-22-1907    
Otis Clarissa B. 4-12-1828 3-6-1908    
Otis Leander Vanness 6-12-1828 11-19-1908    
Otis Martha I. 2-31-1860 12-16-1911    
Otis Myron G.   12-31-1880 23 yrs, 8 mos.  
Perdew Baby   1-27-1886 dau of W. L. & Ella  
Philips Laura E.   5-13-1887 wife of George 27yrs4mos3dys
Schmoker Alice Louise 5-28-1926 9-24-1926    
Schmoker Neva LaRue 3-5-1925 1-18-1929    
Sellers John W.   5-25-1900 43 yrs, 8 mos, 17 dys  
Sellers     ? GAR  
Shuler Carrie Bell 10-23-1881 10-20-1882 dau of Robert and Fannie 11mos27dys
Shuler Clyde 6-20-1898 3-27-1910 son of Robert and Fannie 11yrs9mos7dys
Shuler William Henry 11-5-1883 9-5-1885 son of Robert and Fannie 1yr10mos.
Sterns Clarence Adrian   2-13-1901 son of R. E. & M. A. 6mos15dys
Strong Hannah E. 1831 1892    
Strong Nelson W. 1831 1901 GAR  
Wilson Frank 11-11-1881 9-21-1930    
Wilson Nancy E. 7-6-1849 12-4-1916 wife of R. D.  
Wilson Pvt. Robert D. 1850 1929 (Post Guard)  
Young John   10-3-1878 wounded by Indians  

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2001 Sharleen Wurm & Ardie Grimes
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