St. John's Lutheran Cemetery


      photo by Phil and Sharleen Wurm  Fall of 2001

  The cemetery was read in November 2001 by Phil and Sharleen Wurm.

Driving directions: From the intersection of highways 36 and 83, the St. John's Lutheran Cemetery is 6 miles west, 1 mile north, and 1 1/2 west.

**Listed on same stone

Last Name First Name Birthdate Deathdate Information
Baily Merlene ? 1948 **
Carlson Duane Ver Dean 3-2-1936 3-8-1936 Infant son of Elmer & Bertha
Demmer Paul 1879 1964  
Demmer Susana 1882 1951  
Euhus Anna Marie 1879 1932 Mother
Euhus Henry W. C. 1874 1945 Father
Euhus John O. 6/20/1906 1/30/1989  
Euhus Marie G. 8/5/1907 2/17/1995 Wife of John O.
Farrar Karen Ann 1939 1994 ssa George and Agnes Wendelin
Fleishhacker Mathias 6-29-1857 10-2-1943  
Hoehner Karl D. 1904 1950  
Hoehner Marjorie J. ? 2/22/1937 Twin of Leroy
Jording Anna 9-29-1878 12/26/1958 Mother
Jording George 8-29-1875 11-5-1938 Father
Jording Peggy June ? 1937 **
Kuhlmann Fredrick 1871 1935  
Lueke Christena F. 1863 1956 Mother
Lueke John F. 1860 1945 Father
May Helena 1892 1945  
May Herman 1885 1956  
Nichols-May Brad Lee   2/2/1988  
Nitsch Paul 5-27-1849 11-25-1919 Husband of Theresia
Nitsch Theresia 7-28-1855 8-19-1944 Wife of Paul
Schuricht Sophia 4-9-1876 2-9-1959 Mother
Wegener Lillian 1915 1956  
Wendelin Agnes K. 1902 1988 Wife of George
Wendelin George Lorenz 1908 1962 Husband of Agnes
Wendelin Holly Jean 1951 1953  
Wheeler Charla Rae 1954 1954 **  Still born Daughter of Wayne and Delores
Wilkening Harold T. 1-23-1927 12-19-1945 Our Son
Wilkening Susanna M. 1896 1967 Marr. 6-8-1927  (Mother)
Wilkening Traugott F. 1898 1966 Marr. 6-8-1927  (Father)
Wilkening Walter M. 11-2-1937 11-7-1937  

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2001 Sharleen Wurm & Ardie Grimes
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Last updated 24 Dec 2001

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