Decatur County Kansas
Allison Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Baxter Lon H. 146B H Sep 1854
Baxter Jennie E. 147A W Aug 1871
Baxter Carl W. 147A S Sep 1890
Baxter Laid 147A S Oct 1893
Baxter Ray 147A S Feb 1897
Baxter Edith 147A D Mar 1899
Baxter Linx 147A H May 1861
Baxter Florence 147A W Jul 1861
Baxter Alice 147A D Apr 1896
Boulls Francis 145A H Feb 1856
Boulls May A. 145A W Oct 1858
Boulls Jessie L. 145A S May 1885
Boulls Charles 145A S Oct 1887
Boulls Lottie R. 145A D Jun 1889
Boulls Laura F. 145A D Jul 1891
Bradbury Clay 145B H Nov 1873
Bradbury Carry 145B W Jan 1877
Bradbury Clarence 145B S Jan 1897
Bradbury Althel 145B D Jan 1898
Bradbury Milton 147A H Mar 1878
Bradbury Mesa 147A W Apr 1878
Bradbury Opal 147A D Feb 1900
Brooks Wm. 146B H Dec 1849
Brooks Mary S. 146B W Nov 1856
Brooks Paul F. 146B S Nov 1882
Brooks Raum W. 146B S Feb 1884
Brooks Montana H. 146B D Nov 1885
Brooks Nevada 146B D Sep 1887
Brooks Wm. A. 146B S May 1890
Brooks Bleven S. 146B S Dec 1894
Brooks Olin W. 146B S May 1900
Carper Wm. E. 147B H Sep 1839
Carper Harriet 147B W Jul 1852
Carper Michel 147B S Nov 1877
Carper May 147B D Nov 1891
Chenoweth Luther 145A H Feb 1880
Chenoweth Pearl M. 145A W May 1881
Cline James   147B H Dec 1851
Cline Addie 147B W Oct 1855
Cline Maggie 147B D Oct 1876
Cline Frank  147B S Jun 1880
Cline Lizzie 147B D Oct 1882
Cline James L. 147B S Aug 1885
Cline Alta 147B D May 1887
Cline Jennie   147B D Oct 1891
Cline Grace 147B D Oct 1891
Cline Florist 147B S Feb 1897
Cline Charles 148A Boarder Jul 1875
Comer John D. 145A H Dec 1823
Conley Joseph 147A H May 1862
Conley Emma 147A W Sep 1865
Conley Earl 147A S Oct 1890
Conley Jessie 147A S Sep 1892
Conley Russel 147A S Nov 1894
Conley Dottie 147A D Oct 1898
Cook Albert 146B H Feb 1861
Cook Grace 146B W Nov 1863
Cook Edith 146B D May 1890
Cook Isabell 146B D Jan 1893
Cook Lizzie 146B D Jul 1896
Cook Lidia 146B D Oct 1899
Cook Alman 147A H Jun 1826
Cook Emma 147A W Aug 1832
Davitt Grace 147B D Mar 1882
Davitt Thomas 147B Soninlaw Jan 1872
Dochow Henry 147B H Jan 1856
Dochow Addie 147B W Jan 1863
Dochow Pearl 147B D Jan 1884
Dochow Peter 147B S Aug 1885
Dochow Bessie 147B D Sep 1889
Dochow Joseph 147B S Sep 1872
Dwyer John W. 146A H Jun 1875
Dwyer Ella 146A W Jun 1875
Dwyer John F. 146A S Nov 1899
Erickson Fred   146B H Nov 1861
Erickson Isabell 146B W Jan 1868
Erickson Oscar 146B S Sep 1890
Erickson Floid 146B S Mar 1892
Erickson Carl 146B S Aug 1894
Erickson Clifford 146B S Feb 1897
Fourtner Benofab 145B H Apr 1861
Fourtner Jennie 145B W Aug 1869
Fourtner Harry A. 145B S Sep 1888
Fourtner Prudene 145B D Nov 1890
Fourtner Maud 145B D May 1895
Fourtner Ross 145B S Sep 1897
Freeman Daisy 146A D Jun 1879
Freeman Clifford 146A Soninlaw Feb 1878
Gates Oliver 148A H Jan 1864
Gates Ella 148A W Oct 1870
Gates Loid 148A S May 1892
Gates Grant 148A S Nov 1896
Glesnoff Henry 145A H Jul 1838
Glesnoff Sopha 145A W May 1840
Hahn Nick 145A H Aug 1853
Hahn Mary 145A W Aug 1861
Hahn Angel 145A D Dec 1890
Hahn Willibald 145A S Apr 1892
Hahn Alice 145A D Apr 1894
Hahn Rosa 145A D Nov 1896
Hensley Isick 146A H Jul 1865
Hensley Hattie 146A W Apr 1869
Hensley Lesley 146A S Jun 1889
Hensley Lowell 146A S Jul 1893
Hickert Homer 145A H Jan 1858
Hickert Emana 145A W Jun 1867
Hickert Mary 145A D Aug 1891
Hickert Joseph 145A S Aug 1892
Hickert Albert 145A S Sep 1894
Hickert Henry 145A S Apr 1897
Hickert George 145A S Jan 1900
Hill Ira 147B H Jun 1866
Hill Mattie 147B W Dec 1973
Hill Hazel 147B D Aug 1895
Kaulen Peter   145A Boarder May 1874
Kennedy George 147B H Feb 1840
Kennedy Earnest 147B S Apr 1880
Kinser Joseph 146A H Jul 1853
Kinser Frankie 146A W Mar 1864
Kinser Cleveland 146A S Dec 1884
Kinser Pearle 146A D Oct 1886
Kinser Anna 146A D Aug 1888
Kinser Earnest 146A S Apr 1890
Kinser Olla 146A D Jul 1892
Kinser Grace 146A D Aug 1896
Kinser Harriet 146A Sis Mar 1844
Langer Jacob 146A H Aug 1859
Langer Mary 146A W Sep 1870
Larce Charles 145A H Sep 1858
Larce Cora 145A W May 1870
Larce Carl 145A S Jun 1890
Larce Frank 145A S Nov 1891
Larce Nina 145A D Sep 1893
Larce Edwin 145A S Sep 1895
Lieber William 147B H Nov 1850
Lieber Gusta 147B W Jun 1871
Lieber Carl   147B S May 1890
Lieber Gusta 147B D Jun 1891
Lieber Mary 147B D Apr 1894
Lieber Roudolf 147B S Jan 1896
Lieber Ella 147B D Dec 1897
Lieber Halla 147B D Feb 1900
Linden Joseph 146B H Nov 1874
Little James B. 147A Boarder Sep 1857
Little Molly M. 147A Boarder May 1866
Logan Sebastian 148A H Mar 1856
Logan Minnie 148A W Dec 1879
Logan Estella 148A D Dec 1883
Logan Roy 148A S Aug 1885
Logan Essie 148A D Nov 1887
Logan Husy 148A S Nov 1891
Logan Kent 148A S Nov 1892
Logan Elsie 148A D Nov 1894
Mackey Wm. 146A H Oct 1856
Mackey Rubertie 146A D Sep 1881
Mackey Leland 146A S Apr 1886
Mackey Bessie 146A D Jun 1890
McCoy Thomas 146B H Apr 1839
McCoy Sarah 146B W Oct 1838
McCoy Ettie 146B D Mar 1881
McCoy Leroy 147A H Jun 1874
McCoy May 147A W Aug 1879
McCoy Lila 147A D Aug 1899
McDermott M. 145A H Nov 1849
McDermott Kate 145A W Apr 1866
McDermott Mamie 145A D Sep 1884
McDermott Maggie 145A D May 1886
McDermott Daisy 145B D Apr 1888
McDermott Alex 145B S Jan 1890
McDermott John D. 145B S Feb. 1892
McKenna Edward 146A H Oct 1848
McKenna Sarah J. 146A W Jun 1860
McKenna John F. 146A S Sep 1880
McKenna Julia 146A D Sep 1882
McKenna Edward 146A S Apr 1885
McKenna Mary A. 146A D Apr 1887
McKenna Rosa E. 146A D Sep 1889
McKenna Charlotte 146B D May 1893
McKenna James R. 146B S Aug 1896
McKenna Daisy F. 146B D Sep 1899
Miller Blaine 146A Boarder Nov 1881
Miller Susie 146A Servant Jan 1883
Miller Washburn 147B H Mar 1864
Miller Lizzie 147B W Aug 1866
Miller Gale 147B S Feb 1882
Miller Florence 147B D Jan 1893
Miller Elsie 147B D Jun 1894
Miller Carry 147B D Oct 1899
Mizer Robert 147A H Nov 1856
Mizer Margaret E. 147A W Mar 1857
Mizer Forest G. 147A S Feb 1881
Mizer Fred 147A S Spe 1883
Mizer Don 147A S Jul 1884
Nellans John L. 146B H Mar 1856
Nellans Alice 146B W Mar 1858
Nellans Clara 146B D Oct 1881
Nellans Carry 146B S Sep 1883
Nellans Ina 146B D Sep 1888
Nellans Erwin 146B S Aug 1891
Nellans Georgia 146B D Nov 1894
Nellans Bross 146B S Oct 1896
Nellans Orill 146B S Jul 1898
Otter Albert 145A H Jun 1860
Otter Julia 145A W Jan 1860
Otter Constant 145A S Jan 1876
Otter Joseph 145A S Nov 1883
Otter Tommy 145A S May 1888
Paul Paul 146A S May 1884
Pauls Jno. 145A H Jan 1860
Pauls Lena M. 145A W Sep 1868
Pauls Lena M. 145A D Jul 1890
Pauls Peter D. 145A S Aug 1892
Pauls Jno. F. 145A S Apr 1895
Pauls Golda W. 145A D May 1900
Pauls Peter 145A Bro Sep 1856
Phipps Frank 148A H Dec 1869
Phipps Carry 148A W Jan 1876
Phipps Lee 148A S Dec 1893
Phipps Clide 148A S Nov 1895
Pine Samuel 147A H Aug 1837
Pine Eleanor J. 147A W Oct 1837
Pine Laura 147A D Sep 1869
Pine Halla 147A Gdau Aug 1896
Potts Wm. 147A H Aug 1841
Potts Nettie 147A W Dec 1851
Potts Corba E. 147A S Nov 1874
Potts Elda W. 147A D Mar 1884
Price Frank H. 147B H Jan 1871
Price Bertha 147B W Jun 1872
Price Cora 147B D Sep 1892
Price Floyd E. 147B S Dec 1894
Radder Mary 146B Boarder Nov 1827
Redeker August 145A Boarder Jun 1881
Sarven Grace 146A Boarder Jan 1877
Scheetz Edward 147A H Jan 1874
Scott Jno. F. 145B H Sep 1856
Scott Laura  145B W Jul 1855
Scott Biron 145B S Feb 1879
Scott Lettie 145B D Dec 1880
Scott Elsie 145B D Feb 1882
Scott Frank 145B S May 1883
Scott Sarah 146A D Aug 1885
Scott Florence 146A D Jun 1887
Scott Alice 146A D May 1890
Scott Opal 146A D Feb 1893
Scott Workman 146A S Jan 1895
Scott Clarence 146A S Aug 1897
Shields Jno. 147A H Oct 1848
Shields Leola 147A D Jun 1874
Shields Bunn 147A S Aug 1882
Shroeder Wm. 146A H Aug 1873
Shroeder Minnie 146A W Aug 1881
Shroeder Emma 146A D Jun 1898
Silke Frank 145A H Aug 1851
Silke Minnie 145A W Dec 1843
Smith Clarence 147B Boarder Jan 1881
Spohrer Jacob 145B H Dec 1860
Spohrer Cordelia 145B W Sep 1867
Spohrer Sadie L. 145B D Oct 1890
Spohrer Ralph R. 145B S Aug 1892
Spohrer Roy 145B S Jul 1894
Spohrer Clara 145B D May 1897
Spohrer Arthur J. 145B S Jan 1899
Standfast Jno. 146B H Oct 1858
Standfast Barbara 146B W Dec 1862
Standfast Joseph 146B S May 1891
Standfast John 146B S May 1893
Standfast Mary 146B D Feb 1895
Standfast Anna M. 146B D Jul 1896
Standfast Rosa  146B D Dec 1899
Standfast George 148A H Mar 1861
Standfast Stephanie 148A W Dec 1875
Standfast Emma 148A D Mar 1898
Steele Henry 145B H Jan 1856
Steele Bell I. 145B W Mar 1859
Steele Walter C. 145B S Nov 1878
Steele Blaine O. 145B S Dec 1883
Steele Nora F. 145B D Mar 1886
Steele Pearl L. 145B D Jul 1888
Steele May S. 145B D Mar 1892
Steele Harley C. 145B S Apr 1897
Steele Dale M. 145B S May 1899
Stroup Jacob 148A H Mar 1852
Stroup Jennie M. 148A W Apr 1863
Stroup Henry 148A S Feb 1889
Stroup Hugh 148A S Sep 1894
Switzer Fred J. 146A Boarder Oct 1880
Thiesen Cloyd 145B H Apr 1870
Thiesen Eva A. 145B W Feb 1881
Tompkins Emma 148A Sis Apr 1828
Tucker V. A. 145B H Feb 1853
Tucker Ella 145B D Jun 1867
Tucker Cora M. 145B D Nov 1868
Tucker Joseph 145B S Dec 1870
Tucker Albert 145B S Sep 1879
Tucker Olla 145B D Dec 1880
Tucker Ray 145B S Mar 1883
Tyrrell William 147B H Feb 1873
Tyrrell Borthena 147B W Feb 1873
Tyrrell Bertha 147B D Aug 1895
Tyrrell Letha 147B D Dec 1897
Vinsonhaler Ames 146A H Jul 1872
Vinsonhaler Anna 146A W Oct 1871
Vinsonhaler Hazel 146A D Dec 1895
Vinsonhaler Earl 146A S Sep 1897
Wallack Phillip 145B H Jan 1866
Wallack Letha 145B W Nov 1863
Wallack Austin H. 145B S Nov 1888
Wallack Martha L. 145B D Nov 1890
Wallack Phillip 145B S Dec 1898
Wallack Henry 145B F ??? 1836
Wallick Chas. 146B H Jan 1865
Wallick Deliah 146B W Dec 1875
Wallick Forest 146B S Mar 1898
Wallick Firn 146B D May 1899
Wheelock George 148A H Mar 1864
Wheelock Artie N. 148A W Nov 1869
Wheelock Earnest 148A S Feb 1890
Wheelock Burns G. 148A S Feb 1892
Wheelock Emma 148A D Oct 1895
Wheelock Francis 148A H Nov 1841
Wolf Louis 147A H Sep 1858
Wolf Mary 147A W Nov 1861
Wolf Mildred 147A D Oct 1884
Wolf Russel 147A S Jul 1886
Wolf French 147A S Dec 1888
Wolf Dova 147A D May 1890
Wolf Tella 147A D May 1892
Wolf Ernest 147A S Jun 1894
Wolf Oscar 147A S Oct 1898


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