Decatur County Kansas
Altory Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Anthony John R. 157B H Sep 1863
Anthony Fannie S. 158A W May 1868
Arnett John H. 157B Boarder Jul 1871
Bacon Alanson 158A H Mar 1846
Bacon Mary A. 158A W Apr 1851
Bacon George W. 158A S Dec 1871
Bacon Mabel M. 158A D Feb 1877
Bacon Maud E. 158A D Sep 1881
Bacon Ethel G. 158A D Sep 1883
Bacon Roy S. 158A S Aug 1885
Bacon Alonzo P. 158A S Jul 1889
Bacon Addison A. 158A S Apr 1889
Bailey Sherman W. 157B H Nov 1867
Bailey Laura R. 157B W Jan 1868
Bailey Mary E. 157B D Dec 1888
Bailey Ray W. 157B S Nov 1890
Bailey Clarrince E. 157B S Jan 1893
Bailey John S. 157B S Jan 1895
Bailey Emma B. 157B D Aug 1897
Bailey Elvin L. 157B S Nov 1899
Best Levi 158A H Apr 1855
Best Emma   158A W Apr 1854
Best Roy R. 158A S Aug 1886
Best Viola J. 158A D Feb 1887
Best George W. 158A S Apr 1892
Bradbury Cora 156B Gdau Feb 1885
Brown Gabriel 156B H Jan 1849
Brown Thea S. 156B W Dec 1840
Brown Gilbert 156B S Jul 1875
Brown Hans E. 156B S Mar 1877
Brown Elizabeth M. 156B S Jul 1878
Brown David 156B S Feb 1881
Brown Oscar G. 156B S Aug 1883
Brown Anna M. 156B D Mar 1885
Brown Joseph B. 156B S Oct 1887
Caster William J. 159A Boarder Oct 1880
Cilek Joseph 157B H Feb 1834
Cilek Louis 157B S Jun 1881
Cody George E. 157B H Jun 1860
Cody Capitola C. 157B W Oct 1867
Cody Elizabeth A. 157B D Feb 1888
Cody Opie E. 157B S Nov 1890
Cody Cleo M. 157B D May 1894
Cody Lewis S. 157B S Jan 1897
Cooley H. S. 158B H Jun 1867
Cooley Ida 158B W Jul 1871
Cummings G. A. 159A H Oct 1859
Cummings Hannah A. 159A W Sep 1866
Cummings John W. 159A S Jul 1889
Dammake T. (?) 159A H Aug 1844
Dammake Mary 159A W Dec 1835
Davis A. J. 158B H Jan 1869
Davis Martha J. 158B W Feb 1873
Davis Henry M. 158B S Mar 1894
Davis Luella G. 158B D Oct 1895
Davis Lester 158B S Apr 1899
Devereaux Miner (?) 158B H Jul 1851
Devereaux Rose 158B W Aug 1874
Devereaux Roy 158B S Sep 1894
Devereaux Adair 158B S Sep 1896
Edenholm John 157A H Jan 1873
Edenholm Lula M. 157A W Dec 1874
Edenholm Arvid V. 157A S Jul 1898
Edenholm Elin S. 157A D Dec 1899
Fawcett John 157B H Oct 1854
Fawcett Mary E. 157B W Feb 1864
Fawcett Ethel L. 157B D Aug 1888
Fawcett Oscar E. 157B S Jul 1890
Fawcett Emer 159A Boarder Feb 1856
Fiala John 157A H Dec 1839
Fiala Tony 157A W Jun 1845
Fiala Frank 157A S Jun 1881
Fiala Joseph 157A S Dec 1883
Fiala George 157A S Dec 1885
Fiala Anna 157A D Mar 1887
Fiala Seilly 157A D Jun 1890
Gilbertson Gilbert 156A H Mar 1835
Gilbertson Lena (?) 156A W Aug 1849
Gilbertson Hilda S. 156A D Jul 1880
Gilbertson Gunda D. 156A D Feb 1885
Gill Nicholas 156A H Mar 1855
Gill Fidelia M. 156A W Sep 1867
Gill Lawrence 156A S Apr 1881
Gill Charley 156A S Dec 1885
Gill Emma M. 156A D Jan 1888
Gill Grace L. 156A D Apr 1891
Gill Leota 156A D Apr 1899
Green Bedford 157B Servant Nov 1881
Hanson H. A. 156A H Feb 1851
Hanson Mary 156A W Nov 1871
Hanson Gertie P. 156A D Nov 1877
Hanson Harman W. 156A S ??? 1880
Hanson Otto T. 156B S Jan 1883
Hanson Maren S. 156B D Oct 1885
Hanson Bertha J. 156B D Jul 1892
Hanson Clara G. 156B D Dec 1893
Hanson Ellen G. 156B D Sep 1895
Hanson Esther L. 156B D Apr 1899
Hegree Andrew E. 156B H May 1856
Hegree Isabel 156B W Dec 1859
Hegree Edwin T. 156B S Apr 1886
Hegree Emma I. 156B D May 1889
Heilman William 157A H Apr 1864
Heilman Elnora 157A W Jan 1867
Heilman Minnie J. 157A D Jun 1888
Heilman Ella A. 157A D Jun 1892
Heilman Henry W. 157A S Feb 1896
Heilman Olga 157A D Dec 1898
Heller James E. 158B H Aug 1853
Heller Lucinda J. 158B W Dec 1857
Heller George J. 158B S Jun 1886
Heller Ray 158B S Dec 1887
Heller John C. 158B S Dec 1891
Heller Glen E. 158B S Aug 1894
Heller James A. 158B S Nov 1897
Henry Joseph 157A H Jul 1870
Henry Carolin 157A W Dec 1870
Ireland Sarah G. 156B Servant May 1885
Ireland Zachariah 158A H May 1851
Ireland Martha A. 158A W Sep 1874
Ireland Nellie M. 158A D Jan 1884
Ireland Rachel E. 158A D Oct 1886
Ireland Lucy B. 158A D May 1888
Ireland Mary A. 158A D Jun 1894
Ireland Emma G. 158A D Dec 1895
Ireland Delbert E. 158A S Dec 1897
Ireland Roscoe R. 158A S Feb 1899
Janousek Albert 156A H Apr 1813
Janousek Anna 156A W May 1848
Janousek Albert A. 156A S May 1877
Janousek Rosa 156A D Apr 1882
Janousek Joe 156A S Jul 1883
Johnson Charles 156A H Jan 1841
Johnson Christina 156A W Jul 1851
Johnson Auscar F. 156A S Apr 1878
Johnson Ellen E. 156A D Jun 1880
Johnson Adolph G. 156A S Aug 1882
Johnson Carl E. 156A S Apr 1890
Johnson O. H. 156A S Aug 1894
Johnson A. C. 156A D Jul 1896
Johnson Elizabeth  156B W Jan 1842
Johnson Lewis C. 156B H Sep 1847
Kolsky George 157A H Jul 1844
Kolsky Barbra 157A W Jan 1850
Kolsky Annis 157A S Oct 1881
Kolsky Rosa 157A D Dec 1884
Kolsky George 157A S Apr 1885
Kolsky John 157A S Aug 1886
Kolsky Amia (?) 157A D Jul 1888
Kolsky Joseph 157A S Feb 1890
Kolsky Fannie 157A D Jan 1853
Krizek (?) Frank 156A H Nov 1851
Krizek (?) Josie 156A W Feb 1869
Krizek (?) Joseph 156A S Jan 1889
Krizek (?) Frank 156A S Nov 1891
Krizek (?) William 156A S Jul 1894
Krizek (?) Victor 156A S Jan 1897
Krizek (?) Anthony 156A S May 1899
Kuscar (?) Johnson 156A H Apr 1878
Lake Walter S. 158B H Jan 1875
Lake Verdie B. 158B W Feb 1881
Lake Ruthie E. 158B D Mar 1898
Lake Berthie B. 158B D Nov 1899
Ledvenka ??? 157A H Jan 1853
Ledvenka Joseph 157A S Oct 1878
Ledvenka Anna 157A D Nov 1885
Ledvenka Albina 157A D Dec 1887
Lee Odie C. 156B H Dec 1880
Lee Mary M. 156B W Aug 1880
Lee Vadie L. 156B D Sep 1899
Lichtenwatter Ralph 156B Boarder Jun 1894
Machart Frank 156A H ??? 1853
Machart Mary 156A W Nov 1860
Machart Frank 156A S May 1882
Machart Blanch 156A D Nov 1886
Machart Resa 156A D Mar 1888
Machart William 156A S Oct 1891
Machart Leonard 156A S Oct 1898
Majors Claud 157A Servant Sep 1880
McCalla William R. 159A H Jan 1856
McCalla Alberta 159A W Mar 1866
McCalla Bertha J. 159A D Feb 1883
McCalla Shelby B. 159A S Jul 1890
McCalla Mary M. 159A D Apr 1898
Miller Bert B. 158A H Jan 1873
Miller Carrie B. 158A W Mar 1875
Miller Waneata M. 158A D May 1897
Miller Otto S. 158B H May 1870
Miller Bertha E. 158B W Oct 1878
Mitchell James H. 158A H Sep 1868
Mitchell Ora A. 158A W Aug 1878
Mitchell Sylvester J. 158A S Sep 1895
Mitchell Chester D. 158A S Apr 1897
Morgan Robert 157A H Jan 1866
Morgan Bertha 157A W Jun 1879
Morgan Robert R. 157A S Nov 1897
Morris Sylvestor 158A H Apr 1852
Morris Mary J. 158A W Apr 1849
Nettleton John 156B H Nov 1823
Nettleton Mary S. 156B W Sep 1830
Nettleton George D. 156B S Sep 1853
Norris John W. 158B H Mar 1839
Norris Perl L. 158B S Apr 1872
Norris True A. 158B S May 1884
Orbin Mary (?) 159A H Feb 1837
Orbin Charlls F. 159A S Apr 1857
Orr Charles W. 157B H Aug 1858
Orr Mary J. 157B W Sep 1861
Orr Dean J. 157B S Jun 1892
Orr Pros??? 157B Boarder Aug 1875
Piercen Clarrence 159A Boarder Feb 1880
Pope Floyd 156B H Sep 1854
Pope Sirena 156B W May 1862
Pope Rosa a. 156B D Jan 1886
Pope Leroy B. 156B S Apr 1890
Pope Pearl B. 156B D Apr 1896
Pope Gary F. 156B S Oct 1893
Reeder James   157B H Dec 1869
Reeder Mary 157B W Mar 1877
Reeder Iona P. 157B D Dec 1895
Reeder Winnie M. 157B D Jul 1898
Richardson Hogan 156B H Feb 1824
Richardson Mary 156B W May 1835
Richardson William 156B S Dec 1874
Richardson Alfred W. 158A H May 1870
Richardson Kitty M. 158A W Dec 1874
Ridgway George W. 156B H Feb 1856
Ridgway Sarah  156B W May 1859
Ridgway Effie M. 156B D Feb 1884
Ridgway Stella M. 156B D Oct 1885
Ridgway Hattie M. 156B D Jul 1889
Ridgway Florence E. 156B D Mar 1895
Ridgway Elsie O. 156B D Dec 1897
Ridgway Bert R. 158B H Mar 1881
Ridgway Nora 158B W Jul 1883
Rist Martha A. 159A Boarder ??? 1880
Rohan Charlie 157A H Aug 1876
Rohan Minnie O. 157A W Apr 1878
Rohan Catharin 157A M Jul 18??
Rohan Frank 157A S Mar 1881
Rose William 158A H Mar 1875
Rose Julia A. 158A W Feb 1880
Rose Nettie M. 158A D Jan 1899
Ruby Isaac 157B H Mar 1858
Sanday William 158A H Nov 1856
Sanday Nancy C. 158A W Dec 1860
Sanday Mary D. 158A D Nov 1880
Sanday Susan E. 158A D Nov 1884
Sanday William E. 158A S Jul 1886
Sanday Orville W. 158A S Dec 1888
Sanday Byron D. 158A S Jun 1891
Sanday Rell F. 158A S Mar 1894
Sanday Earl T. 158A S Feb 1896
Sanday Neva B. 158A D Aug 1898
Shute Mary 158A Boarder Nov 1886
Shute Denus 159A Boarder Feb 1879
Simmond William   158A Boarder Feb 1870
Skein Jonae 157B H Mar 1859
Skein Lydia J. 157B W Dec 1861
Skein James F. 157B S Oct 1881
Skein William H. 157B S Jul 1888
Skein Earl L. 157B S Jul 1891
Skein Clide A. 157B S Nov 1893
Soderlund Frank E. 158B H Mar 1860
Soderlund Alvina C. 158B W Dec 1867
Soderlund Walter A. 158B S Aug 1891
Soderlund Willie E. 158B S Apr 1893
Soderlund Augusta E. 158B D Jan 1895
Soderlund Dean O. 158B S Jun 1896
Soderlund Bessie E. 158B D Mar 1898
Soderlund Verna E. 158B D Jan 1900
Spoar Frank 157B Boarder Mar 1876
Steffen Gustav 157B H Jun 1840
Steffen Lizzie 157B W Nov 1846
Steffen Henry  157B S Sep 1875
Steffen Loty 157B D Oct 1876
Steffen Anna 157B D Nov 1880
Stinson (?) James A. 159A Boarder Apr 1858
Tacha John 156A H Mar 1871
Tacha Agnes 156A W Nov 1873
Tacha Clara M. 156A D Dec 1899
Troutman Joseph 159A H Nov 1855
Troutman Suray B. 159A W Feb 1862
Troutman Gussie F. 159A D Dec 1897
Tucek Joseph 157A H Jan 1866
Tucek Mary  157A W Apr 1875
Tucek Mary A. 157A D Nov 1897
Ulmer Thomas S. 158B H Sep 1859
Ulmer Lulu J. 158B W Jan 1870
Ulmer Vera C. 158B D Aug 1891
Ulmer Tobias 158B S Nov 1893
Ulmer Vita J. 158B D Aug 1896
Ulmer Elva V. 158B D Aug 1891
Urban Joseph 157A H Apr 1848
Urban Mary 157A W Jun 1846
Urban Joseph F. 157A S Apr 1872
Urban Isaac 157B S Jul 1885
Urban Anna 157B D Feb 1890
Votapka Charles  157B H Mar 1851
Votapka Mary 157B W Feb 1851
Votapka Charles Jr. 157B S Dec 1877
Votapka Frank 157B S May 1882
Wennihan Nathan 156B H Sep 1840
Wennihan Mary E. 157A W Nov 1846
Wennihan James N. S. 157A S Dec 1874
Wennihan Charles F. 157A S Feb 1882
Wennihan Lydia S. 157A D Jan 1885
Wescoat Torrinton B. (?) 156B H Apr 1846
Wescoat Mary M. 156B W Apr 1843
Wescoat John F. 156B S Jan 1871
Wescoat William W. 158B H Mar 1866
Wescoat Ollive H. 158B W Aug 1869
Wescoat Alice M. 158B D Jan 1891
Wescoat Elza G. 158B D Oct 1892
Wescoat Flora I. 158B D Nov 1894
Wescoat Jane M. 158B D Mar 1897
Wescoat John C. 158B S Feb 1895
Westlind A. G. 156A H Feb 1845
Williamson Edward 156A Servant Mar 1875


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