Decatur County Kansas
Bassettville Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Amy William 171B Nephew Mar 1874
Amy Lizzie 171B Nieceinlaw Aug 1875
Amy Claud  171B Nephewinlaw Jan 1895
Amy Pearl 171B Nieceinlaw Oct 1896
Amy Forest 171B Nephewinlaw Mar 1898
Amy Raymon 171B Nephewinlaw Jul 1899
Anderson M.   171A H Dec 1865
Anderson Andrew M. 172B H Jan 1849
Anderson Andrew L. 172B F Aug 1820
Arvedson A.   171A H Nov 1858
Arvedson Maria 171A W Nov 1860
Arvedson Ellen 171A D Oct 1884
Arvedson Roy 171A S Nov 1892
Baudrich George 170B H May 1849
Baudrich Maggie 170B W Apr 1851
Bennett Albert 171B H Dec 1858
Bennett Margret 171B W Jan 1856
Bennett John O. 171B S Oct 1881
Bennett Clyde 171B S Oct 1883
Bennett Maty 171B D Sep 1888
Bennett Roy 171B S Aug 1891
Bennett Mabel 171B D Jun 1893
Bennett Fredic 172A H Oct 1896
Bennett Golda 172A D May 1898
Birky Lizzie 170B H Jun 1866
Birky Mary E. 170B Sis Feb 1864
Birky Christian C. 170B Bro Jan 1859
Birky Jacob 172B H Sep 1854
Birky Mary A. 172B W Apr 1864
Birky Katie S. 172B D Jan 1882
Birky Joseph M. 172B S Dec 1883
Birky Mary E. 172B D Mar 1886
Birky Amelia S. 172B D Jun 1889
Birky Eli N. 172B S Jul 1891
Birky Leah B. 172B D Mar 1894
Birky Emma R. 172B D Sep 1897
Bobbitt Willis 172A H Dec 1860
Bobbitt Ellen M. 172B W Jun 1853
Bobbitt Ovand R. 172B D Jan 1888
Bobbitt Julia O. 172B D Oct 1889
Bothosh (?) Franklin 171A H Nov 1865
Bothosh (?) Ellen 171A W Oct 1871
Bothosh (?) Lowrenzo 171A S Feb 1889
Bothosh (?) Thomas 171A S Jun 1894
Bothosh (?) William   171A S Jul 1895
Bothosh (?) Mary 171A D Apr 1898
Bradley Wallace 172A H Sep 1866
Bradley Laura E. 172A W May 1868
Bradley Roy E. 172A S Jan 1890
Bradley Maud A. 172A D Dec 1892
Bradley Clyde 172A S Jan 1894
Bradley Guy 172A S Feb 1896
Bradley Dora H. 172A D Sep 1899
Bradley William 172A H Sep 1856
Bradley Lauratia 172A W Jul 1870
Bradley Emley 172A D Sep 1891
Bradley Beatrice 172A D Apr 1893
Bradley Florance 172A D Jan 1895
Bradley Myrtle 172A D Mar 1897
Bradley William 172A S Mar 1899
Bradley Noah 172A F Dec 1826
Brown Caroline 171B H Nov 1836
Brown William N. 171B S May 1859
Brown Joseph   172B ? ??
Bryant Robert W. 171B H Nov 1876
Cassidy Patrick 170B H May 1845
Cassidy Katie J. 170B D Jun 1885
Cassidy Maggie M. 170B D Mar 1888
Cassidy Frank H. 170B S Feb 1890
Corcoran Timothy 171A H Oct 1854
Corcoran Elizabeth 171A W Mar 1863
Corcoran Anna H. 171A D Sep 1886
Corcoran Mary F. 171A D Aug 1889
Corcoran Margaret E. 171A D Aug 1891
Corcoran James M. 171A S Jan 1894
Corcoran Clarance V. 171A S Dec 1895
Corcoran Charles E. 171A S Jan 1898
Corcoran William J. 171A S Nov 1899
Correll Roy 172B Nephew Jun 1895
Cullison George 171B H May 1867
Cullison Lola C. 171B W Feb 1868
Cullison Elva J. 171B D Apr 1895
Cullison Wealie O. 171B S Oct 1897
Curley Phila P. 172B H Jan 1835
Curley Eva 172B W Feb 1852
Curley Gerlinda 172B D Feb 1875
Curley Claud 172B S Apr 1879
Daniels William 171A Farm Labor Jun 1897
DeuPree Linis 172B H Aug 1849
DeuPree Melindia O. 172B W Sep 1854
DeuPree Gilbert R. 172B S Nov 1873
DeuPree Walter C. 172B S Nov 1876
DeuPree Minnie J. 172B Dauinlaw May 1877
DeuPree Neta May 172B Gdau Sep 1899
Dochen Patrick 171A H Mar 1832
Ecord Oscar 172A H Aug 1858
Ecord Lorinda E. 172A W Jan 1862
Ecord Dore E. 172A D Sep 1884
Ecord Clarra E. 172A D Mar 1886
Ecord Ollie P. 172A D Oct 1887
Ecord Lilly E. 172A D Dec 1889
Ecord Ora R. 172A D Feb 1892
Ecord Fred P. 172A S Jun 1894
Ecord Allen E. 172A S Oct 1896
Ecord Hazel M. 172A D May 1900
Eichelberger Christian  170B H Feb 1852
Eichelberger Lizzie 170B W Sep 1853
Eichelberger Mary F. 170B D Sep 1884
Eichelberger Aaron W. 170B S Jul 1885
Eichelberger Joel V. 170B S Feb 1888
Eichelberger Edward J. 170B S Mar 1890
Eichelberger Lydia C. 170B D Apr 1891
Eichelberger Emma B. 170B D Jul 1893
Eichelberger M. J. 170B S Mar 1897
Emerson George 172B H May 1857
Emerson Cicil 172B W Mar 1880
Feaster Aaron 172A H Sep 1859
Feaster Maggie 172A W Feb 1859
Feaster Wallert 172A S Feb 1887
Feaster Berlie 172A S Apr 1893
Gilbert Robert 172B H Dec 1872
Gilbert Mary 172B W Sep 1875
Gilbert Harvy E. 172B S Jul 1894
Gilbert David B. 172B S Oct 1896
Gilbert Lovina R. 172B D Mar 1899
Gilbert Mary A. 172B H Jun 1842
Gilbert Lucy M. 172B D Apr 1875
Gilbert Lovina J. 172B D Jan 1879
Gilbert William B. 172B S Jan 1884
Gilbert Birtha E. 172B D Jan 1885
Gilbert Eli E. 172B S Sep 1887
Gilbert Samuel 172B Gson Aug 1889
Gilbert David P. 172B H Nov 1865
Gilbert Alice 172B W Mar 1870
Gilbert Gale B. 172B S Dec 1893
Griffin Thomas 171B Fathinlaw Feb 1829
Hanchett Charley 170B H Nov 1861
Hanchett Eliza M. 170B W Mar 1862
Hanchett Earl M. 170B S Feb 1884
Hanchett Herbert L. 170B S Jan 1886
Hanchett Harry R. 170B S May 1893
Hanchett Wilda L. 170B D Jun 1897
Hanchett Wilna F. 170B D Jun 1897
Hanchett Myrtle H. 170B D Oct 1898
Handwerk A. 171B H Aug 1850
Handwerk Catherine 171B W Jun 1857
Handwerk Mary  171B D Oct 1881
Handwerk Susan 171B D Oct 1883
Handwerk Anna 171B D Nov 1885
Handwerk Flora 171B D Jan 1888
Handwerk Katie 171B D Sep 1889
Handwerk Willie 171B S Oct 1891
Handwerk Leo 171B S Jan 1894
Handwerk Verone 171B D Jan 1896
Handwerk Clara 171B D Dec 1898
Hockney James 172A H Jun 1858
Hockney Frances 172A W Oct 1848
Hockney George 172A S Jan 1883
Hockney Marion 172A S Oct 1885
Hockney Susan 172A D Jan 1889
Hockney Jennie 172A D Jul 1890
Hockney Phillip 172A S Dec 1893
Hollister Alfred H. 171B H Sep 1846
Hollister Almira S. 171B W Jun 1856
Johnson Henry 172B H Jul 1871
Johnson Mable 172B W Aug 1880
Johnson Adam 172B H Oct 1832
Johnson Sarah Ann 172B W Apr 1844
Johnson Janine 172B D Jan 1881
Kadey Margaret 171A Gmoth Dec 1807
Kahlor William E. 171A H Sep 1869
Kahlor Elizabeth S. 171A W Apr 1870
Kahlor Rosie P. 171A D Jan 1892
Kahlor Benjamin R. 171A S Feb 1894
Kahlor Bessie May 171A D Feb 1900
Knotig Joseph 170B H Feb 1828
Knotig Anna 170B W Apr 1838
Koehler John 170B H May 1860
Koehler A. C. 170B W Jan 1860
Koehler Henry F. 170B S Jul 1888
Koehler Elizabeth 170B D Mar 1890
Koehler Samuel D. 170B S Jan 1896
Koehler Emma 170B D Jan 1898
Koehler Adam 170B H Nov 1863
Koehler Katie  170B W Feb 1863
Koehler Ludwig 170B H Aug 1834
Koehler Maggie 170B W Dec 1836
Koehler Nathaniel 170B S Jan 1877
Koehler Johan P. 171A H Sep 1872
Koehler Ina 171A W Oct 1880
Krach Lewis 171A H Sep 1859
Krach Sallie M. (?) 171A W May 1874
Krach Warren J. 171A S Oct 1894
Krach Martin 171A H Apr 1823
Krack Edward   171A H Sep 1862
Loomis Josiah 171B H Mar 1832
Loomis Harrett 171B W Mar 1833
Morton Daniel 172A H Apr 1859
Morton Ruth 172A W Jan 1863
Morton Clarence E. 172A S Feb 1883
Morton Alice 172A D Jan 1886
Morton Homer E. 172A S Jun 1888
Morton Emmet W. 172A S Oct 1890
Morton Edna 172A D Jan 1893
Morton Cora 172A D Jul 1895
Morton Victor J. 172A S Nov 1897
Morton Lester E. 172A S May 1900
Olson Charles W. 172B H Jul 1865
Phillips Oscar 171B Farm Labor Sep 1883
Plunkett James A. 171A Fathinlaw Nov 1854
Plunkett Mary M. 171A Sisinlaw Aug 1879
Plunkett Louisa E. 171A D Jul 1899
Pope George 170B H Oct 1853
Pope Elizabeth 170B W May 1857
Pope Lizzie C. 170B D Jul 1882
Pope George H. 170B S Jul 1884
Pope Peter A. 170B S Sep 1888
Pope Maggie M. 170B D Mar 1893
Pope Ester M. 170B D Oct 1895
Reed William R. 171B H Oct 1827
Reed James M. 171B S Jan 1869
Sondon (?)   171A H Apr 1855
Sondon (?) Callie W. 171A W Jan 1859
Sondon (?) Hale H. 171A S Feb 1883
Sondon (?) Sadie D. 171A D Mar 1885
Sondon (?) John W. 171A S Apr 1890
Sondon (?) Emma E. 171A D Jul 1893
Sondon (?) Robert A. 171A S Sep 1895
Sondon (?) Fred Dewy 171A S May 1898
Thomas Charles 171B H May 1843
Wasson Thomas 170B H Jun 1847
Wasson Martha E. 170B W Oct 1852
Wasson Anna M. 170B D Jul 1879
Wasson Mina 170B D Dec 1881
Wasson May 171A D Dec 1885
Wasson Minnie 171A D Jan 1889
Wasson Ira M. 171A S May 1894
Westfall Olof 172B Farm Labor Jun 1874
Woolley Eliza 171B H Jan 1848
Woolley Hannah 171B D Aug 1881
Woolley Jennie (?) 171B D Apr 1882
Woolley James 171B S Mar 1884
Woolley Eddie 171B S Oct 1886
Woolley Sarah J. 171B D Jan 1888
Woolley Mary May 171B D May 1890
Wright Inez M. 171B D Aug 1874
Wright Claud A. 171B S Dec 1881
Wright Lawrence W. 171B Soninlaw Mar 1862

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