Decatur County Kansas
Cook Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Alden Denis B. 170A ? ???
Andrews Sherlock 168A H Jul 1850
Andrews Alice 168A W Apr 1857
Andrews Alice A. 168A D May 1885
Andrews Harry 168A S Sep 1872
Andrews Ora E. 168A H Aug 1877
Andrews Effa G. 168A W Oct 1880
Andrews William 168B H aug 1859
Andrews Bertha E. 168B W Feb 1873
Andrews Gertrude E. 168B D May 1894
Andrews Goldia N. 168B D Aug 1896
Andrews Cecil L. 168B S May 1898
Andrews Arthur D. 168B S May 1900
Andrews George 168B Farm Labor Dec 1875
Anthoney William 168B H Feb 1865
Anthoney Fanny 168B W Dec 1872
Anthoney Albert H. 168B S Sep 1895
Anthoney Lucie B. 168B D Sep 1898
Anthoney Mark 168B S May 1900
Baker James L. 168A H Jul 1874
Baker Ella F. 168A W Dec 1882
Baker Floyd W. 168A S Jan 1900
Baker Joseph D. 169A H May 1848
Baker Abagail 169A W Oct 1849
Baker Ethel B. 169A D Jun 1877
Baker Lizzie E. 169A D Jul 1880
Baker Olif J. 169A S Jul 1883
Baker Nellie 169A D Jun 1886
Bates Charles A. 169A H Dec 1849
Bates Amelia N. 169A W Apr 1850
Bates Nellie A. 169A D Sep 1872
Bates Guy N. 169A H Jun 1873
Bates Cora  169A W Mar 1880
Baughman Charley 168A H Feb 1872
Baughman Samuel L. 168A Bro Mar 1874
Birky John J. 169B H Feb 1868
Birky Nannie J. 169B W Jan 1873
Birky Lulu M. 169B D Oct 1892
Birky Elsie M. 169B D Dec 1895
Birky Daniel 169B H Jan 1870
Birky Mary 169B W Oct 1874
Birky Lydia 169B D Aug 1892
Birky Jacob 169B S May 1895
Birky Joseph 169B S Jun 1898
Birky Joseph 169B H May 1827
Birky Mary 169B W Mar 1833
Bogart Birt 168A H Feb 1873
Bogart Martha   168A W Apr 1870
Bogart Elva U. 168A D Jan 1900
Bogart Dora A. 168B H Mar 1880
Brown George A. 169B H Nov 1836
Claar Henry 168B H Dec 1838
Claar Electa A. 168B W Oct 1838
Claar Mary M. 168B D Jul 1880
Claar Earl 168B H Jul 1860
Claar Laura E. 168B W Mar 1861
Claar Samuel R. 168B S J?? 1885
Claar Carl C. 168B S Apr 1886
Claar Wilfred H. 168B S Nov 1887
Claar Alice P. 168B D Mar 1890
Claar Elbert R. 168B S Jun 1892
Claar Lawrence L. 168B S Dec 1895
Claar Clifford E. 168B S Apr 1898
Claar Herman 168B H Dec 1874
Claar Minnie E. 168B W Jul 1871
Claar Ralf. S. 168B S Aug 1898
Claar Anthony S. 169A H Dec 1877
Claar Ora 169A W Feb 1880
Claar Adren A. 169A S Mar 1898
Claar Vina E. 169A D Aug 1899
Claar Samuel 169A H Feb 1873
Claar Maggie M. 169A W Sep 1871
Claar Martha F. 169A D Jul 1896
Claar Bessie F. 169A D Aug 1897
Claar Charley F. 169A S Mar 1899
Claar Z. H. 169A H Aug 1861
Claar Emma M. 169A W Aug 1866
Claar George L. 169B S Nov 1883
Claar Frank L. 169B S Nov 1885
Claar Elsie A. 169B D Apr 1887
Claar Leonard F. 169B S Nov 1888
Claar Lola E. 169B D Sep 1899
Cyrus Gustavus 168A H Nov 1845
Cyrus Eliza B. 168A W Sep 1847
Cyrus Eliza M. 168A D Jul 1877
Cyrus Lydia M. 168A D Sep 1879
Ellis Benjamin 168A H Dec 1850
Ellis Mary D. 168A W Sep 1855
Ellis Nettie M. 168A D May 1886
Ellis Pearl I. 168A D Jun 1887
Ellis Samuel W. 168A S Jun 1889
Ellis Rockford C. 168A S Jul 1890
Ellis Eugene 168A S Feb 1892
Gibson Amos E. 169A H Sep 1879
Hines James 168A H May 1840
Hines Mary J. 168A W Apr 1848
Hines James E. 168B S May 1883
Hines Elflade 168B D May 1885
Hines Walas L. 168B S Dec 1887
Hines Chester A. 168B S Nov 1891
Huddle Lewis   168B H Sep 1857
Huddle Adella G. 168B W Dec 1859
Huddle William M. 168B S Jul 1884
Huddle Lewis G. 168B S Apr 1886
Huddle Lucy M. 168B D Feb 1888
Huddle Martha L. 168B D Feb 1892
Huddle Martin M. 168B S Mar 1895
Huddle Nellie G. 168B D Aug 1899
Jader Olaf 170A H Mar 1859
Jader Christina 170A W Jul 1858
Jader Julia 170A D Sep 1888
Jader Anna 170A D Jan 1891
Jader Andrew 170A S Jul 1893
Jaderborg L. 170A H Dec 1856
Jaderborg Elizabeth 170A W Sep 1854
Jaderborg Edward F. 170A S Dec 1886
Jaderborg Elizabeth K. 170A D Sep 1888
Jaderborg Hulda S. 170A D Aug 1890
Jaderborg Emanuel E. 170A S Mar 1893
Jaderborg Elmer K. 170A S Oct 1894
Johnson Lars 169B H Apr 1857
Johnson Eliza B. 169B W Mar 1868
Johnson Anna B. 169B D Jun 1889
Johnson Mattie 169B D Feb 1891
Johnson Ester G. 169B D Oct 1892
Johnson Charly J. 169B S Jul 1894
Johnson Selma A. 169B D Aug 1896
Johnson Ellen M. 169B D Apr 1900
Jones Silas D. 168B Bro Nov 1873
Jones Henry W. 168B H Dec 1868
Jones Mary D. 168B W Jan 1874
Jones Angie E. E. 168B D May 1895
Jones Jennie 168B D Sep 1897
Jones Ada D. 168B D May 1900
Jones Franklin 169A Bro Mar 1870
Knatig Joseph 170A H Sep 1862
Knatig Jennie 170A W Feb 1870
Knatig Joseph D. 170A S Mar 1893
Knatig William 170A S Nov 1894
Knatig Anna 170A D Jan 1897
Knatig Lena 170A D Feb 1898
Knotig Ferd 168A H Dec 1869
Lance D. 168A H Feb 1840
Lance Rachel 168A W Jan 1856
Lance Solomon H. 168A S Aug 1867
Lance Leo H. 168A S Apr 1875
Latimer Dick 168B H May 1888
Letmiller Joseph   169B H Dec 1863
Letmiller Barbra 169B W Dec 1866
Letmiller Joseph 169B S Apr 1890
Letmiller Alma 169B D Oct 1893
Letmiller Elias 169B S Sep 1896
Logan William G. 169A H Sep 1861
Logan Unice H. 169A W Oct 1861
Logan Mearl C. 169A S Feb 1887
Logan Agnas M. 169A D Sep 1890
Logan Birtha 169A D Apr 1893
Madison Martin 168B H May 1850
Majers Edward M. 168A Servant Sep 1885
Mallory Wallace W. 169A Boarder Apr 1878
Miller Waren 169A H Dec 1873
Miller Minnie B. 169A W May 1877
Nooner Charley 168B H Mar 1877
Nooner Emma L. 168B W Mar 1888
Pointer Hannah 170A H Sep 1830
Pointer William P. 170A S Jan 1869
Pointer Nellie A. B. 170A Gdau Nov 1881
Pointer Samuel F. 170A H Aug 1872
Pointer Elsie E. 170A W Sep 1878
Pointer Homer V. 170A Stepson Mar 1895
Pointer Alvin E. 170A S May 1899
Pratt Otis H. 168A H Sep 1861
Pratt Ida L. 168A W Feb 1871
Pratt Rowlie R. 168A S Dec 1892
Pratt Nellie 168A D Jul 1895
Pratt Verne 168A D Feb 1898
Reel Charley 169B H Jun 1863
Reel Eamel (?) 169B W Feb 1875
Reel Fredie   169B S Mar 1897
Reel George   169B S Feb 1899
Reeves Harvey 169B H Apr 1872
Reeves Lizzie   169B W Mar 1878
Reeves Mamomi 169B D Feb 1895
Reeves Carrie 169B D Jul 1897
Reeves Earl 169B S Nov 1899
Reist M. 169A H Aug 1865
Reist Fanny K. 169A W May 1868
Reist Elam H. 169A S Jan 1887
Reist Benjamin H. 169A S Jul 1888
Reist Melo H. 169A S Jan 1890
Reist Norman 169A S Sep 1891
Reist Dora E. 169A D Mar 1893
Reist Bernice S. 169A D Oct 1899
Shults George W. 168A H Feb 1859
Stoltzfus Jonathan L. 169B H May 1848
Stoltzfus Leydia 169B W Sep 1850
Stoltzfus Sarah 169B D Oct 1883
Stoltzfus Daniel E. 169B S Jan 1890
Stoltzfus Ammon E. 170A H Dec 1872
Stoltzfus Elizabeth 170A W Dec 1875
Stoltzfus Anna 170A D Aug 1896
Stoltzfus William 170A S Feb 1898
Stoltzfus Mary 170A D May 1900
Trowbridge James 169B H Aug 1857
Trowbridge Martha J. 169B W Jul 1864
Trowbridge Fredie D. 169B S Oct 1887
Trowbridge Mauddie H. 169B D Nov 1891
Trowbridge Alva W. 169B S Sep 1895
Ulrich Henry 169A Boarder Jun 1859
Vickers Kersey 169A H Feb 1859
Vickers Anna 169A W Mar 1870
Vickers Alonzo A. 169A S Oct 1891
Vickers Evan B. 169A S May 1895
Vickers Lillian K. 169A D Aug 1899
Walden M. N. 169B ? ???
Warner Daniel 169A H Jan 1867
Warner Laura F. 169A W Jun 1876
Warner Wilmer W. 169A S May 1897
Welch Lewis W. 168A H Mar 1847
Welch Anna E. 168A W Mar 1849
Welch Freddie E. 168A S Jul 1884
Welch George R. 168A S Oct 1886
Welch Joseph W. 168A S Nov 1889
Welch Josie I. 168A D Oct 1891
Welch Harvey R. 168A S Sep 1893
Welch Thomas L. 168A H Dec 1873
Welch Martha O. 168A W Feb 1873
Welch Guila F. 168A D Oct 1895
Wieland R. 168A H Aug 1862
Wiklund Nelwin J. 169B Fathinlaw Feb 1837
Witman Jake S. 169A 1/2 Bro May 1878

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