Decatur County Kansas
Custer Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Ashcraft Perry 204A H Nov 1855
Ashcraft Melissa C. 204A W Jun 1856
Ashcraft William H. 204A S Dec 1877
Ashcraft Edwin P. 204A S Sep 1879
Ashcraft Laura E. 204A D Jan 1882
Ashcraft Norman B. (?) 204A S Oct 1884
Ashcraft George H. 204A S Apr 1887
Ashcraft Mary M. 204A D Jan 1889
Ashcraft Perry Jr. 204A S May 1891
Ashcraft Elmer K. 204A S Jun 1892
Ashcraft Leroy L. 204A S Jul 1894
Baldwin Sarah J. 205B H Apr 1848
Baldwin Frances M. 205B D May 1874
Baldwin Sarah E. 205B D Jan 1877
Baldwin Jonas C. 205B S Aug 1880
Baldwin Birdie 205B D Dec 1884
Baldwin Calvin H. 205B S Oct 1887
Bishop William 204B H Apr 1844
Bishop Maggie 204B W Jun 1843
Bishop Lauren L. 204B S Jun 1874
Bishop Vernon S. 204B S Sep 1877
Bishop Edison C. 204B S Jan 1880
Bishop Earl L. 204B S Jan 1882
Boyles Andrew 205A H Oct 1862
Boyles Nettie 205A W Feb 1871
Boyles Charles C. 205A S Jan 1890
Boyles Joseph 205A S Jul 1893
Boyles Nora B. 205A D Nov 1898
Boyles Robert 205A S Feb 1877
Boyles Matthew 205B H Feb 1865
Boyles Jessie J. 205B W Nov 1871
Boyles Zada G. 205B D Jan 1891
Boyles Eunice C. 205B D Nov 1892
Boyles Cornelia A. 205B D Mar 1894
Boyles Mary 205B D Feb 1899
Bundy Eliza A. 205A Mothinlaw Jan 1823
Clinkinbeard Daryl (?) 205A H Jul 1852
Clinkinbeard Elizabeth 205A W Apr 1855
Clinkinbeard Oliver G. 205A S Dec 1875
Clinkinbeard Thomas E. 205A S Mar 1884
Clinkinbeard Spartin R. 205A Bro Jan 1857
Colvin Law 204B H Oct 1867
Colvin Cora L. 204B W Jul 1871
Colvin Mary F. 204B D Jan 1896
Colvin Homer J. 204B S Mar 1898
Curtis Nelson 205A H Mar 1872
Curtis Dollie M. 205A W May 1876
Curtis Hazll P. 205A D May 1895
Curtis Leota D. 205A D Feb 1897
Curtis Franz 205B S Feb 1899
Danks Isaac R. 206A H Jul 1856
Danks Phinettie 206A W May 1856
Danks Erwin 206A S Jun 1883
Danks Bert H. 206A S Jul1887
Danks Howard 206A S Jun 1889
Danks Huldah P. 206A D Aug 1894
Dickry David 204B Boarder Jan 1866
Ehlers Conrad 205B H Aug 1863
Ehlers Laura 205B W Apr 1861
Ehlers Mary 205B D Jul 1889
Ehlers Fred 205B S Aug 1890
Ehlers Willie 205B S Mar 1892
Ehlers Christ 205B S Jun 1895
Ehlers Brian 205B S Dec 1896
Ehlers Alnora 205B D Jul 1898
Farver Nellie 205B Boarder Apr 1882
Frazey Edward 206A H Sep 1850
Frazey Emma J. 206A W Apr 1856
Frazey Jefferson J. 206A S Dec 1879
Frazey Jamie B. 206A D Jul 1881
Frazey Alvin W. 206A S Sep 1884
Frazey Pearl E. 206A D Oct 1886
Frazey Joseph E. 206A S Jul 1888
Frazey Nina J. 206A D Apr 1891
Frazey George E. 206A S Jan 1898
Frazier Cecil A. 206A Gson Jun 1891
Frazier Russell K. 206A Gson Mar 1897
Fringer Ripley (?) 204A H Jan 1854
Fringer L. J. 204A W Jan 1856
Fringer John C. 204A S Jul 1885
Fringer Clinton D. 204A S Jun 1888
Fringer Frank L. 204A S Feb 1892
Fringer Minnie M. 204A D Mar 1894
Gillette Lemuel 204A H Nov 1876
Gillette Mamie B. 204A W Mar 1880
Gillette Edward F. 204A F Sep 1837
Gillette L. H. 204A H Nov 1867
Green John A. 206A H Jul 1870
Green Alice B. 206A W Mar 1871
Green Thelma 206A D Aug 1898
Green Harlan B. 206A S Oct 1899
Hoppas William 204B H May 1864
Hoppas Dara B. 204B W Feb 1870
Hoppas Fannie M. 204B D Jan 1890
Hoppas Erastus E. 204B S Nov 1893
Hoppas John A. 204B S Dec 1895
Hoppas Pet V. 204B D Feb 1898
Hoppas Susan W. 204B M  Jan 1831
Hoppas Stephen 204B H May 1861
Hoppas Mattie A. 204B W Apr 1862
Hoppas Susie D. 204B D Jun 1884
Hoppas Samuel T. 204B S Aug 1885
Hoppas Alice C. 204B D Dec 1886
Hoppas Charles T. 204B S Aug 1888
Hoppas Josephine A. 204B D Jan 1893
Hoppas Baby 204B S Apr 1900
Houlina John 205B Boarder Nov 1872
Hughes John 204B H Mar 1860
Hughes William 204B H Dec 1831
Hughes Margaret 204B W Jul 1832
Hughes Charles E. 204B S Feb 1872
Hughes Carrie 204B Dauinlaw Dec 1877
Hughes Alice G. 204B Gdau Jul 1897
Hughes Jasper 204B H May 1868
Hughes Kattie 204B W Nov 1877
Hughes Dorothy 204B D Nov 1898
Hughes William G. 204B S Jun 1899
Hughes Alice 204B Sis  Jan 1858
James Lee W. 205A H May 1878
Jones Robert 205B H Feb 1850
Jones Frances E. 205B W Feb 1854
Jones Carrie 205B D Aug 1877
Jones Glenna 205B D Aug 1882
Jones Roxie E. 205B D Mar 1888
Kolacny Waelao (?) 206B Boarder May 1859
Lankers (?) F. O. 204A H Jul 1843
Lankers (?) Ida M. 204A W May 1851
Lankers (?) Ada L. 204A D Jun 1881
Lankers (?) Edward J. 204A S Aug 1883
Lankers (?) Harry 204A S Oct 1885
Livingston Homer   204B H Feb 1837
Logan James 205A H Jan 1844
Logan Ada 205A W Jul 1853
Logan Walter 205A S Jun 1881
Logan David W. 205A S Aug 1884
Logan Arthur J. 205A S Mar 1887
Logan Clarence 205A S Oct 1889
Logan George B. 205A S Dec 1892
Logan William D. 205A S Mar 1899
Lowry Cidney 206A H Oct 1862
Lowry Flora 206A W Dec 1872
Lowry Pearl H. 206A D Feb 1893
Lowry Alonzo K. 206A S Apr 1894
Lowry Walter H. 206A S Feb 1899
Lydie George W. 204B Boarder ??? 1876
Mahannah James 205A H Aug 1849
Mahannah Mattie H. 205A W Sep 1851
Mahannah Cloyd B. 205A S Oct 1881
Marquart Cinderella (?) 204B H Apr 1844
Marquart Charles L. 204B S Jan 1876
Marquart Caroline 204B D Jun 1882
Marquart Nellie J. 204B D Sep 1885
Marquart Phillip 204B S Jun 1887
McCoy D. 205B H Jul 1856
McCoy Libbie M. 205B W Apr 1891
McCoy Josie M. 205B D Oct 1881
McCoy Edith R. 205B D Jul 1884
McCoy Nellie E. 205B D Nov 1886
McCoy Della M. 205B D Feb 1889
McCoy Ana B. 295B D Aug 1893
McCoy George H. 206A S Sep 1897
McMullen William H. 205B Boarder Apr 1853
Nickerson Atley 206A H Jun 1877
Otis Leander 204A H Jun 1828
Otis Clarissa 204A W Apr 1828
Otis Ina M. 204A D Feb 1860
Palieck Joseph 205A H May 1867
Palieck Julia 205A W Apr 1877
Palieck Willie 205A S Feb 1899
Peters Samuel 206B H Nov 1875
Peters Sarah M. 206B W Aug 1877
Peters Louis E. 206B S Sep 1899
Petrasek Frank 205B H Jul 1870
Petrasek Bess 205B W Jun 1875
Petrasek George   205B S Aug 1895
Petrasek Ernest 205B S Dec 1899
Petrasek Mat 206A H Jul 1845
Petrasek Mary   206A W Jan 1852
Petrasek Anton 206A S Oct 1879
Petrasek Emma   206A D Dec 1882
Petrasek Frederick 206B S Jul 1890
Porter Myron E. 204A Nephew Apr 1881
Porter Laura   204A Niece Apr 1883
Radcliffe Mary 205A H Jul 1863
Roberts Elizabeth 205B H Apr 1850
Roberts Lemuel B. 205B S Sep 1871
Roberts Clarence E. 205B S Aug 1873
Roberts Clarce A. 205B D Jul 1878
Roberts Perry L. 205B S Oct 1885
Roberts Henry 206A H May 1869
Roberts Maud  206A W Jul 1871
Roberts Bessie M. 206A D Jun 1890
Roberts Riley S. 206A S Mar 1893
Roberts Windred F. 206A S Apr 1898
Sawyer Samuel 204A H Jan 1838
Sawyer Lucinda E. 204A W Jan 1843
Sawyer Jannie M. 204A D May 1873
Sawyer J. Burton 204A S May 1873
Sawyer Evert 204A H Dec 1869
Sawyer Nellie J. 204A W Apr 1873
Sellars Ella 205B H Dec 1867
Sellars Mary M. 205B D Sep 1890
Sellars Clara B. 205B D Jun 1893
Sellars Jessie F. 205B S Aug 1895
Sellars John C. 205B S Jan 1900
Sellers Luther 204A H Jan 1854
Sellers Nancy 204A W May 1862
Sellers Silva S. 204A D Sep 1884
Sellers Cinderella 204A D Sep 1887
Sellers Henry D. 204A S May 1889
Sellers Rosa M. 204A D Dec 1892
Sellers Mary M. 204A D Sep 1895
Sellers William G. 204A S Nov 1897
Sellers Lloyd J. 204A Bro Feb 1867
Sellers William A. 204A Bro Mar 1871
Smick John 205A H Mar 1863
Smick Myrtle Z. 205A W Nov 1870
Smick Caleb (?) 205A S Nov 1887
Smick Jay D. 205A S Aug 1889
Smick Adam W. 205A S Apr 1890
Smith James 206A H Apr 1835
Smith Nancy C. 206A W Nov 1834
Smith George T. 206A S Aug 1872
Smith Alice G. 206A D Feb 1873
Starlin Kittie J. 204B Sisinlaw Dec 1878
Sterns Mary G. 204A Mothinlaw Feb 1848
Strains Ralph 204B H Sep 1869
Strains Mattie A. 204B W Feb 1871
Strains Zelia M. 204B D Jun 1894
Strains Orion E. 204B S Jul 1898
Strong Nelson W. 204A H Jan 1831
Strong Sarah M. 204B W Dec 1852
Taylor Samuel 206A H Sep 1866
Taylor Mary E. 206A W Jun 1873
Taylor Kittie F. 206A D Jul 1897
Urban Frank 205A H Feb 1871
Urban Louisa M. 205A W May 1876
Urban Emurl 205A S Aug 1897
Urban Rudolph 205A S Aug 1899
Vale Harold L. 205A H Feb 1870
Vale Chloe E. 205A W Feb 1877
Vale Ivy A. 205A S Feb 1897
Vale Archie 205A S Mar 1899
Wagoner Phillip H. 206A H Nov 1865
Wagoner Alice J. 206A W Jan 1866
Wagoner Lillie N. 206A D May 1891
Wagoner Mirtie N. 206A D Sep 1892
Wagoner Hazle A. 206A D Oct 1896
White John   206A Uncle Nov 1824
Winchell Hiram 205A H Mar 1839
Winchell Rose J. 205A W May 1852
Winchell Mirtie C. 205A D Aug 1877
Wright Henry 205A H Nov 1829
Wright Hannah 205A W Oct 1828

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