Decatur County Kansas
Dresden Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Armstrong William A. 207A H Jan 1868
Armstrong Florence E. 207A W Jan 1868
Armstrong William H. 207A S Sep 1890
Armstrong Irene 207A D Nov 1894
Bacon Ernest 209B H Apr 1858
Bacon Ona E. 209B W Jun 1865
Bacon S. E. (?) 209B S Mar 1891
Bailey David P. 210A Boarder Mar 1858
Bardwell Walter   207A Boarder ??? 1878
Becker Henry   209B H Jan 1860
Becker Eva  209B W Mar 1862
Becker Anton H. 210A S Apr 1888
Becker Ala S. 210A S Sep 1890
Becker Peter P. 210A S Jan 1892
Becker Mary A. 210A D Jan 1894
Becker Rosa F. 210A D Nov 1895
Becker Joseph G. 210A S Mar 1898
Becker Kittie F. 210A D Sep 1899
Bock Jacob 210A H Nov 1845
Bock Mary A. 210A W Sep 1875
Bock Ivy 210A D Sep 1879
Bock Glen 210A S Aug 1895
Bock Zella 210A D Feb 1897
Bock Forest 210A S Oct 1899
Boeger Joseph   208B H Apr 1850
Boeger Ida 208B W Apr 1853
Boeger Frank 208B S Feb 1877
Boeger Joseph 208B S May 1879
Boeger Henry 208B S May 1885
Boeger Anton  208B S Nov 1887
Boeger Herman 208B S Nov 1889
Boeger George   208B S Jun 1894
Boeger Paul 208B S Jul1896
Braun Mary 208B Niece May 1885
Bremer Fred 207B H Oct 1856
Bremer Marion 207B W Dec 1862
Bremer Catherine 207B D Jul 1883
Bremer Tina 207B D Nov 1884
Bremer Dora 207B D Apr 1887
Bremer Bell 207B D Nov 1888
Bremer Robert 207B S Jun 1889
Bremer Frieda 207B D Oct 1890
Bremer Edna 207B D Nov 1892
Bremer Fritz 207B S Mar 1894
Bremer Baby 207B S May 1900
Brewer Lucious 209B H Oct 1844
Brewer Harriet L. 209B W Feb 1846
Brewer Laura M. 209B D Feb 1872
Brewer Charles H. 209B S Jun 1881
Brintnall Ethel M. 209B Boarder Aur 1884
Brion Benjamin F. 208B Broinlaw Mar 1860
Brunson Herman 209A Boarder Nov 1846
Bundy Frank 207A H Jan 1854
Bundy Frances A. 207A W Apr 1863
Bundy Ruth M. 207A D May 1889
Bundy Baby 207A S Apr 1900
Carlson August  207B Boarder Aug 1851
Conquest Lee 207A H Jan 1872
Conquest Minnie A. 207A W May 1875
Conquest John R. 207A S Jul 1897
Conquest James 210B H Jun 1844
Conquest Nomey 210B W May 1852
Conquest Lola 210B D Sep 1884
Conquest Pearl 210B D Dec 1885
Conquest Roy 210B S Oct 1893
Cook Joseph  209B Boarder Oct 1846
Crist Dan 210A Boarder May 1874
Dempewolf Keyes 208A H Jan 1854
Dempewolf Mary M. 208A W Apr 1872
Dempewolf William 208A S May 1885
Dempewolf Flora 208A D Jun 1886
Dempewolf John L. 208A S Apr 1889
Dempewolf Anton P. 208A S Apr 1891
Dempewolf Edward H. 208A S Jan 1893
Dempewolf Johanna M. 208A D Feb 1896
Dempewolf August J. 208A S Dec 1897
Dempewolf Mary M. 208A D Nov 1899
Dempewolf Zodock 208B H Jul 1856
Dempewolf Mary A. 208B W Mar 1863
Dempewolf Christina 208B D May 1883
Dempewolf Lizzie 208B D Aug 1884
Dempewolf Rosa 208B D Mar 1888
Dempewolf Lucy J. 208B D Oct 1889
Dempewolf Nicholas 208B S Nov 1895
Dempewolf Sarah 208B D Mar 1897
Dempewolf Cecelia 208B D Aug 1899
Dempewolf J. 209A H Oct 1849
Dempewolf Caroline 209A W Apr 1854
Dempewolf Bernard H. 209A S Oct 1883
Dempewolf Clara K. 209A D Oct 1885
Dempewolf Frank J. 209A S Feb 1888
Dempewolf Joseph J. 209A S Aug 1890
Dempewolf Alphons D. 209A S Aug 1893
Dempewolf Henry S. 209A S Aug 1893
Dempewolf George W. 209A S Jul 1895
Dempewolf John 209A H Feb 1866
Dempewolf Elizabeth A. 209A W Dec 1874
Dempewolf Mary J. 209A D Sep 1898
Dempewolf Mary T. 209A M Jun 1827
Fair Granville 209B H Feb 1866
Fair Vivece (?) 209B W Jan 1865
Fair Lela 209B D Feb 1890
Fair Myrtle 209B D Jan 1894
Fair Roba 209B S Nov 1895
Foster Jaspar W. 209B Boarder Sep 1870
Foster Silas J. 210A H Jan 1834
Foster Rachel 210A W Aug 1835
Foster Joseph G. 210A H Apr 1856
Foster Margaret A. 210A W Apr 1859
Foster Duglas J. 210A S Oct 1880
Foster Alfred H. 210A S Aug 1884
Foster Alferd L. 210A S Aug 1884
Foster Emma G. 210A D Dec 1885
Foster Olive M. 210A D Jan 1888
Foster William R. 210A S Feb 1892
Funks Barthol 208A H Aug 1851
Funks Elizabeth 208A W Dec 1851
Funks Peter 208A S Aug 1882
Funks Louisa 208A D Feb 1884
Funks Paul 208A S Jan 1893
Harold William 209B H Oct 1855
Harold Melissa A. 209B W Feb 1860
Harold Edward 209B D Jun 1879
Harold Walter 209B S Jan 1881
Harold Jessie 209B S Aug 1883
Harold Lydia C. 209B D Jan 1886
Harold Albert 209B S Sep 1888
Harold William C. 209B S Mar 1892
Harold Ruth E. 209B D Jul 1895
Harold Ora 209B S Jul 1899
Hawkins Leroy 210A H Aug 1870
Hawkins Emma 210A W Nov 1879
Hawkins Glen E. 210A S Feb 1898
Hawkins Baby 210B S Dec 1899
Hazel Mary 207A Boarder Mar 1843
Hendricks Peter 208A H Nov 1853
Himmelburger J. 210B H Sep 1858
Himmelburger Margaret A. 210B W May 1856
Himmelburger George 210B S Apr 1881
Himmelburger David   210B S Aug 1882
Himmelburger Anna 210B D Sep 1886
Himmelburger Cecil 210B S Sep 1894
Hoppas Charles   207A H Jun 1851
Hoppas Ellen B. 207A W Mar 1855
Hoppas William E. 207A S May 1880
Hoppas Moss J. 207A S Feb 1883
Hoppas Grover C. 207A S Apr 1885
Hoppas Francis C. 207A S Aug 1887
Hoppas Lela B. 207A D Apr 1889
Hoppas Wallace B. 207A S Apr 1892
Hoppas Harry 207A S Aug 1894
Houtsma Frank 207A H Jun 1849
Houtsma Agatha G. 207A W May 1854
Houtsma Ana M. 207A D Mar 1885
Houtsma John N. 207A S Jun 1888
Houtsma Augusta S. 207A D Aug 1890
Huddle Ralph 210A H Feb 1856
Huddle Emma V. 210A W Mar 1869
Huddle Randolph M. 210A S Mar 1891
Huddle Mildred G. 210A D Dec 1895
Huffman Thersia 209A Gdau Jun 1878
Johnson Hilbert 210A H Jun 1847
Johnson Mary E. 210A W Mar 1854
Johnson Ira V. 210A S Jan 1881
Kans Peter 208A H Jun 1848
Kans Sophia 208A W Dec 1850
Kans Lizzie 208A D Jan 1873
Kans Annie 208A D Jun 1880
Kans Mary 208A D Oct 1882
Kans Nellie (?) 208A D May 1878
Kans Christina 208A D Oct 1885
Kans Peter 208A S Dec 1887
Kans Sopia 208A D Dec 1890
Kans Katie 208A D Feb 1893
Kans John   208A Nephew Oct 1878
Karls John 209A H Aug 1853
Karls Anna 209A W Sep 1855
Karls Nick (?) 209A S Dec 1892
Karls Agusta 209A S Feb 1895
Karls Florian 209A S Dec 1896
Karls Katie 209A D May 1899
Kindig Zor J. 207A Niece Mar 1891
Kuhlr Frank 207A H Aug 1838
Kuhlr Joseph 207A S Feb 1872
Kuhlr Henry 207A S Mar 1875
Kuhlr Anna 207A D Jan 1877
Law Charles 210A H Apr 1869
Law Martha 210A W Nov 1874
Law Ethel 210A D Apr 1898
Leonard James 210B H Feb 1857
Leonard Emma F. 210B W Jan 1861
Leonard Bertha F. 210B D Aug 1888
Lorenz Reinhard 207A H May 1855
Lorenz Minnie R. 207A W Oct 1860
Lowry Sarah A. 207A H Jun 1839
Lowry Walter D. 207A S Dec 1872
Lowry John H. 207A S Jun 1878
Lowry Charles F. 207A S Apr 1882
Lowry Stella M. 207A D Jun 1880
Lowry Destiny E. 207A S Mar 1885
Lucas Frank   209B H Jul 1866
Lucas Amy 209B W Mar 1868
Maddandorf B. 209B H Nov 1852
McClure Sarah M. 210A D Jan 1873
McClure Morrel E. 210A Gson Nov 1894
McClure Glen 210A Gson Aug 1898
McIntyre Archibald 210A H Aug 1837
McIntyre Mary  210A W Sep 1851
Miero Eddie M. 207A Stepson Sep 1885
Miero Albert H. 207A Stepson Dec 1889
Millen Mary C. 210A Sisinlaw Sep 1877
Muirhead Robert 207B Boarder ??? 1879
Muirhead George 207B S Aug 1898
Muirhead Doug 210A H May 1855
Muirhead Milly E. 210A W Feb 1869
Muirhead Robert W. 210A S Mar 1894
Muirhead John H. 210A S Sep 1895
Muirhead King D. 210A S Sep 1897
Muirhead Marian L. 210A D Mar 1900
Muths George 208B H Apr 1873
Muths Lizzie 208B W Jul 1874
Nelson John A. 207A Boarder Oct 1871
Otis William 207B H Apr 1861
Otis Catharine S. 207B W Jul 1871
Otis Meril A. 207B D Nov 1898
Pankaskie Stanislas 208A H May 1838
Pankaskie Frances 208A W Nov 1851
Pankaskie Leo 208A S May 1881
Pankaskie Lena 208A D Jan 1885
Pankaskie Mary 208A D Jul 1896
Phillips Annette 209B H Jun 1874
Phillips Harry F. 209B S Jun 1892
Phillips Harvey C. 209B S Jun 1892
Phillips George W. 209B S Apr 1895
Phillips Isabel A. 209B D Nov 1896
Phillips Viola E. 209B D Jul 1898
Phillips Mable 209B D Apr 1900
Radler Michael 209B H Dec 1856
Radler Lillie F. 209B W Apr 1863
Radler Inez 209B D Jul 1883
Radler Elsie 209B D Sep 1885
Radler Ler 209B S Sep 1887
Radler Myron 209B S May 1894
Ritter Joseph 208B H Jul 1860
Ritter Anna 208B W Dec 1861
Ritter Anna 208B D Jul 1885
Ritter Tessie 208B D Feb 1887
Ritter Mary 208B D May 1889
Ritter Joseph 208B S Jul 1892
Ritter Benjamin  208B S May 1895
Ritter Johannah  208B D Mar 1897
Ritter Elizabeth 208B D Sep 1899
Ritter Terisa 208B M Mar 1822
Schnabel Mary 207B H Jun 1856
Schnabel Barbary 207B D Jul 1877
Schnabel Anthony 207B S Nov 1880
Schnabel Frank 207B S Mar 1888
Schnabel Ross 207B S Apr 1890
Schnabel John J. 208A S Oct 1892
Schnabel Joseph A. 208A S May 1894
Schnabel George M. 208A S Sep 1897
Schrock Peter 207B H Mar 1860
Schrock Catherine 207B W Aug 1861
Schrock Joseph C. 207B S Jun 1883
Schrock Samuel 207B S Jun 1885
Schrock Daniel 207B S Dec 1887
Schrock Emma   207B D Jan 1892
Schrock John 207B S Mar 1894
Schrock Mary A. 207B D Jul 1896
Schrock William 207B S Sep 1899
Schroer Barnes 209A H Mar 1846
Schroer Margaret 209A W Sep 1947
Schroer John 209A S Feb 1879
Schroer Rudolph 209A S Sep 1880
Schroer Mary 209A D Feb 1882
Schroer John 209A H Oct 1839
Schroer Bernadine 209A W Mar 1844
Schroer John B. 209A S Mar 1878
Schroer Elizabeth 209A D Aug 1880
Schroer George 209A S Jan 1883
Schroer Bernard H. 209A S Jul 1885
Schuchardt (?) Peter 208B Boarder Apr 1870
Shaffer George 209B H Dec 1852
Snell Charles 208A H Jun 1845
Snell Strinun (?) 208A W Jul 1863
Snell Julius A. 208A S Jun 1886
Snell Emma 208A D Dec 1888
Snell Pearl E. 208A D Jul 1891
Snell May M. 208A D Jun 1894
Snell Mattie L. 208A D Jun 1897
Stegmen Willie 209A Stepson Sep 1885
Stegmen Xavier 209A Stepson Dec 1889
Swanson Nels 207B H Sep 1832
Sytsma Daniel 207B H Jan 1859
Sytsma Wilhalmina 207B W Dec 1856
Sytsma Henry 207B S Sep 1886
Sytsma Frank 207B S Dec 1895
Sytsma Annie 207B D Apr 1900
Tatum Lewis 209B H Apr 1850
Tatum Eliza A. 209B W Nov 1846
Taylor William 209A H Apr 1838
Taylor Henretta 209A W Aug 1840
Taylor Tessie P. 209A D Feb 1881
Teamster Susan 207A M May 1819
Tibbels John 207B H Jan 1847
Tibbels Caroline 207B W Feb 1847
Tibbels Cora B. 207B D Aug 1871
Tibbels Lettie F. 207B D Jun 1887
Tompkins Emma 210B Mothinlaw Apr 1828
Trommeter Simon 208B H Oct 1861
Trommeter Minnie C. 208B W Apr 1874
Trommeter Simon E. 208B S Oct 1895
Trommeter George 208B H Sep 1850
Trommeter Amanda 208B W Nov 1854
Trommeter Ida 208B D Jan 1879
Trommeter Charley 208B S May 1882
Vanwormer (?) Valette 207A Boarder Mar 1874
Walker Mahlon 207A H Feb 1852
Walker Frances E. 207A W May 1855
Walker Elwood L. 207A S Dec 1883
Walkey William W. 207A H Apr 1832
Walkey Emma A. 207A W Mar 1833
Walkey Willis W. 207B S Aug 1856
Walkey Elizabeth B. 207B Dauinlaw Jul 1856
Walkey Rush H. 207B Nephew Aug 1881
Walkey Charlie H. 207B Nephew Dec 1885
Walkey Jennie 207B Niece Jan 1890
Walkey Gladys H. 207B Niece Apr 1892
Walkey Walter W. 207B Nephew May 1895
Walkey Earl R. 207B Nephew Jul 1896
Walkey Mary E. 207B Niece Jul 1899
Weinzen Michel 208A H Apr 1870
Weinzen Susan 208A W Feb 1863
Weinzen Paul 208A S Sep 1894
Weitzal George F. 209B H Mar 1838
Weitzal Hannah J. 209B W Mar 1836
Weitzal Claudian 209B D Jun 1872
Welch Maggie A. 209A Stepdau Sep 1885
Welch Evalon 209A Stepdau Dec 1887
Welch Gracie J. 209A Stepdau May 1892
Welch Ida V. 209A Stepdau Feb 1895
Wenzel Peter 208B H Aug 1862
Wenzel Hannah 208B W Feb 1872
Wenzel Anna 208B D Jun 1875
Wenzel Willie 208B S Feb 1897
Wenzel Rosa 208B D Mar 1899
Wenzel Anna 208B Sis Apr 1857
Wilcox Rees 209A H Jan 1854
Wilcox Malinda J. 209A W Oct 1854
Wilcox James L. 209A S Apr 1883
Williamson Maud M. 209B Boarder Apr 1883
Wilson Grant 209A Boarder Jul 1870
Withopf C. 208B H Oct 1846
Ypma F. J. 208A H Nov 1837
Ypma Bodina (?) 208A W Mar 1837
Ypma Fronica 208A D Sep 1872
Ypma John 208A H Feb 1869
Ypma Augusta 208A W May 1869
Ypma John Jr. 208B S Nov 1893
Ypma Bertha 208B D Aug 1896
Zodrow Annie 208B Housekeeper Sep 1880
Zodrow Albert 209A H Aug 1872
Zodrow Lena 209A W Aug 1875
Zodrow Agnes 209A D Jan 1897
Zodrow Albert 209A S Sep 1897
Zodrow Leonard 209A S Jul 1899

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