Decatur County Kansas
Finley Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
? ? ?   179A H Oct 1851
? ? ? Annie   179A W Jul 1861
? ? ? James 179A S Jun 1884
? ? ? Harry 179A S Feb 1887
? ? ? John 179A S Jul 1890
? ? ? Blanch M. 179A D Jul 1892
? ? ? George 179A S May 1895
? ? ? Earnest 179A S Nov 1897
? ? ? Baby 179A S Dec 1899
Abbott Herman 178A H Dec 1858
Abbott Maggie 178A W Sep 1869
Abbott Pearl 178A D Sep 1887
Abbott Rosco S. 178A S May 1889
Abbott Mern 178A D Oct 1891
Abbott Loyd 178A S May 1893
Abbott Robert 178A S Jun 1895
Abbott Mary 178A D Feb 1897
Abbott Elma 178A D Jul 1899
Adams John 177B H Apr 1858
Adams Gussie O. 177B W Apr 1864
Adams Roy V. 177B S Nov 1883
Adams Rory 177B S Aug 1890
Adams William 179A H Feb 1850
Adams Ella 179A W Nov 1858
Adams Timothy 179A S May 1881
Adams Lelia 179A D Jan 1883
Adams Annie M. 179A D Sep 1884
Adams Carrie 179A D Jul 1888
Adams Thomas 179A S Jan 1892
Allen Frank 177B Boarder May 1892
Avery Justin 178B H Apr 1872
Avery Kate 178B W Oct 1880
Avery Floyd 178B S Feb 1898
Avery Torry 178B S Dec 1899
Avery Torry 178B F Feb 1826
Avery Flora 178B Sis Mar 1858
Barnes Charles 178B H Nov 1863
Barnes Minnie  178B W Mar 1874
Barnes Myrtle 178B D Jun 1894
Barnes Luther 178B S Mar 1897
Barnes Dean 178B S Mar 1899
Barrett John 178B H Jan 1855
Barrett Emma 178B W Dec 1860
Barrett Lizzie 178B D Aug 1882
Barrett Cora 178B D Feb 1887
Barrett Julia   178B D May 1889
Barrett Chester 178B S Jun 1892
Barrett Nelson 178B S Jul 1894
Barrett Etta 178B D Jan 1897
Barrett Harrold 178B S Apr 1900
Benjamin Harry 177B H Jan 1866
Benjamin Myrtle 177B W Nov 1868
Benjamin Pearl 177B D Sep 1889
Benjamin Howard 177B S May 1890
Benjamin Ruby 177B D Feb 1892
Benjamin Elma 177B D Oct 1894
Benjamin Alta 177B D Jul 1896
Bovard Erwin 178A Boarder Aug 1873
Bovard J. 178A H Apr 1836
Bovard Margaret 178A W Feb 1840
Brennan William 179A H Dec 1860
Brennan Nora 179A W Oct 1877
Brennan Sadie E. 179A D Sep 1898
Brown Isaiah (?) 176A H Aug 1850
Brown Mary A. 176A W Sep 1868
Brown Myrtie M. 176A D Jun 1885
Brown Ada M. 176A D May 1886
Brown Omar C. 176A S Jan 1888
Brown Mary M. 176A D Dec 1889
Brown Clarence 177A H Oct 1868
Brown Anna 177A W Feb 1872
Brown Alfred 179A H Aug 1858
Brown Hannah C. 179A W May 1863
Brown Alfred L. 179A S Mar 1882
Brown Carl E. 179A S Sep 1894
Brown Patrick H. 179A S May 1897
Brown Florence 179A D Feb 1899
Burndt Albert 179A H Nov 1873
Burndt Susan 179A W Jun 1874
Burndt Mary 179A D Aug 1897
Burndt Johanna 179A D Apr 1898
Carpenter L. 177B H May 1860
Carpenter Mary J. 177B W Mar 1860
Carpenter Lara 177B D May 1883
Carpenter Guy A. 177B S Oct 1886
Carpenter Gracie J. 177B D Dec 1888
Carpenter Stella 177B D Aug 1894
Carpenter Lewis 177B S Aug 1897
Carpenter Nona 177B D Jan 1900
Christian Samuel K. 176A H Apr 1848
Christian Frances 176A W Jul 1853
Christian Mary 176A D Jan 1883
Christian Lucy 176A D Oct 1885
Christian Robert 176A S Sep 1887
Crawford John (?) 177A H Oct 1856
Crawford Julia 177A W Jan 1842 (?)
Decker James  178B H May 1853
Decker Martha 178B W Aug 1854
Decker Delaware 178B S Oct 1879
Decker Ira 178B S Dec 1880
Decker Chester 178B S Jan 1884
Decker Addie 178B D Sep 1888
Decker Emanuel 178B S Aug 1896
Demmer George 176A H Jan 1875
Demmer Rosie 176A W Sep 1879
Demmer Matt 176B H Nov 1846
Demmer Mary 176B W Nov 1844
Demmer Rosie 176B D Apr 1875
Demmer John 176B S Oct 1887
Ecker Gregore 176A H apr 1850
Ecker Elizabeth 176A W Jan 1853
Ecker Elizabeth 176A D Jan 1879
Ecker Matt 176A S Feb 1880
Ecker Tracy 176A D May 1885
Engelhart George 178A H Feb 1846
Engelhart Ida 178A W May 1862
Engelhart Lizzie 178A D Nov 1881
Engelhart Elsie 178A D Aug 1884
Engelhart Georgie 178A D May 1887
Engelhart Albert 178A S Sep 1890
Estep Nova 178A H Oct 1870
Estep Clyde 178A S Jun 1892
Estep Ethel 178A D Oct 1894
Estep Beulah 178A D Jul 1897
Ferguson Frank 176A Servant Aug 1882
Gardner Jonah 176A H Mar 1850
Gardner Mary E. 176A W Oct 1851
Gardner Patrick H. 176A S Nov 1873
Gardner Lenora 176A D Feb 1882
Gardner John 176A S Mar 1886
Gardner George W. 176A S Nov 1888
Gardner Charles F. 176B S Jan 1891
Gardner Arthur 176B S Jan 1892
Gardner Jonah R. 176B S May 1896
Gesselman George 176B H Jul 1854
Gesselman Rosie 176B W Jul 1851
Gesselman Sele 176B D May 1879
Gesselman Elizabeth 176B D Nov 1884
Gesselman Rosie 176B D Oct 1886
Gesselman John 176B S Oct 1888
Gesselman May 176B D Mar 1891
Gesselman Susie 176B D Apr 1892
Gesselman Dana 176B D Jan 1896
Gmahl John 176A Fathinlaw Jun 1827
Gordon Obediah G. 178B H May 1849
Gordon Deborah A. 178B W Apr 1846
Gordon Thornton 178B S Feb 1880
Gordon Annie 178B D Mar 1884
Gordon Ira 178B S Jan 1887
Goucher Stephen 179A H Sep 1855
Goucher Bell 179A W Jan 1866
Goucher Ernest 179A S May 1884
Goucher Ora 179A D Jan 1887
Goucher Annie M. 179A D Mar 1889
Goucher Albert S. 179A S Jan 1891
Goucher George 179A S Aug 1893
Goucher Alexander C. 179A S Jan 1895
Goucher Vera 179A D May 1899
Guinn James 176B H Jun 1831
Guinn Mary E. 176B W Aug 1837
Guinn Henry 176B S Aug 1868
Guinn Benjamin F. 176B S Jan 1873
Guinn Lilburn P. 177A H Feb 1866
Guinn Edith 177A W Feb 1875
Guinn Lasalle 177A S Jan 1892
Guinn Dupry 177A S Jan 1894
Guinn Georgie 177A S Aug 1898
Guinn Lemuel 178B H Dec 1871
Guinn Rosetta 178B W Nov 1874
Guinn Ethel M. 178B D Mar 1895
Guinn James B. 178B S Jan 1897
Haas Paul 178B Boarder Feb 1883
Hamper L. J. 178A H Apr 1870
Hamper Rosetta 178A W Jan 1878
Hamper Elmer E. 178A S Dec 1896
Hamper Elsie P. 178A D Feb 1898
Hamper Richard 178A H Dec 1876
Hamper Julia A. 178A W Mar 1880
Hamper Fredrich H. 178A S Aug 1900
Hauptman Mike 176A H Aug 1845
Hauptman Elizabeth 176A W Sep 1848
Hauptman Mike 176A S Oct 1880
Hauptman Susie 176A D Jun 1890
Holder Claud 177A Boarder ??? ????
Holmes John J. 177A H Apr 1849
Holmes Laura D. 177A W Jul 1863
Holmes William A. 177A S Mar 1884
Holmes James R. 177A S Aug 1887
Jones Thomas 177A Boarder Oct 1868
Jones James 176B H Dec 1839
Jones Mary E. 176B W Mar 1842
Jones Mary  176B D J?? 1880
Jones Robert 176B S Sep 1882
Jones Drusilla 176B D Dec 1884
Jones M. C. Guy 176B S Nov 1886
Kimball Frank 177A H May 1849
Kimball Rachel 177A W Nov 1853
Kimball Jessie 177A S Nov 1884
Kimball Walter 177A S Nov 1888
Kimball Alfred 177A S Jun 1896
Kindcoke (?) Lizzie 178B Servant Mar 1886
Kindscha Emma 177A Boarder Aug 1887
Leitner Lawrence 178A H Mar 1862
Leitner Tracie 178A W Aug 1863
Leitner Tracie 178A D Aug 1885
Leitner Matt 178A S Jul 1887
Leitner Lawrence 178A S May 1889
Leitner John 178A S Dec 1890
Leitner Susie 178A D M?? 1892
Leitner Paul 178A S Dec 1893
Leitner William 178A S Sep 1895
Leitner Henry 178A S Nov 1897
Leitner George 178A S Apr 1900
Losh J. 178B H Apr 1874
Losh Cora 178B W Jul 1877
Losh Glen A. 178B S Feb 1900
McBrien William S. 176B H Feb 1872
McBrien Margaret 176B W Jan 1876
McBrien Ivan 176B S Feb 1896
McBrien Royal 176B S Apr 1897
McBrien Ward 176B S Mar 1899
McCartney Oliver 178B H Apr 1872
McCartney Minnie J. 178B W Dec 1872
McCartney Effie 178B D Sep 1894
McCartney Gracie 178B D Apr 1896
McKinzie William 177B H May 1858
McKinzie Mina 177B W Apr 1858
McKinzie William 177B S Jun 1886
McKinzie Nell 177B D Jan 1890
McKinzie Kate 177B D Aug 1894
McKinzie Dolly 177B D Feb 1897
McKinzie Jessie M. 177B D Feb 1898
Mexiner John 176B H Nov 1843
Mexiner Elizabeth 176B W Oct 1855
Mexiner Matt 176B S Aug 1882
Mexiner John 176B S Apr 1886
Miller James (?) 179A H Sep 1941
Miller Mantua 179A W Feb 1849
Miller James H. 179A S Dec 1885
Miller Harry V. 179A S Dec 1887
Mitchell Fred 176B H Aug 1851
Mitchell Arthur 176B S Feb 1882
Mitchell Albert 176B S Dec 1885
Mitchell Matlida M. 176B D M?? 1888
Mitchell Mahala F. 176B D Feb 1890
Mitchell Fredrick C. 176B S Nov 1891
Mitchell Vena E. 176B D Dec 1894
Mott J. C. 177B H Nov 1862
Mott Lois C. 177B W Aug 1860
Mott Cecil 177B S Mar 1893
Oswalt John 177A H Mar 1866
Oswalt Jettie M. 177A D Jul 1885
Oswalt Mable 177A D Feb 1887
Oswalt Annie I. 177A D Jul 1888
Oswalt Minnie 177A D Sep 1891
Oswalt Ethel 177A D Nov 1892
Patterson Whitman 177A Boarder Dec 1879
Patterson Maggie 178B Aunt Dec 1837
Pirkl Andy 176A H Oct 1861
Porter Daniel (?) 176B H May 1870
Porter Vivian 176B W Oct 1880
Porter Clara 176B D Feb 1896
Porter Clem (?) 176B S Mar 1900
Relph James  177B H Nov 1873
Relph Flora 177B W Sep 1880
Relph Wilbur 177B S Sep 1896
Relph George D. 177B S Jun 1898
Roshong Lafayette 178A H Jul 1864
Roshong Fannie M. 178A W Jan 1877
Roshong Walter 178A S Sep 1896
Roshong Oakley 178A S Dec 1898
Roshong Bernard 178A S Jan 1900
Rothmayer Frank 177B H Mar 1864
Rothmayer Mary 177B W May 1867
Rothmayer Mable 177B D Apr 1888
Rothmayer George 177B S Sep 1889
Rothmayer Tracy 177B D Feb 1892
Rothmayer Fred 177B S May 1894
Rothmayer Amos 177B S Apr 1897
Rothmayer Anie 177B D Oct 1899
Ryan Charles 177B H Feb 1860
Ryan Lillie M. 177B W Aug 1862
Ryan J. (?) 177B D Jul 1885
Ryan Mable 177B D Mar 1887
Ryan Clifford 177B S Nov 1888
Ryan Jule 177B S Dec 1890
Ryan March 177B S Mar 1891
Ryan Harry 177B S Feb 1900
Schultz Ellwood 176A H Jan 1868
Schultz Mable 176A W Apr 1876
Schultz Marion 176A S Apr 1898
Schultz Ruby 176A D Nov 1899
Silvers Francis 176B H Jan 1841
Silvers Cathern 176B W Mar 1847
Silvers Robert 176B S Feb 1870
Silvers Katie 176B Dauinlaw Oct 1878
Slocum William 177A H Jan 1870
Slocum Iva 177A W Feb 1870
Slocum Perry 177A S Nov 1898
Slocum Glen 177A S Jan 1900
St. German D. 177A H May 1856
St. German Maggie 177A W Jul 1858
St. German Maggie 177A D Feb 1883
St. German Amos 177A S Oct 1885
St. German Mina 177A D Jul 1889
St. German Rosie 177A D Feb 1890
St. German Roman 177A S Mar 1893
St. German Esther 177A D Jul 1896
St. German Benjamin 177A S May 1898
Steiner Matt 176A H Nov 1858
Steiner Elizabeth 176A W Oct 1860
Steiner Lena 176A D Dec 1884
Steiner Elizabeth 176A D Jan 1885
Steiner Susie 176A D Feb 1888
Steiner Mari 176A D Apr 1889
Steiner Rosina 176A D Feb 1891
Steiner Matt 176A S Apr 1893
Steiner Kathie 176A D Mar 1895
Steiner John 176A S Jun 1898
Swartwood Charles 177A H Sep 1839
Swartwood William 177A S May 1879
Swartwood Abraham L. 177A S Aug 1881
Tegarden William  177A H Nov 1825
Tegarden Mary J. 177A W Dec 1825
Tegarden Joseph 178B H May 1869
Tegarden Jane L. 178B W Feb 1870
Tegarden Cora 178B D Jan 1891
Tegarden Forest (?) 178B S Feb 1893
Thir George 176A H May 1865
Thir Elizabeth 176A W Jun 1863
Thir Susie 176A D Jan 1889
Thir Elizabeth 176A D May 1893
Thir George 176A S May 1895
Watson L.   178A H Apr 1873
Watson Mable 178A W Feb 1874
Watson Gracie 178A D Mar 1898
Wesch Ryan 178A H Feb 1869
Wesch Henry 178A H May 1871
Woofter Charles 177A H Jan 1874
Woofter Mary 177A W Dec 1876
Woofter Frank 177A S Nov 1898
Woofter Baby 177A S May 1900

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