Decatur County Kansas
Garfield Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Alexander George 166A H Jan 1858
Alexander Martha E. 166A W Nov 1863
Alexander Retta 166A D Feb 1883
Alexander Harry 166A S Oct 1885
Alexander Ray 166A S Nov 1892
Alexander Cecil 166A S Feb 1897
Allen Carl S. 166B H Aug 1876
Allen Ella A. 166B W Apr 1881
Allen Gracie M. 166B D Jan 1900
Bartlett Walter 165B Servant Oct 1882
Bell Seth 165A H Aug 1852
Bell Mary E. 165A W Jan 1863
Bell George H. 165A S Nov 1881
Bell Hugh 165A S Jun 1884
Bell Susie M. 165A D Apr 1886
Bell Cathorin 165A D Feb 1888
Bell Bertha A. 165A D Mar 1890
Bell Ap?? 165A D Jul 1894
Bell Kate 165A D Jul 1894
Bell Dora E. 165A D Nov 1896
Bell John B. F. 165A S Apr 1898
Bell Ruth 165A D May 1900
Bly George 164B H Sep 1855
Bly Katherine 164B W Feb 1837
Bly Hary 164B S Sep 1876
Bordner Earl 167A Servant Aug 1878
Bray John F. 164B H Jul 1894
Bray Mary C. 164B W May 1851
Bray Walter E. 164B S Jul 1876
Bray Essie M. 164B D Feb 1882
Bray Harry W. 164B S Oct 1884
Bray Louie 164B D Aug 1886
Brooks George 165A H Feb 1873
Brooks Ellen 165A W Aug 1875
Brooks Glenn  165A S Jan 1897
Brooks James J. 165A S Jun 1899
Camerron Jay 165B Boarder Dec 1891
Camerron Roy 165B Boarder May 1893
Carper Charles E. 164B H Feb 1861
Carper Belle 164B W Feb 1863
Carper Everton 164B S Jun 1886
Carper Blanche B. 164B D Sep 1889
Carper Jessie M. 164B D Jan 1891
Carper Glesin 164B S May 1894
Carper Mammie 164B D Jun 1896
Carper Judd 164B S Jan 1899
Copeland William S. 164B H Jan 1845
Copeland James C. 164B H Nov 1852
Copeland Martha   164B W Feb 1858
Copeland John   164B S Apr 1878
Copeland Thomas S. 164B S Feb 1881
Copeland Clarence E. (?) 164B S Nov 1885
Copeland Mary E. 164B D Sep 1886
Copeland Harold B. 165A S Oct 1894
Copeland Bernace F. 165A D Aug 1896
Dawson Benjamin F. 166B H Jan 1843
Dawson Mary A. 166B W Sep 1848
Dawson Lula B. 166B D Aug 1878
Dilley William 165B H Dec 1872
Dilley Nancy B. (?) 165B W Mar 1875
Dilley Lydia G. 165B D Mar 1897
Doom Thomas E. 164B H Sep 1849
Doom Estella M. 164B W May 1855
Doom Edgar S. 164B S Dec 1876
Doom Mable E. 164B D May 1878
Doom Florance E. 164B D Nov 1882
Doom Everton M. 164B S Jun 1885
Dunsmoor Gorge H. 166B H Mar 1857
Dunsmoor Laura 166B W Nov 1879
Dunsmoor Frank 166B S Feb 1897
Dunsmoor William  166B S Nov 1898
Eckhart George H. 165B H Sep 1870
Eckhart Mary E. 165B W Dec 1872
Eckhart Anna M. 165B D Mar 1895
Eckhart John H. 165B S Aug 1897
Gallentine F. 164B H Mar 1867
Gallentine Maggie 164B W Sep 1870
Gallentine Phillip 164B S Jul 1882
Gallentine Abraham 164B S Aug 1884
Gallentine Sarah 164B D Apr 1890
Gallentine Alice 164B D Aug 1896
Gallentine Gracie 164B D Dec 1898
Gallentine Elmer E. 165A H Jul 1863
Gallentine Katie 165A W Feb 1867
Gallentine Ella 165A D Sep 1890
Gallentine John K. 165A S Mar 1892
Gallentine Birdie 165A D Apr 1894
Gallentine James R. 165A S Mar 1896
Gallentine Mary I. 165A D Feb 1898
Gallentine Abraham 165B H Sep 1831
Gallentine Mary 165B W Sep 1836
Gallentine David 165B S May 1872
Gallentine Rebecka 165B D Mar 1881
Gallentine John 166A H Apr 1868
Gallentine Ell E. 166A W May 1870
Gallentine Thomas J. 166A H Jul 1841
Gallentine Eliza 166A W May 1848
Gallentine Daniel W. 166A S Apr 1884
Gallentine Lillie M. 166A D Apr 1886
Gallentine Abraham 166B H Apr 1874
Gallentine Dora B. 166B W Oct 1879
Gallentine Zola F. 166B D Jan 1898
Gallentine Creta F. 166B D Mar 1900
Goodman James   166A H Oct 1865
Goodman Minnie M. 166A W May 1877
Goodman Zoe A. 166A D Mar 1897
Goodman Nola B. 166A D Apr 1900
Graves Richard 165B H Jun 1859
Graves Rosa 165B W Nov 1875
Graves Lena 165B D Jan 1897
Graves Oliver 165B S Nov 1899
Gregory Robert 165B H Jan 1875
Gregory Joseph H. 165B Partner Mar 1881
Gregory Peter 165B H Mar 1851
Gregory Amanda 165B W Dec 1853
Gregory Harry  165B S Jun 1884
Gregory Rosa 165B D Jun 1892
Grogan William A. 167A H Nov 1866
Guy John M. 165A H Jan 1875
Guy Laura E. 165A W Mar 1877
Guy Beulah 165A D Sep 1899
Guy Martin 165A H Sep 1835
Guy Ann C. 165A W Nov 1844
Hale George 165A H Mar 1851
Hale Fannie 165A W Aug 1861
Hale Harry   165A S Mar 1884
Hale Herman 165A S Jul 1891
Hale Carl 165A S Feb 1895
Hare Moses 166B H Jun 1860
Hare Ida E. 166B W Apr 1867
Hare Josepp B. 166B S Aug 1889
Hare Wilber P. 166B S Feb 1891
Hare Charles S. Y. 166B S ??? 1899
Hensell F. 166A H May 1871
Hensell Florence A. 166A W Apr 1872
Hensell Merle S. 166A S Nov 1898
Hill Willis B. 164B H Apr 1861
Hix Ratliff M. 166B H apr 1836
Hix Ealy J. 166B W Feb 1830
Hix William G. 166B S Dec 1875
Hix John W. 166B S Aug 1878
John Herman 165B Boarder Jan 1868
Kious Wilbur 167A H Oct 1878
Kious Mallie E. 167A W Apr 1878
Kious Lillian W. 167A D Apr 1900
Kump George W. 165A H Jan 1876
Kump Mary 165A W Dec 1879
Lang William H. 166A H May 1871
Lang Mary S. 166A W Oct 1880
Lang Stocton A. 166A Partner Apr 1877
Leichliter Ressler B. 164B H Jan 1871
Leichliter Rose E. 164B W Apr 1874
Leichliter Jacob W. 165B H Sep 1836
Leichliter Mary J. 165B W Apr 1843
Leichliter Harry H. 165B S Mar 1879
Leichliter John B. 166B H Jun ????
Leichliter Tyrsey A. 166B W Oct 1871
Leichliter James E. 166B S Jun 1888
Leichliter Levi H. 166B S Jun 1890
Leichliter Elmer E. 166B S Oct 1892
Long Francis 165B H Jun 1829
Long Esther M. 165B W Aug 1853
Long Henry F. 166A S Oct 1858
Long Viola E. 166A D Jul 1878
Long Wilber E. 166A H Aug 1866
Long Lillie M. 166A W May 1878
Long Harrold B. 166A S Apr 1900
Mathias Hugh 166B Boarder Jan 1881
McMenus Bessie F. 166B Gdau Mar 1883
McMenus George G. 166B Gson Feb 1889
McMenus Allen R. 166B Gson Feb 1892
McNeal Taylor 166B H Jun 1846
McNeal Roena 166B W Sep 1848
McNeal Taylor H. 166B S Jul 1876
McNeal Ollie S. 166B D Dec 1886
Miller George 166A H Apr 1865
Miller Rebeckey 166A W Feb 1866
Miller Girtie 166A D May 1888
Miller Henry F. 166A S Jul 1889
Miller John W. 166A S Sep 1890
Miller James F. 166A S Dec 1891
Miller Luella 166A D Jun 1894
Miller George W. 166A S Jun 1896
Miller Maud 166A D Nov 1898
Miller Rebeckey A. 166A D May 1900
Miller Loyd 166A H Oct 1877
Miller Nina 166A W Apr 1877
Miller Claud S. 166A S Jun 1899
Montgomery Lewis W.   165B H Jan 1841
Montgomery Lucy A. 165B W Mar 1848
Montgomery Lotoh P. 165B S Oct 1870
Montgomery Sallie B. 165B Dauinlaw Jun 1878
Montgomery Lewis W. Jr. 165B Gson Nov 1892
Morgan H. W. 166A H Sep 1875
Morgan Edna B. 166A W Apr 1880
Morgan Florence M. 166A D Oct 1896
Morgan Esther   166A D Nov 1899
Nation Samuel U. 164B Servant May 1888
Nelson John 166B H Apr 1853
Nelson Adda J. 166B W Nov 1856
Nelson William P. 166B S Aug 1879
Nelson James R. 167A S Nov 1884
Nelson Alma 167A D Sep 1887
Nelson Elsie A. 167A D Mar 1890
Nelson Edwin D. 167A S Dec 1895
Pew Frank 166A H Nov 1873
Pew Fannie 166A W Dec 1881
Pierce Fred 165A H May 1860
Pierce Margaret S. 165A W May 1866
Pierce Dottie E. 165A D Nov 1884
Pierce Lewis 165B S Mar 1887
Pierce William E. 165B S Jul 1888
Pierce Edna M. 165B D Mar 1893
Pierce Pearl 165B D May 1897
Pierce Gadys 165B D Mar 1900
Rhodes Tyler 166B H Feb 1856
Rhodes Mary A. 166B W Jan 1855
Rhodes Burt 166B S May 1879
Rist Charles 166A H Sep 1861
Rist Belle J. 166A W Mar 1874
Rist Alma S. 166A D Aug 1897
Rist Birtha A. 166A D Jan 1899
Sailsbury Marion 165B H Aug 1836
Sailsbury Anna M. 165B W Oct 1860
Sayles John H. 167A H Jan 1849
Sayles Etta 167A W Aug 1855
Sayles Harry D. 167A S May 1880
Sayles Mella 167A D Aug 1892
Skiles Isiah 166B Boarder Sep 1822
Stimmell John 166B H Mar 1828
Stimmell Sarah E. 166B W Jul 1858
Stimmell William E. 166B S Oct 1864
Stimmell Edwin M. 166B S Feb 1867
Swisher Noah W. 165A H Sep 1861
Swisher Delpha S. 165A W Oct 1866
Swisher Pearl 165A D Aug 1889
Swisher Alva 165A S May 1891
Swisher Myrtle   165A D Nov 1894
Swisher Noah S. Jr. 165A S Feb 1898
Swisher Cora E. 165A D Mar 1900
Vessey Robert 164B H Apr 1862
Vessey Martha A. 164B W Feb 1868
Vessey Myrtle M. 164B D Dec 1889
Vessey Glenn R. 164B S Sep 1896
Vessey Ellen 165B Mothinlaw Jul 1826
Vessie Frank S. 164B H Sep 1862
Vessie Lucy 164B W Feb 1868
Vessie Blanche   164B D Sep 1887
Vessie Clarence 164B S Mar 1889
Vessie Ellen 164B D Aug 1894
Votapka Jerry 165A H Mar 1874
Votapka Hettie A. 165A W Oct 1879
Votapka Claud 165A S Dec 1898
Warrick John 165B H Nov 1861
Warrick Lida 165B W Sep 1870
Warrick George C. 165B S Feb 1888
Warrick William W. 165B S Aug 1890
Warrick Charles 165B S Mar 1892
Warrick Flarrence H. 165B D Oct 1895
Warrick Bessie 165B D Dec 1897
Wuntz Frank 166B H Jan 1837
Wuntz Pillipena 166B W Jan 1838
Wuntz Lewis F. 166B S Mar 1873

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