Decatur County Kansas
Grant Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Andrews Leonard 222A H Feb 1852
Andrews Mary E. 222A W Feb 1859
Andrews V. 222A S Jun 1882
Andrews Charles 222A H Dec 1863
Andrews Ester F. 222A W Mar 1865
Andrews Willarad S. 222A S Jan 1886
Andrews Justina M. 222A D Nov 1888
Andrews Ben M. 222A S Jun 1891
Andrews Glenn C. 222A S Sep 1898
Andrews Martha 222A M Nov 1823
Andrews Sarah 222A Aunt Mar 1827
Andrews D. S. 223B H Apr 1851?
Andrews Ardella 223B W Feb 1866
Andrews Clare 223B D Feb 1892
Andrews (?) Henderson 224A H Sep 1856
Barrett Carry 222B H Apr ????
Barrett Addie 222B W Jun ????
Barrett Elva 222B D Dec 1894
Bell Davies 222B H Oct 1846
Bell Sarah 222B W Mar 1845
Bell Ben   222B H Feb 1872
Bell Nellie 222B W Sep 1874
Boyd John A. 223B H Jan 1875
Boyd Walter W. 223B Bro Oct 1879
Boyd Hyram 223B H Feb 1841
Boyd Margett Anna 223B W Dec 1837
Brothers John A. 223A H Feb 1842
Brothers Ellen C. 223A W Sep 1846
Brothers Emma 223A D Aug 1880
Brothers Charles 223A S Jul 1886
Brothers Frank 223A S Dec 1889
Brothers John Jr. 223A S Apr 1892
Brown Aaron 223A H Dec 1859
Brown Mary E. 223A W Nov 1864
Brown John E. 223A S Feb 1886
Brown Robert L. 223A S Jun 1888
Brown Myrtle O. 223A D May 1890
Brown Harvey 224A H May 1858
Brown Sarah 224A W Dec 1860
Brown Harvey M. 224A S Oct 1882
Brown Bertha L. 224A D Jan 1885
Brown Clark L. 224A S Apr 1887
Brown Ruby 224A D Aug 1889
Brown Glenn A. 224A S Mar 1896
Brown Lynn A. 224A S Jun 1898
Buhr David L. 222A H Feb 1874
Buhr Emma 222A W Feb 1873
Buhr Minnie 222A D Mar 1896
Castor John 221A Boarder Feb 1877
Chambers John 221A H Jul 1850
Chambers Elizabeth 221A W Feb 1855
Chambers Charles C. 221A S apr 1878
Chambers Addie A. 221A D Jan 1882
Chambers Sadie M. 221A D Feb 1886
Chambers John W. 221A S Jan 1886
Chambers Arthur L. 221A S May 1891
Chambers Bertha V. 221A D Feb 1894
Clark William 222B H Aug 1866
Clark Rosa 222B W Dec 1879
Clark Alford 222B S Apr 1900
Compton Elizabeth 221A Mothinlaw May 1831
Consley Jane 223A Mothinlaw Feb 1823
Cox Andrew 222B H Aug 1852
Cox Polly 222B W Jan 1857
Cox Alvin 222B S Jul 1881
Cox Abe 222B S Nov 1883
Cox Wesley 222B S Mar 1891
Cox Elma 222B D Jul 1889
Cox Hattie 222B D Oct 1895
Cumming Harry 221B H Dec 1869
Cumming Gertrude 221B W Dec 1871
Cumming Alta C. 221B D Jan 1896
Cumming Viola B. 221B D Jul 1899
Cummings George 223B H Aug 1872
Cummings Flora 223B W Mar 1875
Cummings Sarah 224A D Oct 1897
Cummings Burton 224A S May 1900
Davis Cecil C. 221B H Jan 1872
Dial Samuel 223A Servant Jun 1873
Dietz Nicholas 221A H Feb 1825
Dingeldin Edward 222A H Apr 1873
Dingeldin Anna M. 222A W Feb 1877
Dingeldin Chester E. 222A S Aug 1898
Dingeldin Gladys 222A D Feb 1899
Dority (?) Sarah J. 224A Mothinlaw Jan 1830
Dorty Harry 221B H Sep 1876
Fasick Scott 223B H Aug 1853
Fasick Mary 223B W Mar 1848
Fasick George 223B S May 1883
Fasick Dora 223B D Sep 1885
Fasick Ida 223B D Apr 1887
Fasick Edward 223B S Sep 1891
Foley John A. 222B H May 1852
Foley Ella M. 222B W Jul 1858
Foley Nellie B. 222B D Oct 1879
Foley Thomas E. 222B S Feb 1881
Foley Elsie 222B D May 1884
Foley Church 222B S Sep 1886
Foley Locies 222B S Jun 1888
Foley Frank 222B S May 1890
Foley Clarence   222B S Sep 1891
Foley Andy 222B S Oct 1892
Foley Arena (?) 222B D Jun 1894
Foley Bryan 222B S Nov 1896
Foley Baby 222B S Feb 1900
Fosslin (?) George 223A H Jun 1849
Fosslin (?) Lawrence 223A S Nov 1878
Fosslin (?) Hattie 223A D Feb 1880
Fosslin (?) Stella 223A D Sep 1882
Fosslin (?) L. 223A D Dec 1886
Fosslin (?) Kate 223A D May 1889
Franklin Peter 221B Boarder Feb 1830
Gay Walter 221B H Sep 1857
Gay Charles A. 221B S Mar 1880
Gay Cora A. 221B D Jan 1883
Gay Frank A. 221B S Jan 1886
Gay Betsey A. 221B M Jun 1840
Hale Flore (?) 221B Servant Sep 1880
Hale Louis 223A H Feb 1854
Hale Julia A. 223A W Jan 1857
Hale John H. 223A S Oct 1877
Hale Elijah L. 223A S Feb 1883
Hale Walter B. 223A S Apr 1885
Hale Ada B. 223A D Sep 1887
Hale Bessie O. 223A D Sep 1889
Hale Bertha L. 223A D Jan 1892
Hale Charles W. 223A S Jul 1894
Hall Edward 221B H Sep 1869
Hall Edith M. 221B W May 1876
Hall Ezekiel 222A H Oct 1870
Hall Blanche 222A W Nov 1878
Hall Clarence E. 222A S Oct 1897
Hogan Emmet 224A H Dec 1832
Hogan Elizabeth 224A W Jan 1842
Hogan Florence   224A D Aug 1882
Hopkins Pearl 222B Niece Sep 1881
Huff John 223A H Apr 1872
Jolle John 223B H Apr 1851
Jolle Martha 223B W Aug 1855
Jolle John M. A. F. 223B S Jan 1890
Jolle Edna E. 223B D Nov 1892
Jolly Joseph 221A H Apr 1876
Jolly Edna 221A W Dec 1879
Jolly Fred 221A S Jan 1899
Kelley William 223A H Jan 1863
Kelley Fannie 223B W Oct 1867
Kelley Maud 223B D Jan 1888
Kelley Archa 223B S Apr 1889
Kelley Biola 223B D Jan 1891
Kiddie John M. 221B Uncle Sep 1841
Knight George 223B Partner Jan 1882
Lockhart Edward 223B H Feb 1872
Lockhart May 223B W Jan 1871
Lockhart May E. 223B D Jan 1894
Lockhart Mabel I. 223B D Jun 1896
Lockhart Edgar A. 223B S May 1898
Lockhart Charles M. 223B S Jul 1899
London John 221A H Mar 1864
London Lizabeth 221A W May 1860
London Oliver 221A Bro Mar 1876
London John 221A H Jun 1831
London Ida 221A D Nov 1867
London Mary E. 221A D Sep 1877
London Cora 221A D Apr 1881
Moyer Mary 222B Mothinlaw Dec 1823
Murphy Joseph 221B Servant Jan 1881
Murphy William 223B Servant Jan 1871
Neil Arthur C. 224A H Jul 1872
Nelson Vivian G. 222A Servant Feb 1883
Painter Charles 223A H Dec 1879
Payne William 221B H Sep 1869
Payne Nora 221B W Apr 1870
Payne Orpha 221B D Jun 1894
Payne Forest 221B S Sep 1897
Perkins Ames 221B Servant Mar 1877
Perkins Servel (?) 221B H Dec 1873
Perkins Ora 221B W Aug 1881
Porter Fred 221B H Jul 1873
Porter Nellie B. 221B W Aug 1876
Porter Bertha S. 221B D Apr 1900
Porter Edward 223B H Jul 1873
Porter Cora C. 223B W Oct 1879
Powell Jacob 223B H Apr 1876
Powell Etta 223B W Aug 1877
Powell Mabel 223B D Jan 1898
Railsback John 222A H Mar 1864
Railsback Mary   222A W Aug 1866
Railsback Frank 222A S Aug 1892
Railsback Nellie 222A D Jul 1898
Raymond Charles 222B H Apr 1867
Raymond Jamima 222B W Aug 1869
Raymond Myron 222B S May 1889
Raymond Sarah 222B D Sep 1890
Raymond James 222B S Oct 1891
Raymond Vada 222B D Oct 1893
Raymond Leah 222B D Dec 1895
Raymond Fern 222B D Jun 1898
Raymond Bessie 222B D Apr 1900
Redfeldt Julius 221B H Dec 1866
Redfeldt May   221B W Mar 1875
Redfeldt Conrad 221B S Sep 1897
Redfeldt Iva  (?) 221B D Mar 1894
Redfeldt Fred 221B H Nov 1874
Redfeldt William 221B Bro Jun 1877
Redman Edward 221B S Jan 1864
Redman Iva R. 221B W Oct 1868
Redman Lawrence E. 221B S Mar 1888
Redman Myron E. 221B S Jan 1890
Rickenbarger Louis 221B H Nov 1861
Rickenbarger Megan 221B W Jul 1868
Rickenbarger Barbara 221B D Apr 1890
Rogers William A. 222A H Sep 1869
Rogers Amanda 222A W Oct 1870
Rogers William M. 222A S Mar 1899
Rogers Curtis 222A H Jun 1873
Rogers Mary E. 222A W Apr 1875
Rogers Ines F. 222A D Feb 1897
Severns (?) Charles   221B H Oct 1860
Severns (?) Martha 221B W Jan 1865
Severns (?) Perry F. 221B S Dec 1892
Smith William 224A H May 1853
Smith Nancy J. 224A W Aug 1856
Smith Elmer C. 224A S Dec 1880
Smith Naomi S. 224A D Feb 1883
Smith Lola M. 224A D Dec 1885
Smith Henry W. 224A S Dec 1888
Smith Florence A. 224A D Aug 1891
Smith Floyd O. 224A S Jun 1894
Speake Ben 223A H Jan 1829
Speake Lisa 223A W Jul 1841
Speake Byron 223A S Jul 1867
Speake Grace 223A D Apr 1877
Speake Herburt 223A S Jun 1879
Speake Lisa 223A D Oct 1881
Stevens Fred 224A Servant Sep 1881
Taylor Robert 221A H Nov 1857
Taylor Emma S. 221A W Dec 1861
Taylor Willie E. 221A S Jun 1882
Taylor May E. 221A D Nov 1884
Taylor Jay L. 221A S Jan 1887
Taylor Chester G. 221A S Jun 1889
Taylor Frank A. 221A S Aug 1891
Taylor Chris A. 221A S Dec 1893
Taylor Olive H. 221B D Feb 1896
Taylor Luna R. (?) 221B D Jul 1898
Thomas John 224A H Sep 1850
Thomas Roberta 224A W Apr 1871
Thomas Irene E. 224A D Oct 1895
Thomas Frank M. 224A S Feb 1897
Thomas James B. 224A S Mar 1898
Thomas Morine L. 224A D Mar 1900
Tolle Oscar 222A H Apr 1874
Tolle Hattie 222A W Apr 1874
Tolle Unice 222A D Jan 1898
Tolle Jennie 222A D Jan 1900
Tolle Joseph 223B H Aug 1850
Tolle Nancy S. 223B W Jul 1856
Tolle Grace M. 223B D Apr 1879
Tolle Jessie E. 223B S Jan 1885
Tolle Nellie M. 223B D Feb 1886
Tolle Joseph L. 223B S May 1891
Tolle Gladys L. 223B D Jul 1896
Tucker (?) Clarence 221A H Jan 1871
Tucker (?) Estella 221A W Nov 1880
Van Gundy Elmer 222A H Oct 1866
Van Gundy Josephine 222A W Jun 1866
Van Gundy Trax 222B H Jul 1874
Van Gundy Lula 222B W Apr 1871
Van Gundy Archie 222B S Jun 1897
Van Gundy Samuel (?) 222B H Jan 1838
Van Gundy Sarah E. 222B W Jun 1844
Van Gundy Maud 222B D Mar 1872
Van Gundy Leah 222B D Sep 1877
Van Gundy Ernst 222B S Dec 1879
Van Gundy Bessie 223A D Mar 1890
Van Gundy Frank 223A H Feb 1863
Van Gundy Mary 223A W Aug 1866
Van Gundy Victor 223A S Aug 1885
Van Gundy Blanche 223A D Sep 1887
Van Gundy Bernice 223A D Oct 1889
Van Gundy Don 223A S Dec 1892
Van Gundy Virgie 223A D Apr 1897
Van Gundy Sybel 223A D May 1899
Vernon Burt 222B Servant May 1882
Vernon Henry 223A Boarder Jul 1877
Vertrees Hugh 222A H Jun 1876
Vertrees Ava V. 222A W Jan 1877
Vertrees Rena 222A D Feb 1900
Wallace Chas. M. 221A S May 1886
Wallon Thomas 223B Servant Sep 1878
Warner Della 223B H Dec 1871
Warner Ellen S. 223B D Aug 1890
Warner Ida J. 223B D Oct 1891
Warner Hyram J. 223B S Mar 1893
Warner Mary A. 223B D Jul 1894
Warner Leo. O. 223B S Aug 1896
Watson Jacob R. 222A H Mar 1855
Watson Nancy 222A W Jul 1857
Watson Myrtle 222A D Aug 1886
Watson Cecil 222A S Aug 1888
Watson Blanche 222A D Nov 1893
Watson Lillie 222A D Aug 1896
Wells Daniel B. 221A H Dec 1854
Wells Nancy E. 221A W Aug 1858
Wells Francis L. 221A S Nov 1887
Wells Ottis H. 221A S Dec 1892
Wells Hiram C. 221A S Jan 1897
Wickham Morten 222A H May 1877
Wickham Rosa 222A W Mar 1879
Wickham Agnes 222A D Mar 1899
Wickham Jacob D. 224A H May 1847
Wickham Lula A. 224A W Mar 1851
Wickham Edgar C. 224A S Feb 1875
Wickham Lura 224A D Sep 1879
Wickham Mabel 224A D Sep 1882
Wickham Claude 224A S Jul 1886
Wickham Harrison 224A S Nov 1888
Wickham Ruth 224A D Jun 1892
Wiggins Van B. 221B Fathinlaw Oct 1836
Wiggins Fred 221B H Oct 1866
Wiggins Anna E. 221B W Jun 1877
Wiggins Charles M. 221B S Oct 1897
Wiggins Jessee Lee 221B S Sep 1899
Wiggins Ambrose 223A H May 1875
Wiggins Marie C. 223A W Apr 1877
Wiggins Alta (?) 223A D Oct 1899
Witham D. E. 221A H Dec 1856
Witham Emily 221A D Jul 1887
Witham Horass 221A S Mar 1889
Witham Jessie M. 221A S Dec 1890
Witham Cary R. 221A S Mar 1895
Witham James 221A H Oct 1858
Witham Elmira 221A W Dec 1862
Witham Bessie 221A D Sep 1883
Witham Mabel 221A D May 1885
Witham Effie 221A D Mar 1896
Yarnall Mordecai 221A H Oct 1856
Yarnall Cora M. 221A W Sep 1859
Yarnall Minnie M. 221A D Oct 1883

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