Decatur County Kansas
Harlan Township
1900 Census
This also includes Roosevelt Township  
These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Allen Elmer 230A H Feb 1826
Allen Lizzie 230A W Nov 1851
Allen Maud E. 230A D Jul 1886
Allen Gordon 230A D Feb 1888
Allen Gracie 230A D Jun 1890
Ames George (?) 231B H Mar 1875
Ames Maggie E. 231B W Aug 1873
Arehart Frank 231A H Jul 1891
Arehart Elizabeth 231A W Mar 1860
Arehart Willie 231A S Jun 1888
Arehart Frank 231A S Feb 1890
Arehart Myrtie 231A D Mar 1894
Arehart Fredie 231A S Feb 1896
Auker Calvin 233B H Jan 1862
Auker Florance 233B W Mar 1867
Auker Fred 233B S Oct 1885
Auker Earl 233B S Sep 1887
Auker J. S. 233B S Feb 1893
Auker Edney 234A D Jul 1896
Auker Walter 234A S Oct 1899
Auker William 234A Boarder Feb 1866
Ault Jessie 233B H Apr 1855
Ault Jennie   233B W Jun 1861
Ault Nora 233B D Apr 1881
Ault Leo 233B S Sep 1895
Ault Elmer 234A H Sep 1863
Ault Rhoda 234A W Jul 1869
Ault Cory 234A D Aug 1889
Axtell Z. 231B H Apr 1871
Axtell Maggie  231B W Mar 1877
Axtell Elsie 231B D Jan 1898
Axtell Charley 231B S Dec 1899
Babb B. 231A H Apr 1848
Babb Emla E. 231A W Aug 1853
Babb Corley 231A S May 1876
Babb Belle 231A D Apr 1883
Babb Henry 231A S Dec 1884
Babb Byron 231A S Nov 1893
Baker Curt 232B H Jun 1868
Baker Nettie 232B W Aug 1870
Baker Villia 232B D Aug 1888
Baker Linn 232B S Mar 1892
Baker Rozella 232B D May 1894
Baker Guye 232B S Mar 1897
Baker Erma 232B D Jun 1899
Bateman W. 230B H Nov 1856
Bateman Cera L. (?) 230B W Feb 1867
Bateman Haitly 230B S Nov 1886
Bateman B. 230B S Oct 1892
Bates Aaron 236A H Mar 1861
Bates Caroline 236A M Apr 1833
Bayer David C. 235A Boarder Nov 1872
Beal George R. 230A H Dec 1827
Beal Elma 230A W Feb 1828
Beal Jessey V. 230A D Jun 1869
Beal Albert 235A H Dec 1851
Beal Loura 235A W Feb 1865
Beal Carl 235A S Oct 1886
Beal Cecil 235A S Sep 1888
Beal Grace 235A D Sep 1890
Beal Elma 235A D Jun 1899
Beard Henry D. 237A H May 1861
Beard Mary 237A W Aug 1861
Beard Nellie 237A D Apr 1888
Beard A. 237A S Oct 1889
Beard Charley 237A S Feb 1896
Beck L. 231A H Mar 1864
Beck Elisa 231A W Aug 1871
Beck Russel 231A S Oct 1889
Beck Gilbert 231A S Nov 1891
Beck Ollie 231A S Oct 1893
Beck Eva 231A D Apr 1900
Beek William P. 230A H Apr 1837
Beek Susan 230A W Oct 1838
Booth Dick 232A H Sep 1877
Booth William 232A Bro Jul 1872
Booth Rob 232A Bro dec 1874
Booth Berttie 232A Sis Sep 1881
Booth Effie 232A Sis Jun 1883
Booth Marcie 232A Sis Mar 1886
Booth Adie 232A Sis Jun 1891
Booth America 232A M Mar 1848
Brown Josh 233B H Feb 1853
Brown Nellie 233B W Apr 1874
Brown Ethel 233B D Nov 1889
Brown Arola (?) 233B D Feb 1891
Brown Minnie 233B D Oct 1893
Brown Charley 233B S May 1897
Brown Edna 233B D Nov 1899
Brown Addem 233B F Aug 1826
Brown Sarry 233B M Feb 1844
Bub Clifford 234B Stepson Oct 1888
Bub Loli 234B Stepdau Mar 1892
Buffie Howard 235A H Nov 1874
Buffie Addie 235A W Nov 1877
Buffie Belle 235A D Feb 1897
Buffie Norma 235A D Jul 1899
Bunney Charles 233B H Feb 1866
Bunney Hattie M. 233B W May 1870
Bunney Glenn 233B S Feb 1895
Bunney Edney G. 233B D Dec 1896
Bunney Mary S. 233B D Jan 1898
Calhoun John 232A H Oct 1871
Calhoun Ella 232A W Nov 1875
Calhoun Ethel 232A D Sep 1896
Caps (Capps) William B. 231B H Sep 1867
Caps (Capps) Agness 231B W Aug 1872
Caps (Capps) Lillian 231B D Apr 1897
Caps (Capps) Elmoin 231B S Oct 1899
Caps (Capps) Tomis 231B F Apr 1836
Cathcart Grant 231A H Jul 1851
Cathcart Lenora 231A W Oct 1859
Cathcart Robert 231A S Jun 1884
Cathcart Grace 231A D Jun 1887
Cathcart Clide 231A S Oct 1888
Cathcart Sherley 231A S May 1893
Cathcart Maryan 231A D Jun 1900
Cathcart Frank 232B H Feb 1871
Cathcart Nettie M. 232B W Aug 1876
Cathcart Gladdie 232B D Oct 1899
Cathcart Walter 232B Bro Apr 1877
Cathcart Andrew 232B H Mar 1847
Cathcart Janettie 232B W Mar 1855
Cathcart Ellie M. 232B D apr 1882
Cathcart Lion C. 232B S Jun 1891
Cathcart Frank W. 232B S Jul 1894
Chambers ?. L. 233A Boarder Nov 1872
Cod Delbert 232A Partner Aug 1877
Codd Evert 231B H Dec 1872
Codd Lizie F. 231B W Sep 1873
Codd Edger 231B S Nov 1891
Codd Lorna J. 231B D Sep 1893
Codd Evert W. 231B S Mar 1895
Codd Royce 231B S Jul 1897
Coulter David 230A H Jan 1847
Coulter Marget 230A W Jul 1855
Coulter Eugene 230A S Dec 1877
Coulter Edison 230A S May 1884
Coulter John A. 230A H Oct 1859
Coulter Elizabeth 230A W Feb 1874
Coulter Bessie M. 230A D Oct 1895
Coulter Lester E. 230A S Aug 1896
Conger E. 237A H Feb 1828
Conger Sevilla 237A W Apr 1824
Conger L. 237A Gson Jul 1883
Craig George 231B H Jan 1854
Craig Ettie L. 231B W May 1864
Craig Clauddie E. 231B S Nov 1885
Craig Ina B. 231B D Jan 1893
Croy M. E. 233B H Jan 1861
Croy Lulua 233B W Apr 1871
Croy Blanch 233B D Dec 1887
Croy Florance 233B D Jun 1889
Croy Athea 233B D Apr 1891
Croy Cora 233B D Feb 1894
Daniels John 231B H Jan 1858
Daniels Mary F. 231B W Jul 1866
Daniels Ernest 231B S apr 1884
Daniels Albert 231B S Jul 1886
Daniels Alta 231B D Mar 1891
Daniels Ina 231B D Mar 1892
Daniels Edith 231B D Oct 1897
Daum George 232B H May 1837
Daum Evaline 232B W Jul 1855
Daum Maud 232B D Feb 1884
Daum Ame  232B D Dec 1887
Daum Hattie 232B D Jan 1890
David Nathaniel 230A H Jun 1868
David Musa 230A W Mar 1874
David Lawrence 230A S Mar 1897
David Myldred 230A D Nov 1897
David Stanton 230A S Jan 1900
Dunn David 230B H Oct 1848
Dunn Jane 230B W Feb 1854
Dunn Charles 230B S Jan 1880
Dunn Florance 230B D May 1885
Dunn Edwain 230B S Apr 1888
Dunn Cora 230B D Aug 1891
Dunn Grace 230B D Sep 1895
Dorn Logan 230B H Jun 1851
Dorn Mary C. 230B W Jul 1864
Dorn M. 230B D Aug 1889
Dorn Cory S. 230B S Sep 1884
Dorn Glenn 231A S Aug 1891
Dorn Charley 231A S Aug 1894
Dyer William Y. 235B H Apr 1863
Dyer Laura 235B W Sep 1869
Dyer Bay 235B S ??? 1891
Dyer Hazel 236A D Nov 1894
Dyer Charley 236B H Sep 1859
Dyer Mary F. 236B M Mar 1830
Easton John 236A Nephew Aug 1881
Edwards Ora 231A H Dec 1869
Edwards Nellie 231A W Jan 1874
Edwards Ray 231A S Apr 1897
Edwards Mona 231A D Oct 1899
Emra (?) Norman 233A Boarder Apr 1883
Evirest Arthur E. 235A Boarder Sep 1877
Fish Sidney 230A H Dec 1856
Fish Alice 230A W Jan 1855
Fish Ralph 230A Boarder May 1877
Foley John 232A H Sep 1867
Foley Lena 232A W Aug 1876
Foley Edger D. 232A S Jun 1898
Foley Eli P. 236B H aug 1863
Foley Lucie 236B W Jul 1874
Foley Archibel 236B S Feb 1890
Foley Lester 236B S Aug 1891
Foley Ethal 236B D Nov 1893
Foley Florance 236B D Aug 1894
Foley Morias 236B Bro Oct 1861
Franken George 232A H Nov 1868
Franken Lulu 232A W Apr 1870
Franklin John L. 230A H Feb 1866
Franklin Hattie R. 230A W Jun 1863
Franklin Eddie F. 230A S Jan 1883
Franklin Ira D. 230A S Oct 1884
Franklin Ida M. 230A D Nov 1886
Franklin Stella E. 230A D Jan 1889
Franklin Johnie M. 230A S Jan 1891
Franklin Viola H. 230A D Apr 1897
Franklin Luella 230A D Oct 1899
Frintzinger William 237A H Oct 1868
Frintzinger Minnie 237A W Oct 1874
Frintzinger Fee 237A S Sep 1899
Garrison John 233A Boarder Feb 1863
Gorland Sid 231B Boarder Jan 1859
Hanson Hans 233A H Oct 1857
Hanson Maggie A. 233A W Apr 1863
Hanson Allen (?) 233A S Mar 1894
Hanson Johnie 233A S Mar 1896
Hanson Ray 233A S Sep 1897
Hanson D. 233A D May 1900
Harmon (?) M. 231A H Mar 1850
Harmon (?) Elisa E. 231A W ??? 1844
Harmon (?) Viola 231A D Nov 1881
Harmon (?) Asa 231A S Mar 1883
Harmon (?) Frank E. 231A S Oct 1885
Harmon (?) Morton L. 231A S Oct 1889
Harmon (?) Minnie 231A D Nov 1891
Harmon (?) Clarance 231A S Apr 1894
Harris Charles 236A H Sep 1851
Harris Marthie E. 236A W Mar 1858
Harris Alford C. 236A S Sep 1882
Harris John E. 236A S Nov 1886
Harris Berthie 236A D Nov 1888
Harris George L. 236A S Jul 1890
Harris Lornance 236A S Nov 1891
Harris Bula 236A D Feb 1893
Harris Meloon 236A S Oct 1894
Harris Otis 236A S Jul 1896
Haun Frank 236B H Jul 1862
Haun Lillie 236B W Sep 1870
Haun Willard 236B S May 1889
Haun Lizzie M. 236B D Mar 1893
Haun Minnie 236B D Oct 1894
Haun Orvil G. 236B S Mar 1899
Haywood Thomas 230B H Apr 1868
Haywood Clara 230B W Oct 1869
Haywood Kenneth 230B S Nov 1894
Heckman William 234A H Jul 1858
Heckman Hellen 234A W May 1863
Heckman Bessie 234A D Jan 1885
Heckman Ethel 234A D Apr 1889
Heckman Anna 234A D Sep 1891
Hendricks Charles 236B Nephew Mar 1883
Hess Charles 236B H Apr 1870
Hess Ida 236B W Jul 1875
Hess Ester M. 236B D May 1899
Hess Ward 236B S Jul 1878
Hoobler Frank 236B H Nov 1870
Hoobler Susan 236B W Aug 1871
Hoobler Florance 236B D Nov 1896
Hoobler Clifford 236B S Mar 1899
Hougland B. A. 233A Boarder Jul 1879
Hughes Morgan 232A H Oct 1860
Hughes Clara 232A W May 1871
Hughes Otis 232A S ??? 1899
Hughes Agness 232A D May 1896
Hughes Walker 232A S Mar 1900
Hull Charles 232B H Nov 1875
Hull Rozella 232B W May 1876
Hull Edney 232B D Sep 1896
Hull John 232B S J?? 1899
Ingels John 235A Boarder Nov 1864
Jellison R. 232A H Oct 1875
Jellison Anna 232A W Aug 1879
Jellison Opie J. 232A S Apr 1900
Jessup Oliver 233A Soninlaw Feb 1877
Jessup Emma 233A D Dec 1880
Johnson Charles 230A H May 1832
Johnson Alace O. 230A W Jun 1837
Johnson George 234A H Apr 1864
Johnson Viola 234A W ??? 1866
Johnson Grace 234B D Feb 1887
Johnson Henry 234B S Jul 1889
Johnson Fred 234B S Mar 1891
Johnson Bengemen 234B S Sep 1892
Johnson Emmie 234B D Jun 1894
Johnson Lillie 234B D Mar 1897
Johnson Iolona 234B D Jun 1899
Johnson Oscar 237A Boarder Feb 1868
Laidig Frank 236A H Jan 1861
Laidig Kattie 236A W Jun 1861
Laidig Frankie 236A S Apr 1887
Laidig Myrtal 236A D Jun 1890
Laidig Bata (?) 236A D Jun 1892
Laidig Earl 236A S Sep 1894
Laidig Ira 236A S Jun 1896
Larkins Calleb F. 236A H Jan 1869
Larkins Clara 236A W Jun 1871
Lee Joseph 231B H Feb 1854
Lee Mary L. 231B W Mar 1861
Lee Jessie W. 231B S Jun 1882
Lee Estella V. 231B D Feb 1894
Lee J. 231B S Sep 1896
Leffingwell J. 232A H Oct 1862
Leffingwell Jennie 232A W Feb 1869
Leffingwell Nina 232A D Feb 1889
Leffingwell Claire 232A S Jul 1891
Leffingwell Lay 232A S May 1894
Leffingwell Iola 232A D Jun 1896
Lister James 235B H Mar 1846
Lister Mary E. 235B W Jan 1850
Lister Earl 235B S Jun 1883
Lister Glenn 235B S May 1885
Lister Dessie 235B Stepdau Jul 1893
Luck ( Leech) Richard 230B H ??? 1855
Luck ( Leech) Nettie 230B W Nov 1863
Luck ( Leech) Girttie 230B D Jul 1885
Luck ( Leech) Florence 230B D Sep 1887
Luck ( Leech) Minervy 230B D Jan 1890
Luck ( Leech) Edward 230B S Mar 1893
Luck ( Leech) Mable 230B D May 1894
Luck ( Leech) Ema 230B D Feb 1896
Luck ( Leech) Hemsad (?) 230B S Feb 1898
Mackfee George 234B H Nov 1857
Mackfee Bettie 234B W Apr 1859
Mackfee Milborn 234B S May 1882
Mackfee Pierce 234B S Oct 1883
Mackfee Foster 234B S Jan 1886
Mackfee Frank 234B S Nov 1888
Marlatt Fredric 236B H Oct 1867
Marlatt Ina 236B W Nov 1872
Marlatt Foran (?) 236B S May 1893
Marlatt Pearl 236B D May 1895
Marlatt Lawrence 236B S Sep 1896
Marlatt Tracy 236B S Mar 1898
McCashland J. 236B H Oct 1869
McCashland Effie 236B W Feb 1873
McCashland Chester 236B S Jul 1895
McCashland Gerty 236B D Mar 1897
McCashland Loyd 236B S May 1900
McCenlell (?) W. 231B Boarder Aug 1879
McCoy Cora 230A Servant Feb 1876
McCoy Bert 230A H Sep 1872
McCoy Glenna 230A W Sep 1879
McCoy John S. 232A H Sep 1868
McCoy Lucie V. 232A W May 1876
McCoy Nellie 232A D Aug 1893
McNeal Evie 233A Niece Oct 1874
Meek Lenard 233A H Nov 1876
Meek Mattie 233A W Mar 1877
Murphy L. 236B H Mar 1849
Murphy James B. 236B S Sep 1878
Murphy Homer L. 236B S Sep 1883
Murphy Charles E. 236B S Jun 1886
Murphy Ira 236B S May 1888
Metcalf All 235A H Jul 1855
Metcalf Hattie 235A W Dec 1863
Metcalf Maud 235A D Jul 1881
Metcalf Lula 235A D May 1884
Metcalf Clyde 235A S Apr 1888
Metcalf Elmer 235A S Jul 1895
Metcalf Edith 235A D Oct 1899
Milborn Yolana (?) 234B H Mar 1841
Miller William  230A H Mar 1870
Miller Mary 230A W Mar 1871
Miller Adam 230A S Oct 1896
Miller Elmer 230A S Aug 1898
Miller Viola   230A D Oct 1899
Miller Aden 230B H Dec 1842
Miller Arminda 230B W Aug 1852
Miller Wilder 230B S Mar 1877
Miller Tomis 230B S Jul 1882
Miller A. 230B S Aug 1885
Miller Albert 230B S Jul 1898
Miller Milvean 230B S Jun 1894
Miller Addie 230B D Nov 1895
Miller Oscar 236A H Aug 1874
Miller Maud 236A W May 1881
Moss John 235B H Jun 1850
Moss Ida 235B W Aug 1854
Moss William W. 235B S Oct 1878
Moss Ida M. 235B D Apr 1884
Moss Howey 235B S Aug 1887
Moss Bengman H. 235B S Nov 1888
Moss Lizzie 235B D Jan 1891
Murphy Ralph 236B H Jan 1863
Murphy Alma 236B W Mar 1879
Murphy Nellie 236B D Dec 1894
Murphy Bofert 236B S Oct 1896
Osburn George 235B H May 1853
Osburn Mary   235B W Feb 1854
Osburn Laugh (?) 235B D Jan 1883
Osburn Bernie 235B D Mar 1884
Osburn Tessie 235B D Jan 1888
Osburn Fred 235B S Oct 1889
Osburn Nellie 235B D Sep 1891
Osburn May 235B D Mar 1893
Osburn Caleb 235B S Nov 1895
Painter David 234A H Nov 1864
Painter Ida 234A W Jul 1870
Painter Anna 234A D Apr 1888
Painter Carl 234A S Jan 1890
Painter Hasel 234A D Oct 1893
Painter Edney 234A D Oct 1895
Painter Mable 234A D Nov 1897
Painter Clare 234A D Oct 1899
Painter Harve 234A Boarder Nov 1851
Peadons (?) Henry 234B H Nov 1865
Peadons (?) Inas 234B W Feb 1872
Peadons (?) Myrtal 234B D Jan 1892
Peadons (?) Joey 234B S Feb 1897
Pelkey Frank 234A Boarder Jun 1878
Pelkey Fred 232B H Jan 1875
Pelkey Kattie 232B W Aug 1877
Pelkey Charley 232B S May 1885
Phillips Nilen 231A Stepson Sep 1889
Playford ??? 234B H Dec 1841
Playford Lucie A. 234B W Dec 1854
Playford Luicyie (?) 234B D Feb 1880
Playford Stephens 234B S Apr 1885
Playford Nettie 234B D Jun 1886
Playford Lucie   234B D Mar 1889
Playford Anna 234B D Dec 1890
Playford Hattie 234B D Sep 1894
Playford George 234B S Sep 1895
Playford James 235B Partner Aug 1877
Porter Sarrah 235A M Dec 1823
Powell William 234A H Jan 1869
Powell Ilona 234A W Jun 1870
Powell Myron 234A S Mar 1898
Powell Arthur 234A S Sep 1899
Powell James 234A H Sep 1870
Powell Ruth 234A W Feb 1872
Powell George 235B H Jan 1864
Powell Girttie 235B W Mar 1871
Powell Richard Earl 235B Stepson Sep 1888
Powell Owen 235B S Sep 1892
Powell Bessie O. 235B D Dec 1895
Prichard William 233A H Feb 1830
Prichard Albert M. 233A S Jun 1858
Reager A. 230B H Jun 1850
Reager Laura 230B W Apr 1868
Reager Wilber 230B S Feb 1888
Reager Clide 230B S Aug 1891
Reager Albert 230B S Aug 1894
Reager Roy 230B S Aug 1896
Reager Pearl 230B D May 1899
Reed Eddie 232A Boarder Apr 1886
Richard Elmer 233A Boarder Jun 1867
Richard Anna  233A W Mar 1863
Roberts John B. 236A H Nov 1891
Roberts Ollive 236A W Nov 1868
Roberts Arthur L. 236A S Jul 1887
Roberts B. 236A S Jun 1889
Roberts Fay 236A D Mar 1892
Roberts Burt 236A S Mar 1895
Roberts Glenn 236A S Jul 1898
Roberts Dale 236A S Feb 1900
Roberts James 235A H Jan 1868
Roberts Clara 235A W Apr 1872
Roberts Erma 235B D Jan 1890
Roberts Eva 235B D Aug 1891
Roberts Edna 235B D Mar 1894
Roberts Ray 235B S Aug 1898
Schafer Henry 235B H May 1871
Sehrups (?) John 236A H apr 1855
Sehrups (?) Manda 236A W Jan 1857
Sehrups (?) Nancy 236A D Feb 1884
Sehrups (?) Arthur  236A S Apr 1884
Sehrups (?) Boy 236A S Jan 1888
Sehrups (?) Mary 236A D Jul 1891
Sehrups (?) William 236A S Oct 1892
Sehrups (?) Alva 236A S Oct 1896
Sehrups (?) Alta 236A D Oct 1896
Shook Albert 231A H Jan 1867
Shook Laura E. 231A W Mar 1878
Shook Grant 231A S Feb 1895
Shook Cary 231A D Feb 1897
Shook Mary A. 231A M Oct 1840
Shook John H. (?) 231A Bro Nov 1885
Silver Mical 235A H May 1834
Simonson Simon 235A H Jun 1849
Simonson Wilhemin 235A W Jul 1857
Simonson Elcie 235A D Sep 1884
Simonson Emma 235A D Sep 1886
Simonson Bessie 235A D Apr 1889
Simonson Lewis 235A S ??? 1892
Simonson Ester 235A D Mar 1895
Smith Fred 230B H Apr 1833
Smith Lydia 230B W Mar 1864
Smith Myldal (?) 230B D Feb 1889
Smith Della 230B D May 1883
Sorick James 233B H Feb 1850
Sorick Eliza  233B W Jul 1869
Sorick Howie 233B S Feb 1887
Sorick Maud 233B D May 1881
Sorick Ida 233B D Feb 1889
Spars Goodsen 235A H Oct 1865
Spars Loura B. 235A W Jan 1871
Spars William C. 235A S Oct 1888
Spars Zion M. 235A S Oct 1891
Spars Fontana 235A D Jun 1897
Speede Sylvanus 230A H Feb 1861
Speede Mary 230A W Mar 1873
Speede Bay 230B S Dec 1889
Speede Dale 230B S Apr 1894
Speede Edna 230B D Aug 1896
Speede Sylvia 230B D Apr 1899
Speer William 235A H Jun 1863
Speer Ina E. (?) 235A W Jun 1874
Speer Nettie 235A D Apr 1892
Speer Eddie 235A S Sep 1894
Speer Hiram 235A H Apr 1839
Speer Mary E. 235A W May 1845
Speer Hiram Jr. 235A S Jan 1874
Speer Arthur  235A H Jul 1869
Speer Florance 235A W Jul 1878
Springer H. 234B H Sep 1851
Springer May Belle 234B W Aug 1861
Springer William 234B S Apr 1885
Springer Henry 234B S Feb 1887
Springer Bay 234B S Jun 1888
Springer Earl 234B S Jan 1892
Springer Fred 234B S Feb 1893
Springer Kattie 234B D Jun 1897
Springer Gay 234B D Jul 1899
Swayne Eli 233A H Jun 1851
Swayne Elizabeth 233A W Nov 1849
Swayne Clary 233A D May 1881
Swayne Warren B. 233A Bro Sep 1874
Thomas Arthur (?) 236B H Jun 1872
Thomas Rozella 236B W Nov 1875
Thrasher Ida 233A H Oct 1864
Thrasher Clide 233A S Nov 1883
Thrasher Pearl 233A D Jul 1884
Thrasher Maud 233A D Oct 1857
Thrasher Elcie 233A D Oct 1890
Thrasher Rodney 233A S Nov 1896
Tomis Joseph L. 235B H Dec 1842
Tomis Martha E. 235B W Jan 1843
Tomis Ralph M. 235B S Sep 1874
Tomis Lila V. 235B D May 1879
Tomis Viola M. 235B D May 1883
Townsend George 234A Boarder Jul 1864
Townsend Charley 234A H Jul 1867
Townsend Lorna 234A W May 1873
Townsend Effie 234A D Dec 1888
Townsend Ettie 234A D Feb 1890
Townsend Mirl 234A S Apr 1892
Townsend Earl 234A S May 1894
Townsend Viva 234A D Feb 1896
Underwood W. 232A H May 1853
Underwood Mary   232B W Apr 1868
Underwood Edna 232B D Dec 1889
Underwood Edger   232B S Dec 1889
Underwood Lora 232B D Jan 1892
Underwood Susa 232B D Oct 1893
Underwood Gladys 232B D Oct 1896
Underwood Golda 232B D Sep 1899
Upton Grandy 235B H Sep 1877
Upton Nancie 235B M Nov 1856
Vanfleet A. 235B H May 1868
Vanfleet May 235B W Sep 1878
Vanfleet Clarence 235B S Jul 1896
Vanfleet Earl 235B S Jan 1898
VanVleet Frank 236A H Oct 1851
VanVleet Mary 236A W Jan 1858
VanVleet Charley E. 236A S Jan 1879
VanVleet Gennie M. 236A D Oct 1884
VanVleet Elmore 236A S Sep 1886
VanVleet Walter G. 236A S Oct 1888
VanVleet Ola 236A D Oct 1890
VanVleet Weaver F. 236A S Apr 1891
Vernon David 231A H Nov 1835
Vernon Mary 231A W Dec 1834
Vernon Lewis 231A S Aug 1871
Vernon Libbie 231A D Jun 1880
Vernon Bob 231B H Jun 1865
Vernon Lueisa 231B W Jul 1870
Vernon Jeneva 231B D Jun 1894
Vernon Belle 231B D Mar 1896
Vernon Beatrix 231B D Nov 1898
Vernon Amos 232B H May 1870
Vernon Emmie 232B W Sep 1871
Vernon Alva 232B S May 1895
Vernon Edney 232B D Apr 1897
Vernon William 232B H Aug 1845
Vernon Clara 232B W Oct 1850
Vernon Leota M. 232B D Aug 1875
Vernon Ruther B. 232B S Sep 1877
Vernon Mary O. 232B D Jan 1883
Vernon Rosco D. 232B S Jan 1888
Vernon Zella B. 232B D Nov 1891
Vernon James 233A H May 1839
Vernon Sary 233A W Oct 1842
Vernon Ithiel 233A S Sep 1886
Vernon James A. 233A S Oct 1888
Wintjen H. 235B H Apr 1858
Wintjen Mary 235B W May 1858
Wintjen Fred 235B Stepson Sep 1883
Wintjen Ella 235B Stepdau Jun 1890
Wagenblast J. 231B H Mar 1867
Wagenblast Minnie 231B W Mar 1867
Wagenblast Mable 231B D Sep 1894
Wagenblast Elmer 231B S Mar 1896
Wagenblast Ola 231B S Nov 1899
Walker John 232B H Feb 1848
Walker Maud S. 232B W Mar 1860
Walker Jessie 232B S Dec 1882
Walker Ralph 232B S Oct 1893
Ward Earnest 232A H Mar 1877
Ward Clary 232A W May 1880
Ward Mark 232A S Nov 1896
Ward Zenors (?) 232A S ??? 1899
Ward Frank 232A Bro Jan 1883
Waterman Herbet 236B H Feb 1859
Waterman Maggie 236B W Feb 1864
Waterman Glenn 236B S Feb 1889
Waterman John 236B S Aug 1899
Webb William 232A H May 1864
Webb Nora B. 232A W Sep 1876
Webb Elcie 232A D Feb 1896
Webb Elyie 232A S Feb 1896
Webb Ruth 232A D Apr 1898
Welch George 234B H Feb 1851
Welch Nancie 234B W Sep 1860
Welch John S. 234B S Oct 1879
White John 233B H May 1866
White Maggie  233B W Aug 1869
White Emit 233B S Jun 1885
White Orvil 233B S Dec 1896
White Lewis 233B H Aug 1868
White Jennie L. 233B W Sep 1879
White Hettie A. 233B D Feb 1895
White Ewen E. 233B S Apr 1896
White Mary J. 233B M Oct 1828
White William 233B H Sep 1858
White Anna 233B W Jun 1861
White Allace 233B D Feb 1885
White Ester D. 233B D Aug 1888
White Lela O. 233B D Sep 1893
White Jocie M. 233B D Mar 1896
White Avis B. 233B D Aug 1898
White Lola 234A Servant Sep 1880
Wiggins Luther 234A H Jul 1848
Wiggins Mary J. 234A W Feb 1848
Wiggins W. A. 234A S Apr 1880
Wiggins Pearl 234A D Jun 1885
Willard George 233A H Jan 1865
Willard Ellie 233A W May 1872
Willard Annabelle 233A D Jul 1890
Willard Luisa 233A D Nov 1891
Willard George E. 233A S Dec 1894
Willard Hazel 233A D Dec 1899
Willard B.   233A H Nov 1853
Willard Belle 233A W Dec 1862
Willard Susen 233A H Jan 1837
Willard John 233A S Jun 1856
Willard Harriett 233A W Jun 1869
Wilson John 232A H Sep 1853
Wilson Mary R. 232A W Mar 1851
Wilson Ethel 232A D Jul 1883
Wilson Lula 232A D Jun 1891
Witham Edward 234B S Sep 188?
Witham Anna 234B D Apr 1884
Witham Vina 234B D Apr 1886
Witham Charls 234B S Jun 1889
Witham George 234B S Aug 1894
Wolf Wesley 235A H Jan 1822
Wolf Isoleta 235A W Feb 1839
Wolf B. 235A H Nov 1879
Wolf Ruth 235A W Apr 1880
Worrall John 234A H Mar 1849
Worrall Martha J. 234A W Dec 1847
Wright Charles 234A H Feb 1850
Wright Catherine 234A W Jan 1851
Wright Fred 234A S Jul 1875
Wright Nathan 234A S Aug 1877
Wright James 234A H Mar 1849
Wright George 234A S Jun 1871
Wright Charley 234B Boarder Oct 1871
Wyanolt George   231B H Mar 184?
Wyanolt Fannie 231B W Feb 1862
Wyanolt Norma M. 231B D Oct 1887
Wyanolt John E. N. 231B S Sep 1893
Wyanolt Elmira J. 231B D Nov 1896
Yeakle Edgar 230A H Sep 1865
Yeakle Kattie C. 230A W Dec 1874
Yeakle Winnie P. 230A D Jun 1894
Zeiger George W. 233A H Jan 1867
Zeiger Cora 233A W Dec 1875
Zeiger Ethel 233A D Nov 1893
Zeiger Rollo (?) 233A S Aug 1897
Zeiger Fred 233A S Mar 1900
Zweigle E. 234B H Oct 1864
Zweigle Anna 234B W Mar 1852
Zweigle Hellen 234B D May 1899


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