Decatur County Kansas
Liberty Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth date
Aames Harry 241A H Jul 1869
Aames Maggie 241A W Feb 1875
Aames Laura May 241A D Jan 1890
Aames Clarence 241A S Aug 1892
Armstrong Harry 239A H Feb 1878
Armstrong Lizzy M. 239A W Oct 1881
Armstrong Leroy 239A S Oct 1899
Armstrong George   239A H Jun 1842
Armstrong John R. 239A S Jul 1883
Armstrong Annie L. 239A D Jun 1887
Armstrong George 239B H Jan 1874
Armstrong Nellie 239B W Jul 1876
Armstrong Lewis A. 239B S Feb 1897
Armstrong Liston 239B S Mar 1899
Banta D. O. 238A H Apr 1844
Banta Martha C. 238A W Sep 1848
Banta Alfred C. 238A S Jan 1872
Barny Leroy 239A S Mar 1897
Baumgarten ? 241B H Feb 1859
Baumgarten S. 241B W Dec 1856
Baumgarten Agnes V. 241B D Aug 1896
Baumgarten Arthur F. 241B S Nov 1897
Beardsley Edward 241A H Apr 1866
Beardsley Laura 241A W Sep 1870
Beardsley Zada 241A D Feb 1890
Beardsley Clara 241A D Jul 1893
Beardsley Henry 241A S Dec 1894
Beardsley Mina 241A D May 1897
Bricker Arthur 238B Stepson Jul 1892
Bryan Daniel 239A H Nov 1835
Bryan Harriet R. 239A W Feb 1837
Bryan Hugh 239A S Mar 1872
Bryan Mary 239A D Jun 1873
Byers Edward J. 239A Laborer Sep 1878
Castle Andrew 239B H Mar 1852
Castle Jonnie E. 239B W Sep 1855
Castle James H. 239B S Mar 1880
Castle George C. 239B S Dec 1883
Castle Walter  239B S Feb 1889
Castle Robert 239B S Oct 1891
Castor H. O. 238A Boarder Aug 1871
Chaplin Addie 241A Cousin Apr 1871
Coldren E. M. 238B H Feb 1846
Coldren Mary C. 238B W Nov 1855
Coldren Minnie   238B D May 1879
Coldren Edwin W. 238B S Jun 1880
Coldren Phillip B. 238B S Aug 1882
Coldren Anna J. 238B D Nov 1883
Coldren Harry M. 238B S May 1885
Connell Hugh 238A H Aug 1856
Connell Rowina 238A W Jun 1860
Connell Hazel 238A D Oct 1888
Connell Archie 238A S Nov 1890
Cook William 238A H Aug 1875
Cook Maria 238A W Apr 1876
Cook Guy 238A S Aug 1897
Cook Harry   238A S Nov 1899
Cook Jerry 238A H Jul 1859
Cook Melissa J. 238A W Aug 1859
Cook Irwin W. 238A S Nov 1882
Cook Charley D. 238A S Nov 1885
Cook Miller 238A S Nov 1897
Cornwell Galen 241A H May 1858
Cornwell Lizzy 241A W Apr 1865
Cornwell Grandy 241A M Sep 1825
Cox Orson 241A None Unk
Cramer Edwin 240B H Jan 1859
Cramer Florence A. 240B W Feb 1860
Cramer Florence A. 240B D Feb 1888
Cramer Hugh M. 240B S Apr 1891
Cramer Ruth   240B D Jan 1898
Crichton Archibald 241B H Jan 1844
Crichton Sarah H. 241B W May 1850
Crichton Helen 241B D Dec 1878
Crichton Archie 241B S Aug 1881
Crichton Dora M. 241B D Jan 1884
Crichton G. M. 241B S May 1886
Crichton Pansy M. 241B D Apr 1888
Crichton Fred 241B S Apr 1891
Day William 238B H Sep 1870
Day Rebecca   238B W Sep 1875
Day Laura 238B D Feb 1895
Day Myrtle 238B D Jun 1897
Dowdall Hugh 238A H Aug 1853
Dowdall Jane 238A W Feb 1871
Dowdall Ira 238A S Jun 1895
Dowdall Clarence 238A S Dec 1896
Dowdall Mable 238A D Aug 1898
Drullinger W. S. 238A H Mar 1850
Drullinger Amy 238A W Nov 1851
Drullinger Charles W. 238A S Jul 1879
Drullinger Rosey 238A D Feb 1884
Drullinger Earnest 238A S Jul 1886
Drullinger Harrison 238A S Sep 1890
Eiler Daniel 240A H Jun 1841
Eiler Louisa M. 240A W Nov 1857
Eiler Everett 240A S Jan 1878
Eiler Howard 240A S Feb 1880
Eiler Roy 240A S Apr 1883
Eiler C. Floyd 240A S Dec 1886
Eiler Ada C. 240A D Dec 1889
Elson C. G. 241A H Aug 1868
Elson Merilda 241A W Jun 1858
Elson Gordon C. 241B S May 1884
Elson Richard J. 241B S May 1886
Elson Jessie M. 241B D May 1889
Elson Alfred P. 241B S Jan 1891
Elson Hubert 241B S Mar 1894
Elson Nora 241B D Oct 1898
Fraker H. J. 238B H May 1871
Fraker Emma   238B W Sep 1877
Fraker Ethel 238B D Oct 1897
Fraker Edith 238B D Oct 1899
Fraker John F. 240A H Oct 1860
Fraker Martha 240A W Aug 1867
Fraker Ralph R. 240B S Sep 1884
Fraker Eva C. 240B D Mar 1886
Fraker Iva Mable 240B D Oct 1887
Fraker Sarah E. 240B D Sep 1889
Fraker James A. 240B S Feb 1891
Fraker Jesse 240B S May 1893
Fuller William 239A H Nov 1852
Fuller Annie C. 239A W Apr 1857
Fuller Maud 239A D May 1886
Fuller Ed 241A Cousin Dec 1876
Gierhart Wiliam 240A H Mar 1859
Gierhart Ella 240A W Oct 1861
Gierhart Alfred J. 240A S Jun 1883
Gierhart Clara M. 240A D Feb 1885
Gierhart Cora A. 240A D Jul 1887
Gierhart Glen 240A S Feb 1890
Gierhart Laura 240A D Aug 1892
Gierhart Merril 240A D Jan 1895
Gierhart Gladys 240A D Jan 1898
Gilbert Charles 239B Nephew Jul 1880
Govdin George 241A Cousin Dec 1875
Guy Frank E. 238B Broinlaw Jun 1854
Hainline Henry 240B H Jul 1867
Hainline Nannie W. 240B W Nov 1867
Hainline Orien R. 240B S Jan 1895
Hainline Murle 240B D Aug 1897
Hainline Allen 240B S Apr 1898
Hainline Charles F. 241A Cousin Jun 1871
Hainline Jacob O. 241A Bro Feb 1875
Houser John J. 239B H Mar 1829
Houser Anna 239B W Aug 1844
Houser William 239B S Feb 1872
Ingham Pearl 239B Boarder Jan 1880
Johnson William 239A Laborer Feb 1875
Jones Edward 240A H Dec 1863
Jones Ella 240A W Apr 1871
Jones Harvey R. 240A S Mar 1890
Jones Walter E. 240A S Feb 1892
Jones Mamie E. 240A D Apr 1893
Jones Loren E. 240A S Sep 1894
Jones Lester L. 240A S Aug 1898
Karns Seigle 239A H Apr 1862
Karns Minnie 239A W Mar 1875
Karns Arva 239A D Mar 1892
Karns Alvretta 239A D Feb 1893
Karns Minnie 239A D Jul 1894
Karns Bessie 239A D Feb 1895
Karns Sunshine (?) 239A D May 1896
Karns Dewey 239A D May 1897
Karns Jesse 239A S Nov 1899
Kelly Mary L. 240A Housekeeper Feb 1868
Kelly John A. 240A S  Dec 1881
Kelly H. 240A S Feb 1888
Kelly Hannah M. 240A D Nov 1892
Kennedy Thomas 240A Uncle Dec 1841
Kulp E.   238B H Mar 1860
Kulp Lura D. 238B W Jan 1868
Kulp Zina M. 238B D Jan 1887
Kulp Lousie S. 238B D Feb 1891
Larason James A. 240B H Nov 1855
Larason Sedothie A. 240B W Nov 1878
Larason Ida M. 240B D May 1888
Larason James L. 240B S Sep 1889
Larason William E. 240B S Aug 1892
Larason Thomas C. 240B F Sep 1822
Lense Frank 239A H Apr 1857
Lense Clara 239A W Nov 1867
Lense Alfred William 239A S Oct 1886
Lense James V. 239A S Nov 1888
Lense Mary J. 239A D Sep 1890
Lense Lillie M. 239A D Nov 1892
Lense Harvey 239A S Feb 1895
Lense Myrtle A. 239A D Sep 1897
Lense Finnis 239A S Apr 1900
Lichtenwalter S. 238A H Sep 1841
Lichtenwalter Annie E. 238A W Nov 1840
Lichtenwalter Harry A. 238A S Jan 1878
Lichtenwalter William E. 238A S Dec 1879
Lichtenwalter Minnie E. 238A D Aug 1885
Lindler William 239A H Jul 1862
Lindler Alice 239A W Jul 1868
Lindler Aloysius 239A S Oct 1892
Martin William  238A H Feb 1825
Martin Rebecca C. 238A W Oct 1828
Martin James 239B H Nov 1858
Martin T. H. 239B Boarder Nov 1876
Martin Robert 240A Bro Apr 1855
Martin Rebecca H. 240A Sisinlaw Dec 1875
Martin Paul J. 240A Nephew Jun 1896
Martin Lousia J. 240A Niece Mar 1900
McCoy David S. 238B H Mar 1862
McCoy Mabel A. 238B W Apr 1872
McCoy Thomas L. 238B S Oct 1893
McCoy Iola 238B D Jun 1894
McCoy Hazel M. 238B D Feb 1895
Meade Owen 241A H Mar 1869
Meade Eva 241A W Oct 1874
Meade Wauneta 241A D Aug 1894
Meade Mervin M. 241A S Sep 1898
Meeks Charley 239B H Jun 1862
Meeks Rosy May 239B W Nov 1872
Meeks Flora B. 239B D Oct 1895
Meeks A. P. 239B F Feb 1820
Mettin Alfred  240B H Jun 1854
Mettin Maira E. 240B W Jan 1869
Mettin Paul A. A. 240B S Nov 1889
Mettin Walter   240B S Nov 1891
Mettin Margrite 240B D Jan 1893
Mettin Elfrieda 240B D Feb 1895
Miller James   239B H Mar 1838
Miller Mary 239B D Apr 1842
Miller Lavinia 239B D Jun 1879
Miller Dora 239B D Apr 1884
Miller John B. 239B H Nov 1870
Miller Kate 239B W Nov 1877
Miller Tilden 239B S Oct 1893
Miller Levi 239B H Jan 1873
Miller Nellie 239B W May 1879
Miller Maud 239B D Jan 1899
Miller Claud 239B S Jan 1899
Miller William 240B H Apr 1870
Miller May 240B W Oct 1873
Milton L. 240A H Mar 1872
Milton Jennie  240A W Nov 1873
Milton C. Mabel 240A D Apr 1898
Mott Amos 240B H Sep 1873
Mott Prudence 240B M Jun 1833
Muller H. W. 238A H Jul 1867
Muller Eda 238A W Feb 1871
Muller Clarence 238A S May 1894
Muller Lena 238A D Mar 1895
Muller Cort 238A S May 1897
Muller Gladys 238A D Dec 1899
Nidigh Linder 240A H Oct 1855
Nidigh Jenny B. 240A W Jan 1871
Nidigh William M. 240A S Apr 1892
Nidigh Sylvester H. 240A S May 1894
Nidigh Linder A. 240A S Dec 1896
Norman John 239B H Sep 1869
Norman Keily 239B W Apr 1875
Norman T. J. 239B S Feb 1898
Norman Wayne 239B S Mar 1900
Palmer James A. 240B Boarder May 1864
Patterson James 239B H Mar 1850
Patterson Emma 239B W Mar 1860
Patterson Wartman 239B S Dec 1875
Patterson Arthur 239B S Jul 1880
Patterson Cora 239B D Sep 1882
Patterson Nettie 239B D Jul 1884
Patterson Hazel 239B D Feb 1888
Patterson Maggie 239B D Sep 1894
Penn Finnis R. 239A H Mar 1852
Penn Ellen J. 239A W Aug 1850
Penn Cora 239A D Oct 1880
Penn Andrew 239A S Oct 1884
Penn Jane 239A D Dec 1888
Penn Nettie 239B D Aug 1893
Penny Walter J. 239A H Jul 1871
Penny Rosa 239A W Oct 1876
Penny Glen L. 239A S Jan 1898
Penny Byron F. 239A S Jul 1899
Penny Charles W. 240B H Dec 1828
Penny William M. 240B S Aug 1875
Pollnow August 241A H Jul 1841
Pollnow Augusta V. 241A W Mar 1838
Pollnow Charles   241A S Jun 1878
Pollnow Julia Ada 241A D Apr 1881
Pollnow Sophia L. 241A Dauinlaw Dec 1877
Poolley John A. 239B Binlaw Apr 1878
Rankin M. S. 238A Sisinlaw Jun 1870
Rankin Cora 238A D Jun 1873
Reed Smith 241A H Jun 1860
Reed Bessie B. 241A W Nov 1862
Reed Haziel 241A D Feb 1890
Reed Tina 241A D Mar 1893
Reed Massie 241A D Nov 1896
Reed Carmen 241A D Oct 1897
Robinson H. 241A H Jan 1870
Robinson Myrta B. 241A W Mar 1871
Robinson Edith A. 241A D Jan 1894
Robinson Ralph 241A S Feb 1895
Schoefener August 240A H Mar 1863
Schoefener Louisa 240A W Feb 1864
Schoefener Adolf W. 240A S Aug 1885
Schoefener Oscar F. 240A S Apr 1887
Schoefener Bertha M. 240A D Nov 1889
Schoefener W. K. 240A S Feb 1892
Schoefener Alvin H. 240A S Jan 1896
Scott John 241B Stepson May 1883
Scott Charles V. 241B Stepson Nov 1884
Scott Lenoa 241B Stepdau Aug 1887
Scott Vernica C. 241B Stepdau Dec 1888
Shaw George H. 239A H Feb 1875
Shaw Estella L. 239A W Jun 1877
Shaw Glenn H. 239A S Apr 1898
Shaw Guy W. 239A S May 1899
Sheldon Clair 238A Gson Dec 1889
Sheldon Verna 238A Gdau Jun 1892
Shinkel Charles 238B H Dec 1862
Shinkel Emma J. 238B W Mar 1866
Shinkel Harry 238B S Dec 1887
Shinkel Earl 238B S Apr 1889
Shinkel Anna 238B D Aug 1895
Simpson Frank 238A H Jul 1878
Simpson Didamie 238A W Oct 1873
Simpson Holden 238A S Feb 1897
Simpson Harry 238A S Aug 1898
Smith John F. 238A H Dec 1862
Smith Mary 238B W Jun 1870
Smith Mary 238B D Oct 1887
Smith Kate 238B D Aug 1880
Smith Elnora 238B D Sep 1892
Smith Ola 238B D Aug 1895
Smith Jacob  241A H Dec 1845
Smith Elizabeth 241A W Jun 1859
Smith William D. 241A S Mar 1882
Smith Pearl 241A D Dec 1883
Smith Ralph W. 241A S Feb 1885
Smith Ruth 241A D May 1887
Smith Maud 241A D Sep 1889
Smith Phoebe 241A D Mar 1892
Smith Everet M. 241A S Dec 1894
Smith George D. 241A S Sep 1899
Strong Ed  238B H Oct 1854
Strong Eva O. 238B W Dec 1866
Strong Foster 238B S Sep 1894
Strong Ralph B. 238B S Mar 1896
Studer Frank M. 240A Laborer Mar 1876
Teasdale Mary C. 240B Aunt Aug 1831
Upson William  240B H Oct 1859
Upson Tille 240B W Jul 1863
Upson Wayne F. 240B S Oct 1892
Upson Merlin 240B S Nov 1893
Upson Roy 240B S Oct 1894
Upson Wilbert R. 240B S Oct 1896
Upson Bernard 240B S Aug 1898
Williams Harvey 239B H Nov 1878
Williams Lillian 239B W Dec 1878
Williams Bertrand 239B S Jul 1898
Williams Gladys 239B D Oct 1899
Wolfe T. B. 238B H Jan 1851
Wolfe Adie 238B W Dec 1857
Wolfe Lillie 238B D Oct 1878
Wolfe Clara 238B D Jan 1880
Wolfe Homer 238B S Jan 1882
Wolfe Bertha 238B D Feb 1884
Wolfe Jessie 238B D Jan 1886
Wolfe Faye 238B D Sep 1887
Wolfe Raymond 238B S May 1891
Wolfe Mabel 238B D Dec 1893
Wonderly George 240B H Aug 1870
Wonderly Myrtle 240B W Jul 1878
Wonderly Lewis E. 240B S Feb 1900
Woods Daniel S. 240B H Sep 1867
Woods Nettie M. 240B W Oct 1876
Woods Jesse A. 240B S Sep 1897
Woods Ruth J. 240B D Mar 1899


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