Decatur County Kansas
Lincoln Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Anderson William 216B H Dec 1843
Anderson Amanda 216B W Jul 1861
Anderson Hugh 216B S Jun 1892
Ankenman John 218B H Dec 1836
Ankenman Eva 218B W Jan 1846
Ankenman Minnie 218B D Jan 1878
Ankenman Ida  218B D Apr 1884
Appleby William 219A H Dec 1845
Aukinman Ethel D. 214A Servant Jun 1885
Babs William 217B Broinlaw Mar 1862
Babs Paul 217B Nephew Dec 1892
Badman Lloid 219A Broinlaw Aug 1889
Barnes Stafford 216A H May 1863
Barnes Mattie 216A W Oct 1859
Barnes Roy 216A S Aug 1884
Barnes Burditt 216A S Jul 1887
Barnes Emmitt 216A S Nov 1891
Barnes Oalie E. (?) 216A S Mar 1896
Bell William K. 215A H Aug 1844
Bell Martha E. 215A W Dec 1848
Bell Sadie J. 215A D Feb 1882
Bell Shirley J. 215A D Dec 1884
Bell Stella M. 215A D Aug 1886
Bell Clark 220A H Sep 1871
Bell Ida 220A W Jan 1874
Bell Andrew Lee 220A S Oct 1894
Bell Forest E. 220A S Apr 1897
Bell Ora 220A Bro Mar 1877
Bell Sadie 220A Sis Feb 1883
Bestman Martha 217B Servant Mar 1883
Bradbury Catherine 215B H Aug 1843
Bradbury Hariet 215B Mothinlaw Jan 1806
Brethourwer (?) Christopher 217A Boarder Jul 1876
Broda George W. 219B H Aug 1843
Broda S. May 219B W Dec 1864
Broda Nellie 219B D Sep 1883
Broda Oliver 219B S Jul 1887
Broda Harrison 219B S Jun 1889
Brooks John R. 214B H Apr 1850
Brooks Joanah 214B W apr 1852
Brooks Jacob J. 214B S Nov 1883
Brooks Lonie E. 214B S Aug 1890
Brooks Lizie 214B M Apr 1819
Brooks J. R. 216A H Sep 1837
Brooks Kate 216A W Feb 1850
Brunk Peter 215B H Aug 1847
Brunk Margret 215B W Jun 1850
Brunk Henry 215B S Nov 1874
Brunk Charles   215B S Aug 1879
Brunk John 215B S Sep 1881
Brunk Phillips 215B S Jan 1884
Brunk Dollie 215B D May 1890
Brunk (?) Jessie 220A H Oct 1856
Brunk (?) Evaline 220A W Nov 1866
Brunk (?) Worley S. 220A S Sep 1888
Brunk (?) John J. 220A S Nov 1890
Brunk (?) Jacob 220A S Jan 1894
Bunney John 219A H May 1877
Bunney Emma 219A W Sep 1878
Bunney Joseph 219A F Jun 1835
Bunney Mary 219A M Jul 1836
Bunney Grace 219A D Sep 1883
Burns Fred 216B H Oct 1876
Burns Louise 216B W Aug 1873
Burns Mabel 216B Sis Sep 1887
Burns Van 217A S Apr 1899
Buswell Albert B. 216B Boarder Sep 1849
Campbell Fred 216A Boarder Jul 1876
Carter William 215B H Sep 1856
Carter Ida M. 215B W May 1869
Carter Ethel 215B D Apr 1893
Carter Forest B. 215B S Nov 1895
Carter Joe W. 217B H Oct 1849
Carter Elleanor 217B W Jan 1852
Carter Addie 217B D Dec 1878
Carter Hattie 217B D Apr 1881
Carter Myrtle 217B D Sep 1883
Carter Lula 217B D Nov 1885
Carter Jessie 217B D Jul 1889
Carter Frankie 217B D May 1892
Castle Frank 217B H Mar 1852
Castle Lizie 217B W No Info
Castle Fred 217B S Jun 1877
Castle Frank J. Jr. 217B S Sep 1879
Castle Eulalah 217B D Oct 1885
Castor Henry 216B H Oct 1850
Castor Mary 216B W Jun 1860
Castor Mattie 216B D Jul 1885
Castor Tony 216B S Mar 1889
Castor Raymond 216B S Sep 1891
Castor Arthur 216B S Apr 1893
Castor Gladys 216B D Jan 1899
Chappel William 215B H Jun 1833
Chappel Margett A. 215B W Sep 1833
Chappell Charles  218A H Jun 1871
Chappell Martha 218B W Jul 1872
Chappell Wilbur 218B S Nov 1894
Chappell Pearl 218B D Sep 1896
Charles Lula C. 215A Ward Dec 1886
Clark Samuel T. 214B Fathinlaw Nov 1845
Cleland Joseph 219B H Feb 1866
Cleland Ravia 219B W Apr 1870
Cleland James 219B S Sep 1889
Cleland George 219B S Nov 1890
Cleland Hugh 219B S Jan 1898
Cody Jessie 217B Sisinlaw Jul 1890
Conner Thomas 217A H Oct 1863
Conner Lydia 217A W Jun 1869
Conner John 217A S Jul 1886
Conner Clyde 217A S May 1889
Conner Earl 217A S Sep 1893
Conner Grace 217B D Aug 1897
Coppeage Appleton 216B H Feb 1857
Coppeage Martha 216B W Dec 1857
Coppeage Ruth 216B D Oct 1892
Corns (?) Castillie 216A H Jul 1859
Corns (?) Madge 216A D Jan 1882
Corns (?) Forest D. 216A S Jun 1890
Corns (?) L. L. 216A S Jan 1895
Crabill David 220A H Oct 1868
Crabill Anna 220A W May 1876
Crabill Fred 220A S Apr 1896
Crabill Fern 220A D May 1898
Crabill Minor 220A H Aug 1876
Crabill Lillie 220A W Aug 1875
Crabill Sylvia 220A D Dec 1895
Crabill Goldie 220A D Nov 1897
Crabill George 220A F Sep 1831
Crabill Mary 220A M Apr 1835
Cutshall Henry 218A H Jan 1856
Cutshall Harriet A. 218A W Sep 1862
Cutshall George 218A S Nov 1882
Cutshall Ray 218A S Apr 1884
Cutshall Ethel 218A D Mar 1886
Cutshall Mollie 218A D Dec 1890
Cutshall Fern L. 218A D Jan 1893
Cutshall Floyd 218A S Jan 1895
Cutshall Jason 218A S Jul 1897
Daugherty Jay 215B H Aug 1871
Daugherty Eva 215B W Aug 1875
Daugherty Fay 215B S Jun 1896
Daugherty Vera 215B D Jan 1899
Daugherty Leander 216A H Apr 1850
Daugherty Dora M. 216A D Sep 1883
Daugherty Manson 218A H Sep 1878
Daugherty Amy L. 218A W Nov 1876
Davis William G. 214B H Oct 1851
Davis Julia 214B W Jun 1851
Davis Chas. H. 214B S May 1880
Davis Elmer 214B S Jun 1886
Davis Ora 214B S Jul 1888
Dawson Robert 218B H Feb 1860
Dawson Rosa 218B W Dec 1866
Dawson John 218B S Oct 1891
Dawson Mary 218B D Jun 1894
Dawson Edward 218B S Sep 1896
Dorman Edward 217A Boarder Sep 1873
Duncan John C. 214A H Feb 1847
Duncan Ida 214A W Jul 1875
Duncan George W. 214A S Jul 1884
Duncan James 214A S Jun 1886
Duncan Marnie 214A D Jun 1889
Eckhart John 215A H Aug 1842
Eckhart Carline 215A W Feb 1848
Eckhart Charles A. 215A S Feb 1880
Eckhart Samuel A. 215A S Apr 1882
Eckhart Lidie C. 215A D Apr 1884
Eckhart Fred J. 215A S  Jul 1886
Eckhart Benjamin B. 215A S Apr 1889
Eckhart Jacob 219B H Dec 1872
Elliott Edward 215B H May 1845
Elliott Sarie 215B W Dec 1854
Elliott Nellie May 215B D Apr 1890
Elliott Mabel 215B D Sep 1891
Farlow Walase 214A H Dec 1874
Farlow Eva D. 214A W May 1875
Farlow Myrtle G. 214A D Feb 1894
Farlow Ola A. 214A D Jan 1897
Fisher Ludwig 219A H Jul 1855
Fisher Caroline 219A W Sep 1861
Fisher Lana S. (?) 219A D Jan 1887
Fisher Fannie 219A D Jul 1893
Fletcher Frank 215B H Aug 1854
Fletcher Ora 215B W Feb 1877
Fletcher Esther 215B D Nov 1886
Fletcher Raymond 215B S Jan 1899
Fletcher Jacob 216A H Nov 1856
Fletcher Sarie 216A W Sep 1851
Fletcher Joseph 216A S Jan 1885
Fletcher Clarence 216A S Feb 1890
Ford William 215B H Nov 1858
Ford Mellisia B. 215B W Jul 1862
Ford Harry H. 215B S Jan 1886
Ford Carry 215B S Mar 1887
Ford Edith   215B D Jun 1889
Ford Edna 215B D Mar 1895
Founds John W. 215A Nephew Apr 1887
Frame John  215A Servant Sep 1867
Frewen John C. 217A H Jan 1852
Frewen Frankie 217A W Feb 1862
Frewen Frank  217A S Dec 1882
Frewen Lizie 217A D Apr 1885
Frewen Lucy 217A D Sep 1889
Frewen Gladys 217A D Sep 1889
Friet Jonas 216B H Aug 1843
Fry Jennie 215B H Jun 1856
Fry Katy 215B D Nov 1879
George Alford 217A H Feb 1852
George Beckie 217A W Jul 1857
George Jessie 217A D Mar 1885
Gill Frank 219A H Feb 1859
Gill Anna 219A W Nar 1864
Gill Lillie 219A D Nov 1885
Gill George 219A S Oct 1888
Gill Olive 219A D May 1900
Gill William 219B H Jan 1861
Gill Susan 219B M Jan 1839
Glass Edward 216A H Feb 1868
Glass Nella 216A W Aug 1865
Glass Forest 216A S Jun 1893
Glass Wilbur 216A S Aug 1896
Glass Clarence 216A S Aug 1898
Gore Milton 216B H Oct 1847
Gore Ida 216B W Feb 1857
Hackley George 219B Partner Jan 1867
Haden Richard 220A H Feb 1851
Haden Mollie 220A W Apr 1860
Haden John A. 220A S Oct 1885
Haden Hallie L. 220A D Feb 1886
Haden Evaline 220A D Mar 1889
Haden Joseph J. 220A S Feb 1893
Haden Florence 220A S Jun 1898
Haden Julia 220A D Apr 1900
Hague Harry 216A H Oct 1868
Hague Mary 216A W Oct 1866
Hague Lester 216A S Jan 1894
Hague Inez 216A D Mar 1896
Hague Roy 216A S Jun 1899
Hale Robert 215A Broinlaw Aug 1881
Harley John   220A Servant May 1877
Harris Edward 220B H May 1871
Harris Susan 220B M Jun 1843
Henton George 217A Boarder Nov 1870
Hickman Kaylon 217A H Mar 1836
Hickman Hanna 217A W Apr 1842
Hicks Loren 217A H May 1867
Hicks Elva M. 217A W Mar 1875
Hicks Earl 217A S Dec 1898
Hicks Clara   218B Servant Jul 1874
Hill George  H. 214A H Apr 1859
Hill Paulina 214A W Mar 1862
Hill Charles 214A S Jul 1881
Hill Myrtle   214A D Apr 1883
Hill Edna 214A D May 1893
Holben Solomon 214A H Jan 1860
Holben Elizabeth 214A W Jan 1860
Holben Marvin W. 214A S Aug 1882
Holben Merl 214A S Jan 1884
Holben Leonard L. 214A S Jan 1896
Holben George 219B H Jul 1861
Holben Henny M. 219B W May 1859
Holben Grace 219B D Nov 1883
Holben Harold 219B S Jul 1886
Holben Mabel E. 219B D Jan 1895
Holladay Albert 217A H Aug 1879
Holladay Nora 217A W Aug 1881
Hollister William 218B H Aug 1832
Hollister Melssia 218B W Nov 1836
Hollister Beulah 218B D Apr 1872
Hollister Belvloski 218B D aug 1875
Holvey John  217A H Aug 1841
Holvey Estie 217A W Oct 1849
Holvey William 217A S Jan 1889
Holvey Frank 217A S Dec 1891
Howey Douglas 217A H Jan 1845
Howey Nettie 217A W Mar 1850
Huggins George 217A H apr 1840
Huggins Lovina 217A W Jun 1842
Huggins Ruby 217A D Feb 1885
Johnson Swan 217A H Dec 1841
Johnson Rebeck 217A W Jun 1843
Johnson John 219A H Apr 1853
Johnson Andrew 219A F Aug 1821
Johnson Grace 219A M Apr 1827
Johnson Andrew 219A H Sep 1860
Johnson Leota M. 219A W Mar 1876
Johnson John A. 219A S Nov 1899
Johnston William 218A H Jul 1856
Johnston J. 218A W Nov 1866
Jones William 218B H Feb 1854
Jones Winona 218B W Jan 1863
Jones Leone 218B D Feb 1891
Jones John 220A H Feb 1852
Jones Nancy 220A W Jun 1867
Jones Lavie (?) 220A D Feb 1890
Jones Oscar A. 220A S Nov 1892
Jones Lovina 220A D Nov 1894
Jorn George 214B H Mar 1856
Jorn Dora G. 214B W May 1857
Jorn Dora S. 214B D May 1888
Jorn Ella 214B D May 1892
Jorn Christian G. 214B S Oct 1894
Jorn Louise A. 214B D Nov 1897
Keener Jack 216A H Jul 1860
Keener Ella 216A W Nov 1864
Keener Cloisie 216A S Jan 1891
Keener Isiac 217A H Jun 1840
Keener May 217A W Aug 1837
Keener Ellie 217A D Apr 1876
Keifer Henry W. 214A H Nov 1859
Keifer Anna M. 214A W Dec 1859
Keifer Degolda O. 214A D Aug 1886
Keifer Wilson N. 214A S Oct 1888
Keifer Clarence L. 214A S Oct 1890
Keifer Ray N. 214A S Sep 1892
Keifer Leonard O. 214A S Sep 1895
Keifer Ruth A. 214A D Jul 1897
Keifer Ruby B. 214A D Nov 1899
Kershner David 218B H Nov 1839
Kershner Mary 218B W May 1842
Kershner John H. 218B S Aug 1872
Kershner George W. 218B S Nov 1879
Kershner Daniel 218B S Apr 1881
Kershner Cora B. 218B D Apr 1883
Kious Harvey 214B H Oct 1852
Kious Rachel 214B W Mar 1852
Kious Elmer M. 214B S Jun 1875
Kious Howard M. 215A S Sep 1888
Kious Minnie 216B Servant Apr 1880
Kious Jno. M. 218B H Jul 1854
Kious Minerva 218B W Apr 1859
Kious Willie 218B S Feb 1882
Kious Nora 218B D Dec 1883
Kious Edny 218B D May 1886
Kious Kate 218B D Mar 1888
Kious Hazel  218B D Apr 1892
Kious Goldie 218B D Feb 1894
Kious J. L. Jr. 219A S Aug 1896
Knight Bessie L. 219A Servant Apr 1879
Lang Samuel   215A H Jan 1873
Lang Gertrude 215A W apr 1882
Loher Edward 218A Boarder Jan 1881
Mavity James 219B S Aug 1861
Mavity Evaline 219B M Oct 1841
Mavity John 219B Bro Jun 1874
Mavity Ella M. 219B Sis Jun 1876
Mavity Robert E. 219B Bro Jan 1879
Mavity Joseph F. 219B Bro May 1881
Mavity Mildred B. 219B Sis Jun 1884
Mayes William 218B H Jun 1854
Mayes Mary F. 218B W Feb 1857
Mayes Aaron R. 218B S Jan 1896
McCommack Jacob 214B H Dec 1856
McCommack Flora 214B W Dec 1869
McCommack Estora R. 214B D Aug 1893
McCommack Ethof S. (?) 214B D Jun 1897
McCommack Ada B. 214B D Jul 1899
McCue John 215B H Oct 1871
McCue Owen 215B F Feb 1845
McCue Julia 215B M Jun 1848
McCurdy James 217A H Nov 1878
McCurdy Charles 218B H Aug 1877
McCurdy Florence  218B W Jan 1876
McCurdy Frank 218B S Mar 1898
McGinnis Frank 216A H Nov 1846
McGinnis Maud 216A W Oct 1850
McGinnis Alta (?) 216A D Oct 1886
McGinnis Lemuel 219B H Sep 1856
McMinnis Bessie 218B Servant Mar 1883
McNeal Grant 215A H Jul 1862
McNeal Hattie J. 215A W Mar 1863
McNeal Grace E. 215A D May 1889
McNeal Glenn A. 215A S Oct 1891
McNeal Clinten E. 215A S May 1894
McNeal Gertrude C. 215A D Oct 1897
Meek Tyrel 217A H Aug 1853
Meek Lydia 217A W Sep 1856
Mellen Emery 215B H Jan 1872
Mellen Bertha 215B W Jan 1879
Mellen Vivian (?) 215B S Jan 1897
Melsling Joseph 219B H Oct 1861
Melsling Mary 219B W Dec 1871
Melsling Frank 219B S Jun 1896
Melsling Stella 219B D Aug 1897
Melsling Roy 219B S Oct 1898
Mick David A. 214A H Aug 1878
Mick Alis A. 214A W Apr 1878
Mick Gareld 214A S May 1900
Miller Henry 215A H Apr 1863
Miller Luara 215A W Mar 1873
Miller Earl E. 215A S Jul 1893
Miller Maggie A. 215A D May 1896
Miner Selden 214B H Nov 1867
Miner Ada L. 214B W Sep 1872
Miner Elbert B. 214B S Dec 1893
Miner Ralph C. 214B S Jul 1895
Miner Erle S. 214B S Sep 1896
Miner Glenn E. 214B S Dec 1897
Minnick James 216B H Jul 1871
Minnick Lucie 216B W Jun 1878
Minnick Fern 216B D Jul 1897
Minnick Cashis 216B S May 1899
Moler Phillip 219B H Dec 1863
Moler June 219B W Aug 1867
Moler Vinnie 219B D Mar 1887
Moler Albert 219B S Jun 1889
Moler Lura 219B D Sep 1891
Moler Joseph 219B S Jul 1894
Moler Jimmie 219B S Dec 1896
Moler Clyde 219B S Mar 1898
Montilths (?) Clide 216A H Dec 1875
Moon Frank 217B H Oct 1868
Moon Grace 217B W Sep 1874
Moon Edward 217B S Jun 1894
Moon Earl 217B S Dec 1895
Moon Auriel 217B S Dec 1896
Moon Harley 217B S Oct 1899
Motsinger David 217B H Mar 1840
Motsinger Mary 217B W Mar 1839
Motsinger Mabel C. 217B D Dec 1879
Motsinger Hiane F. 217B S Oct 1882
Murphy B. 219A H Mar 1853
Myers Frank M. 218B Boarder Jan 1848
Nelson Nels 214A H Jan 1850
Nelson Anna   214A W Jun 1852
Nelson Nels A. 214A S Nov 1880
Nelson Sadia B. 214A D Feb 1884
Nelson Oscar 214A S Apr 1889
Nelson Fritz A. 214A S Oct 1891
Nelson Ola H. 214 A H Apr 1878
Nelson Elsie C. 214A Sis Apr 1881
Nelson Nels B. 216B H Nov 1855
Nelson Susan 216B W Mar 1871
Nelson Alta   216B D Aug 1894
Nelson Frank 216B S Oct 1895
Nero John W. 215A H Mar 1853
Nero Lettie J. 215A W Jun 1856
Nero George E. 215A S Apr 1883
Nero Grover C. 215A S Aug 1884
Nero Ben S. 215A S Jan 1886
Nero Cora Etta 215A D Jun 1888
Nero Fred 215A S Mar 1891
Nero Roy G. 215A S Oct 1894
New Minnie 218A Servant Mar 1879
New Ben 219B Servant Jan 1886
Oliver George 216A H Mar 1866
Oliver Sarrie 216A W Aug 1855
Pelky Mary 214A D May 1878
Pelky Davey C. 214A Gson Feb 1898
Pelky Susan E. 214A Servant Feb 1881
Reager Isiac 215A H Apr 1864
Reager Rachel 215A M Feb 1832
Reager Etta 215A Sis Apr 1872
Reed John 215B H Mar 1853
Reed Alice J. 215B W Oct 1854
Reed Mary 217A D Jan 1870
Reed Calvin E. 217A Gson Nov 1896
Reid L. D. 217B H Feb 1869
Reid Mary 217B W Dec 1869
Reid Mellie 217B D Nov 1891
Reid Elsie 217B D Feb 1894
Reid Bessie 217B D Nov 1896
Reid Rilla 217B D Feb 1898
Reid John 217B S Jul 1899
Reid Alice 217B Cousin Aug 1863
Roger Michols J. 215B H Oct 1845
Roger Mary L. 215B W Jun 1848
Roger Flora 215B W Aug 1876
Rogers Lucinda 217B H Feb 1848
Romey J. M. 216A H Nov 1854
Romey Ida E. 216A W Jun 1859
Rynearson Werter 218A H Jan 1840
Rynearson Mary 218A W Aug 1840
Rynearson Hallie 218A D Jan 1876
Rynearson Orphas 218A S Jul 1889
Sayles Ora 215B Sisinlaw Apr 1874
Sayles Frank 218A H Feb 1859
Sayles Elda 218A W Oct 1860
Sayles John 218A S Jul 1879
Sayles Bessie 218A D May 1884
Saylor Charles E. 218A H Oct 1871
Saylor Lillie L. 218A W Apr 1877
Saylor Elva M. 218A D Apr 1894
Saylor Fern L. 218A D Apr 1898
Sharp Isaac 217B H Sep 1864
Sharp Ida 217B W Mar 1863
Sharp Lonne 217B S Dec 1896
Shepherd David 216A H Sep 1837
Shepherd Shinn 216A W Mar 1835
Shick Isaac 219A H Jan 1857
Shick Elvira 219A W Jul 1860
Shick Preston 219A S Aug 1883
Shick Ester 219A D Oct 1887
Shick Nellie 219A D May 1890
Shick Flossie 219A D Sep 1897
Shick Martiha 220A H Sep 1858
Shick Hiram A. 220A S Dec 1883
Shick Osten B. 220A S Sep 1888
Shick Harry L. 220A S Sep 1888
Shick Earl C. 220A S Sep 1890
Shick Lillian V. 220A D Dec 1894
Shirley Willis 214A H Feb 1869
Shirley Ida M. 214A W Oct 1877
Shirley Nellia B. 214A D Oct 1896
Shirley Rosa A. 214A M Mar 1830
Shirley John A. 219A H Aug 1850
Shirley Barbara 219A W Jan 1851
Shirley Frank 219A S Mar 1882
Shirley Orville 219A S Feb 1888
Simmons Grabel 214B H Nov 1866
Simmons Delia A. 214B W Jun 1876
Simmons Laurence B. 214B S Mar 1893
Sloan John 218B H Apr 1859
Sloan Emma 218B W Mar 1865
Sloan Nellie 218B D Oct 1885
Sloan Flora  218B D Jan 1893
Smith Bertha 217A M Aug 1855
Smith Clara 217A Sis Apr 1882
Smith Harry 217A Bro May 1886
Smith Kathi (?) 217A Sis Jun 1892
Spuake John 219A H Dec 1855
Spuake Manula (?) 219A W Dec 1866
Spuake Largo (?) 219B S Jun 1895
St. Clair Thomas 218B H Jul 1865
St. Clair Corda 218B W Mar 1871
Stapp William 214B H Feb 1864
Stapp Alice S. 214B W Feb 1844
Stapp Roy A. 214B S Aug 1889
Stapp Ray   214B S Apr 1891
Stapp Pearl S. 214B D Apr 1894
Stenett Hurburt 220B H Oct 1875
Stevens Ethel 215B Niece Jul 1889
Stevens Thomas 216A H Oct 1856
Stevens Cora 216A W Jun 1880
Stevens Bert 216B S Mar 1880
Stevens Eva 216B D Jul 1882
Stevens Pearl 216B D Sep 1887
Stevens Ruth 216B D Nov 1898
Stevens Arthur 219A Boarder May 1858
Storie (?) Nancy 217B Mothinlaw No Info
Strummel Edward 218B Boarder Feb 1868
Summit John C. 214A H Nov 1837
Summit Rosa E. 214A W Jul 1841
Summit Ben 214A S Aug 1873
Summit George 218A H Nov 1862
Summit Ita 218A W Oct 1870
Summit Ida S. 218A D Jan 1888
Summit Iona 218A D Jul 1893
Sweeney Patrick 215A H Feb 1847
Sweeney Jane 215A W Nov 1878
Sweeney Rosie 215A D Feb 1881
Sweeney Maggie   215A D Sep 1883
Sweeney Agnes 217A Boarder Jul 1876
Sweeney Edward 218A H Jun 1869
Sweeney Clara B. 218A W Nov 1872
Sweeney Marguerite 218A D Mar 1895
Sweeney Esther 218A D Jun 1897
Temple Nat 220A H Sep 1863
Temple Etta 220A W May 1872
Temple Ona 220A D May 1890
Temple Ollie L. 220A S Jan 1892
Temple Clarence N. 220A S Jan 1894
Temple James E. 220A S Sep 1897
Thusher Ida   219A Sis Oct 1863
Tofflemeyer Jan. 214B H Apr 1846
Tofflemeyer Elizabeth 214B W Oct 1845
Tofflemeyer Elmer 214B S Aug 1874
Tofflemeyer Aaron (?) 219B H Jun 1875
Tofflemeyer Maud M. 219B W Feb 1885
Tofflemeyer Ephraim (?) 219B H Nov 1849
Tofflemeyer Lizzie 219B W Jul 1851
Tofflemeyer William 219B S Mar 1876
Tofflemeyer Daisy 219B D Dec 1883
Tofflemeyer James 219B S Sep 1887
Tofflemeyer Pearl 219B D Jun 1892
Tolle Stephen 215A H Aug 1827
Tolle Eugenia 215A W Oct 1839
Tolle Sarie E. 216B H Jul 1842
Tolle Laura 216B D May 1873
Tolle Augusta 216B D May 1877
Tolle Elta 216B D May 1879
Tolle Ollie 216B D Jan 1882
Vennick Samuel 218A H Sep 1857
Vennick Mattie A. 218A W Mar 1859
Vennick Clifford D. 218A S Nov 1881
Vennick Bessie 218A D Jul 1883
Vennick Flora M. 218A D May 1886
Vennick Ray A. 218A S Aug 1884
Vennick Florence E. 218A D Feb 1888
Vennick Bell Lois 218A D May 1889
Vennick Arthur W. 218A S Jan 1891
Vennick Mabel E. 218A D Dec 1892
Vennick Hazel L. 218A D Dec 1894
Vennick Leslie M. 218A S May 1898
Venrick William 219A H Mar 1827
Venrick Martha M. 219A W Jan 1833
Venrick John 219A H Jan 1869
Venrick Florence 219A W Apr 1871
Venrick Delbert 219A S Aug 1898
Venrick Emmitt 220A H Aug 1880
Venrick Florence E. 220A W Oct 1879
Venrick Gladys S. 220A D Oct 1897
Vernon William  215A H Nov 1851
Vernon Anna 215A W Nov 1861
Vernon Mervin E. 215A S Apr 1886
Vernon Earthel B. 215A D Apr 1892
Vernon Edith M. 215B D Feb 1895
Vernon Jessie 215B S Jan 1900
Vernon Ben 216B H Mar 1852
Vernon Eva 216B W Aug 1859
Vernon Lester R. 216B S Oct 1885
Vernon Delphia 216B D Mar 1887
Wallace William 214B H Mar 1850
Wallace Sultana 214B W Dec 1850
Wallace Isiac L. 214B S May 1881
Wallace Dallas 214B S May 1883
Wallace Elbert J. 214B S Mar 1885
Wallace John R. D. 214B S Jul 1887
Wallace Glayds G. 214B D Dec 1890
Wallace Sultana 214B D Oct 1894
Wallace Charles 219A H Aug 1873
Wallace Ida L. 219A W Jul 1870
Wallace Wanna W. 219A D Jun 1899
Ward Mary 217A Boarder May 1881
White Anna 216B Servant Apr 1849
Wickham Samuel 216B H Aug 1842
Wickham Mary A. 216B W Feb 1847
Wickham Hattie 216B D Oct 1877
Wickham Aden 216B S Dec 1875
Wickham Lottie C. 216B D Feb 1880
Wickham Nettie 216B D Aug 1884
Wickham Bonnie 216B D Apr 1888
Wiliams Jefferson 217B H Oct 1856
Wiliams Ellen 217B W Dec 1855
Wiliams Walter 217B S Aug 1881
Wiliams Robert 217B S Oct 1888
Williams Orval 218A S Sep 1886
Williams Barton 218A S Oct 1889
Winchell Maggie B. 219A Niece Jan 1884
Winchell Ben 219A Nephew Mar 1891
Worral Charles 217B H Sep 1851
Worral Lizzie 217B W Aug 1855
Worral Charles A. 217B S Apr 18182
Worral Jessie 217B D Jan 1886
Worral Veronica 217B D Nov 1893
Worrall Eva 216A H Dec 1859
Worrall Ida M. 216A D Oct 1881
Worrall Arthur 216A S Mar 1883
Worrall Lillie 216A D Jul 1886
Worrall Hazel 216A D Oct 1891
Worrall William 216A S Nov 1893

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