Decatur County Kansas
Logan Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Allen J. B. 246A H Aug 1850
Allen Almeda E. 246A W Dec 1861
Allen Leslie F. 246A S Oct 1885
Allen Alva M. 246A S Feb 1888
Allen Edith M. 246A D Jul 1899
Baker Jeremy 243A H Aug 1851
Baker Jennie A. 243A W Dec 1852
Baker Otis 243A S Nov 1883
Baker Lyman D. 243A S Jun 1889
Barnhart L. 244A Broinlaw Apr 1878
Barr Allan 242B H Mar 1838
Barr Catharine 242B W ??? 1829
Barr John 242B S Apr 1879
Barr Emma 242B D Oct 1882
Barr Ida M. 242B D Aug 1887
Barr Jessie M. 242B D Mar 1895
Barr Lester W. 242B S Sep 1896
Barr Pearl B. 242B D Nov 1898
Barr Wilbur 246A H Mar 1856
Barr Eunice V. 246A W Apr 1870
Barr Willna H. M. 246A D Aug 1878
Barr Charles W. 246A S Apr 1880
Barr Josie D. 246A D May 1882
Barr George  246A S Mar 1884
Barr Bliss W. 246A S Dec 1885
Barr Bernice 246A D Mar 1890
Barr Bessie E. 246A D Jul 1891
Barr Gussie 246B D Oct 1893
Battin George 246B H Jun 1861
Battin Mary E. 246B W Sep 1867
Battin Charles F. 246B S Dec 1887
Battin Eva C. 246B D Feb 1890
Battin John 246B S Dec 1891
Battin Ethel 246B D Feb 1898
Baugher O. 245A H Nov 1861
Baugher Melissa 245A W Feb 1863
Baugher Clarence E. 245A S Feb 1883
Baugher Myrtle A. 245B D Jun 1884
Baugher Justin I. 245B S Jan 1886
Baugher Pearl E. 245B D Mar 1887
Baugher Guy R. 245B S Nov 1888
Baugher Edath C. 245B D Nov 1890
Baugher Zona F. 245B D Jul 1892
Baugher Earl O. 245B S Jan 1894
Baugher Iva B. 245B D Jan 1895
Baugher Lola F. 245B D Dec 1896
Baugher Ralph D. 245B S Dec 1898
Baumgartner Hines 242A H Dec 1833
Baumgartner Sarah F. 242A W Feb 1836
Baumgartner Henry J. 242A S May 1869
Baumgartner Katie 242A D Aug 1877
Baumgartner Celia 242A D Jun 1880
Baumgartner Hermann 242A S Dec 1881
Bell David 242B H Feb 1849
Bell Lillie 242B W Mar 1853
Berndt L. 244B H Nov 1847
Berndt T. F. H. 244B S Jan 1872
Berndt Herman F. 244B S Jan 1874
Berndt Lena M. 244B D Dec 1880
Berndt August C. D. 244B S Aug 1883
Berndt William   244B S Jun 1887
Bigelow G. E. 247A StepGson Jul 1886
Brown J.   246A H Mar 1865
Brown Charles   246A Bro Oct 1870
Castillo Alice 247A H Feb 1849
Chapin Fremont 242A H Dec 1856
Chapin Addie L. 242A W Sep 1874
Chapin Willie S. 242A S Aug 1884
Chapin Lola M. 242A D Jun 1892
Chapin Verna E. 242A D Jun 1894
Chapin Banlah 242A D May 1900
Chapin Harvey 242B H Sep 1829
Chapin Sarah A. 242B W Sep 1831
Chapin John V. 242B S Nov 1853
Chilson James 242B H Jan 1845
Chilson Elizabeth 242B W Oct 1855
Chilson Ross 242B S Aug 1878
Chilson Earl 242B S Oct 1885
Chilson Roy 246A H Aug 1878
Cline Susan   242B Sisinlaw Mar 1842
Cooper Martin 247A H Sep 1858
Cooper Edith E. 247A W Jan 1870
Cooper Jimmie G. 247A S Jul 1891
Cooper Minnie K. 247A D Jul 1894
Cooper Bertha F. 247A D Oct 1895
Cooper Junia J. 247A D Jun 1898
Counter H. E. 246B H Feb 1852
Counter Letticia A. 246B W Jul 1866
Counter William C. 246B S Sep 1888
Counter H. 246B S Jun 188?
Counter Jane E. 246B D Jan 189?
Counter Terence 246B S Dec 189?
Counter Fred 246B S Mar 189?
Counter Perry   246B S Dec 189?
Crouse Newell 243B H Mar 1865
Crouse Minnie E. 243B W Jul 1867
Davidson A. 245B H Oct 1867
Davidson Annie 245B W Feb 1872
Davidson George 245B S Aug 1894
Davidson Grace 245B D May 1896
Davidson John 245B S Nov 1897
Davidson Joseph 245B S Aug 1899
Davidson Henry 245B H Sep 1872
Davidson Lillie 245B W Jul 1879
Demar John 244B H Aug 1843
Demar Paul 244B S Jan 1879
Demar Elsabath 244B D Mar 1881
Demar Mary 244B D Mar 1883
Demar Tracy 244B D Aug 1885
Demar Elsabath 244B M Jan 1814
Demmer Matt 245A H Nov 1871
Demmer Matt 245A H Nov 1840
Demmer Elisabeth 245A W Aug 1839
Demmer Matt 245A Adopted son Apr 1877
Demmer Matt 245A Fathinlaw Apr 1812
Densmer John 244B H Jan 1872
Densmer Matilda 244B W Feb 1877
Densmer Beartha M. 244B D Nov 1898
Densmer Louise S. 245A D Nov 1899
Dufford William 245B H May 1859
Dufford Florence 246A W Jun 1870
Dufford Neta M. 246A D Jul 1891
Dufford Frank R. 246A S Feb 1895
Dufford Bell L. 246A D Aug 1896
Dufford Maude F. 246A D Aug 1898
Dufford H. C. 246A H Jun 1833
Dufford Isabella 246A W Jul 1833
Dufford Charles O. 246A S Feb 1856
Dufford Alice M. 246A D May 1870
Dufford George R. 246A S Oct 1866
Dufford Way D. G. 246A Adopted son Jan 1880
Dufford Ruth 246A Gdau Apr 1897
Dufford E. S. 246A H Jan 1874
Dufford Bertie F. 246A W Feb 1875
Dufford Myrtle V. 246A D Feb 1898
Dufford Frank   246B H Oct 1861
Euhus Henry 244B H Dec 1835
Eushus H. W. C. 245B H Aug ????
Eushus Annie M. 245B W May ????
Eushus Clarie 245B D Mar 1897
Eushus Lousie 245B D Aug 1898
Everts Machel 245A S Jan 1872
Everts Mary S. 245A D May 1878
Everts Lena M. 245A D Aug 1882
Fleischocker John 244B H Jan 1860
Fleischocker Maria 244B W Jul 1869
Fleischocker John 244B S Oct 1886
Fleischocker Mathias 244B S Aug 1888
Fleischocker George 244B S Jul 1890
Fleischocker Gregor 244B S Apr 1892
Fleischocker Mary 244B D Apr 1893
Fleischocker Elisabeth 244B D Jun 1894
Fleischocker Susana 244B D Apr 1896
Fleischocker Paul 244B S Feb 1898
Fleischocker Emma Anna 244B D Mar 1900
Fleishocker Matt 243A Laborer Jun 1857
Fox George H. 247A H Apr 1837
Fox Cathrine A. 247A W Jun 1844
Fox Rena E. 247A D Apr 1883
Fullmer Fred 243A F. Hand May 1879
Graham Frank 247A H Sep 1874
Graham May A. 247B W Feb 1870
Graham M. G. 247B Stepson Nov 1887
Graham Jaynetta A. 247B Stepdau Aug 1892
Graham May F. 247B Stepdau Dec 1896
Graham Bernice 247B D Apr 1900
Green Foster A. 243B Gson Jun 1874
Haas Paul 243B H Feb 1857
Haas Tracy 243B W Sep 1852
Haas Paul 243B S Feb 1883
Haas Matt 243B S Jul 1884
Haas John 243B S Feb 1887
Haas Annie 243B D Feb 1889
Haas Mike 243B S Sep 1890
Haas George 243B S Mar 1892
Haas Andy 243B S Nov 1895
Handwerk N. 246B H Oct 1839
Handwerk I. 246B W Apr 1850
Handwerk Johnnie 246B S Apr 1886
Handwerk M. Frank 246B S Jan 1890
Helmkamp Fred 243A H Apr 1860
Helmkamp Sousie 243A W Jul 1876
Helmkamp Eddie P. H. 243A S Nov 1894
Helmkamp Thompson J. 243A S Aug 1878
Herman Charles 242A H Aug 1856
Herman Emma 242A W Mar 1871
Herman John A. J. 242A S Aug 1894
Herman Albert S. 242A S Dec 1895
Herman Charles D. 242A S Oct 1897
Herman Harvey 242A S May 1900
Herzog J. 245A H Oct 1873
Herzog Alice B. 245A W Sep 1878
Herzog Alcia M. 245A D May 1899
Herzog John 245A H Jan 1839
Herzog Mary 245A W Dec 1837
Herzog Annie 245A D Jul 1883
Hoffbauer Paul 243A H Dec 1855
Hoffbauer Elizabeth 243A W Nov 1863
Hoffbauer Tracy 243A D Oct 1886
Hoffbauer Mary 243A D May 1888
Hoffbauer Elizabeth 243A D Jul 1890
Hoffbauer Paul 243A S Nov 1895
Hoffman George 242A H Dec 1855
Hoffman Hannah 242A W Aug 1857
Hoffman Albert 242A S Apr 1883
Hoffman Kathrine V. 242A D Oct 1885
Hoffman Frank 242A S Apr 1888
Holmsted F. 246A H Mar 1867
Holmsted Julia M. 246A W Sep 1879
Holmsted Adolf E. 246A S Sep 1899
Hunt J. F. 244A H Sep 1865
Hunt Lucy M. 244B W Aug 1868
Hunt James L. 244B S Aug 1894
Hunt Ruby P. 244B D Apr 1899
Jackson S. (?) 246A H Sep 1855
Jackson Sopha 246A W Mar 1858
Johnson A. B. 247A H Sep 1828
Johnson Martan 247A W Oct 1844
Johnson Frank 247A S Oct 1879
Johnson Simpson 247A S Aug 1882
Johnson Martin 247A S Jul 1885
Johnson Louis  247B H Jan 1870
Johnson Emma D. 247B W Aug 1873
Jording George 243A H Aug 1875
Jording Annie 243A W Sep 1878
Jording John 244B H aug 1873
Jording Minnie H. 244B W May 1874
Jording Gilbert 244B S Jan 1884
Jording Fred K. 245B H Jul 1877
Jording Tracy 245B W Sep 1883
Jording William J. A. 245B S May 1900
Kauvre Fred 243B Laborer Jan 1865
Kronberger A. 245B H Dec 1831
Kronberger Sunna S. 245B W Jun 1856
Kronberger Anton 245B S Aug 1878
Kronberger John 245B S Feb 1885
Kronberger Kate 245B D Nov 1886
Kronberger Minnie 245B D Nov 1889
Kronberger Louise  245B D Aug 1899
Kuhlman Fred 242B Broinlaw Feb 1871
Langmade S. D. 247A H Aug 1856
Langmade Louise A. 247A D Apr 1873
Langmade George 247A H Aug 1856
Langmade Jennie K. 247A W Jun 1858
Langmade Forrest K. 247A S Nov 1884
Langmade Gertrude 247A D Sep 1888
Langmade Reuben L. 247A S Sep 1890
Langmade Catherine 247A D Sep 1892
Langmade Copia 247A D Jan 1898
Larkins H.   245B Uncle Dec 1871
Larson Oscar 246A H Dec 1862
Larson Josie 246A W Apr 1877
Larson Alma M. 246A D Jan 1896
Larson Joseph E. 246A S Apr 1897
Larson Albert C. 246A S Jan 1898
Larson Aron V. 246A S Sep 1899
Leitner Paul 245A H Feb 1849
Leitner Rosy 245A W Mar 1868
Leitner Paul 245A S Sep 1877
Leitner John 245A S May 1884
Leitner Susie 245A D Jun 1886
Lemon Charles 246B H Jan 1864
Lemon Annie 246B W Jun 1874
Lemon Russel 246B S Jan 1896
Lemon Lela 246B D Oct 1897
Lemon R. E. 246B Bro Mar 1877
Lizbirg John 247B H Nov 1865
Lizbirg Alida 247B W Jan 1873
Luke John A. J. 242B H Apr 1860
Luke Christena 242B W Dec 1863
Luke Albert 242B S Jun 1888
Luke Martha 242B D Mar 1891
Luke Lydia L. 242B D Aug 1893
Magmer Harvey 247B H Jan 1875
Magmer Bessie M. 247B W Oct 1882
Marks John P. 244A H Jun 1869
Marks Edith M. 244A W Sep 1869
Marks Ora 244A S Nov 1889
Marks Orpha W. 244A D Jul 1893
Marks Bertha 244A D Mar 1894
Marks Emanual 244A S Aug 1897
Matthews L. 247A H Jan 1859
Matthews Livina 247A W Mar 1861
Matthews Mary 247A D Sep 1884
Matthews Charles L. 247A S Nov 1885
Matthews Alice A. 247A D Nov 1889
Matthews Joseph J. 247A S May 1892
Matthews Katie M. 247A D Jan 1894
May Henry 245B H Nov 1830
May Dolis 245B W Jan 1844
May Henry 245B S Oct 1879
May Mary 245B D Aug 1881
May Martin 245B S Aug 1883
May Herman 245B S Aug 1885
May Martha 245B D Apr 1887
May Emma 245B D Feb 1889
May Earnst 245B S Feb 1891
May Fred  245B S May 1893
May Theodore 245B S May 1895
McCalla H.   244A H Oct 1866
McCalla Mary M. 244A W May 1870
McCalla Lucy B. 244A D Feb 1888
McCalla Charlie V. 244A S Jan 1890
McCalla William R. 244A S Aug 1892
McCalla Harry C. 244A S May 1894
McCalla Sylvia M. 244A D Mar 1899
McClaury Walter 242B H Dec 1872
McClaury Pearl E. 242B W May 1873
McClaury Bernice B. 242B D Sep 1898
McClaury Bertha V. 242B D May 1900
McClaury H. C. 246B H Oct 1828
McClaury Jennie A. 246B W May 1847
McClaury Ora 246B D Nov 1880
McClaury Minnie E. 246B D Jan 1883
McClaury Jennie A. 246B D Jan 1885
McClaury Sheldon R. 246B S Sep 1887
McClaury Eugene 246B S Nov 1892
McConigle William 242B H Apr 1828
McConigle Susan M. 242B W Dec 1833
McDowell W. 243B H Mar 1859
McDowell Cora M. 243B W Dec 1870
McDowell Ralph 243B S Oct 1897
McDowell Walter A. 243B S Jun 1899
McDowell Wm. M. 243B H Jan 1836
McDowell Huldah 243B W Feb 1834
Miller Charly 247B H Mar 1861
Miller Hamia R. 247B W Feb 1864
Miller Claude G. 247B S Jan 1888
Miller Fred L. 247B S Oct 1890
Miller Jessie 247B D Sep 1892
Miller George D. 247B S Sep 1897
Milleson O. C. 247A H Feb 1856
Milleson Sadie C. 247A W Apr 1856
Milleson James M. 247A S Nov 1879
Milleson Earnest R. 247A S Feb 1882
Milleson Oran E. 247A S Mar 1889
Milleson Flossy 247A D Jan 1895
Mines Jap P. 243A H Nov 1867
Mines Minnie B. 243A W Aug 1872
Mines Harry T. 243A S Oct 1894
Mines Joseph E. 243A S Sep 1896
Mines Hans P. 243A H Oct 1818
Mines Mary 243A W Oct 1835
Mines Chris P. 243A H Nov 1865
Mines Nellie M. 243A W Jul 1880
Mines Cecil M. 243A S May 1899
Moore F. B. 244A Stepson Oct 1883
Nall H. H. 244A H Aug 1845
Nall Rory A. 244A W Jun 1844
Nall Clarence L. 244A S May 1872
Nall Eddie P. 244A S May 1882
Nall R. G. 245A H May 1854
Nall Sarah J. 245A W Mar 1859
Nall Reuben S. 245A S Feb 1881
Nall Genorh G. 245A D Dec 1882
Nall Robert 245A S Apr 1884
Nall Fannie E. 245A D Dec 1885
Nall William R. 245A S Jun 1889
Nall Vernie S. 245A S Nov 1892
Nintsch Paul 242B H May 1849
Nintsch Tracy 242B W Jul 1855
Nintsch Mary   242B D Dec 1881
Nintsch Paul 242B S Oct 1886
Nintsch Tracy 242B D Apr 1887
Nintsch John 242B S Apr 1895
Norman Thomas 242B H Oct 1824
Norman Almira 242B W Dec 1835
Paschke Rudolph 243A H Jun 1858
Paschke Louise A. 243A W Apr 1866
Paschke Fred W. H. 243A S Feb 1889
Paschke Alvin B. C. 243A S Dec 1891
Paschke Geroge Emil John 243A S Jan 1900
Patten Emmit 247A S Mar 1884
Patten Willis 247A H Oct 1868
Patten Mary 247A W Dec 1868
Patten Iva J. 247A D Feb 1898
Patten George 247A H Jun 1870
Patten Carrie E. 247A W Jan 1874
Patten Daniel H. 247A S Jun 1896
Patten Edith F. 247A D May 1898
Patten Alice E. 247A D Mar 1900
Patty William W. 246B H Aug 1847
Patty Hannah P. 246B W Mar 1850
Patty Dora M. 246B D Mar 1878
Patty Charles W. 246B S Jan 1883
Patty Perry O. 246B S Mar 1886
Patty William A. 246B S Oct 1889
Payne John 246B H Feb 1866
Payne Mary E. 246B W Aug 1873
Payne Lawrence C. 246B S Sep 1894
Payne Flaurene 246B D Jun 1897
Payne William F. 246B S Feb 1900
Peterson F. 246A H Apr 1870
Peterson Mary C. 246A W Nov 1877
Peterson Vivian L. 246A D Oct 1898
Peterson Edna O. 246A D Apr 1900
Pettis Charles E. 247B Boarder Oct 1851
Pettit C. 246B H Sep 1861
Ploussard H. 243B H Oct 1863
Ploussard Ellen 243B W Aug 1874
Ploussard Nichlos 243B S Aug 1895
Ploussard Mary 243B D Jan 1897
Ploussard Annie 243B D Apr 1890
Pumones (?) F. 245A H Sep 1865
Pumones (?) Mary 245A W Feb 1871
Pumones (?) Lizzy 245A D Dec 1893
Pumones (?) Annie 245A D Feb 1895
Pumones (?) Emma 245A D Feb 1897
Pumones (?) Frank 245A S Mar 1898
Pumones (?) Matt 245A S Sep 1899
Reinschmidt L. 243B H Mar 1850
Reinschmidt Amelie 243B W Jun 1860
Reinschmidt Ernstine E. E. 243B D Jan 1884
Reinschmidt Luise S. M. 243B D Oct 1885
Reinschmidt E. E. Paul 243B S Oct 1889
Reinschmidt Fredrick A. H. 243B S Jan 1892
Renken William 245A H Jan 1830
Renken Augusta 245A W May 1854
Renken William 245A S Oct 1884
Renken Minnie 245A D Oct 1888
Renken Tilly 245A D Sep 1889
Renken Mary 245A H Mar 1851
Rezner B. F. 244A H May 1861
Rezner Amanda E. 244A W Nov 1859
Rezner Inez 244A D Jan 1884
Rezner Murl D. 244A S Dec 1885
Rezner Earnest F. 244A S Jul 1893
Rezner Walter E. 244A S Aug 1895
Rezner Helen J. 244A D Jan 1900
Rezner Harold K. 244A S Jan 1900
Robinson Irvin 242B Soninlaw Mar 1873
Robinson Annie M. 242B D Nov 1876
Rogers Isaac 242A H Aug 1859
Rogers Flora A. 242A W Feb 1861
Rogers Neil H. 242A S Feb 1888
Rogers Dean F. 242A S Nov 1892
Rogers J. H. 243B ??? Aug 1878
Salads G. 243B H Aug 1857
Salads Lettie 243B W Jun 1867
Salads Fern H. 243B D Nov 1894
Schmidt Wm. 244B H Apr 1865
Schmidt F.   244B M Jun 1848
Schnricht John 244A H Jun 1867
Schnricht Minnie F. 244A W Jul 1867
Schnricht John 244A S Apr 1889
Schnricht Ernest 244A S May 1891
Schnricht George 244A S Apr 1895
Schnricht Christine 244A D Nov 1897
Schnricht Albert 244A S Jan 1900
Schrammel John 245A H Jan 1852
Schrammel Susie 245A W Feb 1854
Schrammel John 245A S Sep 1877
Schrammel Susie 245A D Feb 1885
Schrieber George 243B H Jun 1836
Schrieber Anna 243B W Apr 1834
Schrieber A. 243B S Aug 1865
Schrieber H. 243B S Oct 1870
Sedivstine Fred 243A Laborer Jun 1882
Simpson Andrew 242A H Mar 1861
Simpson Huldah A. 242A W Feb 1866
Simpson Jesse A. 242A S Jul 1886
Simpson Evirn E. 242A S Mar 1889
Simpson Leroy W. 242A S Apr 1891
Simpson Eva H. 242A D Nov 1896
Simpson Henry   242A H Oct 1855
Simpson Gertrude A. 242A W Oct 1866
Simpson Chester A. 242A S Jun 1887
Simpson Elmer N. 242A S Dec 1888
Simpson Ethel A. 242A D Jan 1896
Stauricht (?) Theodore 242A H Dec 1871
Stauricht (?) Sophie 242A W Apr 1876
Stauricht (?) Theodore 242A S Sep 1895
Stauricht (?) Clara 242A D Jan 1897
Stauricht (?) Sophie 242A D May 1899
Sterchen J. M. 243A H Jan 1861
Sterchen Maggie 243A W Oct 1863
Sterchen Annie M. 243A D Jan 1886
Sterchen Laura 243B D Jun 1895
Still Henry 245B H Nov 1852
Still Hannah 245B W May 1853
Still Charles 245B S Aug 1877
Still Cora 245B D Aug 1885
Stimbert D. 243A H Apr 1856
Stimbert Melina 243A W Jul 1858
Stimbert Mary 243A D Oct 1882
Stimbert John 243A S Oct 1884
Stimbert Bertha 243A D May 1891
Swanson George 244A H Feb 1870
Swanson Anna M. 244A W Nov 1878
Swanson Hulda L. 244A D May 1897
Swanson Harry W. 244A S Aug 1898
Swanson Clarence R. 244A S Feb 1900
Swanson A. M. 244A F Apr 1834
Swartwood ??? 242B H Jun 1869
Swartwood Lou 242B W Jun 1875
Swartwood Verner 242B S Nov 1894
Swartwood Marvin C. 242B S Dec 1899
Teeter C. 246B H Mar 1873
Teeter Nettie R. 246B W Nov 1875
Teeter Mabel 246B D Jun 1898
Teeter William H. 246B H Mar 1841
Teeter Sarah A. 246B W Sep 1849
Teeter William A. 246B S Aug 1889
Teeter Archie E. 247A H Nov 1877
Teeter Ettie B. 247A W Aug 1877
Thim Alois 242B H Feb 1835
Thim Dena 242B D Apr 1888
Thim Tony H. 242B S Jun 1885
Thim Johnie J. 242B S Apr 1888
Tutt Robert 243B H Aug 1842
Tutt Mary A. 243B D Apr 1875
Tutt Clavn E. 243B S Oct 1881
Tutt John 245B H Jun 1877
Unger Paul 242B H Sep 1834
Unger Mary 242B W Feb 1836
Unger Martin 243A Nephew Jul 1884
Unger Matt 243A H Nov 1869
Unger Liza 243A W Sep 1871
Unger Liddy M. 243A D Sep 1899
Unger Mike 244A H Feb 1851
Unger Theria 244A W May 1853
Unger Eva 244A D Feb 1891
Unger Lizzie 244A D Feb 1893
Unger Andrew 244A Nephew Oct 1885
Unger Andrew 244B H Oct 1867
Unger Susie 244B W Aug 1880
Unger Anton F. P. 244B S Oct 1897
Van Epps A. 246A H Nov 1879
Van Epps Daisy W. 246A W Jan 1881
Waldo Clifton 242A H Jun 1875
Waldo Gracie A. 242A D Nov 1895
Waldo Charley D. 242A S Jan 1897
Waldo Mable M. 242A D Aug 1898
Waldo Vonchy M. 242A D Apr 1900
Waldo Hade 243A H Jan 1873
Waldo Mande 243A W Nov 1882
Waldo Orlin 243A H Oct 1879
Waldo Emma 243A W Mar 1880
Waldo Orin L. 243A S Aug 1898
Wetting A. 246A Boarder Aug 1870
Wilhelm Fred 243B Adopted Oct 1870
Wilson John 244A H Aug 1866
Wilson Mary A. 244A W Oct 1869
Wilson Carl 244A S Jan 1888
Wilson Jessie 244A D Apr 1889
Wilson Lenard 245A H Jun 1876
Wilson Lelia M. 245A W Mar 1874
Wolfram Martin 244B H Apr 1857
Wolfram Katie 244B W Jun 1858
Wolfram John 244B S Sep 1883
Wolfram Katie 244B D Mar 1885
Wolfram Martin 244B S Oct 1889
Wolfram Mary 244B D Apr 1894
Wolfram George 244B S Oct 1899
Woofter Jesse W. 243B H Dec 1844
Woofter Margaret M. 243B W Jan 1865
Woofter Edgar W. 243B S Mar 1873
Woofter Ella M. 243B D Nov 1876
Woofter Myrtie M. 243B D Dec 1878
Woofter Nellie B. 243B D Nov 1884
Woofter Jessie O. 243B D Nov 1891
Wright Moulton M. 242A Stepfather Mr 1835
Wright Mary A. 242A M Nov 1849
Wurm George 244B H Feb 1868
Wurm Rosy A. 244B W ??? 1877
Wurm Elisabeth 244B M ??? 1825
Zeschler John 244B H ??? 1827
Zeschler Mary 244B W ??? 1828


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