Decatur County Kansas
Lyon Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Aboard Edson 149A H Nov 1857
Aboard Mary 149A W Apr 1867
Aboard Erma 149A D Aug 1884
Aboard Alta 149A D Oct 1886
Aboard Fred 149A S Dec 1888
Andrews William 151B H Jan 1849
Andrews Mary 151B W Feb 1853
Andrews Martilla A. 151B D Aug 1873
Andrews Maud E. 151B D Jan 1881
Andrews Cere V. 151B S Apr 1883
Andrews John A. 151B S Jul 1885
Andrews Sidney R. 151B D Jul 1888
Armsbury C. 149A H Mar 1855
Armsbury Matilda 149A W Feb 1858
Armsbury Burnard 149A S Aug 1880
Armsbury Bessie 149A D Apr 1886
Armsbury Genevieve 149A D Sep 1891
Armsbury Maggie 149A D Jun 1892
Armsbury Roy 149A S Aug 1894
Armsbury Archie 149A S May 1897
Atkison Will 150A H Mar 1876
Atkison Bertha 150A W Feb 1881
Bainter Chas. 149B H Mar 1861
Bainter Laura A. 149B W Jan 1862
Bainter Carrol 149B S Mar 1892
Bainter Evert J. 149B S Nov 1893
Baker O. M. 149A H Jan 1852
Baker Jessie P. 149A S Jan 1883
Baker Gilbert C. 149A S Mar 1884
Baker J. R. 149A S Dec 1886
Bartlet Wirt 151B H Dec 1850
Bartlet Carry 151B W Oct 1855
Bartlet Bertha 151B D Sep 1878
Bartlet Blanche 151B D Aug 1881
Bartlet Alva G. 151B S Jul 1886
Beckwith David 150A H Nov 1857
Beckwith Mary E. 150A W May 1864
Beckwith Loa I. 150A D Jan 1886
Beckwith Mabel E. 150A D Oct 1894
Beckwith Raymond J. 150A S Oct 1899
Beneda James 149A H Jul 1873
Beneda Mary 149A W Jan 1878
Beneda James 149A S Nov 1899
Bevis Robert 149A H Dec 1833
Bevis Samantha E. 149B W Sep 1833
Boardman Edward 150B H Feb 1860
Boardman Mary 150B W Nov 1864
Boardman Maud 150B D Oct 1887
Boardman Bessie 150B D Oct 1889
Boardman Lottie 150B D Jul 1891
Boardman Clide 150B S Feb 1894
Boardman Charles 150B S Sep 1898
Brintnell Walter 150A H Mar 1852
Brintnell Laura L. 150A W Jun 1862
Brintnell Grace 150A D Feb 1883
Brintnell Ethel 150A D Aug 1885
Brintnell Orie 150A D Jun 1887
Brintnell Emerson 150A S Aug 1889
Brintnell Jennie 150A D May 1893
Brintnell Charlie 150A S Jun 1895
Brintnell Lottie 150A D Aug 1897
Brintnell Otis 150A S Aug 1899
Broderson P. 149B H Jul 1864
Broderson Bertha 149B W Mar 1866
Broderson Willie 149B S Dec 1893
Broderson Amanda 149B D Feb 1895
Carter Jessie  149A H Apr 1880
Carter Morris 149A Bro Feb 1882
Chandler Frank 149A H Jan 1868
Chandler Emma A. 149A W Feb 1874
Chandler Wilber 149A S Sep 1895
Chandler Ruby 149A D Feb 1898
Chivington Emery 150B H Jul 1854
Chivington Lettie 150B W Sep 1861
Colman Wm. 149B H Dec 1860
Colman Flora 149B W Aug 1868
Colman Alvin 149B S Dec 1888
Colman Clinton 149B S Dec 1893
Danley Chas. 149B H Dec 1855
Danley Laura 149B W Jan 1861
Danley Ura 149B D Dec 1884
Danley Nellie 149B D Nov 1891
Danley Robert 149B S Jul 1898
Deyoung Steven 151B H Mar 1848
Deyoung Nancy A. 151B W Nov 1836
Dodson Frank 150B H Jan 1860
Dodson Hellen 150B W Apr 1861
Dodson Marcus 150B S Sep 1898
Dodson William 151B H Oct 1863
Elgin Thomas 150A H Mar 1857
Elgin Lesetia 150A W Sep 1857
Elgin Alphasus L. 150A S Jun 1883
Elgin Roy 150A S Jan 1885
Elgin Dora 150A D Nov 1888
Elgin Ralph 150A S Oct 1892
Fortin Felimon 151A H Jun 1847
Fortin George 151A S May 1876
Fortin Boin 151A S Mar 1882
Fortin Eiza 151A D Sep 1885
Fortin Lula 151A D Nov 1889
Fortin Walter 151A H Jan 1879
Fortin Pearle 151A W Jun 1881
Fortin Noah 151A H Apr 1871
Fortin Martha 151A W Mar 1875
Fortin Loid 151A S Jan 1893
Fortin Fred 151A S May 1894
Fortin Bertha 151A D Mar 1898
Foster Andrew J. 149A H Jan 1862
Foster Lovina 149A W Nov 1871
Foster Elmer M. 149A S Dec 1888
Foster Walter A. 149A S Jun 1889
Foster Elsie M. 149A D Jun 1894
Foster William H. 149A S Oct 1896
Foster Jacob 151B H Mar 1875
Foster Blanche 151B W Aug 1875
Foster William 151B S Oct 1893
Foster Leo 151B S Jun 1895
Foster Bertha 151B D Dec 1897
Foster Cecil 151B D Apr 1900
Francis James 149B H Jan 1859
Francis Louisa 149B W Dec 1867
Francis Ruby A. 149B D Nov 1885
Francis Rama 149B D Mar 1889
Francis Bertha 149B D Apr 1896
Francis Mary A. 149B M Mar 1825
Fullen Joseph 150B H Dec 1846
Fullen Virgil 150B S Oct 1876
Fullen Rosco 151A S Feb 1879
Fullen Dellmot 151A S Mar 1880
Fullen Fanny 151A D Aug 1885
Fullen William 151A S Jan 1887
Fullen John 151A S Nov 1889
Fullen Alice 151A D May 1892
Fullen Lucy 151A D Jul 1894
Fulton Margaret 150B H Aug 1847
Fulton Albert 150B S Oct 1870
Fulton Addie 150B D Nov 1876
Fulton Laura   150B D Nov 1879
Fulton Maud 150B D May 1884
Gibson (?) H. 150A H Apr 1869
Hentges Theadore 150B H Nov 1832
Hockett James 151A H Jan 1880
Hockett Rosa 151A W Oct 1882
Hockett David 151A S Mar 1900
Hockett Harison 151A H Jun 1855
Hockett Clark 151A S Feb 1878
Hockett Earnest 151A S Jul 1882
Hockett Mary 151A D Oct 1884
Hockett Lula 151A D Aug 1886
Hoff John   150B Soninlaw Nov 1859
Hoff Mary 150B D Jan 1868
Hoff Eliza  150B Gdau May 1893
Hoff Grace 150B Gdau Nov 1896
Hoff Joyce 150B Gdau Feb 1900
Ingrum John D. 150A H Dec 1860
Ingrum Mary 150A W Feb 1876
Ingrum Verna 150A D May 1890
Ingrum Buleah 150A D Dec 1894
Jones Ben 151B H Sep 1877
Jones Worlda (?) 151B W Aug 1878
Jones Lisben 151B S Dec 1900
Kelley John R. 150B H Jun 1848
Kelley Elva A. 150B W Oct 1857
Kelley Geo. H. 150B S Jun 1887
Kelley Claude E. 150B S Dec 1888
Kelley Ivan A. 150B S Apr 1892
Kelley Robert C. 150B S Jun 1894
Kelley Vera M. 150B D Nov 1897
Mansfield Wm. 149A H Feb 1844
Mansfield Frances M. 149A W Aug 1853
Mansfield Erma 149A D Jun 1883
Mansfield Glen 149A S Dec 1885
Mansfield Grace 149A D Jun 1889
Mansfield Don 149A S Jun 1891
Marshal Althea 150B Gdau Feb 1896
McLeod Mary 149B H Dec 1843
McLeod Alexander 149B S May 1875
McLeod Albert 150A S Sep 1876
McMullen Ursula 151B Boarder Nov 1892
Miller Preston 149A Boarder Dec 1887
Morford Isac 151A Boarder Oct 1833
Morton Shelby 151B H Sep 1862
Morton Hester 151B W Apr 1871
Morton Eddie 151B S Dec 1887
Morton Ettie 151B D Jun 1890
Morton Blanche 151B D Apr 1892
Noyes Martha R. 151A H Jan 1844
Noyes W. 151A S Jan 1877
Noyes Lila 151A D Nov 1879
Noyes Don D. 151B S Nov 1881
Noyes Paul B. 151B S Jan 1886
Oliver Edward 149B Boarder Jan 1895
Oliver John 150B H Jan 1856
Oliver Rosetta 150B W Dec 1857
Oliver William 150B S Feb 1890
Oliver Lossie 150B S Jan 1893
Oliver Fanny M. 150B D Apr 1898
Palmer Joshua 149B H Jun 1847
Palmer Arama (?) 149B W Jun 1849
Palmer Susie 149B D Dec 1883
Palmer Frank 149B S May 1887
Palmer Laura 149B D Aug 1891
Palmer Alva 149B Servant Jun 1881
Rhodes A. 150A H dec 1859
Rhodes Kate 150A W Mar 1863
Rhodes Milo 150A S Mar 1886
Rhodes Erroll 150A S Apr 1887
Rhodes Alice 150A D Jun 1890
Rhodes Ralph 150A S Jul 1894
Rhodes Nancy 150A D Dec 1899
Rorabaugh Abrams 149B H Sep 1860
Rorabaugh Flora 149B W May 1871
Rorabaugh Elzina 149B D Oct 1882
Rorabaugh Sylvia 149B D Oct 1889
Rorabaugh Edward 149B S Apr 1891
Rorabaugh Bessie 149B D May 1892
Rorabaugh Rachel 149B D apr 1894
Rorabaugh Leroy 149B S Feb 1895
Rorabaugh Golda 149B D Apr 1898
Rowland George 149B H Feb 1854
Rowland Anna 149B W Jun 1844
Rowland James A. 149B S Apr 1898
Schmidt Fred 149B Boarder Oct 1847
Sears Alford 149A H Dec 1848
Sears Eliza 149A W Jun 1858
Sears Lettie 149A D Jan 1882
Sears Cora 149A D Apr 1883
Sears George 149A S Jul 1885
Sears Earl 149A S Mar 1887
Snechenburger G. (?) 150B H Nov 1848
Snechenburger Abner 150B S Oct 1884
Stephenson Peter 149A H Feb 1870
Stephenson Manda 149A W Feb 1878
Stephenson Athel 149A D Jan 1900
Switzer Elizabeth 150B D Oct 1853
Tatum John 151A H Jan 1872
Tatum Jennie 151A W Jul 1881
Taylor David 151B H Nov 1838
Taylor Earl 151B S Jul 1883
Tice William 150A H Apr 1851
Tice Lethe 150A W Nov 1860
Tice Grace 150A D Jan 1884
Tice Ross 150A S Nov 1885
Tice Anna 150A D Feb 1888
Tice Charles 150A S Aug 1890
Tice Ethel 150A D Apr 1893
Tice Glenn 150A S May 1895
Tice Sadie 150A D Mar 1898
Vanmeer T. 149A H Dec 1878
Warner Guy 149B H Jan 1869
Warner Ina 149B W Apr 1870
Warner Earl 149B S Oct 1891
Warner Clara 149B D Oct 1895
Welter John 151A H Jun 1847
Welter Catrina 151A W Feb 1854
Welter Anna 151A D Mar 1878
Welter Peter 151A S Sep 1879
Welter Lena 151A D Jan 1881
Welter Mary 151A D Nov 1883
Welter Reanna 151A D Jan 1887
Welter Mike 151A S Feb 1889
Welter Charles 151A S Aug 1891
Welter Frona 151A D Mar 1894
Welter Joseph 151A S Oct 1898
Whiley William 150A H Mar 1859
Whiley Louisa H. 150A W Jun 1862
Whiley Lenard 150A S Mar 1888
Whiley Ethel B. 150A D Apr 1890
Whiley Harry H. 150A S Jul 1895
Wilson James 150B H Jul 1826
Wilson Hattie 150B D Oct 1870
Wilson Milo 150B H Sep 1858
Wilson Mary 150B W Oct 1868
Wilson Robert 150B S Feb 1889
Wilson Margaratt 150B D Sep 1890
Wilson Winnie 150B D Jan 1893
Wilson Kay 150B D Jun 1896
Wilson Joseph 150B S Sep 1899
Wright William 151A H Jan 1866
Wright Mahala M. 151A W May 1875
Wright Earnest F. 151A S Mar 1894
Wright Elnora 151A D Nov 1895
Wright Tulla S. 151A S Feb 1898
Wright Dillen C. 151A S Aug 1899


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