Decatur County Kansas
Olive Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Allen Clarence 238A H Sep
Allen Minnie 238A W Jun
Allen Nelson 238A S Jun
Allen Elmer 238A S May
Allen Nora 238A D Oct
Allen Cliford 238A S Feb
Allen Otis 238A S Jun
Anthony Tomis 240A H Jun
Anthony Ellen 240A W Jan
Anthony Charles 240A Bro Feb
Archer Lyddie 240A H Feb
Archer Luther 240A S May
Archer Kattie 240A D Jul
Babison Charley 238B H ??? 1870
Babison Roy 238B Bro Oct 1878
Baker Ezra 241B H Jan 1875
Baker Hariet 241B W Apr 1876
Baker Avis 241B D Jan 1897
Baker John 241B S May 1899
Berton B. 239A Nephew Feb 1880
Berry Samuel 238B H Sep 1860
Berry Anna 238B W Jul 1863
Berry Vena 238B D Apr 1883
Berry Flora 238B D Jul 1886
Berry Roscoe 238B S Aug 1887
Berry Clyde 238B S Jan 1890
Berry Harold 238B S Sep 1890
Berry Graham 238B S Oct 1891
Berry Leah 238B D Jun 1894
Berry Vida 238B D Aug 1896
Biglow Egbert 240A H Mar 1855
Biglow S. 240A D Sep 1890
Biglow Ruth 240A D Jun 1892
Biglow Dorthy 240A D Jan 1894
Biglow Alan 240A S Aug 1896
Birdsell Tomis 241A H Feb 1866
Birdsell Rebecca 241A W Mar 1875
Birdsell Berney 241A S Jan 1894
Birdsell George 241A S Jan 1894
Bislaw George 240B H Feb 1853
Bislaw Rachel 240B W Sep 1854
Bislaw Nellie 240B D Jan 1877
Bislaw Georgette 240B D Dec 1880
Bislaw Orval 240B S Feb 1884
Bislaw Merl 240B D Jun 1886
Blinken Asa 238A H Feb
Blinken Ella 238A W May
Blinken Albert 238A S Apr
Bougher Gracie 239B D Jun 1878
Bougher Chad 239B Soninlaw Aug 1878
Bougher Elda 239B Gdau Feb 1900
Bradley Perry 238B H Oct 1854
Bradley Amanda 238B W Feb 1857
Bradley Cecil 238B S Apr 1880
Bradley Gordon 238B S Sep 1883
Bradley Vern 238B S Apr 1888
Bradley Losina 238B D Jun 1891
Bronson W. P. 241A H Nov
Bronson Ola 241A S Oct
Bronson Clifton 241A S Feb
Bronx Charley 240B H Dec 1859
Bronx Belle 240B W Aug 1874
Bronx Blanch 240B D Jul 1892
Bronx Clarance 240B S Oct 1895
Brown Jane 240B M Sep 1833
Caley Frank 239A H Nov 1858
Caley Ida 239A W Oct 1859
Caster Vincent 238A H Jan
Caster Clara 238A W Sep
Caster Elton 238A S Jul
Caster Emil 238A S Oct
Caster Frances 238A D Jan
Caster Margret 238A D Jan
Caster Daniel 240B H Aug 1841
Caster Viola G. 240B W Dec 1854
Caster Fred G. 240B S Oct 1880
Caster Wesley A. 240B S Dec 1885
Caster Bertha F. 240B D Aug 1894
Cathcart A. 240B H Mar 1870
Cathcart Evie L. 240B W Aug 1868
Cathcart Florance C. 240B D Sep 1893
Cathcart Pearl 240B D Aug 1895
Cathcart Joseph 240B S May 1897
Charles S. 238A H Aug
Charles Lura 238A W Oct
Charles Cecil 238A S Oct
Cody Charles 238B H Nov 1850
Cody Ida 238B W Jun 1856
Cody Nora 238B D Aug 1854
Cody Wallace 238B S  Feb 1883
Cody Alfonso 238B S May 1892
Cody Elmer 238B S Mar 1894
Cody George 238B S Jun 1896
Cody Emma 238B D Feb 1899
Cody Marion 238B Nephew Jun 1885
Cody Earl 238B Nephew Nov 1896
Cody Lewis 238B Bro Dec 1857
Compton Hines 240B H Mar 1836
Compton Alivan C. 240B S Jun 1877
Coziar Henry 241A H Oct
Coziar Millie 241A W Jan
Coziar Verney 241A D Sep
Cuddy John 237B Adopted Oct 1884
Cuddy Mary 237B Adopted Apr 1886
Davis Robert 241A H Mar 1861
Davis Maggie J. 241A W Sep 1857
Davis Edwin C. 241A S Dec 1888
Davis Alpa 241A S Apr 1891
Davis Mattie 241A D Sep
Davis Robert 241A S Aug
Davis Steward 241A S Dec 1897
Davis Jessie 241A S Mar
Dibble Bert 240A Boarder Sep
Dibble D. 240A H Feb
Dibble Rosabell 240A W Apr
Dibble Myrtal 240A D Jun
Dibble Raymond 240A S Sep
Dibble Imae 240A D May
Eakins William 237B H Feb 1859
Eakins Anna 237B W Jan 1863
Eakins Herbit 237B S Dec 1881
Eakins Wilber 237B S Jun 1886
Eakins Felord (?) 237B S Feb 1889
Eakins Royal 237B S Sep 1891
Eakins Virgil 237B S May 1898
Enes George 239B H Apr 1857
Enes Jane 239B W Aug 1853
Enes Preston 239B S Nov 1876
Enes Apa 239B D Sep 1880
Enes Earl 239B S Jul 1882
Enes Tella 239B D Mar 1884
Enes Charley 239B S Aug 1886
Enes James 239B S Dec 1887
Enes Raymon 239B S Nov 1889
Enes Hasel 240A D May
Enes Nellie 240A D Feb 
Eulin Delpa 241B H May 1854
Eulin Rose 241B W Dec 1855
Eulin Willie 241B S Mar 1881
Eulin Lonnie 241B S Mar 1884
Evans Grove 241A Boarder Jan
Ewing Arch 237B H Dec 1838
Ewing Sarah 237B W Dec 1841
Ewing Bert 237B S May 1872
Ewing Earl 237B H Feb 1875
Ewing Delaney 237B H Jun 1871
Ewing Elkertie (?) 237B W Jan 1878
Ewing Emline 237B D Dec 1896
Ewing Ray 237B S May 1898
Ewing Rody 237B D Jun 1899
Fargo John 240B H Sep 1862
Fois William 237B H Nov 1871
Fois Maud 237B W Oct 1875
Fois Opal 237B D Oct 1887
Fois Alice 237B D Nov 1899
George B. 239A H Jan 1847
George Bell 239A W Sep 1854
George Bessey 239A D Jun 1888
George Mary 239A D May 1892
Ginther John 238B H Oct 1858
Ginther Barbary 238B W Mar 1860
Ginther Lyddie 239A D Jan  
Ginther Charley 239A S Aug
Ginther William 239A S ???
Ginther Sam  239A S Jan
Guinn William 238A H Aug
Guinn Cora 238A W Apr
Guinn Lyal 238A S Dec
Guinn Ina 238A D Oct
Hamilton John 240A Boarder May
Harris Samuel 239A H Jul 1851
Harris Alace 239A W Sep 1856
Harris Anna 239A D Nov 1881
Harris Mable 239A D Sep 1883
Harris Grace 239A D Jan 1886
Harris Pearl 239A D Jun 1892
Hartley Willison (?) 237B H Aug 1864
Hartley Florance 237B W Feb 1868
Hartley Orla 237B S May 1889
Hatch James 240A H Jul
Hatch Lizzie 240A W Apr
Hatch Orpha 240A D Jan
Hatch May 240A D Jul
Hatch Charles W. 241A H Apr
Hatch Mandy E. 241A W Aug
Hatch Guy 241A S Oct
Hatch Glen 241A S Nov
Hatch Arthur 241A Stepson Nov
Hatch Clary 241A Stepson Jun
Hatch Frank 240A H Jul
Hatch Emma 240A W Jan
Hatch Wash 240A S Feb
Hatch Gildae 240A D Oct
Hatch Kersen 240A S Jun
Hatch Marchel 240A S Jun
Haun John 241A H Dec
Haun Rena 241A W Dec
Haun Cora 241A D Nov
Haun Claud 241A S Sep
Haun Ida 241A D Sep
Hayward John 241B H Jul 1869
Hayward Martha C. 241B W Jan 1875
Hayward Denzil 241B S Aug 1897
Hayward Wilber 241B H Jan 1878
Hayward Edith 241B W Jul 1880
Heaton Richard 241A Boarder Jul
Hollingsworth ? 241B Boarder Mar 1872
Koch Benjamin R. 240A H Dec 1871
Koch Blanch 240A W Apr 1878
Hull Sam 239A H Jun 1873
Hull Grace 239A W Aug 1875
Hull Harland 239A S Apr 1898
Hull Hyrum 239B H Dec 1848
Hull Mary E. 239B W Jun 1849
Hull Hildred 239B D Jul 1893
Inman Ed. D. 239A H Jul
Inman Orpha 239A W Apr
Inman William 239A S Aug
Inman Euphama 239A D May 1892
Inman Mary 239A D Jun 1894
Inman Earl 239A S Aug 1896
Inman George 239A S Mar 1899
Jisic Brown 240A H Jun 1865
Jisic Belle 240A W Sep 1879
Jisic Esta 240B D May 1897
Johnson Frank (?) 237B H Sep 1860
Johnson Cora 237B W Jul 1874
Johnson Hazel 237B D Dec 1896
Johnson Clare 237B D May 1900
Johnson Myia 237B M Nov 1835
Jordan Jay 238B H Nov 1877
Jordan Ray 238B Partner Dec 1879
Jordan Nana 238B Sis Feb 1882
Jordon Charley 238A H Feb
Jordon Emma 238A W Jul
Jordon Earl 238A S Jul
Jordon Wilson 238A S Jul
Jordon Boy 238A S Mar
Lake Coll 239B H Apr 1847
Lake Caroline 239B W Jun 1850
Lake Bert 239B S Sep 1880
Lake Hoyt 239B S Sep 1884
Lake Ammon 239B H Aug 1871
Lake Martha 239B W ??? 1876
Lake Tomis 239B H Sep 1874
Lake Alta 239B W Jan 1880
Lawhead K. 238B H Dec 1869
Lawhead Lola 238B W Oct 1876
Lawhead Lela 238B D Aug 1896
Lee George 238A H Apr
Lee Rose 238A W Oct
Lee Sidney 238A S Jul
Lee Eric 238A S Dec
Lee Percy 238A S Sep
Lewis George 237B H Jan 1861
Lewis Dora 237B W Apr 1872
Lewis Roy 237B S Oct 1897
Lewis Ray 237B S Oct 1897
Livingston Frank 239B H Sep 1862
Livingston Bell 239B W Nov 1872
Livingston Faye 239B D Oct 1892
Love William 237B H Mar 1833
Love Amanda 237B W Sep 1834
Maggard William 237B H Jan 1849
Maggard Nellie 237B D Jun 1881
Maggard May 237B D Nov 1887
McCola George 241B Boarder Nov 1847
Miller Sulivan 241A H Aug
Miller Mary E. 241A W Aug
Miller Ethel 241A D Mar
Miller Ora 241A D Mar
Miller Marie 241A D Jan
Miller Mary A. 241B H Mar 1836
Miller George J. 241B S Apr 1858
Miller Arthur L. 241B S ??? 1881
Mount Wesley 239A H Oct
Mount Bosie 239A W Jul
Mount Clarance 239A S Sep
Mount Lena 239A D Sep
Mount Ada 239A D Nov
Morris William 238B H Aug 1856
Morris Emma 238B W Dec 1861
Morris George 238B S Feb 1887
Morris Ray 238B S Sep 1888
Morris Elmer 238B S Mar 1893
Morris Bertha 238B D Nov 1894
Nicodemus John 240B H Oct 1839
Nicodemus Herman 240B S Jun 1883
Nicodemus Alma 240B D Jan 1885
Nicodemus Homer 241A Boarder May
Paddock Charles 240B H Mar 1846
Paddock M. J. 240B W Mar 1853
Paddock Saddie J. 240B D Jan 1877
Paddock Jay D. 240B S Nov 1881
Paddock Claud H. 240B S Dec 1883
Panner C. 239A H Jun 1833
Panner Sophia 239A W Aug 1843
Park Sarra 241B W Jun 1864
Park Vida 241B D Jun 1882
Park  James 241B H Apr 1854
Parker John 241A H Feb
Parker Florance  241A W Nov 1879
Parker Benney 241A S Jan 1894
Parker Virnie 241A S Oct
Parker Buffie 241A D Nov
Parker James 241A Bro Sep
Pearson Winfield 240B H Nov 1848
Pearson Mary 240B W Mar 1853
Pearson Gaylord 240B S Jan 1876
Pearson Iva 240B Dauinlaw Aug 1880
Preston O. 239A H Jan
Preston Mary 239A W Mar
Preston Frank 239A S Oct
Preston Hasel 239A D Oct
Preston Fred 239A S Jan
Preston Myrtal 239A D Jul
Preston Mary 239A D Jun
Preston Vern 239A D Oct
Reasoner Robert 240A H Mar 1852
Reasoner Carrie E. 240A W Nov 1864
Reasoner L. 240A D Oct 1887
Reasoner Harlan 240A S Feb 1889
Reasoner Horace 240A S Feb 1893
Riley John 240A H Nov 1858
Riley Lula 240A W Jun 1869
Riley Ethel 240A D Jan 1889
Riley Ople 240A D Jul 1893
Riley Lena 240A D Mar 1899
Riley Robert 241B H Jan 1873
Riley Julia 241B W Jan 1879
Riley Clell 241B S Mar 1896
Riley Bay 241B S Dec 1897
Riley ? 241B S Jan 1899
Scott James W. 239A H Jan 1855
Scott Celia 239A W Feb 1854
Scott Arthur 239B S Apr 1882
Scott Kenney 239B S Mar 1884
Scott Elsie 239B D Nov 1887
Scott Myrtal 239B D Aug 1891
Selby James 239A H Mar
Selby Mary 239A W Oct
Selby Edith 239A D Dec
Selby George 239A S Oct
Shuey Wallace 238A H Aug
Shuey Cinderella 238A W Apr
Shuey Guy 238A S Oct
Shuey Grace 238A D May
Shuey Ollie 238A D Dec
Shuey Ethel 238A D Jan
Shuey Orvel 238A S Sep
Shuey Troy 238A S Apr
Sines John 239B H Aug 1863
Sines Ella 239B W Jan 1871
Sines Myrtal 239B D Dec 1889
Sines Arvilla 239B D May 1892
Sines S. 239B S Aug 1894
Sines Lester 239B S Sep 1895
Sines Ellen 239B D Jul 1897
Sines Herald 239B S Dec 1898
Smith Bert 237B H May 1877
Smith Sivila 237B W Nov 1876
Smith William 239A Boarder Mar
Smith Mary 241B H Sep 1842
Snow James 238B Boarder Oct 1880
Stanbro Eli 238A H Dec
Stanbro Emma 238A W May
Stanbro Proti 238A S Jun
Stanbro Goldy 238A D Aug
Stanbro Orven 238A S Aug
Sterner Margaret 237B H Sep 1826
Sterner Fred 237B S Mar 1874
Stiner John 240A H Oct 1849
Stiner Sary E. 240A W Nov 1851
Stiner Alford 240A S Nov 1883
Stiner Robert 240A S Feb 1884
Stiner Bessie 240A D May 1893
Stiner William 238B H Oct 1865
Stiner Mary 238B W Apr 1866
Stiner Pearl 238B S Dec 1892
Stiner Vinnie 238B S May 1894
Stiner Stella 238B D Apr 1897
Stiner Elfie 241B Servant Oct 1887
Ulner James 241A H Aug
Vandike Alvin 237B Gson Sep 1881
Wager Fred 239A Boarder Aug
Walker Deamer 241B H Jun 1857
Walker Maggie E. 241B W May 1860
Walker Elvira 241B D Oct 1882
Walker Mary 241B D Feb 1887
Walker Tomis 241B S Apr 1891
Waren Alva 239B H May 1871
Waren Mary   239B W Oct 1874
Waren Samuel 239B F Aug 1838
Warner Dexter 241B H Sep 1851
Warner Lovina 241B W Aug 1854
Warren Frank C. 241A H Nov
Warren Josie M. 241A W Nov
Warron Berd 240B H Dec 1874
Warron Dosie 240B W Jun 1877
Warron Claud 240B S Jun 1898
Warron Lester 240B S Jan 1900
Weare U. 240B H Feb 1859
Weare Margrit 240B W May 1860
Weare Anna 240B D Feb 1885
Weare James 240B S Oct 1887
Weare Evia 240B D Feb 1891
Weare Ora 240B S May 1893
Weare Burta 240B D Mar 1895
Weare Victor 240B S Mar 1900
Westfawl Vern 240A Boarder Dec
Whitcombe Frank 240B Boarder Apr 1870
White Gilbert 241A H Oct
White Lorrinda 241A W Mar
White Maud 241A D Jan
White May 241A D Feb
White Clide 241B S Jul 1886
White Floyd 241B S Jun 1896
White Lu 241B Sis Jan 1868
Whitney George 241B H Mar 1870
Whitney Ella 241B W Nov 1873
Whitney Hazel 241B D Apr 1896
Whitney Merl 241B S Apr 1898
Wilburn Bob 239B H Nov 1844
Wilburn Allis 239B W Jun 1853
Wilburn Jessie 239B S Mar 1881
Wilburn Hazel 239B D Mar 1885
Wilcoxen John 239B H Nov 1848
Wilcoxen Ella 239B W May 1853
Wilcoxen Lilla 239B D Nov 1880
Wilcoxen Samuel 239B S Nov 1883
Wilcoxen Albert 239B S Sep 1888
Witham Fred 237B Boarder Nov 1870
Witham David 241B Boarder Mar 1876
Witham Wallace 241B H Nov 1872
Witham Anna L. 241B W Jul 1876
Witham Clinton 241B S Jun 1898
Witham Harland 241B S Nov 1899
Worley John 237B H Dec 1837
Worley Elen 237B W Dec 1837
Worley Linnie 237B D Jul 1875
Worley Abe 237B S Apr 1887
Worley Otie 238A D Feb
Worley Alace 238A D May
Worley John 238A S Aug
Worley Charley 238A S Apr


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