Decatur County Kansas
Prairie Dog Township
1900 Census

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with names that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible but be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Last Name First Name Page Relationship Birth Date
Alden Dennis 213A H Jan 1850
Alden Vina G. 213A W Sep 1855
Alden N. P. 213A D May 1884
Alexander S. M. 211B H Nov 1856
Alexander Mary E. 211B W Feb 1859
Alexander Lancelott E. 211B S Aug 1880
Alexander Gladys M. 211B D Mar 1887
Alexander Phyllis M. 211B D Nov 1889
Allison Charlie 212B H Aug 1864
Allison Mary   212B W Jan 1868
Allison Ellen L. 212B D Mar 1897
Allison Samuel 212B H Apr 1832
Allison Margaret J. 212B W Oct 1833
Amlin Joshua 212B H Mar 1861
Amlin Ida M. 212B W Feb 1861
Amlin Archie B. 212B S Jan 1887
Anderson Edward 211B H Nov 1879
Anderson Ellen C. 211B W Jun 1880
Anderson Florence 211B D Apr 1899
Anderson Harvey J. 212A Boarder Apr 1873
Anderson Nels 213A H Jan 1851
Anderson Alida 213A W Mar 1875
Anderson Otto G. 213A S Nov 1895
Anderson Alan J. 213A S Nov 1898
Anderson Lizzie 213A H Oct 1839
Anderson Albert J. 213A S Aug 1871
Anderson Anna C. 213A D Mar 1875
Anderson Louise J. 213A D Oct 1876
Anderson Amrl C. 213A S Oct 1879
Bell Lewis 212B H Jul 1875
Bell John B. 212B Bro Nov 1879
Bennett John 212A H Apr 1855
Bennett Ellen 212A W Sep 1854
Bennett Nada A. 212A D Dec 1877
Bennett Jason 212A S Apr 1882
Bennett Lulu M. 212A D Feb 1884
Bennett Carrie W. 212A D Mar 1887
Bennett Ruby J. 212A D Oct 1891
Bennett James W. 212A S Sep 1894
Bigen George 212A H Dec 1852
Bigen Lizzie 212A W Dec 1854
Bigen S. 212A S Oct 1887
Bigen Georgie 212A D Sep 1881
Bigen Don 212A S Jun 1893
Bigen Roy 212A S May 1891
Bigen Huldah M. 213A Boarder Apr 1879
Bolmer Mary 213B H Sep 1856
Bolmer Robert M. 213B S Aug 1888
Bolmer Henrietta 213B D May 1890
Bolmer Arthur 213B S Nov 1891
Bolmer Mary   213B D Jan 1894
Borin Mary 213A H Jun 1855
Borin Dessie L. 213A D Sep 1877
Borin John J. 213A S Apr 1880
Borin Hazle L. 213A D Nov 1890
Borin Verna 213A D Jan 1892
Bradley John 212A H Jan 1837
Bradley Elizabeth J. 212A W Aug 1847
Bradley Luke K. 212A S Sep 1870
Bradley John E. 212A S Apr 1880
Bundy Fred 212B H Jun 1858
Bundy Kate 212B W Apr 1857
Carlbery Gnot 212B H Nov 1859
Carlbery Christina S. 212B W  Dec 1855
Carlbery Conrad 212B S Jan 1886
Carlbery Oscar 212B S Aug 1890
Carlbery Harry 212B S Apr 1893
Conwell Jerry 211A H Jan 1853
Conwell Allavan H. 211A W Feb 1858
Conwell Glen B. 211A S Jun 1888
Conwell Bertha D. 211A D Jan 1890
Conwell Mary C. 211A D Aug 1891
Conwell Nola P. 211A D Aug 1893
Conwell Olin G. 211A S Dec 1898
Dempewolf Charley 212B Boarder Nov 1881
Demune Albert R. 212B Boarder May 1882
Erickson Hettie 211B H Mar 1858
Erickson Walfrad 211B S Aug 1882
Forsman Olif 211A H Jul 1854
Forsman Anna E. 211A W Mar 1858
Forsman Anna E. 211A D Jan 1884
Forsman Ernest P. 211A S Feb 1885
Forsman Ellen M. 211A D Jul 1886
Forsman Lydia M. 211A D Aug 1887
Forsman Huldah E. 211A D Aug 1889
Forsman Leonard J. 211A S Dec 1890
Forsman David N. 211A S Mar 1892
Forsman Arthur 211A S Jun 1893
Forsman Walter 211A S Aug 1895
Forsman Elmer 211A S Dec 1897
Forsman Peter E. 211B F  Jun 1822
Godfrey Albert   213B Boarder Apr 1881
Graff William 213A H Feb 1832
Graff Sarah 213A W Mar 1836
Graff Libbie 213A D Mar 1861
Graff Edna 213A D Jan 1877
Hartley Ira 212B H Oct 1846
Hartley Clarissa 212B M Oct 1824
Herrington Herman 213B Boarder Jan 1881
Hopwood Anna   213B H Mar 1855
Hopwood Clyde F. 213B S Sep 1877
Hopwood Frank C. 213B S Jan 1879
Hopwood John S. 213B S Sep 1884
Huber Mary 212B Mothinlaw Dec 1821
Huddle Marshall 213B H Aug 1865
Huddle Julia F. 213B W May 1860
Huddle Marshall P. 213B S Jul 1898
Huddle Daniel B. 213B F Feb 1828
Huff Andrew 212A H Nov 1849
Huff Cecilia F. 212A W Jan 1859
Huff Mable L. 212A D Jun 1879
Huff Jessie 212A D Apr 1881
Huff Emma J. 212A D Jul 1883
Huff Anna F. 212A D Oct 1887
Huff Harry 212A S Aug 1890
Huff Edna 212A D Mar 1893
Huff Bessie 212A D Feb 1895
Huff Mildred 212A D Apr 1898
Jackson David C. 211A Fathinlaw Dec 1822
Jackson Hannah 211A Mothinlaw Oct 1826
Jackson John 211A H Feb 1848
Jackson Anna   211A W Feb 1846
Jackson Thomas H. 211A S Mar 1879
Jackson Lena L. 211A D Aug 1881
Jackson Daniel P. 211A S Dec 1884
Jackson William A. 211A S  Dec 1887
Jackson David 211B H Jul 1878
Jackson Rosalee 211B W Apr 1878
Jackson Clarence L. 211B S Aug 1899
Jackson Lewis 212A H ??? 1875
Johnson John A. 212B H Jul 1853
Johnson Anna C. 212B W Sep 1859
Johnson Amelia C. 212B D Aug 1880
Johnson John A. 212B S Jan 1882
Johnson Samuel 212B S Sep 1883
Johnson Lydia E. 212B D Sep 1885
Johnson Albert L. 212B S Dec 1887
Johnson Bernice R. 212B D Jan 1891
Johnson Emma A. 212B D Oct 1894
Johnson Walfred G. 212B S Nov 1896
Johnson Ruben E. 212B S Feb 1899
Jones Lismo 213A H Mar 1844
Jones Angeline S. 213A W Aug 1845
Jones Lydia S. 213A D Nov 1879
Jones Laura E. 213A D Nov 1882
Jones Jessie G. 213A D Sep 1884
Jones Ella L. 213A D Aug 1885
Kaus Frank J. 213A H Mar 1871
Manguson Mangus 211B H Sep 1877
McCune Clarin (?) 212B H Dec 1842
McCune Charley R. 212B S Aug 1866
McDowal S. E. 211A H Dec 1852
McDowal Nellie E. 211A W Jun 1855
McDowal Lillie L. 211A D Sep 1877
McDowal J. Wallace 211A S Aug 1885
McKeny Thomas 211A H Jun 1865
McKeny Lizzie L. 211A W Jun 1866
McKeny Jenie E. 211A D Nov 1888
McKeny Carrie E. 211A D Oct 1890
McKeny Clyde M. 211A S Dec 1892
McKeny John C. 211A S Nov 1894
McKeny James H. 211A S Dec 1896
McKeny Grace B. 211A D May 1899
Motz Charles 213B H Feb 1871
Motz Mattie 213B W Nov 1875
Motz Ila I. 213B D Oct 1898
Motz Baby 213B D May 1900
Neilson Charlie 212A H Sep 1837
Neilson Anna L. 212A W Jul 1858
Neilson David N. 212A S Jun 1886
Neilson Sarah P. 212A D Apr 1888
Neilson Johnathan P. 212A S Jan 1890
Neilson Ruth L. 212A D Apr 1895
Neilson Mary A. 212A D Dec 1897
Nettleton John 211B H Sep 1860
Nettleton Georgie R. 211B W Feb 1863
Nettleton Norris 211B S Nov 1891
Nettleton Melinda G. 211B D Mar 1893
Oberg Andrew 212A H Mar 1850
Oberg Mable C. 212A W Sep 1859
Oberg Minnie C. 212A D Apr 1882
Oberg May E. 212A D May 1886
Oberg Ameal W. 212A S Sep 1890
Oberg Laura C. 212A D Mar 1893
Oxer John 213A H Nov 1849
Oxer Martha 213A W Jul 1861
Oxer Hattie E. 213A D Feb 1883
Oxer Jessie L. 213A D Jul 1887
Oxer Arla R. 213A D Mar 1893
Roberson M. 213A H Mar 1859
Robinson William 212B H May 1838
Robinson Almina J. 212B W Nov 1860
Robinson Elizabeth M. 212B D Jan 1878
Robinson Eeli R. 212B S Apr 1881
Robinson John L. 212B S Feb 1883
Roth Samuel 211B H Sep 1873
Roth Mary   211B W Jul 1875
Roth Myrtie 211B D Jul 1899
Roup William 213A H May 1857
Roup Mary D. 213A W Aug 1858
Roup Rosie B. 213A D Nov 1880
Roup Lester W. 213A S Oct 1882
Roup Viola M. 213A D Apr 1886
Roup Andrew J. 213A S May 1888
Roup Guy 213A S Aug 1891
Schneider Fred 211B H Nov 1865
Schneider Louisa 211B W Jan 1876
Schneider Annie H. 211B D Mar 1899
Schneider Lena 211B Sisinlaw Jul 1879
Schrock Crist 211B H Jun 1846
Schrock Catharine 211B W Jan 1852
Schrock Katie 211B D Mar 1879
Schrock Crist 211B S Mar 1881
Schrock Peter   211B S Feb 1883
Schrock Amelia 211B D Dec 1884
Schrock Lena   211B D Mar 1887
Schrock John 211B S Mar 1889
Schrock Daniel  211B S Sep 1890
Schrock Martha 211B D Mar 1893
Schrock Lydia   211B D Oct 1894
Schrock Samuel 211B S Sep 1896
Schrock Joseph 212A H Jul 1874
Schrock Lydia W. 212A W Aug 1876
Schrock Sadie 212A D Jan 1898
Schrock Albert 212A S Dec 1899
Shaul Jay D. 213A Boarder Sep 1881
Shuler Robert 212B H Jan 1851
Shuler Fannie 212B W May 1861
Shuler Stella M. 212B D Jan 1880
Shuler George L. 212B S Jun 1884
Shuler Nellie 212B D Oct 1888
Shuler Newell 212B S Apr 1893
Shuler Blanche 212B D Oct 1895
Shuler Clyde 212B S Jun 1898
Swanson Swan 211B H Dec 1848
Swanson Gustava 211B W Apr 1845
Taylor Bert 211A H Nov 1875
Taylor Anna S. 211A W Feb 1879
Thoren Hannah 211B W Jun 1866
Thoren Oscar W. 211B S Sep 1883
Thoren Olga W. 211B D Dec 1884
Thoren Lillie W. 211B D Apr 1886
Thoren Sarah H. 212A D Jul 1887
Thoren Ethel J. 212A D Jan 1892
Thoren Emma I. 212A D Mar 1895
Thoren  Peter 211B H Nov 1851
Unzicker Daniel 211B Boarder May 1843
Verstug Myrtle L. 212B D Aug 1864
Verstug Edward R. 212B Gson May 1899
Welch Perry 213A H Sep 1869
Welch Alda M. 213A W Nov 1878
Welch Stephen C. 213A S Nov 1896
Welch Edith M. 213A D Aug 1898
Wilcoxson S. 213B H Feb 1874
Wilcoxson Marinda 213B W Mar 1878
Wilson Robert 211A H Nov 1849
Wilson Nancy E. 211A W Jul 1849
Wilson Robert J. 211A S Feb 1873
Wilson Charles 211A S Oct 1878
Wilson Frank 211A S Nov 1882
Wilson Lovina 211A D Aug 1885
Wilson John E. 211A S Jul 1887
Wilson Leroy 211A S Jan 1890
Wilson Ada 211A D Mar 1892
Wolford John   213A H Oct 1873
Wolford Leta B. 213A W Sep 1874
Wolford Don 213A S May 1898

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