Half-Century Club Includes Many Names

May Be Others Who Have Been in County Fifty Years But Didn't Sign

Taken from the Sixtieth Anniversary Edition of the Oberlin Herald

June 1939

After it was announced in the Herald, at the suggestion of James Barratt, that all persons who had lived in Decatur County fifty years or more should register their names, date of coming or birth, and present mail address, an immediate response was made.  Altogether there have been nearly 250 men and women either come to the Herald office and sign in person, or mailed in the information.  It is believed this list of "Old Timers" in the county may prove exceedingly interesting and possibly a valuable directory, should the "Half-Century" club members want to hold an old-time picnic or reunion. 

In publishing the list of registrations we have grouped them together by present mail addresses--all those getting their mail from the Oberlin post office listed under Oberlin, etc.  The date following the name indicates when the person came to the county, or if born here this will be designated by an asterisk.

Last Name First Name


Mailing Address in 1939

Ater W. O. 1880 Oberlin
McKague Theresa 1879 Oberlin
Wolfe Mrs. T. B. 1882 Oberlin
Griffith V. H. *1882 Oberlin
Allen Guy C. 1874 Oberlin
Douglas Mrs. H. O. 1874 Oberlin
Baumgarten C. H. 1879 Oberlin
Decker Lon 1885 Oberlin
Dale W. A. 1888 Oberlin
Cody G. E. 1881 Oberlin
Macy W. R. 1885 Oberlin
Peterson Albert 1887 Oberlin
Nelson Oscar 1879 Oberlin
Love Mrs. John 1880 Oberlin
Love John E. Sept. 12, 1873 Oberlin
Livingston Belle Sept. 12, 1873 Oberlin
Riley Lawrence Sept. 12, 1873 Oberlin
Smick Fay D. *1888 Oberlin
Barratt James D. 1884 Oberlin
Barratt Adi 1886 Oberlin
Gaumer W. J. *1879 Oberlin
Claar H. B. 1879 Oberlin
Roberts Mrs. H. M. 1886 Oberlin
Petracek James 1880 Oberlin
Petracek Mary 1880 Oberlin
Myers Orange 1888 Oberlin
Miller Mrs. Anna Harris 1886 Oberlin
Brown Joe S. 1881 Oberlin
Brown Wilna Barr 1880 Oberlin
Harris Mrs. S. W. 1886 Oberlin
O'Toole S. J. 1884 Oberlin
O'Toole W. J. 1878 Oberlin
Waldo Clifton 1884 Oberlin
Lueke John 1886 Oberlin
Lueke Mrs. John 1887 Oberlin
Carl W. E. 1879 Oberlin
Lueke Albert *1888 Oberlin
Berry S. D. 1886 Oberlin
Jordan Jay 1879 Oberlin
Swayne E. C. 1885 Oberlin
Edwards Ora 1885 Oberlin
Miller A. L. *1881 Oberlin
Stephens G. L. 1885 Oberlin
Park James 1876 Oberlin
Brown Mrs. Rose 1879 Oberlin
Brown J. W. 1881 Oberlin
Wickham E. C. 1875 Oberlin
Wilson W. E. 1884 Oberlin
Uehlin Mrs. C. C. *1884 Oberlin
Uehlin C. C. 1879 Oberlin
Tacha Frank 1878 Oberlin
May Henry 1886 Oberlin
Hayward Clara 1878 Oberlin
Hayward T. L. 1880 Oberlin
Park Mrs. James 1878 Oberlin
Miller Wilder 1885 Oberlin
Still C. A. 1879 Oberlin
Bliss F. F. 1880(incorrect) Oberlin
Bebb Mrs. Rosa 1888 Oberlin
Ewing D. E. 1884 Oberlin
Barr John 1886 Oberlin
Orr Mrs. Will 1878 Oberlin
May Herman 1886 Oberlin
Raymond Myron G. *1889 Oberlin
Nitsch Paul A. *1884 Oberlin
Lohoefener O. F. *1887 Oberlin
Lohoefener Adolph 1885 Oberlin
Pirkl Andy 1888 Oberlin
Miner Alfred 1880 Oberlin
Davison Mrs. C. E. 1879 Oberlin
Guinn L. D. 1884 Oberlin
Guinn Mrs. L. D. 1880 Oberlin
Counter Mrs. H. E. 1881 Oberlin
Counter Harry *1888 Oberlin
Lytle Miss Margaret 1886 Oberlin
Lytle Will 1886 Oberlin
Guinn John 1883 Oberlin
Stephens Clara 1885 Oberlin
Stevenson W. T. 1886 Oberlin
Griffith Mrs. H. A. 1882 Oberlin
Plotts L.C. 1884 Oberlin
Robinson C.G. 1885 Oberlin
Logan Clyde 1885 Oberlin
May Katie 1888 Oberlin
Higgins G.M. 1885 Oberlin
Higgins Mrs. G.M. 1886 Oberlin
Morton Mrs. Nora 1878 Oberlin
Lathrop Mrs. M.L. 1887 Oberlin
Eiler Mrs. Susie *1886 Oberlin
Rezner Mrs. Amy 1879 Oberlin
Redd Maggie 1879 Oberlin
Nitcher A.L. 1888 Oberlin
Nitcher Mrs. A.L. 1888 Oberlin
Lytle Charles 1886 Oberlin
Uehlin Mrs. Rosa 1879 Oberlin
Koehler Mrs. J.P. *1880 Oberlin
Koehler J.P. 1885 Oberlin
Coldren E.W. 1884 Oberlin
Beers Lonnie 1887 Oberlin
Koehler Don A. 1885 Oberlin
Unger Andrew 1884 Oberlin
Shaw Mrs. Earl 1886 Oberlin
Amlin J.A. 1881 Oberlin
Walker J.O. 1887 Oberlin
Walker Mrs. J.O. 1886 Oberlin
Walker Mrs. J.R. 1887 Oberlin
Cathcart Mrs. Craig 1886 Oberlin
Cathcart Craig 1886 Oberlin
Wilbur C.A. 1885 Oberlin
Wilbur Mrs. C.A. 1885 Oberlin
Lytle Frank 1886 Oberlin
Lytle Mrs. Frank 1885 Oberlin
Steele Art S. 1885 Oberlin
Steele Mrs. Art S. 1887 Oberlin
Clelland Mattie Logan *1887 Oberlin
Dean Mrs. Vadie 1879 Oberlin
Teeter Ettie B. 1888 Oberlin
Gill Mrs. Pearl 1886 Oberlin
Mount Rosa Fair 1881 Oberlin
Fair Will 1881 Oberlin
Morton Mrs. Smith 1878 Oberlin
White Clyde 1887 Oberlin
Odell Mrs. E.G. 1885 Oberlin
Marks Newt 1886 Oberlin
Roberts Arthur E. 1884 Oberlin
Unger Susie 1888 Oberlin
Handwerk John A. *1887 Oberlin
Gillette Mrs. L.F. 1886 Oberlin
Eiler Mrs. Howard *1887 Oberlin
Bystrom Mrs. E.L. 1884 Oberlin
McClaury W.H. 1881 Oberlin
Caster Mrs. Ina 1884 Oberlin
Litton Ira D. 1884 Oberlin
Langmade William S. 1881 Oberlin
Langmade Margaret L. 1885 Oberlin
Fair J.W. 1881 Oberlin
Pearson G.R. 1885 Oberlin
Guinn L.W. 1879 Oberlin
Graves John 1882 Oberlin
Campbell Mrs. D.G. 1885 Oberlin
Coulter Mrs. Margaret 1885 Oberlin
Coulter Addison 1885 Oberlin
Coulter Eugene 1885 Oberlin
Willcoxon S.R. 1883 Oberlin
Leake Robert 1885 Oberlin
Leake Mrs. Nettie 1880 Oberlin
Edwards I.E. 1887 Oberlin
Anderson Mrs. Lena 1885 Oberlin
Johnson Frank 1887 Oberlin
Peters Fred 1885 Oberlin
Peters Mrs. Fred 1881 Oberlin
Herzog John 1877 Herndon
Demmer Matt 1879 Herndon
Demmer Mary 1886 Herndon
Gueshel Paul 1885 Herndon
Staley Mrs. Selma Hanson *1885 Kanona
Stinson J.A. 1885 Kanona
Miller Mrs. B.B. 1879 Kanona
Vernon G.A. 1886 Kanona
Brown Gilbert 1880 Kanona
Hegree Edwin *1886 Kanona
Orr C.W. 1885 Kanona
Schroer George 1886 Dresden
Young Mrs. Alice G. 1879 Dresden
Smith George T. 1879 Dresden
Ehler Mrs. Laura 1888 Dresden
Sawyer J.B. 1884 Dresden
Sawyer Mrs. J.B. 1885 Dresden
Chapman M.J. 1883 Dresden
Tromeeter Mrs. Amanda 1885 Dresden
Schroer John R. 1889 Dresden
Schroer Mrs. John R. 1885 Dresden
Pankaskie Leo 1887 Dresden
Anderson Mrs. Claus 1885 Dresden
Meixner John *1886 Traer
Meixner Mrs. Sr. 1884 Traer
McCartney C.A. 1880 Traer
Silvers Mrs. Katie Christian 1884 Traer
Silvers R.A. 1881 Traer
Brunk Chas E. 1886 Norcatur
Vernon R.H. 1886 Norcatur
Frewen Frank *1882 Norcatur
Bell O.G. 1881 Norcatur
Furman O.E. 1889 Norcatur
Cozad Mrs. Naomi 1885 Norcatur
Bell Mrs. M.E. 1882 Norcatur
Bell B.B. 1878 Norcatur
Bell Nellie T. 1885 Norcatur
Wycoff J.H. 1879 Norcatur
Wentz Lewis 1879 Norcatur
Mayes Mrs. W.J. ? Norcatur
Vernon A.C. 1886 Norcatur
Bell C.E. 1879 Norcatur
Venrick Mrs. Martha A. 1884 Norcatur
Ward Mrs. Walter W. 1888 Norcatur
Raymond C.J. 1879 California
VanVleet Walter E. *? Danbury, Ne.
Leist A.G. 1888 Danbury, Ne.
Furman A.C. 1880 Danbury, Ne.
Kennedy Harry S. 1885 Cedar Bluffs
Ormsby Lemuel 1887 Cedar Bluffs
Daniel George S. 1885 Saint Cloud, Fla.
VanVleet  Emery 1886 Danbury, Ne.
Trowbridge F.D. *1887 Selden
Wiggins Wise 1874 Lebanon, Ne.
Wolf French T. *1888 Lucerne
Wolf R.R. *1886 Lucerne
Fulton A.K. 1886 ?
Leist Blanche 1885 Danbury, Ne.
Cathcart Mrs. Eva Vale 1878 Selden
Decker Mr. J.B. 1886 Cedar Bluffs
Decker J.B. 1886 Cedar Bluffs
Anderson J.A. 1885 Selden
Gaumer Bessie L. 1876 Jennings
Petracek Mrs. 1879 Jennings
Rohan Minnie 1875 Jennings
Rohan Charles *1876 Jennings
Tacha Ernest *1887 Jennings
Carper Mrs. M.F. 1879 Jennings
Houtsma John *1888 Jennings
Chenoweth L.A. 1885 Jennings
Chenoweth Mrs. Pearl 1883 Jennings
Kaspar Joseph 1879 Jennings
Mizer Mrs. Ella 1886 Jennings
Mizer Donald E. 1886 Jennings
Mazanek Frank 1884 Jennings
Mazanek Mrs. Frank *1884 Jennings
Farris William J. 1888 Jennings
Farris Mrs. William 1879 Jennings
Jennings Mrs. J.B. 1879 Jennings
Hill T.L. 1885 Jennings
Hill Nettie Gilmore 1886 Jennings
Tacha John 1878 Jennings
Munson Mrs. Grace Ford 1879 Jennings
Munson Mark T. 1879 Jennings
Ford Miss Ada 1879 Jennings
Vacura Cedelie 1886 Jennings
Vacura Mary 1888 Jennings
Jordan Mrs. L.A. 1880 Jennings
Dodson Frank J. Sr. 1885 Jennings
Heilman Mrs. Eleanora 1886 Jennings
Cilek Lewis W. *1881 Jennings
Tacha Mrs. Katie August 1873 Jennings
Tacha Theo 1878 Jennings
Tacha Mrs. Barbara 1886 Jennings
Steffen Henry 1877 Jennings
Tacha Edward 1886 Jennings
Tacha F.W. 1887 Jennings

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