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Queries 2001

Baxter, Bremer, Capps, Cody, Coler, Crouse, Harrison, Henkel, Hodge, Holliday, Janousek, Johnson, Jurey, Knisely, Markley, McQuinn, NellansPainter, Rice, Roberts, Roe, Royalty, Spatz, Stricker, Swander, Ward, White (2)

Author:   Luanne Henthorn 
Query:  I am searching for information on Emmett White. His children were Elwyn E. White, Wanda White (m. Harold Janousek), and twins Marilyn and Meredith (M).  Would like to know how he is related to George and Hettie Capps Craig and the Capps family. Any info would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Subject:    Jurey Family
Author:   Glenn Dunavan 
Date:  September 13, 2001
Query:   Seeking information on the Jurey family of Norton, Decatur and Washington Counties.

Subject:   Hannah MARKLY, William SPATZ
Author:   Julie Mease
Date:  August 23, 2001
I am looking for information on Hannah MARKLY. She was living in Oberlin in 1910.  She is the sister of William S. SPATZ.

Subject:   NELLANS Family Info
Author:   Bruce Kennedy
Date:  July 10, 2001
Query:   I am trying to find out more about the NELLANS family's sojourn in Decatur County. They moved to Allison Township sometime between 1894 and 1900 and had departed for California by 1910. I am very interested in finding out if any of the children got married in the area. Names and DOB of children who may have married in Decatur County are:
Clara, Oct 1881; Carey T, 12 Sep 1883; Ina, Sep 1888; John Erwin, 24 Aug 1891

I am also interested in any other references to the family of John L. and Alice Isabel (Baxter) Nellans.

Subject:   Obituary for Lavina Coler Harrison
Author:   Cindy Horrace
Date:  June 23, 2001
Query:  Can anyone tell me who to contact to obtain an obituary for Lavina Coler Colaw Harrison who died 24 February 1907 in Norcatur? What newspaper was available in this area at that time would be a big help!

Reply:  Go to to search for newspapers from Norcatur. Then your library can interlibrary loan the microfilm from the Kansas State Historical Society.

Good luck, Ardie Grimes

Subject:   WHITE / PAINTER
Author:   Karen Kelly
Date:  June 21, 2001
Query:  I am searching for information on my great grandparents William Henry WHITE (1858-1933) and Anna PAINTER (1861-1949) who homesteaded in Decatur County, KS around 1912. I am also interested in any information on their children, siblings, and parents. Of particular interest is the White Cemetery located east of Oberlin, KS.

Subject:   WARD, Josiah S.
Author:   Pat Heincy
Date:  April 21, 2001
Am searching for anyone connected to Josiah S. Ward and wife Mary Magdalena Burner. Am trying to locate the Grandmother Ward's name.

Josiah's parents:
Jonas Ward, Jr.
Elizabeth Dewees-Ward

Jonas Ward, Sr.
Wife: Unknown

Subject:   Hodge
Author:   Mary Hodge 
Date:  January 26, 2001
My husband is a descendant of George F. Hodge living in Decatur Co in 1880's. He served as Superintendent of Schools during late 1880's. They built a home in southern part of Oberlin 1884-1885.  His son Chester Aaron Hodge died Aug 10, 1888.  Would like to locate cemetery and cause of death if possible.  Also looking for information about Chester A Royalty and Hanna Julia Hodge family who moved to Decatur Co. mid 1880's.  George Hodge and Julia Hodge Royalty were brother and sister.

Thank you for any help.

Subject:   Henkel, Mary May
Author:   Glenn Dunavan 
Date:  April 06, 2001
Query:  Looking for family of Mary May Henkel, d. 1908, buried in Norcatur cemetery as Mary May Roe, wife of William Bascom Roe who died in 1944. They were married in Norton county in 1894 and lived about 5 miles Northeast of Norcatur in Norton County.

Subject:   Swander
Author:   Sandy Harmon
Date:  April 03, 2001
Query:   I am searching for the parents of Ira Ammon Swander. He married Ella Knisley abt. 1896 in Sandusky Co. Ohio.  I do not believe they were from Ohio.  Ira's father was David Swander.  I am not sure where he was from. If anyone has ANY information, please contact me. Thank you.

Subject:   Roberts family
Author:   Judith Rice-Jones
Date:  March 06, 2001
Query:  Seeking any information on ROBERTS family who were in the Oberlin area in the 1890s. Names include: Joseph ROBERTS, Hattie ROBERTS, Arthur ROBERTS, and Sarah Sylvester Rice ROBERTS who died in Oberlin on May 27, 1906. Can share info on the ROBERTS family and the RICE family.

Subject:   Hollidays of Decatur, ex-Van Buren, Iowa
Author:   Gerald Clark
Date:  February 22, 2001
Query:  If there are any of the grandchildren of Boyd Allen HOLLIDAY and Nora Harriet CODY who are on the net, they share with me a fourth great grandfather, William Holliday of Drax, Yorkshire England.  I have complete details of the Holliday line from Boyd Allen Holliday to William and even for three generations before him: but I only have a very scanty knowledge of Boyd Allen Holliday's family in Decatur consisting basically of the fact that he had 11 children of whom at least four are no longer living.
If you have any knowledge please get in touch with me - and I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.

Reply:  January 30, 2002  Just happened to catch this name. My Grandmother, Lucy Kennedy Witham knew the Holidays in Decatur Co. I will look into my records to see if I can find you anything useful. 

Kathy Leroy

Subject:   Stricker, Edward Decatur County Ks
Author:   Sharon Westmoreland 
Date:  February 19, 2001
Query:  Looking for any information for Edward L. Stricker born in Vigo County Ind and died 30 Apr 1918 in Norcatur Ks.  Was married to Mary McQuinn and had 3 girls and 1 boy. Any info would be appreciated
Subject:   Bremer / Johnson
Author:   Cherie STEWART
Date:  February 08, 2001
Query:  My great grandfather, Peter Frederik Johnson and Fred Bremer immigrated from Denmark. I would like to contact the Bremer family and find out if they know more about the trip (ship, port of entry, etc.)

Subject:   CROUSE
Author:   Kelly Crouse-Hoefer
Date:  January 22, 2001
Query:  I am looking for any information on the CROUSE family possibly between 1870-1890. Tamzen Fry-Crouse I believe is buried here.

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