The voters of Decatur County and their Post-Office Addresses of 1891

Taken from the Oberlin Herald November 26, 1891.

These were transcribed as they appeared in the newspaper, misspelling and all, by
Phil and Sharleen Wurm.  The microfilm of this paper that this list was taken from was not good and there had been creases in the paper so several names were not readable.

Last Name First Name Post Office Address
? E. R. Lyle
?? ?? Lyle
?? John Lyle
Abernathy F. M. Norcatur
Adams C. Cedar Bluffs
Adams C. E. Traer
Adams J. H. Shibboleth
Adams Jas. Cedar Bluffs
Adams Omar Traer
Adams Peter Bassettville
Adams Wm. Traer
Addleman N. G. Oberlin
Aggson J. R. Norcatur
Allacher Mat. Herndon
Allen Art Oberlin
Allen C. Oberlin
Allen D. B. Selden
Allen Elmore Decatur
Allen J. B. Oberlin
Allen J. W. Oberlin
Allen L. L. Kanona
Allington J. Danbury, Ne.
Allison D. L. Dresden
Alstrom A. Shibboleth
Alstrom C. E. Shibboleth
Anderson A. G. Shibboleth
Anderson A. M. Bassettville
Anderson C. N. Cedar Bluffs
Anderson Cy. Oberlin
Anderson Frank Oberlin
Anderson Henry Shibboleth
Anderson L. Selden
Anderson M. Bassettville
Anderson M. Bassettville
Anderson N. D. Shibboleth
Anderson Nels Shibboleth
Anderson Ole Shibboleth
Anderson W. P. Norcatur
Andrews C. C. Lyle
Andrews W. H. Lyle
Anthony H. Hawkeye
Arehart F. B. Oberlin
Arehart Geo. Oberlin
Arehart J. H. Oberlin
Arnold A. W. Danbury, Ne.
Arnold G. H. Danbury, Ne.
Asbahr H. Danbury, Ne.
Ashcroft P. L. Shibboleth
Askins John Y. Bassettville
Ater C. A. Oberlin
Ater M. C. Oberlin
Atkins J. H. Jennings
Bacon E. G. Dresden
Baeker J. W. Lyle
Baker C. Norcatur
Baker Jos. D. Selden
Baldwin I. B. Dresden
Baldwin W. S. Jennings
Banta D. O. Kanona
Bariteau E. A. Decatur
Barker D. F. Danbury, Ne.
Barnard J. A. Oberlin
Barnes E. Danbury, Ne.
Barnes T. L. Kanona
Barnett D. J. Jennings
Barnhizer H. H. Dresden
Barr Allin Oberlin
Barr J. F. Oberlin
Barrett S. T. Lyle
Barrett Thos. Kanona
Bartlett W. Dresden
Bartos Paul Jennings
Bateman Eli Bassettville
Bateman P. Bassettville
Bateman W. F. Decatur
Bates Aaron Danbury, Ne.
Baughman D. Shibboleth
Baum Geo. Decatur
Baumgarten H. J. Oberlin
Bayes A. E. Lyle
Bayley A. R. Jennings
Bayne G. W. Kanona
Beal D. A. Oberlin
Beal G. R. Decatur
Beales Fred Lyle
Beardsley H. S. Oberlin
Bebb T. D. Oberlin
Beckler Geo. L. Shibboleth
Beckwith D. B. Dresden
Beers A. J. Jennings
Beersy S. A. Jennings
Bell D. G. Oberlin
Bell J. A. Lyle
Bell J. H. Norcatur
Bell N. J. Shibboleth
Bell W. F. Shibboleth
Bell W. J. Norcatur
Bennett J. C. Jennings
Bennett Jason Shibboleth
Benton A. Oberlin
Benton O. L. Oberlin
Bergher Jos. Dresden
Berry F. O. Lyle
Berry J. M. Lyle
Berry John Oberlin
Bertram G. Webb Oberlin
Best L. M. Oberlin
Bevis R. V. Jennings
Bieker H. Dresden
Bier G. Dresden
Birkey Daniel Bassettville
Birkey Joseph Bassettville
Birky A. D. Shibboleth
Birky A. J. Oberlin
Birky C. C. Hawkeye
Birky C. H. Shibboleth
Birky J. D. Shibboleth
Birky J. E. Shibboleth
Birky J. J. Hawkeye
Birky Jacob Shibboleth
Birky John C. Shibboleth
Birky V. Bassettville
Bishop A. Oberlin
Bishop Alex Jennings
Bishop W. Lyle
Bishop W. H. Oberlin
Bivans Joe Oberlin
Blackman W. R. Dresden
Blake Geo. B. Kanona
Blaser J. Jennings
Bliss F. F. Oberlin
Bly Geo. Clayton
Bock Jacob Dresden
Bolin Jacob Hooker
Booth A. L. Cedar Bluffs
Booth R. L. Decatur
Borderick Frank Oberlin
Borin Bruce Oberlin
Borin C. Oberlin
Borin J. C. Oberlin
Bosworth C. G. Cedar Bluffs
Boutts F. A. Jennings
Bowlin C. D. Jennings
Boyles W. Dresden
Bradbury J. I. Decatur
Bradbury M. T. Allison
Bradbury Wm. Decatur
Bradley Noah Bassettville
Bradley Perry Oberlin
Bradley Reuben Bassettville
Bradley W. M. Bassettville
Bradly W. N. Bassettville
Branford Wm. Oberlin
Branson W. P. Oberlin
Branstool Geo. Oberlin
Branstool Jno. Oberlin
Bremer Fred Dresden
Brewer L. W. Dresden
Brewer R. H. Selden
Bridel R. Oberlin
Briggs E. R. Oberlin
Briscoe A. Oberlin
Bristle B. J. Lyle
Brock A. J. Jennings
Brock Wm. Jennings
Brogan D. S. Oberlin
Brogan Frank Oberlin
Brombarger Jno. Bassettville
Brooks J. R. Norcatur
Brothers J. A. Lyle
Brown A. M. Traer
Brown E. G. Jennings
Brown G. A. Selden
Brown G. G. Kanona
Brown Isaac Lyle
Brown J. H. Oberlin
Brown Jos. S. Bassettville
Brown W. A. Oberlin
Brown Wm. Oberlin
Brown Wm. C. Bassettville
Brunk John Norcatur
Brunk Peter Norcatur
Bryson W. G. Lyle
Bullock S. C. Cedar Bluffs
Bundy E. N. Oberlin
Bundy F. C. Oberlin
Bundy F. L. Oberlin
Bunn Geo. Oberlin
Burnett W. A. Oberlin
Bush C. H. Cedar Bluffs
Butler John Clayton
Bystrom E. L. Shibboleth
Calahan Geo. W. Kanona
Caldwell A. P. Dresden
Caldwell J. R. Kanona
Caldwell M. P. Dresden
Call E. H. Oberlin
Campbell L. E. Oberlin
Caninger C. C. Norcatur
Carlson A. Shibboleth
Carlson John Shibboleth
Carnes J. W. Lyle
Carper C. E. Jennings
Carper James Jennings
Carper John Jennings
Carper W. S. Jennings
Carter J. W. Norcatur
Cass J. J. Allison
Cassidy P. F. Bassettville
Casterline F. W. Oberlin
Castor Dan Oberlin
Cathcart A. C. Norcatur
Cathcart A. P. Decatur
Celik Jos. Jennings
Chambers J. W. Lyle
Chandler C. E. Oberlin
Chapin F. Oberlin
Chapin H. Oberlin
Chapin H. H. Norcatur
Chapin John Jennings
Chapin Will Oberlin
Chapman M. J. Dresden
Chenoweth E. A. Allison
Chilson J. M. Oberlin
Chivington W. S. Dresden
Chrisman Geo. Oberlin
Claar E. H. Hawkeye
Claar Henry Hawkeye
Clark Isaac Oberlin
Clark M. W. Oberlin
Clawson Abe Oberlin
Cleland J. C. Norcatur
Clinkenbeard O. L. Oberlin
Clinkenbeard S. R. Oberlin
Cobbs W. B. Kanona
Cochrain W. U. Jennings
Cody G. E. Kanona
Coffey Jno. Oberlin
Colby Geo. Oberlin
Coldren E. M. Oberlin
Cole J. H. Oberlin
Cole M. E. Oberlin
Cole W. N. Oberlin
Colt J. B. Oberlin
Colvin H. D. Oberlin
Colvin Lew Oberlin
Conger A. E. Decatur
Conger E. A. Decatur
Conklin M. A. Dresden
Conley J. H. Jennings
Conn L. Cedar Bluffs
Conner J. D. Jennings
Conquest J. R. Shibboleth
Conroy C. Dresden
Conwell Jerry Selden
Cook Jerry Oberlin
Copeland J. C. Norcatur
Copeland John Jennings
Coppedge A. P. Norcatur
Coulson J. E. Dresden
Coulter D. J. Decatur
Cousins Wm. Dresden
Cox A. J. Lyle
Cozad Wm. Oberlin
Crabill F. E. Norcatur
Crabill Geo. Norcatur
Cramer C. Oberlin
Crannell C. W. Oberlin
Crocker A. H. Oberlin
Cross Alfred Selden
Cross E. W. Oberlin
Crouse W. F. Traer
Culley Frank Oberlin
Cunley P. P. Bassettville
Cutshall W. H. Norcatur
Cyrus G. Hawkeye
Dacednkt Geo. Bassettville
Daily H. P. Oberlin
Dale W. A. Oberlin
Daniel Geo. S. Oberlin
Daniel J. D. Oberlin
Daniels Eugene Traer
Daniels L. Cedar Bluffs
Danks I. R. Dresden
Daugherty L. A. Norcatur
Dauley C. H. Jennings
Davidson C. C. Oberlin
Davis F. W. Jennings
Davis Frank Selden
Davis O. C. Dresden
Davis W. A. Jennings
Davis W. G. Norcatur
Dawson B. F. Norcatur
Dayton John Kanona
Decker J. I. Kanona
Deming W. H. Hooker
Deming W. H. Hooker
Demmer Jno. Herndon
Demmer M. Herndon
Demmer Mat Traer
Dempewolf H. Dresden
Dempewolf J. Dresden
Dempewolf J. D. Dresden
Denune E. Selden
Denune J. N. Selden
Denune J. O. Selden
Deuel F. Hawkeye
DeuPree J. R. Oberlin
Deupree L. M. Bassettville
Deupree W. E. Bassettville
Devine J. L. Norcatur
Devorek Jno. Jennings
DeYoung S. Dresden
Dickinson S. Oberlin
Dietz Nick Lyle
Dimmick C. Traer
Dimmick Frank Cedar Bluffs
Dimmick J. O. Cedar Bluffs
Dochow H. Jennings
Dodson F. J. Jennings
Doom E. Jennings
Doom J. E. Jennings
Douglas H. O. Oberlin
Dowdall H. H. Oberlin
Drake P. E. Shibboleth
Drohen Pat Oberlin
Drullinger W. S. Oberlin
Dufford H. C. Oberlin
Dugan J. L. Oberlin
Duley Thos. Oberlin
Duncan J. C. Norcatur
Dunn J. W. Oberlin
Dunsmoor I. E. Jennings
Durham Asa Jennings
Dyer Wm. Decatur
Easton Chas. Jennings
Ecker G. Traer
Eckhart Jno. Norcatur
Ecord O. P. Bassettville
Ehlers E. Dresden
Eichelberger C. Bassettville
Eichelberger Geo. Bassettville
Eiler D. W. Oberlin
Elliot E. M. Norcatur
Ellis Benj. Selden
Ellis Joel Selden
Elliston Chas. Norcatur
Ellsworth J. F. Traer
Elrod R. C. Oberlin
Elson C. G. Cedar Bluffs
Emahizer J. C. Oberlin
Emberson A. L. Oberlin
Emery H. Lyle
Emmons Fred Dresden
Engel Chris Shibboleth
English John Norcatur
Engstrom A. A. Shibboleth
Eno F. P. Decatur
Enos W. G. Oberlin
Epiriken S. L. Jennings
Erickson Fred Allison
Euhus Henry Oberlin
Ewing A. C. Decatur
Fair H. G. Oberlin
Fair John Oberlin
Fair Perry Oberlin
Fargo ? Oberlin
Fargo Jno. Oberlin
Farrington Jos. Oberlin
Farris Robert Jennings
Farris Wm. Jennings
Fawcett J. E. Kanona
Fawcett T. H. Jennings
Feichter J. F. Lyle
Fetterolf Geo. Oberlin
Fields G. W. Kanona
Fisher L. Norcatur
Flanigan J. D. Kanona
Flaska W. Jennings
Flates F. H. Jennings
Fleak L. Lyle
Fleishaker Geo. Herndon
Fleishaker M. Herndon
Fleming W. S. Oberlin
Flowers C. Norcatur
Floyd J. M. Kanona
Foley J. A. Lyle
Folger Asa Jennings
Foltz J. J. Oberlin
Ford E. W. Jennings
Ford F. R. Jennings
Ford H. L. Jennings
Ford S. E. Kanona
Forseman O. P. Bassettville
Fortney B. M. Oberlin
Fosick W. S. Lyle
Fosler Geo. Lyle
Foster R. B. Dresden
Fox Geo. Oberlin
Francis James Dresden
Franklin Peter Lyle
Frasier W. A. Oberlin
Frazier B. G. Norcatur
Frazier Joseph Dresden
French J. A. Traer
Frenzen P. J. Selden
Frewen C. Hooker
Frisby T. C. Oberlin
Frost A. M. Oberlin
Fruse Jacob Jennings
Fry A. Norcatur
Funke B. Dresden
Furman A. C. Oberlin
Furman G. S. Oberlin
Gabrielson Joe Shibboleth
Gabrielson O. Shibboleth
Gallentine A. W. Jennings
Gallentine F. M. Norcatur
Gallentine T. J. Norcatur
Gardner J. R. Traer
Gaston D. Norcatur
Gaston R. D. Norcatur
Gay C. A. Lyle
Gay W. C. Lyle
Geiger A. C. T. Oberlin
Genniaison C. J. Oberlin
Gesselman Geo. Herndon
Getitnor A. Oberlin
Gibbens E. E. Oberlin
Gibson A. Hawkeye
Gibson A. Danbury, Ne.
Gifford G. A. Dresden
Gilbertson G. Kanona
Gill F. M. Norcatur
Gill Nick Kanona
Gillette E. F. Shibboleth
Gillette L. H. Shibboleth
Gilman Ed Jennings
Gilpen E. P. Jennings
Glassness H. Jennings
Gleason A. G. Oberlin
Gleason Patsy Oberlin
Glenn S. G. Jennings
Gmahl J. Herndon
Goeshel Jon. Herndon
Goeshel Paul Herndon
Gomeron ? J. Lyle
Goodnick D. W. Jennings
Gordy A. Selden
Goss P. J. jr. Oberlin
Goss P. J. Sr. Oberlin
Gow Leo Oberlin
Grannice H. H. Oberlin
Graves C. Oberlin
Green J. P. Jennings
Greenwood J. Oberlin
Gregory P. Norcatur
Griffin T. I. Oberlin
Griffin Thos. Oberlin
Griffith H. A. Jennings
Griffith J. E. Jennings
Griffith W. E. Jennings
Griggs Chas. Oberlin
Griggs M. M. Oberlin
Grist Edwin Traer
Grobe D. E. Oberlin
Grogan James Norcatur
Groom Frank Jennings
Grosniklaus Jno. Oberlin
Guinn J. H. Traer
Guinn J. K. Traer
Guinn L. P. Traer
Gunthert J. B. Oberlin
Haas Paul Traer
Hackney James Bassettville
Haden R. G. Norcatur
Haden W. Norcatur
Hahn N. A. Jennings
Hainline T. S. Oberlin
Hale L. B. Lyle
Halladay H. W. Oberlin
Hancock A. Oberlin
Hand E. C. Oberlin
Handwerk A. Oberlin
Handwerk N. B. Oberlin
Hanger J. B. Cedar Bluffs
Hanger J. F. Cedar Bluffs
Hanna A. Oberlin
Hanshaw W. F. Bassettville
Hanson A. Shibboleth
Hanson H. A. Kanona
Hare A. L. Norcatur
Hare M. S. Norcatur
Harfst John Selden
Harger W. D. Danbury, Ne.
Harley J. N. Norcatur
Harp Louis Jennings
Harris S. W. Oberlin
Harris W. J. Norcatur
Hartley I. W. Oberlin
Hartley M. Oberlin
Hartley W. C. Oberlin
Haskins Thos. Oberlin
Hatch Frank Decatur
Hauptman M. Herndon
Hawkins C. A. Oberlin
Hayes J. D. Oberlin
Hayes W. K. Oberlin
Hayward John H. Decatur
Hayward Thomas L. Decatur
Heck L. Oberlin
Hegree A. E. Kanona
Heilman Wm. Kanona
Heilman Wm. Jennings
Heitmann J. F. Oberlin
Heller J. E. Kanona
Helmkamp Fred Oberlin
Hennings Warren Jennings
Henry B. H. Jennings
Henry I. B. Clayton
Henry R. B. Jennings
Henslee A. C. Traer
Hentges Theo Dresden
Herron J. W. Cedar Bluffs
Hertzog Jno. Herndon
Heston I. Danbury, Ne.
Hewitt Isaac Oberlin
Hewitt R. Oberlin
Hickert Henry Jennings
Higgins E. S. Oberlin
Higgins J. E. Shibboleth
Higher Aaron Jennings
Hill H. J. Jennings
Hill J. C. Jennings
Hill W. B. Selden
Himellburger John Jennings
Hirch A. Jennings
Hitchcock J. B. Oberlin
Hoch Chas. Jennings
Hock Jos. Jennings
Hofbauer Paul Traer
Hogan D. S. Allison
Hogan E. C. Lyle
Hold James Selden
Hold Sherman Selden
Holden Elijah Bassettville
Holler John Clayton
Holliday Thos. Oberlin
Hollister A. H. Oberlin
Hollister W. M. Norcatur
Holmes Dennis Oberlin
Holmes Isaiah Oberlin
Hook G. W. Kanona
Hopkins Isaac Jennings
Hopp A. Oberlin
Hopp C. A. Oberlin
Hopwood W. A. Selden
Hoskins H. H. Norcatur
Hough O. C. Oberlin
Howey D. R. Norcatur
Howser J. J. Oberlin
Huber J. H. Hawkeye
Huddle D. B. Selden
Huddle L. Selden
Huddle M. Selden
Huddle R. B. Selden
Hudson Oscar Kanona
Huff Wm. H. Lyle
Huffman C. H. Oberlin
Huggins Geo. Norcatur
Hughes J. A. Oberlin
Hughes T. B. Kanona
Hulbert D. H. Jennings
Hull Hiram Oberlin
Humphreys John Oberlin
Hunt F. A. Oberlin
Hyde A. W. Oberlin
Hyde C. W. Oberlin
Hyde W. A. Oberlin
Ingram J. P. Dresden
Ireland Wm. Oberlin
Jackson G. W. Oberlin
Jackson J. Oberlin
Jackson J. J. Oberlin
Jackson W. S. Oberlin
Jacobs C. H. Dresden
Jader O. A. Shibboleth
Jaderberg L. P. Selden
Jameson S. A. Shibboleth
Janousek A. Kanona
Janousek Jas. Kanona
Januson W. Shibboleth
Jellison Chas. Kanona
Jellison J. W. Norcatur
Jenas Mask Selden
Jenkins B. F. Cedar Bluffs
Jennings J. B. Jennings
Jenson O. Danbury, Ne.
Johnson A. B. Oberlin
Johnson Adam Bassettville
Johnson Aug. Traer
Johnson H. Lyle
Johnson H. Oberlin
Johnson L. C. Kanona
Johnson Lars A. Shibboleth
Johnson Peter Cedar Bluffs
Johnston R. M. Oberlin
Jolly J. W. Lyle
Jolly S. R. Lyle
Jones C. J. Shibboleth
Jones F. D. Norcatur
Jones J. H. Oberlin
Jones J. K. Norcatur
Jones M. V. Oberlin
Jones N. E. Jennings
Jones T. E. Oberlin
Jordan I. L. Jennings
Kahlor W. L. Oberlin
Karls Jno. Dresden
Karns Sig Oberlin
Kasper Matt Jennings
Katzer Frank Dresden
Kauffman H. Jennings
Keefer J. J. Oberlin
Keeler C. H. Oberlin
Keeman S. R. Jennings
Keenan Wm. Jennings
Keenwright W. B. Oberlin
Keiser W. E. Jennings
Keller ? Norcatur
Kellett John Kanona
Kellogg Ira Oberlin
Kemp Geo. Jennings
Kennedy Wm. Cedar Bluffs
Kerr Thos. Allison
Keys Geo. W. Oberlin
Kidder J. M. Lyle
Kimball F. Traer
Kindig L. E. Kanona
Kindig R. O. Oberlin
King A. J. Oberlin
King O. H. Oberlin
Kinser J. R. Allison
Kious J. H. M. Norcatur
Kious J. M. Norcatur
Kisus John Dresden
Kisus P. Dresden
Kitzke Aug. Selden
Knapp D. M. Traer
Knitig Joseph Bassettville
Kochn Chas. Jennings
Koehler A. Bassettville
Koehler Jno. Bassettville
Koehler L. Bassettville
Koll M. Selden
Kolsky Geo. Kanona
Krack Ed Bassettville
Krack Lewis Bassettville
Krider J. H. Jennings
Krijek Frank Kanona
Krispin Silas Norcatur
Kronberger A. Oberlin
Kuhle Frank Dresden
Lahalpener A. Oberlin
Laidig Frank Danbury, Ne.
Lake Smith Norcatur
Lamb J. K. Norcatur
Lamb Richard Danbury, Ne.
Lamb S. A. Lyle
Landau Wm. Kanona
Lang J. C. Norcatur
Langmade Geo. Oberlin
Langmade L. D. Oberlin
Lanning Las M. Selden
Lantz Isaac Hawkeye
LaPlant Jno. Oberlin
Large L. Dresden
Larrick I. E. Oberlin
Larson A. Bassettville
Larson Paul Jennings
Lathrop J. C. Oberlin
Lathrop J. H. Oberlin
Lawhead A. Oberlin
Lawrence B. J. Decatur
Leake Jos. S. Oberlin
Leake Robert Oberlin
Leaman Jno. Hawkeye
Lee Daniel Oberlin
Leib H. F. Oberlin
Leichleiter J. B. Clayton
Leichleiter J. W. Clayton
Leist L. Danbury, Ne.
Lentlar Wm. Oberlin
Leonard J. F. Dresden
Lester Isaac Shibboleth
Lester W. C. Shibboleth
Lewis L. E. Cedar Bluffs
Leyer E. Oberlin
Lieberknecht Wm. Jennings
Liepold N. Oberlin
Lindsey R. B. Jennings
Linton W. E. Selden
Litton A. D. Oberlin
Livingston Frank Oberlin
Lockhart Edward Lyle
Logan D. Danbury, Ne.
Logan D. E. Danbury, Ne.
Long F. F. Norcatur
Long Frank Traer
Long H. B. Oberlin
Longworth R. H. Cedar Bluffs
Loomis G. R. Oberlin
Loomis J. J. Bassettville
Lorig V. Oberlin
Lott A. M. Oberlin
Love John Decatur
Love W. R. Oberlin
Love Wm. Oberlin
Luckey James Clayton
Ludlow F. Norcatur
Lueke Jno. Oberlin
Lund Aug. Hooker
Lunkenheimer L. Oberlin
Luttrell J. W. Oberlin
Lutwiler Joseph Bassettville
Lyon T. Danbury, Ne.
Lyons A. P. Jennings
Lytle A. M. Oberlin
Mackey W. P. Allison
Macy C. E. Cedar Bluffs
Maddox C. S. Oberlin
Madison M. Selden
Magnurson O. Shibboleth
Mahanna J. W. Oberlin
Makepeace T. R. Norcatur
Marcellus A. L. Allison
Marford I. Dresden
Marks R. A. Oberlin
Marley Wm. Jennings
Marquart Phillip Oberlin
Marshall S. A. Jennings
Martin J. F. Oberlin
Martin Nick Shibboleth
Martin Wm. Oberlin
Mashirt Frank Jennings
Mason A. N. Allison
Matheson A. E. Oberlin
Mathews Leo Oberlin
Mathews Perry Oberlin
Mathis Geo. V. Norcatur
Maulsby F. Oberlin
Maxner John Traer
May Henry Oberlin
May W. T. S. Oberlin
McCalla W. R. Oberlin
McCartney Ben Traer
McCartney W. A. Lyle
McCarty C. Oberlin
McCleery James Kanona
McClung John Norcatur
McClury S. H. Oberlin
McCluster S. Traer
McConchie J. D. Cedar Bluffs
McCue J. Norcatur
McCune ? Selden
McCune E. R. Selden
McDermott W. E. Jennings
McDowell G. E. Oberlin
McDowell W. H. Oberlin
McDowell Wm. Oberlin
McGee A. H. Oberlin
McGinley E. C. Dresden
McGinnis L. Norcatur
McGonigal J. B. Oberlin
McGonigal W. C. Oberlin
McIlvaine J. O. Oberlin
McIntire A. Dresden
McIrwin J. M. Oberlin
McKague R. Oberlin
McKague S. R. Oberlin
McKenna Ed Allison
McKinnon ? Selden
McKinnon John Selden
McKinzie M. Cedar Bluffs
McKinzie W. H. Traer
McLalin A. E. Kanona
McLalin A. M. Kanona
McManis Wm. Clayton
McMaughlon A. D. Norcatur
McMullen F. H. Kanona
McMullen W. H. Kanona
McNeal G. Norcatur
McNeal Taylor Norcatur
McPeek J. M. Kanona
McQuiston Jno. Selden
Mead W. B. Oberlin
Mearns A. Oberlin
Meek A. A. Jennings
Meek T. D. Decatur
Meeks A. P. Oberlin
Meeks Chas. Oberlin
Meier Frank Oberlin
Menenson T. Shibboleth
Merrill D. Oberlin
Metcalf A. J. Decatur
Metenlt? L. F. Jennings
Mettin A. Oberlin
Meyer C. Herndon
Miller A. W. Decatur
Miller C. J. Oberlin
Miller E. B. Norcatur
Miller Geo. M. Oberlin
Miller H. Danbury, Ne.
Miller H. F. Norcatur
Miller J. Oberlin
Miller J. B. Kanona
Miller Jacob Norcatur
Miller James Traer
Miller Jesse Norcatur
Miller M. Hawkeye
Miller M. Norcatur
Miller N. E. Oberlin
Miller Robert Oberlin
Miller Wm. Clayton
Milleson O. C. Oberlin
Minchell F. D. Traer
Mines Chris Oberlin
Mines H. P. Oberlin
Mines Jno. Oberlin
Mines Y. Oberlin
Minnick W. S. Cedar Bluffs
Mintier J. C. Oberlin
Mitel Joseph Oberlin
Mitherdolf B. Dresden
Mix M. E. Oberlin
Mizer R. M. Jennings
Monozek Frank Jennings
Montgomery L. W. Norcatur
Monti John Oberlin
Moon A. P. Oberlin
Moore W. M. Oberlin
Morehead J. R. Danbury, Ne.
Morris Asa Decatur
Morris C. P. Clayton
Morris S. Kanona
Morris W. F. Oberlin
Morrish S. J. Oberlin
Morrison A. Clayton
Morrison L. C. Oberlin
Morrow W. L. Oberlin
Morrow W. W. Oberlin
Morton D. W. Bassettville
Morton H. S. Kanona
Morton Wm. Oberlin
Moser D. C. Oberlin
Moser E. E. Oberlin
Moss J. A. Decatur
Mott J. C. Oberlin
Mott James Oberlin
Mount G. W. Bassettville
Muhlednxter C. Dresden
Muirhead D. Dresden
Muirhead Robert Dresden
Munkers J. Norcatur
Munson B. E. Jennings
Munson O. E. Jennings
Murphy Ben Norcatur
Muxlow Thos. Jennings
Myers F. M. Norcatur
Myers M. Dresden
Nance L. V. Oberlin
Nash S. P. Oberlin
Neiberding F. Dresden
Nelson John Norcatur
Nelson Nels Shibboleth
Nelson Peter Shibboleth
Nettleton Geo. D. Kanona
Nettleton J. N. Shibboleth
Nettleton Jno. Kanona
New J. W. Norcatur
Newburg J. A. Oberlin
Nicodemus J. H. Oberlin
Nitcher A. L. Oberlin
Nitcher Thos. Oberlin
Nitsch Paul Traer
Norman Asa Jennings
Norman T. Oberlin
Nudigati E. N. Dresden
O'Grady J. P. Oberlin
Oliver John Lyle
Olson Chas. Shibboleth
Orbin C. F. Norcatur
Ormsby R. L. Cedar Bluffs
Orr C. V. Kanona
Osborn B. F. Allison
Osborn E. M. Allison
Oswalt J. F. Traer
Otis L. V. Shibboleth
Otis W. H. Shibboleth
O'Tolle O. Norcatur
O'Toole Steve Oberlin
O'Toole W. J. Oberlin
Page C. N. Kanona
Palmatier W. E. Oberlin
Palmer C. B. Oberlin
Pankuski S. Dresden
Parchall C. W. Oberlin
Park James Decatur
Parker Jonathan Oberlin
Parker L. G. Oberlin
Parker W. P. Oberlin
Paschke L. Oberlin
Patchin A. L. Oberlin
Patten F. A. Selden
Patten H. Oberlin
Patten L. K. Selden
Patterson K. Decatur
Paulas Anson Kanona
Paulas Anson Jennings
Pauley E. A. Oberlin
Pauliced Jos. Jennings
Pauls Peter Jennings
Pears John Clayton
Pears Robt. Clayton
Peck Simeon Selden
Penny C. W. Oberlin
Penson George Oberlin
Peters F. J. Kanona
Peterson G. Shibboleth
Petracek F. Jennings
Petracek James Jennings
Petracek Jos. Jennings
Petrasket J. Jennings
Phillips G. E. Dresden
Phillips Owen Oberlin
Phipps R. J. Oberlin
Pickens Chas. Selden
Pierce S. M. Oberlin
Pine F. M. Jennings
Pine R. A. Jennings
Pine Samuel Jennings
Platt M. Jennings
Pointer J. T. Selden
Pointer John Lyle
Pointer Noah Selden
Pointer Wm. Selden
Pollnow A. Oberlin
Pope Floyd Kanona
Porter J. F. Lyle
Potter D. B. Lyle
Potter H. J. Oberlin
Pound C. W. Oberlin
Powell S. H. Lyle
Prachejl W. Jennings
Prachejl W. jr. Jennings
Preston O. E. Oberlin
Prisinger Geo. Herndon
Pritchard W. H. Decatur
Pryer C. Cedar Bluffs
Puls Henry Selden
Pummer F. Oberlin
Putt G. W. Jennings
Pyle Cheyene Bassettville
Pyle Geo. P. Bassettville
Quinn J. A. Oberlin
Ramsbottom Geo. Oberlin
Ramsey Chas. Oberlin
Randall E. I. Oberlin
Rathbun Ben Cedar Bluffs
Rathbun H. Traer
Ray J. S. Kanona
Raye B. Dresden
Raymond C. J. Norcatur
Raymond J. B. Oberlin
Reasoner R. A. Oberlin
Rectar E. O. Jennings
Rector B. F. Lyle
Rector M. Lyle
Rector Wm. Lyle
Redd J. A. Oberlin
Redd Wm. Dresden
Redman E. E. Lyle
Reed A. C. Norcatur
Reed E. A. Oberlin
Reed E. K. Oberlin
Reed John Norcatur
Reeder D. W. Oberlin
Reeder Frank Oberlin
Rees Sol Jennings
Renkin Augusta Traer
Rice Luther Oberlin
Richardson H. Kanona
Ridgeway J. W. Jennings
Ridgway Geo. W. Kanona
Riley H. Oberlin
Riley J. V. Oberlin
Riley R. H. Oberlin
Riley Robert Oberlin
Riley W. L. Oberlin
Rinkenberger W. Danbury, Ne.
Riste W. G. Oberlin
Ritter Jos. Dresden
Roach Wm. Allison
Roberts B. K. Norcatur
Roberts J. W. Oberlin
Robinson Chas. Oberlin
Robinson D. Oberlin
Robinson G. W. Oberlin
Robinson Geo. Oberlin
Robinson Wm. Bassettville
Rockwell M. E. Norcatur
Rogers L. Oberlin
Rose Leo Jennings
Rose Wm. Jennings
Rottgait H. Jennings
Rouse J. P. Jennings
Royalty C. A. Jennings
Royce David Cedar Bluffs
Royer G. L. Jennings
Ruby I. M. Kanona
Rushton S. R. Norcatur
Ryan C. E. Oberlin
Rydquist E. Shibboleth
Sage E. S. Oberlin
Sage Henry Oberlin
Salisbury H. Allison
Salisbury M. Clayton
Sall John A. Bassettville
Sawden V. W. Bassettville
Sawyer E. Shibboleth
Sawyer S. C. Shibboleth
Sayles J. H. Norcatur
Schell John H. Oberlin
Schmidt Wm. Herndon
Schneider Xavier Oberlin
Schrock Peter Shibboleth
Schroer G. Dresden
Schubber G. A. Traer
Schultz T. Oberlin
Scott Tully Oberlin
Selby J. R. Oberlin
Seymour F. Lyle
Shaffae J. F. Dresden
Sharp Isaiah Norcatur
Shaul J. D. Selden
Shaw Geo. E. Oberlin
Shearer J. A. Allison
Shephard D. Norcatur
Sherrad Nathan Kanona
Sherrard D. H. Decatur
Sherrard V. S. Lyle
Shick J. M. Norcatur
Shields Jno. Oberlin
Shillott J. Dresden
Shiltz Jno. Dresden
Shimmell J. Herndon
Shimmick F. Jennings
Shimmick Jno. Jennings
Shirley J. F. Lyle
Shirley J. H. Norcatur
Shirley R. A. Norcatur
Shoemaker G. W. Shibboleth
Shook G. W. Jennings
Shuler ? Selden
Shultz Geo. W. Shibboleth
Shunn A. Jennings
Shute Geo. W. Kanona
Siegenthaler Jno. Selden
Sielke Frank Jennings
Sieloff M. Dresden
Silvers F. M. Traer
Silvers R. A. Traer
Simmons G. W. Oberlin
Simonson S. Decatur
Simpson A. J. Oberlin
Simpson D. Jennings
Simpson F. Jennings
Simpson H. A. Oberlin
Simpson J. W. Oberlin
Simpson Jas. Kanona
Simpson O. D. Jennings
Simpson T. L. Kanona
Sims J. R. W. Jennings
Small Chas. Dresden
Smallenbarger A. Danbury, Ne.
Smith A. Oberlin
Smith Archer Allison
Smith D. Selden
Smith F. H. Oberlin
Smith F. H. Oberlin
Smith F. M. Jennings
Smith G. H. Norcatur
Smith J. H. Norcatur
Smith J. W. Oberlin
Smith J. W. Oberlin
Smith M. D. Decatur
Smith W. P. Lyle
Smith Watson Traer
Snell Jno. Norcatur
Snyder Ernest Bassettville
Snyder Fred Bassettville
Soddler M. Dresden
Soderlund Frank Oberlin
Sowden J. B. Lyle
Spall J. H. Dresden
Sparling Chas. Jennings
Speake J. T. Lyle
Speakman A. E. Jennings
Speer J. W. Jennings
Spencer J. K. Oberlin
Spenkman M. J. Jennings
Sperzenski M. Clayton
Spreckelson C. G. W. Oberlin
Squires Jno. Jennings
St. German D. Traer
Stafford F. M. Norcatur
Standfast G. Allison
Standfast Jno. Allison
Stansbury M. T. Norcatur
Starling Geo. Norcatur
Starr Levi Norcatur
Stedman M. A. Kanona
Steel D. H. Norcatur
Steel H. C. Allison
Steele A. S. Oberlin
Steffen Gust Kanona
Steiken J. N. Oberlin
Steiner M. Traer
Steiner Mat Traer
Steiner W. F. Oberlin
Stemler T. Cedar Bluffs
Stephens W. E. Jennings
Stephenson J. W. Allison
Stevens Thos. Oberlin
Stevenson W. T. Oberlin
Stever N. G. Oberlin
Stever W. R. Oberlin
Stickley B. R. Oberlin
Stillson Ed Oberlin
Stilman Wm. Oberlin
Stimbert D. Oberlin
Stimmell Jno. Norcatur
Stiner J. K. Oberlin
Stinson James Kanona
Stitt H. Oberlin
Stock Richard Oberlin
Stogman A. Dresden
Stohr Jordan Dresden
Stoltzfus Chris Shibboleth
Stoltzfus John Selden
Stramp Wm. Kanona
Street W. D. Oberlin
Street W. D. Oberlin
Strong C. A. Oberlin
Strong N. W. Oberlin
Stroup Jacob Allison
Studer T. L. Kanona
Stuffin Gust Jennings
Summit John Norcatur
Sutton E. S. Kanona
Swanson A. M. Oberlin
Swanson G. W. Oberlin
Swanson Nels Shibboleth
Swayne E. E. Norcatur
Swayne L. B. Kanona
Tacha A. Jennings
Tacha F. Jennings
Tacha Frank Sr. Kanona
Tacha Theo. Kanona
Tade J. D. Decatur
Taflemoyer Jos. Norcatur
Talbert Thos. Selden
Tarbox A. J. Oberlin
Taylor A. J. Jennings
Taylor C. K. Kanona
Taylor Cyrus Dresden
Taylor H. E. Jennings
Taylor J. H. Dresden
Taylor J. I. Cedar Bluffs
Taylor John Dresden
Taylor R. C. Lyle
Taylor Samuel Dresden
Taylor Thos. Kanona
Taylor W. H. Dresden
Taylor W. S. Jennings
Tegarden W. H. Traer
Tempstre K. J. Dresden
Thielbar J. Oberlin
Thim A. Oberlin
Thir Andy Traer
Thir Geo. Traer
Thomas C. E. Oberlin
Thomas J. Oberlin
Thomas J. L. Danbury, Ne.
Thomas J. W. Norcatur
Thoren P. W. Shibboleth
Thornbrue G. Allison
Thornbrue J. M. Allison
Throckmorton Jno. Kanona
Throckmorton L. A. Jennings
Throckmorton Wm. Kanona
Tibbels J. W. Shibboleth
Tibbet J. Dresden
Tilden C. H. Oberlin
Tilden E. Oberlin
Tinder E. Oberlin
Tompkins Wm. Allison
Townsend C. E. Lyle
Townsend Geo. Lyle
Trickey G. M. Cedar Bluffs
Troutman J. D. Kanona
Trowbridge J. H. Hawkeye
Trowbridge J. L. Hawkeye
Truman M. Traer
Trusler E. L. Hawkeye
Tucksen H. Oberlin
Tucksen N. Oberlin
Turner Wilson Oberlin
Tutt Robert Oberlin
Tyler C. G. Jennings
Uehlin A. Oberlin
Ufford W. E. Oberlin
Ulmer T. S. Kanona
Underwood Wm. Decatur
Unger A. Traer
Unger Paul Traer
Upham N. E. Norcatur
Upson W. F. Oberlin
Urban Jos. Jennings
Urban Joseph Kanona
Vacura Joseph Jennings
Vale J. F. Oberlin
Van Epps E. C. Bassettville
Van Epps E. W. Bassettville
Van Gundy E. E. Lyle
Van Gundy F. M. Lyle
Van Gundy S. Lyle
Van Pelt T. J. Danbury, Ne.
Vanclave J. R. Bassettville
VanDusen C. B. Allison
VanFleet Frank Danbury, Ne.
VanFleet O. Danbury, Ne.
Vanice J. Danbury, Ne.
Vannice A. Danbury, Ne.
VanPelt J. Danbury, Ne.
VanPelt N. M. Danbury, Ne.
Vawter G. B. Oberlin
Venrick S. C. Lyle
Venrick Wm. Norcatur
Vernon ? Norcatur
Vernon D. Norcatur
Vernon E. Oberlin
Vernon G. A. Norcatur
Vernon Jas. Norcatur
Vernon M. Norcatur
Vickers K. J. Hawkeye
Vinson H. Jennings
Vinson J. H. Jennings
Vittetoe James Oberlin
Votapka Chas. Kanona
Wade W. H. Danbury, Ne.
Wagner P. Dresden
Waldo M. Oberlin
Walgerman H. Danbury, Ne.
Walker F. A. Oberlin
Wallace C. C. Lyle
Wallace J. F. Traer
Wallace L. G. Traer
Wallask P. Jennings
Wamer D. W. Kanona
Wamsley R. B. Oberlin
Ward Ira Cedar Bluffs
Ward Lem Cedar Bluffs
Warner Olive Lyle
Warren A. M. Allison
Warrick John Norcatur
Wasson C. V. Cedar Bluffs
Wasson Thos. H. Bassettville
Watson C. H. Jennings
Watson M. F. Norcatur
Wear I. O. Oberlin
Wehrman J. Jennings
Weirick Chas. Cedar Bluffs
Welch G. W. Danbury, Ne.
Welles F. H. Oberlin
Wells D. B. Lyle
Wells T. J. Kanona
Welter Jno. Dresden
Welton E. F. Oberlin
Welton E. L. Jennings
Wenger G. Jennings
Wenti Chas. Allison
Wentz Fred Kanona
Wentz Fred Jennings
Wesch Jno. Traer
Westlind A. G. Kanona
Weston S. M. Bassettville
Whaley H. J. Danbury, Ne.
Wheelock C. D. Allison
Whelpley J. E. Oberlin
Whitcomb M. Jennings
White Gilbert Oberlin
White Iva Dresden
White Jos. Lyle
White W. H. Lyle
Whiteside T. M. Norcatur
Whitnah H. C. Oberlin
Wibberding H. Dresden
Wickham J. D. Lyle
Wicklund N. J. Shibboleth
Wiggins A. Lyle
Wiggins Fred Lyle
Wiggins Van. B. Lyle
Wilbem R. S. Norcatur
Wilcox A. C. Norcatur
Wilcoxen J. E. Dresden
Wilkes F. R. Oberlin
Willard Geo. Decatur
Willard R. D. Norcatur
Williams Geo. Kanona
Williams J. E. Norcatur
Williams Richard Lyle
Wilson A. N. Oberlin
Wilson J. C. Oberlin
Wilson J. H. Jennings
Wilson J. W. Shibboleth
Wilson John Oberlin
Wilson John T. Oberlin
Wilson John W. Norcatur
Wilson Milo Jennings
Wilson R. D. Shibboleth
Wilson T. M. Jennings
Wilson W. E. Jennings
Wilson Wm. Oberlin
Wiltse F. Dresden
Wiltse Richard Dresden
Wiltsey J. B. Jennings
Wiltsey John Jennings
Wintjen H. Danbury, Ne.
Witham E. E. Lyle
Witham J. H. Oberlin
Witrig Jacob Oberlin
Witrig Joseph Oberlin
Wolf L. Jennings
Wolf W. W. Decatur
Wolfe T. B. Oberlin
Wonderly E. D. Oberlin
Wonderly W. A. Oberlin
Woods N. Clayton
Woofter J. W. Traer
Wooster G. C. Oberlin
Worrall C. C. Norcatur
Worrall J. R. Lyle
Worrall P. J. Norcatur
Worthington J. L. Jennings
Wright C. W. Jennings
Wurm Geo. Herndon
Wylder G. W. Oberlin
Wylie W. H. Jennings
Yarnall F. S. Oberlin
Yarnall Jos. Lyle
Yarnall M. Lyle
Yearkle C. H. Dresden
Young R. F. Traer
Ypma F. Dresden
Zimmerman Fred Selden
Zumwalt J. Jennings
Zumwolt J. W. Jennings


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