Women who applied for Homesteads in Decatur County

To get a copy of  Homesteading or Land Records you can write to the 
Register of Deeds  120 E. Hall, Oberlin, KS, 67749

Last Name First Name
Bayley Hannah E.
Bayley Maria
Beedy (nee Heaton) Martha J.
Boutz Josephine
Bradbury Elizabeth F.
Bremer Catherine
Bremer Christina
Brogan Anna  
Bundy Eliza A.
Bundy Eliza A.
Bundy Kate
Burrus Virginia E.
Burton Jennie D.
Caster Elizabeth Ann
Caster Lucretia
Church Nannie E.
Collins Sarah
Cook Cynthia
Cook Jenny
Cyrnes Julianna
Darlinson Angie N.
Dew Flora  
Dillingham Rachel S.
Dimmick Polly H.
Edwards Lydia E.
Ewing Sarah
Ferren Sylvia
Ford Elisha E.
Fox Mina A.
Frazier Angie N.
Frazier Angie N.
Garrison Maggie A.
Gilbert Celia
Gill Susan
Gleeson Pattsey
Goued (nee Parver) Clara  
Hale Laura H.
Hale Rebecca
Halferty Ann F.
Hartley Clarissa
Hartley Clarissa
Henderson Mary A.
Henry Fannie
Hertzog Theresia
Holmes Clara E.
Howard Hannah
Huff Mary F.
Humphrey Eliza J.
Iannrell Flora B.
Johnson Elizabeth
Johnson Julia
Keefer Martha A.
Kellett Emma  
Knowles Mary J.
Kynett Sherina K.
Lair Michael
Last Name First Name
Lincoln Sarah A.
Liteside Dorothy A.
Littrel Minnie
Marshall Elizabeth A.
McCanby Rose
McCanley Sarah
McCowan (McCowen) Hannah 
McCrae Sinna E.
McIntyre Catherine
McKinzie Nancy
McLeod Mary
Meredith Maggie
Mitchell Hannah
Monroe Martha
Moore Lieuemma
Moyer Mary M.
Muller Matilda
Mums Lillie
Murdock Mary W.
Nettleton Jennie
Oliver Rosetta
Otis Ida M.
Otis Ina M.
Paliver Clara M.
Perkins Mary E. C.
Pine Letha J.
Pope Sirena E.
Rafferty Catherine
Randall (nee Johnson) Hannah U.
Ransburgh Ann M.
Rathbun Ellen E.
Rathbun Mary
Rathbun Mary C.
Rice Cynthia
Riggs Emily
Roberts Salista E.
Robinson Lizzie
Salisbury Anna M.
Sanderson Carrie B.
Scott Emma J.
Seavey Clara E.
Shick Mary
Shick Mary
Shick Valeria Magdlene
Shurtliff Anna
Silver Francis M.
Singleton Nancy
Smith Elizabeth E.
Squire Francis A.
Stephenson Susan E.
Sylvester Estella
Tanner Lucy A.
Taylor Mary S.
Tegarden Annie
Terry Elizabeth
Thompson Viva F.
Turnes Emma
Vanatta Ella M.
Walback Puella
Waldo Mary A.
Wallack Letha U.
Wamsley Sarah
Welch Sarah
Wells Alice I.
Willcoxen Ella G.
Wing Catherine
Wood (nee Vernon) Mary V.
Woodward Esther
Woodward Margaret A.
Zimmer Amalia

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