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The best way to get information about your roots is to talk to family elders. Most of us are shy about contacting these wonderful people unless we're already close to them. I highly encourage you to speak to the ones you might not know as well. If you can, go visit them personally. Take a tape recorder and ask them if you can record them as they answer your questions. (Make sure you have a list of questions ready before you get there!) Most people are reluctant to be videotaped, but some might be willing. At the very least, take a camera, too, so you can have a photographic record of the person who provided you with the information. I shouldn't have to say this, but remember to be respectful to them and thank them for their time, especially if it is someone whom you don't know well.

Sometimes it's profitable to just let them talk about what they want. You can get some great anecdotes and family stories that way, which might not happen in a completely structured interview. It's amazing what knowledge is so easily lost when a family elder passes on, so try to record as much of that knowledge as is possible. You might even find that quite a few of them have done family research on their own, so you can gain information on several generations quite quickly.

My great-aunt, Isabelle, and great, great-aunt, Ena, provided almost all of the information that I have on that particular branch of my family. Aunt Ena passed on several years ago, so I'm very grateful for the information that she gave me. It certainly might have been lost with her passing, but now I can have it to give to other generations.

Other Means of Researching

  • Libraries

Library Dist. #1, Doniphan Co.

Highland Community College Library
105 N. Main St. 505 West Main St.
Troy, KS 66087-0458 Highland, KS 66035
ph. 785 985 2597 ph. 785 442 6000
fax 785 985 2602  
Wathena City Library Atchison Library
206 East St. Joseph St. 401 Kansas Ave.
Wathena, KS 66090 Atchison, KS 66002
ph. 785 989 4834 ph. 913 367 1092
  fax 913 367 2717


  • Genealogical and Historical Societies

Doniphan County Historical Society, 105 North Main, Troy, KS 66087

Ma Hush Kah Historical Society, Route 2, Box 16, White Cloud, KS 66094

  • Museums

Native American Heritage Museum at Highland Mission
Suzette McCord-Rogers, Curator
1737 Elgin Rd., Highland, KS 66035-9801
ph. 785-442-3304

  • Cemeteries

Anderson Cemetery - Denton

Bellemont Cemetery - Wathena

Bitner Cemetery - Bendena

Burl Cemetery - Sparks

Carters Cemetery - Blair

Charleston Cemetery - Troy

Columbus Cemetery - Wathena

Courter-Ritchey Cemetery - Troy

Denton Cemetery - Denton

Doniphan Cemetery - Doniphan

Fanning Cemetery - Sparks

Highland Cemetery - Highland

Iola Cemetery - Sparks

Iowa Point Cemetery - Oregon

Jackson Cemetery - Wathena

Jordan Creek Baptist Church Cemetery - Bendena

King Hill Cemetery - Doniphan

Lafayette Cemetery and Others - Sparks

Martin Cemetery - Oregon

Moskau Cemetery - Wathena

Mt. Calvary Cemetery - Oneida

Mt. Olive Cemetery - Troy

Oak Hill Cemetery - Highland

Old Home Cemetery - Troy

Olive Branch Cemetery - White Cloud

Robertson Cemetery - Bendena

Rosedale Cemetery - Geary City. Also referred to as Cordonier Cemetery.

St. Benedict's Cemetery - Bendena

St. Charles Cemetery - Troy. Aka, the Catholic Cemetery at Troy

St. Mary's Cemetery - Denton

Syracuse Cemetery - Fanning

Tambor Cemetery - Wathena

Victory Cemetery - Bendena

Wolf River Cemetery - Sparks

  • Funeral Homes

Harmon-Rohde Funeral Home - Troy Harmon-Rohde Funeral Home - Wathena
128 N. Main 310 Fremont St.
Troy, Kansas 66087 Wathena, Kansas 66090
ph. 785 985 3517 ph. 785 989 4411
J T Miles Mortuary Arensburg Pruett Funeral Home
707 N 9th St 208 N 5th St
Atchison, Kansas 66002 Atchison, Kansas 66002
ph. 913 367 1956 ph. 913 367 6403
Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Home  
800 Kansas Ave  
Atchison, Kansas 66002  
ph. 913 367 6543  


  • Newspapers

Kansas Chief Wathena Times Highland Vidette
113 S. Main St. 317 St. Joseph St. 312 W. Main St.
Troy, Kansas 66087 Wathena, Kansas 66090 Highland, Kansas 66035
ph. 785 985 2456 ph. 785 989 4415 ph. 785 442 3791

  • Schools

    If you know the year someone was a student, most schools keep old copies of yearbooks, which you can probably ask to look at on site. Don't forget that prior to the 1970s most children in rural areas, like Doniphan County, attended one-room schoolhouses that were usually located within a few miles of their home.

    I will also begin accumulating a list of the schools in Doniphan County. As with cemeteries, if you have information on any school, past or present, pleaselet us know so it can added to the page.

Cordonier School
Doniphan High School
Elwood Public School (This was in Missouri until the Missouri River changed course in 1951.)
Highland Community College
Highland Public School
Midway Public School
Oak Grove School
Rock Creek School
Spring Grove School
Troy Public School
Wathena Public School

  • Census Libraries

    This takes a little work, some driving time possibly, and a lot of perseverance, but you can get some great data by looking at old census records.

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