Directions for Locating King Hill Cemetary

From Troy, go south on State Highway 7. When Hwy 7 curves to the right, continue straight south on Last Chance Road. Stay on this road. After about four miles, the pavement will end, but the gravel road will continue south. Go another three miles or so. The road will curve to the left (east). After a mile it will curve to the right (south). Another curve to the left after a mile, and then it will curve right, to the south. At this curve is Spring Grove School, and a road going to the left. (The curve of the main road to the right and the road to the left form a sort of "T" in the road.) Turn left at the "T" in front of the schoolhouse.

The road from the schoolhouse goes down a hill and then up another. At the top of the hill the road suddenly narrows and becomes a dirt, rather than gravelled, road. To the right is another road in slightly better condition. Turn onto it. Follow the road back to the cemetary.

Please Note: These roads can be treacherous after heavy rains. Doniphan County is notorious for its loess soil, which turns to mud when wet. Use caution when driving. I wouldn't recommend taking a passenger car onto any ungravelled road when the ground is saturated, unless you're prepared to walk out if you get stuck.

The day I tried to drive back to King Hill Cemetary, the roads were very muddy from a heavy rain. Following my own advice, I didn't chance getting stuck, so I didn't actually make it back to the cemetary. I have it on good authority, however, that the cemetary is easy to get to by just following the road.

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