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Baker Township Cemetery


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LotBlockRowNameBirth DateDeath DateOther Information
N5259 KASTER, Nathan H. 4/26/19084/13/1909 
8369 KEISER, Al. A. 18741952At Rest
23120 KEISER, Dorothy 8/1/19126/13/2001OES
23120 KEISER, Harvey E. 19091984(m Dorothy M. Patterson)
8369 KEISER, Mary J.  10/21/1895(white stone) wife of A.A.Keiser/aged 21 yrs 9 m's 26 days
8369 KEIER, Sophia B. 18781958At Rest (wife of A. A.)
123511 KELLEY, Harold G. 18991978Brother/Am. Legion (son of Mary Lou & Henry V.)
54611 KELLEY, Henry V. 18641954(m Mary Lou Knerr)
54611 KELLEY, Mary L. 11/5/18697/30/1937(dau of John C. Knerr/he was b in Germany)
123511 KELLEY, Olga E. 18981977Sister
23414 , Infant   (from Russell Jarboe's index) Unknown/ discovered when digging graves
4447 KESLER, Barbara E. 18701956 
643  KESLER, Roland    
4447 KESLER, Ruth M. 9/24/19054/12/1998 
4447 KESLER, S. Riley 18731959(son of John Wm. & Sophia/m Barbara E. Jamison)
643  KESLER, Valetta    
4447 KESLER, Walter B. 18981976(son of S.R. & Barbara/married Ruth M. Miller)
4185 KINZIE, Allen E. 12/15/18822/27/1956(m Virginia Bodell in 1915)
4185 KINZIE, Lt. Charles A. 19181942Am. Legion (son of Al & Virginia)
S73610 KINZIE, Daniel A. 18521940Father
S73610 KINZIE, Martha J. (Jane) 11/12/18523/5/1934Mother
4185 KINZIE, Virginia E. 7/19/18911/21/1985 
42917 KLINE, Grace A. 3/11/19069/14/1994 
    KLINE, Roy. P. 18991978(son of Peter N. & Dora/married Grace Rhine)
72918 KYSAR, Edith Allen 19081981 
72918 KYSAR, Vernon E. 18991991 
103610 LAHMAN, Adam S. 3/25/184012/9/1911Farewell my wife and children dear I am not dead but sleeping here
247  LAHMAN, Carrie 6/28/19079/8/1996 
103610 LAHMAN, Frankie B. 10/21/1884 4/26/1888age 3 yrs 6 mos 5 ds/youngest son of A.S. & S.A.Lahman
634  LAHMAN, Gwen    
634  LAHMAN, Ivan    
1036  LAHMAN, Lulu E. 18831976 
1036  LAHMAN, Orval A. 18781944 
247  LAHMAN, Ralph 9/17/19061/19/1995 
63414 LAHMAN, Ronald Eugene 7/17/19446/11/1948Ronny
103610 LAHMAN, Sarah A. 5/23/18402/12/1921He Giveth His Beloved Sleep/God Giveth Rest to the Beloved and Blest
9177 LANDRUS, Mary C. 8/7/18543/31/1917Mother/Abide in me
6212 LANGLEY, Laura May 19241929 
9201 LEHMAN, Albert F. 18731931 
9201 LEHMAN, Anna B. 18791951 
9201 LEHMAN, Earl L. 19001923 
23316 LEIGHTON, Edna M. 11/8/190112/10/2001 
23316 LEIGHTON, Isa B. 2/20/18839/14/1965(sister of Wm. O.)
23316 LEIGHTON, William O. 10/28/19006/8/1987(married Edna Gregg 1920)
32714 LEONARD, Eugene E. 19101985Masonic & Shrine Emblems
327  LEONARD, Freeda 19112001 
8169 LEOPOLD, George J. 18691941(married Ida Aldullah Jarboe)
8169 LEOPOLD, Harold G.   son of Geo. & Ida/aged 14 mos. Gone and not forgotten
8169 LEOPOLD, Ida A. 18901973(dau. Of Rev. James W. & Mary Eller Jarboe)
103414 LEWIS, Frank 8/3/19007/16/1902In loving remembrance/Son of Mr. & Mrs. N. C. Lewis
103414 LEWIS, Roy Earl 7/28/189511/12/1938World War US Veteran/Coleman Lewis was his father
10412 LILLY, Earl 18881961(m 2nd. Minnie Leola Kesler Brooks)
10412 LILLY, Esther 18801942 
N1393 LILLY, Eunice 11/24/19345/3/1935(E on lot)
1423 LILLY, James Cephis 2/18/185011/6/1931(born Miami Co. Ind./nearest living relative at time of Jess Lilly's death)
N1393 LILLY, Louis E. 6/29/19229/30/1925son of Jesse & Clara
1423 LILLY, Martha Jane 18544/13/1933 
N1393 LILLY, Mayetta R. 4/1/19286/15/1930 
104612 LINDQUIST, Anna Louise 18781950 
104612 LINDQUIST, Frederick 18666/2/1929 (born in Sweden/age 62y 5m 28 days/died with cancer of liver/his parents, John & Catherine Brumeson(not clear)Lindquist
104612 LINDQUIST, John 18211903Father
104612 LINDQUIST, Katrina 18291893Mother
104612 LINDQUIST, Melvin A. (Albert) 8/31/191011/22/1936 Father (bronze top) his father, Fed Lindquist/he married Elda Hussey)
104612 LINDQUIST, Elda L. Conrad 1913 Mother
6510 LINES, Addie M. 18831978 
511  LINES, Alvin 4/1/1903  
6510 LINES, Eliza Pauline 9/5/19054/21/1917dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lines
65  LINES, Harry Jr.    
6510 LINES, Harry Sr. 18801948Rebekah Lodge no. 542; IOOF Lodge no. 623
511  LINES, Ila 3/16/19157/23/2004 
65  LINES, Kathryn    
92713 LINT, Amelia S. 6/7/18441/16/1917 
6224 LONG, Chester A. Jr. 5/25/19298/7/1929 Chester Otto age 2 m & 13 days, died with whooping cough/parents, Chester & Margaret Solmyer Long
6224 LONG, Chester A. Sr. 11/15/19027/27/1989 
7386 LONG, Clara 1/15/1891 5/24/1896Dau. Of A.R. & U.A. Long
7386 LONG, Donald Ray 19341944 
1048 LONG, Eda S. 5/11/189912/1975 
6224 LONG, Jacob H. 4/25/18671/5/1935 Father (born Lola, Ogle Co. Ill., his parents: Samuel & Catherine)
6224 LONG, Jemima 2/23/186511/26/1934 Mother (born in Scott Co. Iowa, her parents: John & Nancy Miller)
1048 LONG, Jesse W. 18961968(Jesse married Eda Schlicher)
6224 LONG, Laural Elaine 6/18/193112/28/1931(E on lot) child of Chester & Margaret
6224 LONG, Margaret 12/29/190710/30/1995 
7386 LONG, Otha Clarence 4/24/18947/17/1979Rest in Peace
7386 LONG, Raymond 18991926Son
7386 LONG, Urilla 18661950Mother
1028  LUCORE, Eula 4/28/192512/6/1997 
2448 MABEN, Lydia 6/28/18594/2/1914wife of L. B. Maben
101414 MACKIN, Joyce 7/29/19388/16/1987 Mother "Joy" Joyce B. Arbuckle married Guy W. Ikenberry May 13 1957. Parents of Inga L., Tammy D., Marcia L.
6386 MANN, Anna D. 18831968(dau of Matthew M. & Mary Esther (Turner) Mann)
2436 MANN, Baby    (E on lot)/E of Evelyn's marker. A small stone with "Baby"
411 MANN, Dianna Sue 19491949 
2436 MANN, Evelyn 9/22/19306/17/1935 (Evelyn Lucille, dau. Of Wilbur Merlyn & Velma Irene Wright Mann)
1185 MANN, James H. 1/5/18781/29/1949 (son of Matthew & Mary Turner Mann, m (1) Blanch Bailey who d 1904, m (2) Rose Feiler in 1910)
5377 MANN, Janice Ann 11/9/19352/6/1936(dau. Of Phil & Pauline Reinecker Mann)
212 MANN, Joseph Lynn 18911965(son of Matthew & Mary; m Ruth H. Feiler in 1918)
N823 MANN, Luella M. 18781952 (Maggie Luella, dau.of D.D. & Eliza Jane Bailey, m Wm. T. in 1905)
6386 MANN, Mary Esther 1/1/18523/31/1932 Asleep in Jesus (dau. of Wm. & Margaret Turner, m 1869 Matthew)
82  MANN, Matt 11/29/19241/5/1997 
6386 MANN, Matthew 2/4/18459/20/1923 (b in Ireland, m Mary Esther)
2436 MANN, Merlyn 5/29/19043/3/1939 (Wilbur Merlyn, son of J.H. & Blanch Bailey Mann, m Velma Wright in 1929)
2436 MANN, Mrs. Minnie Blanch 10/26/18809/15/1904 I know that my Redeemer Liveth (wf. of James H.)
1185 MANN, Rose L. 11/28/188412/26/1953 (dau. Of Adolf & F. Christina Feiler, m James H. Mann)
212 MANN, Ruth H. 18941981 (dau. of Fredricka Hildenmeier & Adolph Feiler, m Joseph L. Mann)
2436 MANN, Velma 8/20/19074/20/1982 (Velma Irene, dau. of Earl & Ora Nelson Wright, m Merlyn in 1929)
243  MANN, Wayne M.   (son of Merlyn & Velma)
N823 MANN, William T. 18741954 (Wm. Turner, son of Matthew & Mary Esther, m Luella M. Bailey in 1905)
2436 MANN, Infant 19141914(E on lot-South of BABY) son of William T. & Luella M.
84611 MARQUES, W. K. 4/9/1832 3/15/1891Only sleeping (E on lot)
925  MARTIN, Bill 12/16/19451/24/1989 
834  MARTIN, Dolores 3/7/19284/29/1993 
    MARTIN, Eleanor 5/20/19199/18/2002 
93511 MARTIN, Phillip 8/14/1833 7/22/1892 born in County Meath, Ireland Aged/59 yrs 11 mos and 8 days May his Soul Rest in Peace; Sweet Rest at Last/At last; the hands are folded/Upon the pulseless breast/And a soul shed of earths burdens/Many has found sweet rest/Sweet rest at last/No longer thorns are pressing upon a careworn brow/But from the heavens a lordeless(not clear) crown of blessings./Rest on it now(A very narrow stone. Has been broken near the base, then repaired…Sept. 1987-looks like new stone, breaks not visible--same style, tall & narrow, same verse and words, shrubs taken out)
    MARTIN, Rodney  3/28/1999 
523 MARTZ, Homer H. 2/24/19125/17/1958Masonic Emblem/Homer's picture
523 MARTZ, Rose Marion Archer 10/12/191712/14/2001OES
712 MATHEWS, Bessie Fern 6/29/18883/14/1981Married Nov 11 1906 (OES & Masonic emblems)
712 MATHEWS, Marion K. "Matt" 6/28/18853/20/1973 
42815 MAXWELL, George Earl 3/3/189212/12/1970Am. Legion
42815 MAXWELL, Larry Merlyn 5/27/19588/3/1979(son of Lavene & Marlene)
428  MAXWELL, Laverne    
428  MAXWELL, Marlene    
42815 MAXWELL, Mary Hargitt 10/14/18966/1/1966George Earl Maxwell married Mary Hargitt Dec 25 1925
N9411 McBURNEY, Edwin Huston 19011980(brother of R. Waldo)
6236 McBURNEY, George R. 18621950 
6236 McBURNEY, Irene 19031960Irene Spear m Waldo in 1929
6236 McBURNEY, John Wendell 7/17/189612/25/1915 
N9411 McBURNEY, Marian Faris 19041976Psalm 128 (she m Edwin H.)
6236 McBURNEY, Mary B. 18731955(Mother of R. Waldo & sister of Eliz. Pearl Huston McElroy)
12236 McBURNEY, R. Waldo living  
4393 McCLONEY, H. W. (Henry) 18581935(E on lot)
6402 McCONKEY, Billie 2/13/19274/8/1930Our Son (Metal on top of granite)
6402 McCONKEY, Clarence M. 9/28/18711/3/1936 Artificer-Co H 22 Kans. Inf. Sp. Am. War/Another link is broken, In our beloved band; A golden chain is forming In a better land.(These words on white granite E on lot) American Legion
6402 McCONKEY, Ocie T. 4/27/18947/23/1991(Ocie T. Thomas b Va.)
7378 McELHINNEY, James Irwin 3/26/1888 8/14/1888son of R.M. & Fannie
14611 McELROY, Barbara C.  10/14/1895wife of W.C. McElroy/aged 26 y 11 m 10 d (E on lot) Barbara C. Stoner
324 McELROY, Bert 18791967Father (Joseph J. was Bert's brother)
324 McELROY, Elizabeth Pearl 18861960 Mother(dau. Of Joseph & Martha Elder Huston, m Thomas Albert in 1909)
N8411 McELROY, Ella L. 1906  
62411 McELROY, Florence Isabel 18931911(E on lot) Dau. Of Barbara C. & William C.)
6246 McELROY, Joseph 18401912Gone Home (father of J. J.)
6248 McELROY, Joseph J. 18671957Being dead yet speaketh. Heb. 11:4.(brother of Bert/m Mary I.)
    McELROY, Jennie 1/23/1903  
    McELROY, June 10/12/19122/1/1997 
N8411 McELROY, Lloyd S. 18941970 
6248 McELROY, Mary I. 18731952(wife of Joseph J.)
231  McELWAIN, Grant 5/15/19989/26/1997 
231  McELWAIN, Evelyn 10/29/19129/18/1998 
103316 McGOWEN, Doris C. Ikenberry 19241998OES
103316 McGOWEN, Major L. Jack 19231981Wings-U.S.M.C./American Legion/We shall meet again
N62510 McGUIRE, Elizabeth Jane 11/17/185011/29/1932 (Eliz. died in Saline Co. Ks. Date of burial June 13, 1913 as recorded page 32 in Hallely's combined cemetery record)
N62510 McGUIRE, James F. 4/15/18526/9/1912IOOF Corricksville Lodge no. 632
1201 McINTOSH, Nina 19041977At rest (dau of A. & H. Files)
120  McINTOSH, William 19091989 
22816 McKINLEY, James F. 18911977 
22816 McKINLEY, Edith B. 19011989 
1459 McKINNEY, Chester D. 18921903 
1459 McKINNEY, John R. 18641926 
1459 McKINNEY, Mary Jane 18661942 
7224 McKNIGHT, Dorene 3/6/19333/7/1933 (E on lot/Halley's records Dorene's birth Mar 1 1933, died Mar 3/child of John & Verna R. Long McKnight)
7224 McKNIGHT, John D. 18941975American Legion
S6424 McKNIGHT, Lizzie Belle 8/21/18727/15/1929 (nearest living relative at death, Mrs. John Chestnut)
7224 McKNIGHT, Lyman D. 6/10/19216/27/1921 
7224 McKNIGHT, Verna R. 18931970 Verna Ruth, dau of J.H. & Jemima Miller Long, m John D. McKnight in 1919
S6424 McKNIGHT, William James 18671952 
53511 McNITT, Flora Adelia 4/6/18748/22/1955 
53511 McNITT, George G. 7/5/18708/12/1949 
53511 McNITT, James 10/14/183312/27/1909 
53511 McNITT, Margaret 8/20/18383/19/1904(James wife)
22510 McQUEEN, Alfred M. 9/6/19044/22/1992(m Ethyl M. Thompson)
3248 McQUEEN, Elbert R. 19091910son(of Geroge R. & Ethel L.)
3248 McQUEEN, Ethel L. 18851987(dau of Urias J. & Sophia Boyd Beeghly)
225  McQUEEN, Ethyl M. (Thompson) 1/4/19091994 Alfred & Ethyl Parents of Donald, Leona, Lavern, Anna Beryl
3248 McQUEEN, George R. 18791963(son of Wm. & Janet Woodburn McQueen)
112918 McWILLIAMS, Audrey M. 12/17/191111/27/1973Deut. 31.8 (dau. of Earl C. & Nora Wigington Glick)
112918 McWiLLIAMS, George Carlton 3/2/190611/14/1986(son of George & Miriam Carlton McWilliams)
1129  McWILLIAMS, Jerry 9/26/19399/28/1939Moved from Mt. Pl.
1129  McWILLIAMS, Jimmy 9/26/19399/26/1939Moved from Mt. Pl.
626  MEIER, Nellie 9/14/190511/26/1994 
626  MEIER, Wilford 4/27/19127/3/1994 
S612 MELMIK, John 19521952 (cement base, Hendrick's marker on cement block)
8369 MELROY, Zelda Keiser 18981922At Rest
832  MENDENHALL, Jr. 3/28/19223/14/2001 
83511 MENSCHIK, Joseph 187911/1/1935 (E on lot/single, farmer)
33516 METSKER, Jesse D. 18791978Married Feb 1904 (Mary Edna Kinzie m. Jesse D)
33516 METSKER, M. Edna 18851980 
    MILLER, Alfred 19128/10/1989 
825  MILLER, Alvin 5/12/19223/1/1998 
648 MILLER, Bernice 19221962(wife of Lawrence W.)
63512 MILLER, Carl F. 18901970(Married Minnie)
73512 MILLER, Daniel G. 10/26/19407/5/1948son of Alfred & Opal
73512 MILLER, Don 2/5/19262/7/1926son of Carl F. & Minnie
6178 MILLER, Donna May 9/5/193012/12/1938Daughter (child of Fay Clark)
648 MILLER, Eileen 11/10/19199/10/2002 
8247 MILLER, Esta M. 1/11/18807/31/1928Mother (Esta Nina Hale m James A. Miller)
73512 MILLER, Eugene 10/31/192411/2/1924Son of Carl & Minnie)
S8401 MILLER, Everett B. 18861944(married Minnie F.)
6178 MILLER, Fay Clark 4/15/19045/3/1961 Father-I know whom I have believed/Hazel Inez Benson & Fay Clark Miller were united in marriage May 26, 1928
825  MILLER, Francis 6/28/192711/26/1998 
617  MILLER, Hazel 2/15/190910/4/1994Hazel married George Eichenberger 1973
8247 MILLER, James A. 5/18/18761/10/1959Father (son of Anderson & Mary Jane Miller/m Esta Hale
73512 MILLER, Janice A. 8/12/19388/12/1938Dau of Alfred & Opal
648 MILLER, Larry-Lawrence L. 19511972Son of Lawrence W. & Bernice
648 MILLER, Lawrence W.(Bill) 11/27/19174/13/2003 
648 MILLER, L. R. "Spot" 2/15/18994/29/1986(son of Andrew & Cecilia Ubert Miller/m Nancy Ellen Leighton in 1915)
8247 MILLER, Maude W. 18831979(Wilkinson-2nd wf. of James A. Miller)
73512 MILLER, Minnie 18921982(dau of Roman & Mary Fisher Witt/wife of Carl F.)
S8401 MILLER, Minnie F. 18691944(wife of Everett B.)
648 MILLER, "Nancy" E. Leighton 18921988 (wife of Lawrence R. "Spot" )
    MILLER, Opal 5/15/191511/23/1997 
129  MILLER, Rebecca 6/10/19483/9/2002 
 3512 MILLER, Robert Dale 12/11/19189/20/1971(bronze top) Kansas 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army/World War II Korea/Am. Leg.
S5401 MILLIRONS, Rosa Lee 18791946 
74714 MILROY, Claude 5/23/19073/8/1908(S side of stone)
74714 MILROY, Infant of 1/7/1897 1/7/1897Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Milroy/He is not dead but sleeping
74714 MILROY, Infant son 1/19/19091/26/1910of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Milroy
74714 MILROY, James S. 18641949 
74714 MILROY, Lottie A. 18721948(E on lot)
74714 MILROY, Nellie A. 18741914 
74714 MILROY, Ross 11/13/19056/21/1906(N side of stone)
7264 MITCHELL, Jennie E. 18661923wife of Samuel A.
926  MITCHELL, Wilma May 1/19162/1916 
83217 MOHLER, J.J. "Joe" 19151990American Legion
9377 MOHLER, John S. 5/30/183111/1/1911father of Joseph R.
9377 MOHLER, Joseph R. 18641956(m Susan Catherine Springer)
9377 MOHLER, Mary H. 12/5/18333/17/1912Mother of Joseph R.
9377 MOHLER, Susan C. 18761944(wife of Joseph R.)
83217 MOHLER, Virginia M. 19231986American Legion
34612 MOLNAR, Beulah Anderson 19191952Peaceful Rest
93315 MORRIS, Benjamin Smith 19001954 2 emblems, he was a Doctor of Medicine/son of Grant & Hesba Smith Morris)
933  MORRIS, Lucille 19111999 
102510 MOULDING, Joseph D. 18325/1904At Rest/born in Bingley Yorkshire England
102510 MOULDING, Mary Alice Wolfenden 18531926At Rest/Wife of Joseph
74714 MUNN, Rachel A. 18681943(E on lot)
53315 MUNSELL, Alma E. 18751958 
533  MUNSELL, Anna 1911  
53315 MUNSELL, Frank D. 18741958 
53315 MUNSELL, Gerald R. 11/13/19339/8/1961Nebraska/Sgt US Army/Am Legion
733  MUNSELL, Opie 7/15/19091/18/1990 
53315 MUNSELL, Raphael 19121940Son
53315 MUNSELL, Reuben R. 19001974(son of Frank D. & Alma E.)
6202 MUNSELL, Sheryl Marie 3/15/19453/15/1945Inf. Dau. of Jack & Lenna Lee
533  MUNSELL, Warren 19071996 
7412 MURDUFF, Oliva A. 18931953 
    NALL, Tracy 8/11/19878/5/2003 
84611 NEESE, Fred 185312/14/1937 
1121  NEHER, Edith 9/1/19059/10/1989 
1121  NEHER, Mark 3/17/18945/5/1987 
8393 NEMEYER, Catharine A. 18561928Mother
11224 NEMEYER, Claude E. 18901981Am. Legion/son of Herman & Catharine)
11224 NEMEYER, Erwin L. 1934 Son (of Claude & Hannah)
8393 NEMEYER, Ethel Annetta 18871976Daughter (of Herman & Catharine)
11224 NEMEYER, Hannah S. 18951986Married June 1921 (to Claude)
8393 NEMEYER, Herman Lewis 2/2/185112/3/1937Father (his father Herman H.)
8393 NEMEYER, Inez Cecil 18851942Daughter of Herman & Catharine
31610 NEU, Alice 18831940 
31610 NEU, John 18801965Am. Legion (m Alice May Haney
31610 NEU, Robert R. 8/24/190910/11/1909son of J.W. & A.M./Safe in the arms of Jesus
 1414 NICKELS, Nicole J. "Nikki" 4/27/19782/8/1986 beloved daughter of Joyce Arbuckle & David E, Nickels, Sleep well my babe and take thy rest/For God will call when he knows best
82611 NORTH, Harry A. 1/27/19033/27/1904(E on lot) God is love
5385 NORTHUP, Josephine 4/27/18793/3/1934Mother
5385 NORTHUP, Thomas M. (Milton) 18791942Father
7202 OAKS, Adra Ashworth 18921971(dau of Charles P. & Eliza)
7436 OBLINGER, Chester H. 11/20/1885 8/15/1886Son of V.W. & L.I. (brother of Mrs. Roesch)
93413 ORR, Sarah Hubbell 18821959 
93413 ORR, Wilbert Brown 18741961 
1385 ORTEN, Eva A. 18911985Mother
1385 ORTEN, George R. 18841950Father
6448 OWENS,   (infant-unmarked)
102714 OWENS, Clara Marie 1/12/192312/30/1946 
102714 OWENS, Ellen 18901981(E on lot)
102714 OWENS, Emmett N. 4/6/19176/14/1969Am. Legion
102714 OWENS, Wilfred 18801950(E on lot)
61610 OXLEY, Frank B. 18661943(m Minnie Lloyd Whitmer)
21610 OXLEY, James P. 8/13/18367/7/1911 
61610 OXLEY, Lauretta 18751907 nee Sawyer, & infant
61610 OXLEY, Minnie L. 18701947(E on lot)
61610 OXLEY, Mary Ebbert 18831918 
21610 OXLEY, Susanah 10/1/18448/10/1917 

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