Gove County Kansas

Baker Township Cemetery


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LotBlockRowNameBirth DateDeath DateOther Information
23120 PARSONS, Mildred 18851981 Mother (dau of Edwin & Fannie Burton Bryant/m L.R. Parsons, mother of Sara Eliz. Custer)
62918 PEASE, Bessie P. 18921984(Walter & Bessie parents of Doris Jamison)
62918 PEASE, Walter C. 18921988 
7510 PECK, Homer L. 18851961son of Reid & Olive
7510 PECK, Mabel E. 18841958(dau of Alvin B. & Eliza Sharp Brandenburg)
6412 PEEK, Adaline J. 4/22/18549/5/1922Mother
6412 PEEK, Francis M 7/23/18459/27/1928Father/Gone but not forgotten
23512 PETERS, Owen 12/6/18401/5/1921 
23512 PETERS, Sarah T. 10/18/18474/29/1910his wife
121020 PETERSON, Gerhard 18751929(Hendrick's marker on cement block)
51315 PHELPS, Cecil 19178/11/1988 
51315 PHELPS, Edith 12/30/1919  
51315 PHELPS, James 19461950Moved from Christian Church Cemetery 10/13/1989
51315 PHELPS, Wrex 19431946Moved from Christian Church Cemetery 10/13/1989
82612 PIERCE, L. W.   Hendrick's marker
    PORTER, Ann R.Grady "Wertz" 7/26/190211/1/2001 
8177 PORTER, Essie 18771956(Mary Essie Ryan m Fred L. Porter in 1900
8177 PORTER, Farran 2/9/19481/8/2002(son of Wilma & Loran)
8177 PORTER, Fred L. 18761940 
4385 PORTER, Landon J. 18671940Father
4211 PORTER, Baby Larry Jay 12/12/19406/17/1942(son of Milford & Myrtle)
8177 PORTER, Loran 19011992(son of Essie & Fred)
4211 PORTER, Milford Custer 5/14/19005/21/1994(m Myrtle Crist)
4385 PORTER, Mina A. (Agnes) 5/19/18712/17/1931Mother/We shall meet again(dau of Gabriel & Catherine Hoff; m Landon J. 1894)
4211 PORTER, Myrtle Crist 11/9/190112/27/1961Mother/She hath done what she could
8177 PORTER, Wilma G. 19051989(Wilma G. Wylie m Loran)
102918 POWERS, Lana J. 19411973 Lana Joy, dau of John & Floy Sutcliffe, m Ronald
102918 POWERS, Ronald S.    
102612 PRATT, Alice 7/4/189312/4/1950Mother/Gone Home)Alice Phelps m Joseph Arthur
92611 PRATT, Charles Lindberch 6/7/19292/3/1930Our Darling/Another that is broken In our household band But another chain is forming In a better land/Baby
92611 PRATT, Earl James 8/27/19203/3/1920age 15 hours
92611 PRATT, Gilbert G. 19231942 
9269 PRATT, James G. 12/31/18981/15/1922While we weep and linger he's waiting til we come
92612 PRATT, Joseph A. 5/19/189411/2/1971Father (son of Will & Mary Ann Carder Pratt; m Alice Phelps)
92611 PRATT, Mary A. 18671920Mother/We'll meet them when the pearly gates unfold (Mary Ann Carder m William H)
92611 PRATT, Orville Arthur 10/26/191710/27/1917 
92611 PRATT, William H. 18601904Father (E on lot)
    PRESS, Victor 1/27/19205/6/2004 
62714 RACHAU, Carmon Loretta   (E on lot) At Rest
62714 RACHAU, Charlotte 4/10/19061/11/1980(dau of David & Laura Kennedy; m Wm. Earl in 1925
62714 RACHAU, John J. 18571927(father of Wm. Earl)
627  RACHAU, Laura Jane  5/1941Permit No. D101 issued 5/13/41--no marker
62714 RACHAU, Melvin Lawrence   (E on lot)
62714 RACHAU, William E. 8/19/18895/1/1969Kansas/CPL CAS DET 1310 DEMO B GP/World War I
    RAMSEY, 4/27/1885 7/6/1886 (this child buried on farm east of Quinter, then when the community was organized & settled and there was a cemetery, the remains were moved to the Quinter cemetery. See p 49 "Pioneer Reminiscenses" by Mildred Cass Beason, 7 p 52 "Our Heritage 1886-1986" by Chalmer Faw.
91610 RAND, Effie 18841916Wife of T.B. Rand
4235 RARICK, Ada E. 2/22/19077/23/1907 
4235 RARICK, Azubah A. 18761963(E on lot)
4235 RARICK, Lewis R. 3/29/18732/10/1933Gone but not forgotten
93413 RASH, Charlie H. 18941979Father
93413 RASH, Florence V. 18981963Mother/Charlie H. Rash married Florence Lewis/May 14 1919
N559 RASH, Harvey B. 19031991(m 1931 Vernita V. Young)
N559 RASH, Vernita V. 19081987(dau of Minor & Ethel Long Young)
1012 RASKOP, Edith 18911949 
1012 RASKOP, John W.D. (Willis) 3/24/19169/15/1964(marker E on lot-Kansas CPL 2518 Base Unit AAF World War II/Mar 24 1916 Sep 15 1964/Am. Legion
1012 RASKOP, Matt 18851974 
1012 RASKOP, Nellie V. 7/21/191811/3/1972 
53119 REDMOND, Edith E. 19091999 
53119 REDMOND, Fred A. 19061979American Legion
10236 REED, Bertha M. 1/3/18813/3/1935 
10236 REED, John W. 18781950 
N64510 REINECKER, Charles E. 9/4/18829/30/1971m Etta M. Hiddleson
62816 REINECKER, Edna L. 1912 (Edna L. Raskop m Floyd. H.)
5377 REINECKER, Ellen 18731968 
N64510 REINECKER, Etta M. 12/23/18791/24/1967(dau of Robert & Katie Hiddleson)
62816 REINECKER, Floyd H. 19081990 
5377 REINECKER, Guy 12/7/18984/2/1904son of J.H. & S.L./Safe in the arms of Jesus/Safe on his gentle breast/There by his love o'er shadowed sweetly my soul shall rest
537  REINECKER, Melvin 3/23/19074/14/1994 
5377 REINECKER, Jacob B. 18481921 
5377 REINECKER, Leslie 18811920 
636  REINECKER, Lila 2/20/19146/9/1995 
5377 REINECKER, Paul Denton 12/19/19054/8/1906Baby-Our Darling
5377 REINECKER, Sarah L. 18621921 
5377 REINECKER, Ward 8/7/188811/20/1890on east side of same stone as Guy's is Ward's inscription; son of J.H. & S.L. Reinecker (a verse-unable to read: Other records show this child's name was Calvin Ward)
6378 REISCH, Joseph M. 1857 8/1/1890Aged 33y 7ms 11ds Farewell my wife and children all/From you a father Christ doth call
6378 REISH, Peter 1826 7/22/1896age 73y 2 days/ Blessed are the dead/That die in the Lord From Henceforth
3202 REITER, Leonard M. 3/24/18806/18/1951 Father b Randall, Kan. Died Quinter/Leonard Reiter married Mary Ringer Oct 18 1904/Odd Fellow
3202 REITER, Leota Charlotte 4/26/19229/29/1922infant twin daughter of Leonard & Mary
3202 REITER, Mary C. 5/11/18835/1/1922 Mother b Grantsville Md.(oval picture of Mary & Leonard) Mary d. Quinter, Kans./Resting in Peace/Rebecca Emblem Rebekah Lodge no. 542
3178 REMINGTON, Ada M. 18951945 
3178 REMINGTON, Truman H. 18961985Kaster Funeral Home
317  REMINGTON, Wayne 2/27/193012/19/2000 
92815 RENFRO, Benjamin H. 10/17/188812/3/1971Kansas/Pvt US Army World War I/ American Legion
92815 RENFRO, Elsie L. 18901967 
11236 RENO, John Jr. 19731973Hall-Koster Service (some of letters & numbers gone)(E on lot/John & Janice Reno baby)
74510 REYNOLDS, George Washington 5/11/1833 12/4/1889 (lot bought by G.W. Reynolds, marked Unknown /S of Emil Enstrom stone)
7412 RHINE, Amanda B. 18701967 
S8411 RHINE, Ethel H. 6/13/19001/6/196523rd. Psalm
S8411 RHINE, Francis L. 12/10/19003/1991 (m in 1926 Ethel Hammer, dau of Worthy & Roxanna)
7412 RHINE, James L. (Lincoln) 6/27/186111/17/1934son of Martin Rhine
5377 RHINE, Viola 1/9/188512/4/1909We Mourn
43217 RHOADES, Bertha M. 19021989*Born May 16, 1902 Died May 1, 1989* *Bertha Porter m Frank J. March 9, 1921* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006*
432  RHOADES, Doris 11/6/19252/28/1989*Doris Jamison m. Wayne E. Rhoades May 3, 1942* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006*
43217 RHOADES, Frank J. 18961973*Born March 14, 1896 Died Apr. 25, 1973* *Frank J. Rhoades m. Bertha M. Porter March 9, 1921* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006* American Legion
10510 RHOADES, Gertrude M. 1/18/19067/2/1996*Married Ray B. Rhoades Apr. 27, 1927* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006*
10510 RHOADES, Kathleen 19455/11/1945*dau of Ray & Gertrude* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006*
432  RHOADES, Lynnette 19492002 
101512 RHOADES, Minnie   (Hendrick's marker)
10510 RHOADES, Ray B. 19011966*Born July 28, 1901 Died May 27, 1966* *m Gertrude M. Smith Apr. 27, 1927* *source James E. Rhoades Aug. 2006*
    RHOADES, Wayne    
4423 RICE, Bissell P. 1/6/18401/28/1923 
4423 RICE, Candis A. 8/13/18427/8/1920 
94815 RICE, James 19224/23/1926 
1136 RICHARDS, Harry D. 19011974(son of James W. & Gertrude/m Hazel Alice Mace
1136 RICHARDS, Hazel A. 19031976 
12393 RICHARDS, Laurence G. 18941971(son of Mr. & Mrs. J.W./m 1st. Mamie Shafer/2nd. Leona Rogers in 1924)
12393 RICHARDS, Leona A. 19061994 
9423 RIGGS, Anna Long 7/9/19103/29/1998 Married Sept. 26 1928 (to Howard Guy) Asleep in Jesus/E side of stone: RIGGS/Our children/Eunice, Yvonne, Charles, Evelyn, James, Linda, Leonard
9393 RIGGS, Cora 18881976Mother
9423 RIGGS, Howard Guy 5/16/19097/9/1986(son of Pearl & Cora Mosher Riggs)
91315 RIGGS, Private James D. 11/27/19657/10/1985Son (of James W. & Sandra) Home with Jesus/Am. Legion
91315 RIGGS, James Walter 6/13/1944 Dad/James W. Riggs married June 2 1963 Sandra L. Chezem
9393 RIGGS, Janice 19431943(E on lot) daughter of Marvin & Elsie
947 RIGGS, Leroy Owen 9/8/192411/7/1960(son of Cora Luella & Pearl/m 1942 Ina Mae Jamison)/Am. Legion
9393 RIGGS, Orville M. 19271928Son
9393 RIGGS, Pearl 18793/11/1936Father
91315 RIGGS, Sandra Lea living Mom
724 RINGER, Charles H. 18861972(son of Mathias & Catherine Fuller Ringer/m in 1909 Eva Shadowen/m in 1920 Bertha Bowen)
724 RINGER, Bertha V. 18861977(dau of Charles & Zurilda Adams Bower)
72  RINGER, Elroy 19241994 
724 RINGER, Flora Morgan 18981978Married Oct 22 1919 (to Jonas D.)
72  RINGER, Gail    
724 RINGER, Jonas D. 18981984(son of Mathias & Catherine Fuller Ringer)
72  RINGER, Ruth 6/4/19229/29/2000 
135  RISCHEL, Mahela  12/19/1901 
    ROBERTS, Cecil    
550  ROBERTS, Dale 6/14/19106/14/1996 
632  ROBERTS, Delmar 19141993 
550  ROBERTS, Elsie 9/28/19081/24/2003 
13119 ROBERTS, Esther L. 19251979 (picture of Wendell & Esther) married oct 26 1946/Parents of Anita, Wayne & Genell
61  ROBERTS, Helen L. 1914  
122 ROBERTS, Horace E. 19011968(m Helen L. Henry)
65020 ROBERTS, Ila M. 19091982(dau of Aubery Chester & Nora Schlief Mendenhall)
612 ROBERTS, James Larry 6/2/19404/1/1968Kansas Sp4 HQ CO 5 BG 31 Infantry/Am. Legion
    ROBERTS, Janice    
632  ROBERTS, Vera    
13119 ROBERTS, L. Wendell   (m Esther L. Sprenkel)
65020 ROBERTS, Lyle Leicester 19051987 (E side of stone: Married Aug 8 1926 (to Ila M.) Our children/Gary Lyle, Sharyl Elaine
9211 ROESCH, Beatrice G. 12/4/19053/25/1986 
9211 ROESCH, Bobby-Robert Leon 9/8/19321/12/1933(E on lot) son of Orin & Beatrice)
12211 ROESCH, Bryan 7/26/18961990(m Ida May Bowman)
648 ROESCH, Claude W. 18921968 (Claude Wesley, son of Jacob C. & Ella E.;m Emma Marguerite Haldeman)
71  ROESCH, Curtis    
12211 ROESCH, Ella E. 9/19/18706/24/1958(m Jacob C.)
648 ROESCH, Emma M. 18941967(dau of David & Susanna)
2212 ROESCH, Gotlieb 8/6/18359/18/1920He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
12211 ROESCH, Ida Mae 10/14/18967/7/1977(dau of Daniel & Sarah E. Bowman)
12211 ROESCH, Jacob C. 7/3/18633/24/1936(son of Gotlieb & Susanna Bowman Roesch)
S9211 ROESCH, Margaret F. 19031988(wife of W. Merle)
S9211 ROESCH, Marilyn Lorraine 3/13/19291/16/1938(dau of W. Merle & Margaret Smith Roesch)
9211 ROESCH, Orin A. 1/13/19066/1/1976Rest in Peace (m Beatrice G. Hoffer)
S6436 ROESCH, Sadie Jane 1865 9/16/1886 aged 21 yr. 11 ms 25 ds/wife of Christian Roesch/A home for me, when time is o'er, Where grief and parting are known no more. O weary soul, there's a home for thee, A home for all, Yes, a home for me.
8211 ROESCH, Sarah Idella 18681951 
2212 ROESCH, Susanna 2/12/18394/11/1914(m Gotlieb)
S9211 ROESCH, W. Merle 19041965Together forever
8211 ROESCH, William Eugene 18711950(m Sarah Idella)
52815 RUSH, Edith 18881966 
52815 RUSH, Roy 18831950 
7424 SAMSON, Elmer D. (Durr) 9/18844/27/1932(son of Robert H. & Louise Wurm Samson) IOOF Lodge no. 623
7424 SAMSON, Louise H. 18591943(born in Wisconsin)
7424 SAMSON, Rees W. (Rebecca) 18845/1926 
7424 SAMSON, Robert H. 185012/1921(born in England)
124  SANDERS, Eula 2/2/191912/18/1993 
1247 SANDERS, Lloyd H. 19131972Emblem-Dear Head/DPOE/Am Legion(m Eula Custer)
5211 SANGER, Rhonda Faye 10/4/19511/6/1954Little ones to Him belong. (Oval picture of Rhonda)
7448 SCHMIDT, John C. 18961973Rest in Peace
7448 SCHMIDT, Myrtle M. 19041969 
73316 SCHNEIDER, Florence L. 19041993 
73316 SCHNEIDER, Frank J. 18991980 (son of Frank J. & Maggie Heoy Schneider, married Florence Jones
733  SCHNEIDER, Harold    
733  SCHNEIDER, Ruby 192810/6/1996 
6178 SCHWARZ, Vera Lee 19301930Hendrick's marker (dau of Frank & Agnes Benson Schwarz-Vera Lee born & died between 1930 & 1942-her mother was sister of Mable Jamison
3236 SEIPLE, Ivan 19011917Our son/Am. Legion (His mother m Edward Wurst. He had a sister who married Rogers. Ivan in WW I
  12 SELBY, Richard Keith 19301952Am Legion (son of Forrest & Nellie Simmons Selby)
6394 SHEARER, Doris Wilson 19201939 
323  SHAFER, Howard 10/14/192012/3/1999 
323  SHAFER, Freda 1/3/192112/14/1999 
23610 SHRADER, Emeline  11/29/1898Aged 59 yrs 6 ms 13 ds/wife of Geo. H. Shrader
12815 SHRAUGER, Elizabeth 18361890(wife of Brother Shrauger. She was charter member of Church of Brethren)
82815 SIMMERMAN, Gene D. 10/22/19482/6/1949(E on lot)
828  SIMMERMAN, Johanna 19281993 
32612 SIMMONS, Carrie B. 18731915(wife of T.H. Simmons)
32612 SIMMONS, Thomas H. (Howard) 18621945 (died of second degree burn. Permit issued July 25, 1945)
835 SIMON, Danny L. 19571957(E on lot)
835 SIMON, Dwana M. 19541954(E on lot) Our Dear Baby
835 SIMON, Murl L. 7/5/19115/9/1972(Married Stella M. Sterrett Jan 4 1933)
835 SIMON, Stella M. 1/20/1911  
S447 SIMPSON, Charlie T. 10/27/19091/7/1994 
N94  SIMPSON, Doris E. Smith    
S447 SIMPSON, Esther C. 2/4/191010/17/1967 (Esther Christine, dau of Claus & Lydia Nelson/m Charlie T. 1932)
96  SIMS, Gilbert 5/23/19643/19/1995 
3510 SMITH, Alfred (Al) 6/28/190011/10/1965 
73512 SMITH, Baby 19241924(child of a Methodist minister)
8201 SMITH, Bertha V. 11/30/19093/9/1993(m 1931 Floyd Wilbur)
S959 SMITH, Beulah L. 191412/15/1993 
N459 SMITH, Calvin Alfred 8/22/192111/14/1965(Metal top) Kansas Tec 5 US Army/World War II Am. Legion
5510 SMITH, Bert O. 18711952 
624 SMITH, Carrie L. 5/29/18858/26/1971(wife of Newton)
2510 SMITH, Claude E. 18861969 (son of Wm. J. & Josephine Bain Smith/m 1st. Martha Mae Hubbell in 1909, m 2nd. Lura Melvina Dillon in 1920)
5510 SMITH, Clifford Leroy 19171919 
N959 SMITH, Darrell F. 19171966Rest in Peace/Am. Legion
N811 SMITH, Diana Ruth 19481948(dau of Floyd & Rosalee Wilds Smith. Grand daughter of Ralph & Yuba Wilds)
32510 SMITH, Donald 12/9/190812/9/1908In loving remembrance of infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith
S959 SMITH, Earl F. 19041978 (son of Frank L. & Edna Gillfoy Smith, m Beulah Botkin 1931)
32510 SMITH, Edna 18811953 
32510 SMITH, Frank 18761956 
3510 SMITH, Florence I. 2/23/190111/21/1988 Married Apr 1, 1920 (to Alfred (Al)
8201 SMITH, Floyd W. 6/19/19078/23/1972 Both young and old thought the world of him Some called him "Bud", some just plain friend But he gave them all a helping hand..My Dad! (son of Frank L. & Edna/m 1931 Bertha Jamison
5510 SMITH, Grace A. 18811950(E side of stone)
459 SMITH, Harold E. 19131988Masonic Emblem (son of Frank and Edna/m Viola W.)
7178 SMITH, Infant 19421942son of J.H. & Beulah
8201 SMITH, Jerry Dean 19461947 Now I Lay me down to sleep (Larry Gene's twin, child of Floyd W. & Bertha V.)
2510 SMITH, Josephine E. 6/14/181912/17/1932 Rest Mother Rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow over thee weep (Halley's combined cem. Record show Josephine June 14, 1844 in Ill.
2510 SMITH, Lura M. 18881967 (dau of Elizabeth Rosetta & Howard Dillon, m Claude)
    SMITH, Marleah Mae 10/12/19128/24/2002 
73414 SMITH, Martha Hubbell 18851915(m Claude)
624 SMITH, Newton 10/6/18693/10/1953(m Carrie L.)
7178 SMITH, Verlie or Verline 19381939dau of J.H. & Beulah
459 SMITH, Viola W. 1916 OES emblem (m Harold E.)
114  SMITH, William Eldon 19111989 
2510 SMITH, Wm. J. 1/10/18431/29/1920Co. L. 11 Ill. Cav. Veteran 61-65(b in Germany/m Josephine E.)
73414 SMITH, William Raymond 3/30/19153/8/1939 (son of Claude E. & Martha Hubble Smith/single lived at Orange, Ca. at time of death. Died in auto accident at Yuma, Arizona
    SMITH, Wm. Y.  6/1921 
5193 SNOWDEN, Edith J. 18881963(m Ernest W. Snowden in 1915)
5193 SNOWDEN, Ernest Wesley 18831948 
5193 SNOWDEN, Pauline H. 19221942 
519  SNOWDEN, Ruth 19201996 
31414 SNYDER, Leah Deane 2/6/19812/6/1981(E on lot-Hendrick's marker Dau of David & Rhonda)
7236 SONGER, Susan 10/22/18538/8/1944Mother of Lela M. (Mrs. Cecil Calvert)
3402 SPILLMAN, Belle 18791961(dau of Betty & Henry Pitcock/m John T. in 1903)
3402 SPILLMAN, John T. 18761948 
103512 SPRENGER, Caroline 18131899 
3386 SPRENGER, Clara 19021989 
103512 SPRENGER, E. Henry 18861976 (Ernest Henry, son of J.H. & Mary Gertrude)
103512 SPRENGER, F. John 18811963 (Fredrick John, son of J. Henry & Mary G.)
103512 SPRENGER, Henry 18081904 
3386 SPRENGER, J. Henry 18511920 
3386 SPRENGER, Mary 6/15/18585/2/1934(b in northern Germany)
10356 SPRENGER, Minnie 18921892 
63316 SPRENKEL, Charles I. (Charlie) 11/2/1903 3/17/19039/3/1996 
63316 SPRENKEL, Emmert C. 18991980 (son of Levi W. & Mary Ellen Danner Sprenkel, m June Winkler in 1920)
63316 SPRENKEL, June A. 19021985 Married June 16, 1920
8235 SPRENKEL, L. W. 18681940Father (m Donnar 1896 in Ill.
859 SPRENKEL, Libby/Elizabeth Lea 19521964(E on lot) Jesus-My Savior(Dau of Marvin & Willetta)
85  SPRENKEL, Marvin    
63316 SPRENKEL, Mary E. 19061988 Married Oct 13, 1926(Mary E, Jones m Charles I.) Henry Donner was her father
8235 SPRENKEL, Mary E. (Ellen) 1/18/18793/12/1937Mother
8235 SPRENKEL, Orley 9/11/19049/13/1929Gone but not forgotten (son of L.W. & Mary Ellen)
85  SPRENKEL, Willetta    
1211 SPRINGER, Harriet 3/31/18496/28/1935Mother
1211 SPRINGER, John E. 8/29/18439/22/1922Father G.A.R. 1861-1865 At Rest (metal GAR emb.)
7386 SPURGEUN, Olive Anna   8/28/1890Aged 8 mo 10ds./A little Bud of love/To bloom with God above/Dau of J.B. & M.
739  STANDARD, Geneva 6/8/191710/1994 
739  STANDARD, Tom    
10378 STANLEY, Frank H. 10/5/18789/5/1956 
10378 STANLEY, Linda Sue 5/29/19425/29/1942(E on lot) daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Stanley
10378 STANLEY, Lloyd John 4/2/191011/15/1910Sleep on sweet baby and take thy rest God called thee home He thought best
10378 STANLEY, Susan A. 8/1/18774/19/1971 (Susan Ann, dau of Elder John & Susan Ikenberry/m Frank H.)
6186 STARKEY, Charles 10/9/188411/14/1960 Father-I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go unto the House of the Lord. Ps. 122:1
7186 STARKEY, Helen Bernice 5/7/19177/12/1933(dau of John & Mary Crook Starkey)
6186 STARKEY, Ida M. Wells 11/8/189311/3/1962Mother/Married Mar 2 1921 (to Charles)
3186 STARKEY, James A. (Austin) 4/17/18502/12/1938Father
3186 STARKEY, Harriet E. 1/17/18544/9/1925Mother
7186 STARKEY, John 9/23/18795/24/1946 (son of James Austin & Harriet Elizabeth, m 1911 Mary Lee Crook)
7186 STARKEY, John Jr. 9/23/19208/1/1921 
718  STARKEY, Marie 2/28/19164/12/2000 
7186 STARKEY, Martha E. 4/11/19244/11/1924Inf. dau of Chas. & Ida
7186 STARKEY, Mary Lee 1/24/187910/1/1950(Mary Lee Crook m John)
1169 STEINLE, Alexander 11/21/19045/3/1979 
1169 STEINLE, Hannah 10/26/190410/3/1992 
1169 STEINLE, Leoloyd 19278/12/1945(d by drowning)
749  STERRETT, Clarence    
7402STERRETT. Elsie F.18871967(dau of Adolph H. & C. Frederica Feiler)
7402 STERRETT, Jane R. 18531938 
7402 STERRETT, John C. 18501926 (John Calvin m 1872 Jennie R. Marvin. Their children: Anna L., Earnest A., Harry E., and Roy B
S62510 STERRETT, John Elton 4/21/19114/23/1911 
7402STERRETT. Roy B.18851967(m 1909 Elsie Frederica Feiler)
74918 STERRETT, Vera Marie 2/19/192011/15/1986(dau of Earl & Bertha Cunningham Phelps/m 1939 Clarence)
10448 STEVENS, Alfred 18491901 
33218 STEWART, Charles T. 19011977 (son of Charles Russell & Ethel, m Valeria Thompson, later m Ila Jamison)
33218 STEWART, L. Valeria 19051973 (dau of J.W. & Vera Copping Thompson, m Charles T., 1 child, John Russell)
44611 STONER, Abraham L. 19398/18/1909aged 69 y 11 mo 20 d (E on lot)
44611STONER, David R. 18801927At Rest/Mason-Rotary International/M.D.
44611 STONER, Edgar E. 1874 8/9/1891son of A.L. & J. Stoner/13 yrs 11 mos 26 ds/We know no sorrow knew not grief Til thy bright face was missed (E on lot)
44611 STONER, Ethel R. 3/7/18872/14/1987 wife of Dr. David R. Stoner(d in Temple City, Ca. The remains were cremated & interred at Quinter cem.)
44611 STONER, James B. 1870 9/24/1898son of A.L. & Jane Stoner/aged 28y 1m 4d (Metal top) United States/soldier/War with Spain/1898-99? Cuba (left side) Philippines (right side) Porto Rico IOOF Lodge no. 474
44611 STONER, Jane 1878 9/9/1898wife of A.L. Stoner/aged 59 yrs 11 m 26 d (E on lot)
442  STOUT, Alice 10/25/19117/17/1988 
4424 STOUT, Arlie Vern 19301936(E on lot) son of C.Y. & M)
4424 STOUT, Charlie Y. 18871951 
4424 STOUT, Glenn Verl 10/29/19263/6/1937 (E on lot, son of C.Y. A M)
4424 STOUT, Millie L. 18901979 (dau of Larkin & Claudia Lilacker McIntire, m 1908 Charlie Yancy Stout)
9423 STOVER, Eunice E. Riggs 19301985(dau of Howard & Anna Riggs)
827  STOVER, Katie 7/6/19501/12/1998 
942  STOVER, Harold 2/6/192310/5/1997 
34612 STUCKE, Luetta Anderson 19261977(dau of Albert & Elsie Anderson)
72816 SUTCLIFFE, A. John 19081990 
72816 SUTCLIFFE, Betty Jean 6/13/19329/25/1933(E on lot)
72816 SUTCLIFFE, Floy I.    
72816 SUTCLIFFE, Jack D. 19351961Son-The Lord is My Shepherd/American Legion
S4193 SWORD, John Amos 3/31/18808/30/1964Father/son of John & Mary Ann/m Susan Myrtle Slifer
S4193 SWORD, John Dale 4/14/19232/11/1943 
S4193 SWORD, Susan Myrtle 4/19/18841/8/1965Mother
8435 TALBOTT, Cleo 19069/1906 (rock marker, broken) Son of N.C. & M.M./Age 8m 11d
83413 TEACH, Leon Winston 3/12/19341/14/1935(rock marker) son of Virgil & Eva Teach/Eva dau of Lovell Anderson)
1026  TERRY, Inf.   Chas. Terry
2402S THACKER, Baby  1928Child of Cleve Thacker/ Moved to Bunker Hill 10/6/1989
1385 THOMAS, Carrie Hammon 18921962 (Carrie Haney m H. E. Hammon, later m Thomas)
7178 THOMAS, Chloe 4/12/18719/27/1956Mother
44815 THOMAS, Clarence F. 19021986son of Darby & Chloe Mae Mull Thomas)
7178 THOMAS, Lawrence M. 5/15/18946/11/1978Father/The Lord is my Shepherd Ps. 23 (m Rena B.)
7178 THOMAS, Lester W. 3/27/19164/1/1916 Our Darling, son of Roy & Rena (E on lot)
7178 THOMAS, Rena B. 3/29/18901/18/1954Mother (E on lot) wife of Lawrence M.)
5435 THOMAS, Warren H. 19161921(E on lot)
7178 THOMAS, Wm. Darby 1/15/18672/13/1934Father (son of Ruben-m Chloe)
833  TILTON, Helen    
72612 TILTON, Jessie F. 5/14/19156/10/1968(dau of Leroy & Lucretia Ulrich/m in 1934 Jay
833  TILTON, Loyd 5/31/19155/9/1993 
347  TILTON, Michael 8/4/19813/15/1995S 1/2
1223 TODD, Harry C. 18841975(son of Johathan D. & Emma Hall Todd/Married May 1916 Pearl Elizabeth Wilds)
1223 TODD, Pearl E. 18941973(dau of Elwin Aaron & Mary T. Courtney Wilds)
212 TOLTON, E. H. 12/30/19203/15/1952California MOMM3 USNR World War II /Am. Legion (m 1945 Jewell Ruth Mann)
8423 TRANSUE, Clinton D. (DeWitt) 2/21/18587/8/1937 
2412 TRANSUE, Eva E. 19212/13/1999 Married Sept. 25, 1940 (Picture of Eva & Lewis)
8423 TRANSUE, Gay Karen 7/14/19418/1/1942 
8423 TRANSUE, Iltyd M (Minor) 12/20/19352/10/1936(son of Howard & Opal Elis Transue)
1411 TRANSUE, Leta May Mace 8/14/18968/12/1968Mother/m Nov 23 1915 Ralph A.
2412 TRANSUE, Lewis E. 19161964 
8423 TRANSUE, Margaret A. 18681948 
7412 TRANSUE, Opal 10/11/19163/28/1961 
1411 TRANSUE, Ralph 4/12/189411/6/1983Father
8423 TRANSUE, Roscoe J. 18991926 
441  TRANSUE, Velda    
441  TRANSUE, Venda 1/23/191810/25/1997 
5435 TRIMMER, A. H. "Harry" 18891942 
5435 TRIMMER, Andrew Kenten 18641949 
5435 TRIMMER, Joseph K. 18941896 
5435 TRIMMER, Sarah Alice 18661960 
5435 TRIMMER, Wilda K. 18961927 
 4613 TUCKER, Winifred Lindquist 18981923 
12369 TURNER, Della K. 3/10/190312/11/1996 
5369 TURNER, Elora B. (Bell) 12/24/18747/26/1937 
5369 TURNER, John A. (Alfred) 18711943 
12369 TURNER, Lee M. 18941979American Legion(son of John A. & Elora B. Turner/m in 1924 Della Long)
    TURNER, Leona    
6378 TURNER, Leslie L. 5/30/190712/29/1936In memory of (son of John Alfred & Laura B. Weatherby Turner)
336  TURNER, Randel  8/1/1995 
83019 TUTTLE, Albert B. 4/14/190712/28/1980(son of J. M. & Alice Idella Purinton Tuttle)
1232  TUTTLE, Charles    
72714 TUTTLE, Doris Mae 10/10/19301/17/1946 Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal/Our daughter/Quinter, Kansas. Went to her rest Tho thy smile be lost to sight/to memory thou art dear (dau of Fred D. & Lillian May Goff Tuttle)
929  TUTTLE, Elvin 11/23/19212/21/1997 
126  TUTTLE, Everett 4/12/19259/10/1996 
929  TUTTLE, Florence 3/3/19281/22/1998 
849  TUTTLE, Glen 1/22/192812/18/2003 
83413 TUTTLE, Frank   Hendrick's marker
72714 TUTTLE, Fred D. 18991991 Father (Frederick Dewey, son of John M. & Alice Idella Purinton Tuttle)
123217 TUTTLE, Kent B. 19511984 Son-Praise the Lord(Kent Bryce, son of Charles & Roma
929  TUTTLE, Lester Leroy 11/13/19549/2/1987 (son of Elvin & Florence Johnson Tuttle, m 1976 Mary Leiker)
72714 TUTTLE, Lillian M. 19051968Mother
3378 TUTTLE, Mary A. 18081899 In memory of/ Mother/wife of C.T. Tuttle/age 61y/ (unable to read) tall, slender white stone)
83019 TUTTLE, Mary Marshall 9/18/19087/5/1982 Married Apr 20, 1930 (to Albert B.)
112816 TUTTLE, R. Ada 1897  
112816 TUTTLE, Ralph M. 2/10/18968/29/1975 (son of J.M. & Alice Idella Purinton Tuttle) Married June 1919 (to R. Ada Sprenkel/E on lot, Bronze top/Pvt US Army/American Legion
1232  TUTTLE, Roma    
849 TUTTLE. Vereta19272002 
748  TUTTLE, Walter 11/30/19106/25/2002 

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