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LotBlockRowNameBirth DateDeath DateOther Information
72612 ULRICH, Clifford C. 19041948 
13315 ULRICH, Emma 1/26/1904  
72612 ULRICH, Lucretia Ann 11/20/18817/13/1938In memory of our Mother
N4435 ULRICH, Manford W. 19081975(son of Roy & Lucretia)
N4435 ULRICH, Roger Kyle 1/11/19404/12/1940inf. Son of Manford & Vera
443  ULRICH, Royer 1/11/194010/6/1997 
72612 ULRICH, Roy 18781965 (Leroy, son of Jacob & Mary m 1899 Lucretia Short)
N4435 ULRICH, Vera B. 19061987 (dau of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Bailey, m 1931 Manford Wm.)
13315 ULRICH, Walter 11/27/19021/5/2001 
 448UNKNOWN  Between SCHMIDT & STEVENS/ This lot bought by S.M. Daqul or Daque
74510UNKNOWN  Between ENSTROM & IKENBERRY/ This lot bought by G.W. Reynolds
 1511UNKNOWN  North of N Entrance Road
  12 UNKNOWN, Baby   North of Gretta JAMISON
103513UNKNOWN  These 3 North of SPRENGER
  13UNKNOWN  Between HEAD & Baby BLACK
81020 UNKNOWN, Baby   Between BOBBINS & VAUG
101020 VAUG, Carline Avel  1960Hendrick's marker on cement block
63610 WAGNER, David  11/24/1900aged 2yr 10m 8d/son of D.W. & Mary Wagner(verse?)
94713 WALKINSHAW, J. Arthur 6/8/19078/13/1908 Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven (J. Arthur son of Lemuel & Laura, g son of A.G. & Mary J.)
84713 WALKINSHAW, Mary J. 9/29/185711/20/1894(d of typhoid fever) wife of A.G.
84713 WALKINSHAW, Stella 10/16/1877 12/9/1894on N side of Mary's stone/very dim/dau of A.G. & Mary J./d of typhoid fever)
82917 WALZ, Beulah I. 4/14/19041/7/1997 
82917 WALZ, Dale K. 6/30/19492/17/1972(bronze top) Kansas/An US Navy/Vietnam/Am. Legion
82917 WALZ, George M. 19021970 
12713 WARD, Harry A. Jr. 9/28/19317/19/1933(E on lot) inf. son of H.A. & Flora Hargitt Ward
 138 WARD, Martin T. 4/4/191812/16/2004 Martin married Pearl Albin Sept 22, 1940. Precious Memories/engraved Praying Hands (E side of stone, engraved Wheat heads) /Our Girls/Lorena, Linda, Donna, Doris, Susan
 138 WARD, Pearl R. 2/6/192210/2/2004 
10402 WEAKLEY, Nellie May 187212/7/1929Mother (dau of Albert & Elisilas Gregory Postustenon. Mrs. Ruth Holmes of Quinter a relative. Nellie d 1929 Rebekah Lodge no. 542
10402 WEAKLEY, Morris Andel 18672/1/1928 Father/son of James & Susan Ann McWilliams Weakley/Claud Weakley of Holly, Ks. a kin
S535 WEBSTER, Cora B. 11/2/18859/4/1977 (dau of J.P. & Mary Catherine Boitnott, m 1911 J. Tillman
S535 WEBSTER, John Tullman 1/16/18737/10/1958 
N535 WEBSTER, Lloyd J. 10/14/19214/28/1984 Married Nov 1, 1944/Parents of Judith & Jarrell./Memory is the sweetest flower, That in a Garden Grows.(E on lot) bronze top) TSGT US Army World War II/American Legion
5223 WEBSTER, Lloyd Morris 19441944Son of WF HJ
N535 WEBSTER, Patsy Ruth living (m Lloyd J.)
12713 WEEKS, George A. 18831886son of G.A. & E.F. (this grave moved from Red Top cem. in 1920)
750  WEEMS, Bryan 18971993 
750  WEEMS, Catherine 9/8/190811/4/2002 
3186 WELLS, Martha A. 5/23/186312/18/1953(Martha Ann Brubaker m 1891 William Matthew Wells)
3186 WELLS, William M. 9/17/18693/22/1960 
S5259 WERTZ, Daniel J. 18761964(son of John T. & Frances)
43511 WERTZ, Frances 5/19/18462/21/1932(dau of Abraham & Elizabeth Bauman Peters)
81413 WERTZ, George H. 19091999(son of Henry D. & Mabel I.)
81413 WERTZ, Henry D. 9/26/18811/25/1975(son of John B. & Frances)
514  WERTZ, Howard 4/13/19086/7/1995 
43511 WERTZ, Ida C. 18841977Daughter (of John B. & Frances)
314  WERTZ, Infant 20009/6/2000Brandon & Ricki
43511 WERTZ, John B. 18441926 
81413 WERTZ, Kenneth G. 19521/1952(E on lot) son of Geo. & L.)
51413 WERTZ, Larry L. 19391973(son of Howard & Thelma/m Linda Zarecor)
81413 WERTZ, Laura H. 19141978 (dau of Thomas & Mary Barclay m 1st. J.T. Edwards, m 2nd. 1949 George H. Wertz)
43511WERTZ. Lillie A. 2/18876/17/1900aged 13y 4m 2d dau of J.B. & F. Wertz
514  WERTZ, Linda R. living  
81413 WERTZ, Mabel I. 10/27/18847/21/1971(dau of George T. & Katie Hargitt/m 1907 Henry D.)
S5259 WERTZ, Martha E. 18761956(dau of Gottlieb & Susanna Roesch/m 1897 Daniel J.)
51413 WERTZ, Reese Alan 19651966Our son (Larry L. & Linda)
514  WERTZ, Thelma 1911  
    WEYAND, Bill 6/22/19444/4/2003 
    WEYAND, Gilbert  1/20/1997 
    WEYAND, Ruth 8/26/19215/24/1997 
62612 WHISMORE, E. 18451924Co. B. 1020 Inf. Post 433 G.A.R.
62612 WHISMORE, Lucy Summers 18451917 
139  WHITMER, Ethel 2/2/19088/21/2003 
54611 WHITMER, W. B. 1/1/186610/24/1888Aged 22 yrs 9 mos 23 ds/Gone but not forgotten
3412 WICKIZER, Asa M. 3/15/185111/12/1924He died as he lived/believing in God in God and faith in his fellowman
3412 WICKIZER, Catherine 8/28/18563/17/1917Wife of Asa/We loved her
3412 WICKIZER, Daie 18881906Dau of A.M. & C.
4459 WIGINGTON, Alfred W.   1/11/1891aged 1 yr 3 m 18d/ child of I.S. & T.
4459 WIGINGTON, Clara M.   7/30/1888aged 2 yr 7 m 18d. child of I.S. & T.
1177 WIGINGTON, Donald E. 9/3/19111/21/1994 
5177 WIGINGTON, Edith A. 19022/3/2003 
5177 WIGINGTON, Elmer J. 18871972son of Isaac & Tabitha/m 1909 Maude May Custer/m 1947 Edith Thomas
4459 WIGINGTON, Isaac S.(Steven) 1/2/18569/6/1934In loving memory
4459 WIGINGTON, Jennie M.   8/4/1887aged 20 yrs 11 m 16 d
8385 WIGINGTON, John Henry 6/23/18931/4/1925Gone but not forgotten
1177 WIGINGTON, Lola E. 6/2/19101992Married Aug 5 1934 (Donald E)
5177 WIGINGTON, Maude M. 18871943At Rest
4459 WIGINGTON, Tabitha 18631944In loving memory (dau of John Ikenberry)
811 WILDS, Ralph 2/15/18983/28/1995 
811 WILDS, Yuba 3/14/189710/28/1985(dau of Charles Henry & Indiana Michel Flynn)
5247 WILKINSON, Beulah Mae 3/19443/1944(NE on lot-child of Earl & Beulah Todd Wilkinson)
5247 WILKINSON, Florence I. 18561944 
5247 WILKINSON, Marshall E. 12/16/18561/10/1930 
5247 WILKINSON, Wilbur Ellis 9/9/19194/15/1920(son of Claude C. & Stella)
9223 WILLIAMS, Charles S. 18871960(m 1910 Minnie Ellen Jamison/m 2nd 1950 Evelyn Fralin)
10194 WILLIAMS, Dan R. (Reuben) 3/21/18824/9/1936(E on lot) Father/That Peace the world cannot give/son of Henry Williams
10194 WILLIAMS, Lola A. 4/15/18842/5/1920(E on lot) Mother
9223 WILLIAMS, Minnie E. 18881945 
24612 WILLSON, C. Mable 18982/8/1987Married Oct 1917 (to Ralph (dau of James E. & Sarah B. Stice Bailey)
10248 WILLSON, Henry B. 4/22/183312/2/1915At Rest
1024  WILLSON, Laura 19271928 
10248 WILLSON, Mary E. 11/25/18566/15/1928his wife
10248 WILLSON, Paul Alfred 6/28/18981/26/1936(son of Henry B. Willson)
24612 WILLSON, Ralph E. 18901968(son of Henry B. & Mary E.)
246  WILLSON, Robert 10/14/19326/16/1988 
6394 WILSON, Verill 7/17/19227/19/1922twin sons of Wm. W. & Rosa O. (parents of Lloyd)
6394 WILSON, Vertis 7/19/19227/19/1922twin sons of Wm. W. & Rosa O. (parents of Lloyd)
6394 WILSON, Viola P. 19121/13/1989(Wife of W. Lloyd)
6395 WILSON, Wayne Lyle 3/17/19385/5/1938Son of Lloyd & Viola Fink Wilson
6394 WILSON, W. Lloyd 19111975 
9247 WIRE, Ethel Mae 19061973Mother
9247 WIRE, Harvey 19081983 Father (son of Moses & Elsie Hammond Wire, m 1941 Ethel Carney)
9247 WIRE, Morris V. 19101927 
63610 WOLF, Ephraim 19021902Acre-Hendrick's marker
72816 WOLF, Ezra L. 1/13/189912/26/1962(son of Henry & Savilla/m 1921 Zora Blanche Jamison)
63610 WOLF, Sarah   7/31/1888aged 19 yr 18 d/ Another link is broken In our house hold band But a chain is forming In a better land.
72816 WOLF, Zora B. 4/12/19016/13/1982(dau of O.T. & Malissa Catherine Wolf Jamison)
S3178 WONNELL, Bessie I. 19171945Earth has no Sorrow that Heaven cannot heal
S3178 WONNELL, Dallas M. 19121970(son of Francis C. & LuVada/m 1935 Bessie Irene Castle/ m 1946 Lela Leopold Fischer)
S3178 WONNELL, Lela V. 19183/7/2004 
74816 WOOD, Gertrude L. 18991988Gertrude Lenore Plessinger m 1919 Harry B.)
74816 WOOD, Harry B. 18941968(son of Fred & Sarah Wood)
7194 WOODEN, Dora L. 18651942Mother
7194 WOODEN, Noris L. 18611951Father
7194 WODEN, Ross D. 18921936Am. Legion/age 43 y 1 m 13 d (another record-death July 2 1935)
N41511 WOODWARD, Annie E. 7/30/18786/1/1958 
N41511 WOODWARD, Calvin W. 7/18/18818/2/1960(son of James & Anna/m 1916 Annie Easton/m 1959 Dixie May)
215  WOODWORD, Earl    
21512 WOODWARD, Martha 18891979(m 1919 Ralph)
21512 WOODWARD, Ralph 18851974(son of Anna Catherine & James W./m 1919 Martha G. Eby)
8193 WRIGHT, Earl M. 3/27/18795/5/1957Father
8193 WRIGHT, Helen Marie 6/16/19053/23/1994 
8193 WRIGHT, Ora Lillian 8/5/18801/24/1957Mother (Ora Nelson m 1903 Earl Wright)
3236 WURST, Edward 9/25/18641932 In Memory (Edward's mother was Rosa Coff Wurst, b in Austria-they operated a store in Quinter) IOOF Lodge no. 623; Rebekah Lodge no. 542
3236 WURST, Lucinda Fay 188212/21/1935 
10386 WYLIE, Fay Elizabeth 12/9/19141/30/1915Dau of S.O. & M.L.
10386 WYLIE, John Knox 18781942 
10386 WYLIE, Margaret L. 18791961 (dau of Matthew M & Mary Esther Turner Mann, m 1901 Samuel Oliver Wylie)
1038  WYLIE, Matthew Lynn 8/31/19202/19/2001 
10386 WYLIE, S. Oliver 18761965 
850  YANDA, Ed 2/3/19211992 
10224 YOUNCE, Eli S. 2/27/186111/23/1930(son of John F. & Rosa Studabaker Younce)
10224 YOUNCE, Helen 5/28/19077/24/1907Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Younce
1022  YOUNCE, Inf.    
10224 YOUNCE, Laura E. 5/27/18715/23/1966 
550  YOUKUM, Dawn 6/3/196811/11/1994 
2510 ZIMMER, Trenie 11/12/18203/3/1902 At Rest/ wife of Lewis Zimmer /south side of stone- The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him in truth (this stone was brought from a Nebraska cemetery where it was found in the ditch, by Smith relatives. To Quinter in 1986, & placed between Wm. J. & Florence I. Smith)
348 ZUERCHER, Jay Lance 19491972(son of Bill J. & Lolita Miller Zuercher/his g parents: Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Miller & Mrs. Thelma Zuercher)

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