District #3-Grinnell Grade School

By Melody Dickman


My school that I am researching about is the Grinnell Grade School #3, but is now in USD 291.It was formed on September 2, 1886.I got most of my information from the Gove Co.Register of Deeds, and the rest of the information I found in the Gove Co. History.Grinnell Grade School is located on South Monroe Street in the city of Grinnell.

Back in 1885 to 1900 there werenít a lot of kids that went to school.From 1909-10 there were 3 colored students, 2 boys, and 1 girl.In 1943, the value of the school property was $10,000 dollars for the land and buildings, $16,000 for the furniture and apparatus.In 1944, 4 teachers came on an emergency certificated because the school didnít have enough teachers for all the kids.In 1959, there were 192 kids in the school census.I was amazed at the ages; there were kids from the age of 4 to 25 years of age.I had a lot of fun researching the school that I went to when I was little.