"Alumni News" section of the Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas, December, 1906

"Alumni News"


of the

Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Volume 5, Number 3 (December, 1906)

The Schools of the University from which alumni mentioned in these notes have received degrees are indicated as follows: the School of Engineering by the italic letter, e preceding the year; Law, l; Pharmacy, p; Medicine, m; Graduate, g; Fine Arts, fa; the College, by the absence of any letter preceding the year. Two figures preceded by an apostrophe, indicate the year of graduation.

The following class secretaries have been elected by their respective classes or are serving by appointment [* indicates serving by appointment] until such time as their classes shall elect. Changes of address or news items may be sent to these secretaries or to the office of the general secretary at Lawrence.

  • '73, L. D. L. Tosh, Kansas City, Kansas, 21 S. Valley.*
  • '74, Hannah Oliver, Lawrence.*
  • '75, Kate Stephens, New York City, 374 Central Park West.*
  • '76, James A. Wickersham, Terre Haute, Indiana.*
  • '77, Carrie M. Watson, Lawrence.
  • '79, William T. Byrd, Lawrence, R. F. D. 9.
  • '80, Annie 0. Gilmore, Eudora, R. F. D. 3.
  • '81, Mina Marvin Wilcox, Lawrence.
  • '82, Ethel Allen Hamilton, Toledo, Ohio, 2317 Leotwood avenue. *
  • '83, Miles Wilson Sterling, Lawrence.
  • '84, Clara S.Gillham, Lawrence.*
  • '85, W. H, Johnson, Lawrence.
  • '86, Olin Templin, Lawrence.
  • '87, Olive Thompson, Waterville.*
  • '88, William E. Higgins, Lawrence.
  • '89, Vernon L. Kellogg, Leland Stanford, California.*
  • '90, Edwin F. Stimpson, Lawrence.
  • '91, M. A. Barber, Lawrence.*
  • '92, E. F. Engle, Lawrence.*
  • '93, S. J. Hunter, Lawrence.
  • '94, May H. Spencer, Lawrence.
  • '95, Edith Clarke, Lawrence.
  • '96, Agnes Thompson, Lawrence.
  • '97, Ada Faxon Filkin, Rosedale, Kansas, 113 C. street.
  • '98, Blanche Ward Foster, Lawrence.
  • '99, Grace Poff, Lawrence.
  • '00, D. F. McFarland, Lawrence.
  • '01, Eliza Luella Renn, Wellington.
  • '02, J. C. Nichols, Kansas City, Missouri, New York Life Building.
  • '03, Kate Dinsmoor, Albany, New York, 48 Lancaster street.
  • '04, Ora Griesa Walling, Cananea, Sonora, Mexico.
  • '05, Eugenia Winship, Lawrence.
  • '06 -- College: Maude Olander, Kansas City, Missouri, 418 North Seventh street
    School of Law: Sadie Clelland, Lawrence.

    School of Engineering: Lawrence Brett, Lawrence.

  • Mary Louise Simpson Walker, wife of Oliver D. Walker, '83, died at her home in Salina, August 24. From 1885 to '87 she was instructor in drawing and art decoration in the University. The year '87-'88 she spent in study in Europe, becoming, on her return, instructor in oil painting. This position she held until her marriage to Dr. Walker in 1890. She leaves two daughters aged fourteen and twelve years.
  • E. Haworth, '81, g '84, was engaged last summer in the work of the Kansas geological survey. He is preparing a volume of the series of reports dealing with the cretaceous and tertiary formations.
  • Lloyd Duffee, e '84, is surveyor of Douglas county.
  • Charles F. Foley, l '84, of Lyons, was elected, in November, to represent Rice county in the lower house of the Legislature.
  • Frank T. Oakley, '86, is at Franklin, Pennsylvania, in the employ of a railroad company.
  • Alexander C. Mitchell, l '89, was elected a representative to the Legislature, from Douglas county, at the last election.
  • Seba C. Westcott, l '90, of Galena, Cherokee county, is a republican member-elect of the Kansas Legislature.
  • Carl Phillips, p '90, is coroner of Douglas county.
  • George J. Graves, e '92-'94, is assistant engineer for the eastern division of the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe, with headquarters at Topeka. During the summer, he was engaged in construction work for that road in the State of Illinois. Mr. Graves was married in 1897 to Grace Love of Topeka and has two children.
  • Gordon L. Finley, l '93, of Dodge City, has been elected judge of the thirty-first judicial district. His district includes Gray, Ford, Kiowa, Meade, Clark, and Comanche counties.
  • James Owen, '93, l '95, of Cripple Creek, Colorado, has been elected district judge for a term of six years. He is just finishing his term as State senator from the Cripple Creek district.
  • Rollin E. Blackman, '94, is pastor of the Presbyterian church at Chinook, Montana.
  • Charles F. Humphrey, l '94, was married in 1899 to Elizabeth Warren of San Francisco. They have two sons aged five and two years. Mr. Humphrey is the senior member of the law firm of Humphrey and Hubbard of San Francisco. He also has offices in Tonapah, Nevada, where he is associated with W. H. Atkinson, a graduate of Leland Stanford University. Besides his law practice, he has interests in mining and oil.
  • John F. Carlson, '94, is proprietor of a store at Cleburne.
  • Hugh Means, l '95, was elected probate judge of Douglas county at the last election.
  • J. C. Ruppenthal, l '95, was elected judge of the twenty-third Kansas district at the last election, after an interesting campaign in which Mr. Ruppenthal made speeches both in English and German throughout the several counties of his large district.
  • Sheffield Ingalls, '95, and Alonzo D. Wilcox, l '98, were opposing candidates for the Legislature in Atchison county. The vote was a tie. The State canvassing board drew lots, the result being in favor of Mr. Ingalls. Mr. Wilcox began contest proceedings, asking for a recount of votes. The matter will go before the Legislature.
  • F. B. Wheeler, l '95, of Pittsburg will represent Crawford county in the next Legislature.
  • John A. Edwards, '95, of Eureka, will represent Greenwood county in the next Legislature.
  • Thomas Harley, l '97, wilL soon begin serving his second term as county attorney of Douglas county.
  • Adna G. Clarke, l '97, c '00, lieutenant in the United States army, his wife Birdie Baxter Clarke, and their three children are the subjects of a page article in the Boston Herald of November 25. The article describes the Fort Warren kindergarten and school which was planned by Mrs. Clarke, and of which Lieutenant Clarke is superintendent.
  • Robert E. Everett, '97, l '00, is at Pawhuska, Indian Territory, where he went some months ago to become manager of an ice plant.
  • Schuyler Opp, '97, is travelling in Europe. He wrote to the Magazine, November 3, from Oxford.
  • Robert Wilson Neal, '98, g '00, wrote an article for the Northampton Daily Herald of November 16 on the proposed "People's Lobby," to be maintained at Washington in the interests of legislation desired by the general public.
  • N. F. Daum, '99, is superintendent of the schools at St. Mary's.
  • Clifford H. Nowlin, '99; is instructor in physiology and psychology in the Central high school, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Elmer Kelley, '00, and Ralph E. Chadwick, l '96, are members of the firm of Berry, Kelley and Chadwick, stereoscopic photographers, with offices at 238 South Camac street, Philadelphia. Their Western office is at 919-921 North Clark street, Chicago.
  • John E. Cook, '00, is in the insurance business at Wichita. He is also manager of an office building at that place.
  • Margaret E. Casey, l '00, is practising law in Topeka. Her address is Suite 36 Columbian building.
  • Elma Van Fleet, '00, is teaching English and German in the Woods county high school at Helena, Oklahoma. She is also preceptress of the school.
  • Edgar Martindale, l '00, recently bought an interest in the Hiawatha Democrat, published by Grant Harrington, '87.
  • Charles E. Taylor, '01, is pastor of the Methodist church at Nortonville.
  • Helen Blair, '01, g '02, is serving her third' year as teacher of history in the Enid, Oklahoma, high school.
  • Blaine F. Moore, '01, is principal of the high school at Rossville.
  • Frances C. Slocombe, '02, is a teacher in the county high school at Glendive, Montana.
  • Estelle Riddle, '01, went to New York City recently, where she expects to engage in literary work. She has written several articles on her experiences in New York to the Sunday Kansas City Star. Her address is 250 West 112 street.
  • Charles E. Cooke, '02, is editor of the Kiowa County Signal, published at Greensburg.
  • Charles L. Woodbury, '02, is teaching science in the high school at Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • J. R. McKnight, e '02, is assistant cashier of the Pierre National Bank at Pierre, South Dakota.
  • Sarah Evelyn Stanton, '02, is teaching in the Sumner county high school at Wellington.
  • Rufus M. Emery, Jr., '02, was recently elected county attorney of Nemeha county.
  • William A. Anderson, '03, is superintendent of the Oskaloosa schools.
  • William M. Shepherd, '03, is teaching history and English in the Kansas City, Kansas, high school.
  • Leverett A. Adams, '03, g '06, has the position of curator and taxidermist of the natural history museum at the State Normal School of Colorado, at Greeley. Mr. Adams has had experience in this work in the museums of the University.
  • William G. Sherrett, e '03, has a position with the Western Electric company at Chicago. His address is 2206 West Adams street.
  • Elizabeth Leslie, '03, is principal of the high school at Pond Creek, Oklahoma.
  • Angie Horn, '03, g '04, has been compelled to give up her work as an assistant bank cashier in Burr Oak, on account of ill health, and has purchased a ten acre vineyard in California. Her address is East Dunne avenue, Morgan Hill, California.
  • M. J. Gernon, '03, l '04, was elected county attorney of Russell county at the recent election.
  • Joseph R. Ramsey, l '03, was married at Lawrence, November 21, to Della S. Frazier, '96-'98. They will live at 1301 Vermont street. Mr. Ramsey is agent at Lawrence for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway.
  • Maud Rush, fa '04, is instructor in piano at the Eureka high school.
  • Jennie B. Wasson, '04, is teaching this year near Lawrence. Her address is R. F. D. 7.
  • Arthur Basye, '04, g '06, is doing graduate work in history in Yale University, where he has a fellowship.
  • E. W. Metcalf, e '04, has gone from Beaumont, Texas, to Topeka. He is working for the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific railway.
  • Caroline E. Jaycox, '04, is living at Walla Walla, Washington, 605 Catherine Street.
  • George H. Willis, '04, is teaching Latin in the Sumner county high school at Wellington.
  • Florence Forrest, '04, is studying domestic science at the State Agricultural College.
  • W. H. Livers, '04, formerly superintendent of the LaCrosse schools, is taking a course in the Salina Business College. He recently visited his brother who is in the University.
  • W. H. Anderson, I '04, and Guy Pees, l '05, are managing a banquet to be given during the holidays by the Allen county University students and alumni to the graduating classes of all the high schools of the county.
  • Chester A. Smith, e '04, and John S. Worley, e '04, are employed by the Riggs and Sherman company of Toledo, Ohio, as superintendents of construction. Mr. Smith is now at Adrian, Michigan. Mr. Worley is at Bluffton, Indiana, Mrs. Worley was Mayme Baker Worley, fa '02.
  • Kate Clark, '04, is enrolled in the Graduate School this year. She is doing advanced work in Botany.
  • Myrtle Sellards, '05, is teaching in Pond Creek, Oklahoma.
  • Mildred Newman, '05, is teaching in the Lawrence high school.
  • Albert Beach, '05, is studying law in St. Louis this winter.
  • Robert E. Gentry, '05, will finish his course in medicine at Johns Hopkins University this year.
  • Laura E. Kreamer, '05, is instructor in Latin and German in the Beloit high school.
  • Maude Cramer, '05, has a position in the Galena high school.
  • Samuel E. Bartlett, '05, is instructor in history and mathematics in the Minneapolis high school.
  • Edetha M. Washburn, 05, is assistant in English at the Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan.
  • John J. McCurdy, l '05, is county attorney at Lincoln, Kansas.
  • R. H. Thompson, l '05, is practising law at Gove City.
  • Stella Wangerein, '05, who spent last year at Bryn Mawr, is assistant principal of the McPherson high school.
  • Frances Curl '05, is assistant principal of the Sterling high school.
  • Jennie Fones, '05, is teaching English in the Junction City high school. She expects to spend next summer in the University of Chicago.
  • Hortense Street, '05, is at home in Alma, Colorado.
  • Hendry Alford, '05, is a Lawrence agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York.
  • Katherine Hosford, '06, is principal of the Pleasanton high school.
  • S. Van Arsdale, '06, is superintendent of the Pleasanton schools.
  • Mabel E. Kent, '06, is teaching Latin and English in the Paola high school.
  • Frances E. Lahmer, '06, is teaching in the mathematics and language departments of the Horton high school.
  • Olive Collins, '06, is teaching mathematics and science in the Hartford high school.
  • Georgia Virmond, '06, has a position in the Ellsworth high school.
  • Lita Battey, '06, is principal of the Belle Plaine high school.
  • Trilla Reed, '06, is instructor in mathematics and botany in the Bartlesville, Indian Territory, high school.
  • Rial Catlin Rose, '06, is teaching science and German in the Atchison high school.
  • Inez Kilgore, '06, is teaching in a graded school at Oxford.
  • Joseph Alford, '06, and David Robinson, '06, are studying medicine in the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Ira J. Adams, e '06, is working in the testing department of the General Electric Company at Schenectady, New York.
  • Florence B. Mitchell, '06, is teaching at La Harpe.
  • Carlotta Clark, fa '06, is at home in Sharon Springs.
  • Glen Parker, e '06, is in the engineering offices of the Burlington railroad at Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Ernest B. Black, e '06, is in the office of the Riggs and Sherman Company, Consulting Engineers, of Toledo, Ohio.


  • Charles L. Davidson, '77-'80, is a newly elected member of the Legislature from Sedgwick county. He lives in Wichita.
  • Wirt G. McCarty, '03-'04, is sporting editor of the Denver Times.
  • Frank Carruth, e '04-'05, received the degree of bachelor of arts from the University of Oregon last June. He is now studying law in Topeka.
  • Scott Sterling, '04-,06, is attending Yale University this year.
  • Edith M. Sweezey, '02-'06, of Olivet, was married recently to Herbert A. Rice, a member of the University faculty in the School of Engineering.
  • Charles L. Van Fleet, '02-'06, who did the work in journalism in the University, has a position as reporter on the Kansas City Post.
  • Charles 0. Lasley, who was a student in the early nineties, is now in Toledo, Ohio. He is employed as assistant engineer by a railroad company.
  • William H. Houston, a student in the School of Pharmacy in '05-'06, is finishing his course in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.
  • Lyman L. Humphrey, '98-'00, is in the loan business with his father, Ex-Governor Humphrey, at Independence.
  • Anna Gernon, '01-'03, is principal of the Bunkerhill schools.

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