"Alumni News" section of the Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas, January, 1907

"Alumni News"


of the

Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Volume 5, Number 4 (January, 1907)

The Schools of the University from which alumni mentioned in these notes have received degrees are indicated as follows: the School of Engineering by the italic letter, e preceding the year; Law, l; Pharmacy, p; Medicine, m; Graduate, g; Fine Arts, fa; the College, by the absence of any letter preceding the year. Two figures preceded by an apostrophe, indicate the year of graduation.

    Many of the county clubs held reunions during the holidays. In most cases a banquet was given in connection.with the social part of the programme.

    A very practical feature of some of the reunions was the entertaining of the seniors in the high schools of the respective counties. All of these gatherings were characterized by enthusiasm for the University, and by warmth of fraternal spirit among alumni and students. The attendance was, in several instances, close to a hundred.

    The magazine will publish the lists of officers elected as soon as they are received. Chancellor Strong attended the reunion of the Allen county club held at lola, January 4. The officers elected were: W. H. Anderson, president; Mary Schmidt, vice-president; Guy Peas, secretary; Fred Ireland, treasurer. John A. Devlin was toastmaster at the banquet.

    The first annual reunion of the Dickinson county club was held in Abilene, January 1. Frank D. Parent presided at the banquet and introduced the speakers of whom there were several. The officers of the club are: Frank Klingberg, president; Florence Henlen, secretary; Clarence Waring, treasurer.

    The Rice county club met at Sterling, December 26, for its fourth annual banquet. At the supper which followed an informal programme of songs, Dr. M. Trueheart presided as toastmaster. At the close of the evening, the company joined hands and sang "Auld Lang Syne." The officers of the club are: Clyde Horton, president; Keen Fones, secretary; Wylie Heter, treasurer.

    The Reno county club held a reunion at Hutchinson, December 29. The programme consisted of music and speeches Many students from the high schools in the county were entertained. Ernest Myers, a student in the University, is president of the club.

    The Clay county club held no holiday reunion, but will have a "jollification" when the glee club is in Clay Center, February 6. The Sumner county club held a reunion and banquet December 25, at Wellington. Jesse Kayser was toastmaster.

    In a number of counties football or basket-ball games were played between teams picked from among University and high school players.

    The annual dinner of the New York Union of the University of Kansas will be held at the Hotel Marseille on Monday, January 28 Colonel J. J. MeCook, the donor of McCook field, will be the speaker of the evening. It is announced that those who attend the dinner will have the opportunity to sign a memorial to the Governor of Kansas asking that a woman be appointed to the Board of Regents of the University.

  • A NEW "K. U. CLUB"
    A Sedgwick county "K. U. Club" was organized in Wichita, December 12, with sixteen members. The following officers were elected: C. C. Brown, '95, president; C. A. Matson, l '01, vice president; Cora Becker, '93, secretary and treasurer; Vera Hull, '05, corresponding secretary. An effort is being made to secure the membership of all former students and alumni living in Sedgwick county, numbering about seventy-five. The club intends to have occasional meetings and an annual banquet. It has already planned and performed considerable work in the direction of promoting the interests of the University.

    The midwinter reunion and banquet of alumni, former students, faculty, and friends of the University was held at Topeka,Thursday evening, December 27, in the parlors of. the First Methodist church. The number in attendance was larger than usual and the occasion was marked by many evidences of University loyalty and spirit. On the whole it was the most successful of the midwinter reunions.

    Though the number at the banquet tables, 170, was greater than expected, the preparations seemed to have been entirely adequate and the banquet was greatly enjoyed.

    Following the singing of college songs, Chancellor Strong as toastmaster made a brief statement of the needs of the University, and of the work to be done in spreading an understanding of those needs. He then introduced the following gentlemen, who made short addresses: Fred S. Jackson, 1 '84, Attorney General of Kansas; Harold T. Chase, editor of the Topeka Capital; T. F. Doran, '88, of Topeka; and John MacDonald, editor of the Western School Journal.

  • Franklin Riffle, '80, g '87, is manager of the steel house of Dunham, Carrigan and Hayden, the largest institution of its kind in San Francisco.
  • Glen Miller, n '83, c'84, is president of the Home Trust and Savings Bank of San Francisco, and is one of the principal owners of the wholesale vehicle house of Miller & Miller. Mr. Miller moved from Salt Lake City to San Francisco just before the earthquake and fire,
  • Martha A.Thompson, n '85, c'92, teacher of Latin in the Kansas City, Kansas, high school, has changed her address to 28 North Valley.
  • Joseph Barlow Lippincott, '87, resigned, last July, his position with the hydrographic department of the United States geological survey, and became the principal assistant engineer on the Los Angeles, California, aqueduct. This project contemplates the expenditure of twenty-three million dollars to build an aqueduct to Los Angeles from a point 210 miles distant in the Owens river drainage basin east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Many large engineering problems are involved in the proposed work. Mr. Lippincott is recognized as an authority on the subject of irrigation. The Los Angeles Examiner for December 16, has an article by him on the subject.
  • D. T. Coy, 1 '90, of Mankato, has been reelected county attorney of Jewell county.
  • Irving H. Morse, '91, is chemist for the Mercedete Sugar Company at Quiebra Hacha, Cuba.
  • W. H. Sears, 1 '91, has been appointed Kansas representative of the National First Aid Association, an organization founded by Clara Barton to promote knowledge of the treatment to be administered in cases of accident.
  • James E. Dyche, '92, was recently appointed territorial auditor and superintendent of schools of Oklahoma. Upon his graduation from the University he was engaged as assistant in the Wellington city schools, and the following year was given the principalship. In11895 he was chosen as president of the State Teachers' Association. Upon the opening of the Kiowa-Comanche country in 1901, he went to Lawton and has lived there since, holding the, office of assistant postmaster for a time.
  • Samuel P. Ridings, l '92, is practising law at Pond Creek, Oklahoma. He served one term as county attorney in 1899-1900.
  • A. C. Glenn, l '92, is serving his second term as probate judge of Grant County, Oklahoma, in which county he has practised law since his graduation. He was married in that county. His address is Pond Creek.
  • James M. Challiss, 1 '94, of Atchison, is a member of the new law firm of Waggener, Orr, and Challiss, succeeding Waggener, Doster, and Orr. Mr. Challiss is just completing his second term as county attorney of Atchison county.
  • John E. Blake, l '95', is in Ocean a, West Virginia, endeavoring to recuperate after a severe illness by residence among the Virginia mountains.
  • John L. Harrington, '95, has resigned his position in Montreal and is now a member of the firm of Waddell and Harrington, consulting engineers, with offices in the New Nelson building, Kansas City, Missouri. Their practise covers the field of bridges, structural steel buildings, railroads, foundations, and similar engineering enterprises.
  • Margaret Menet, '95, is spending the winter in Washington. Her address is 145 R. street, northeast, the Oneida.
  • T. H. Scheffer, '95, of Manhattan, is father of a boy born November 27.
  • A. Cunningham, e '95, is editor of the Allen County herald, at Humboldt..
  • James L. Steele, 1 '95, was married a year ago to Ida E. Sharp. They live at 4131 Oak street, Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Steele is in the real estate and loan business, with offices in the Shubert Theatre building at Tenth and Baltimore.
  • Agnes Lapham, fa '97, is the subject of a very favorable notice in a recent issue of the Chicago Inter-Ocean. Since graduating from the University, Miss Lapham has engaged in study abroad and with Fannie Bloomfield Zies1er. She is now engaged entirely in concert work.
  • Dora C. Fisher, p '98, died recently 'in Leavenworth at the home of her parents, after an illness of nearly three years.
  • Cassius T. Neihart, 1 '98, of Carbondale, is an Osage county representative in the Legislature, having been elected on the democratic ticket at the last election.
  • Charles A. Kraus, e '98, has changed his address to Newton Center, Massachusetts.
  • J. 0. Hall, '98, of Beloit, was elected to the chairmanship of the executive committee of the North Central Kansas Teachers' Association held in Abilene November 29 to December 1. The meeting will be held in Beloit next year.
  • Agnes Radford Fassett, '98, and Mr. Fassett visited in Lawrence recently. They were on their way to Seattle, Washington, where they will make their home. Mrs. Fassett was formerly secretary of the Young Woman's Christian Association in the University, and after graduation did similar work in New York and other places. Dr. Fassett is an osteopathic physician, and has been practising his profession in Boston for the past four years.
  • J. W. Holdren, '98, of Cherryvale was reelected to the Legislature, at the last election. He is representative from Montgomery county.
  • Robert Wilson Neal, '98, g '00, is a regular contributor to the Northampton Daily Herald. His department carries the heading, "Things and Immortals" and is filled with short paragraphs of timely comment. Mr. Neal signs himself "Pentipp."
  • Anna Abel, '98, g '00, received the Justin Winsor prize at the recent meeting of the American Historical Association at Providence, Rhode Island. This honor is conferred for scholarship in history, and upon the presentation of a thesis judged to be the first in rank of those submitted.
  • George H. Rising, '98, is advertising manager for the "Model," one of the large stores of St. Louis.
  • Charles W. Frye, l '99, died in the union depot at Kansas City, December 18. He was on his way to the home of his parents in Oklahoma. Mr. Fyre had lived in Kansas City, Missouri, since his graduation from the School of Law.
  • E. P. Rochester, l '00, is the" member of the Legislature from Scott county. He is a lawyet at Scott City.
  • Clinton J. Moore, '99, has a position in the Chicago offices of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. His address is 6145 Ellis avenue.
  • James Barrow, 1 '00, is father of a boy born Decernber 14.
  • Inez M. Chapman, '01, who was principal of the Council Grove high school has been elected to the superintendency of the Burlington schools to succeed Superintendent W. A. Stacey.
  • F. B. Porter, e '02, g '06, is in charge of the chemical department of the Sewage Purification Works at North Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Walter J. Meek, '02, professor of biology in Penn College at Oskaloosa, Iowa, was married during the holidays to Crescence Eberle of Westfield, Pennsylvania. Professor Meek returned to Penn College this fall after having held a fellowship at the University of Chicago during the preceding year.
  • Frances Towslee, '02, has been appointed chairman of the dramatic committee of the Portland, Oregon, Association of College Alumni.
  • Kirk H. Logan, '02, is in the employ of the New York Telephone Company. His address is 316 Argyle road, Brooklyn.
  • William R. Manning, g '02, is instructor in history at Purdue University. His address is 312 Fowler avenue, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Jessie Hart, '03, g '04, is in Vancouver, Washington, where she taught last year.
  • W. C Edwards,'e '03, recently returned to his 'home in Wichita, after spending three months in study in German laboratories.
  • P. E. Kaler, p '03, is traveling chemist for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway, on the Missouri and Illinois divison. His address is Marceline, Missouri.
  • James G. Kerr, l '03, is adjuster for a life insurance company. His headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri. His permanent address is Sebetha.
  • A. W. Sellards, '03 g '04, spent last summer working with Dr.Bartow of the University of Illinois as research bacteriologist to the department of hydrography of the United States geological survey. One of the several papers that were the product of his summer's work was presented before the recent meeting of the American Public Health Association in Mexico.
  • D. C. Kennard, p '03, is with the chemical department of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway, at Albuquerque. He has recently been confined to the hospital at Albuquerque with typhoid fever.
  • Charles Harker Rhodes, '04, has resigned from the principalship of the Winfield high school to take up work with Allyn and Bacon, publishers, of Chicago. His territory will be in Kansas and Oklahoma, with temporary headquarters at Lawrence.
  • Florence Hedger, '04, is a teacher in the high school at Pittsburg.
  • George H. Willis, '04, and Myrtle McLaughlin, fa '04-'06, were married December 25, at Bronson. They will live at Wellington, where Mr. Willis is head of the Latin department in the Sumner county high school.
  • Minnie L. Owens, fa '05, was married December 19, at Lawrence, to William A. Macoubrie, '04-'05. They will live in Oxford, Nebraska, where Mr. Macoubrie is engaged in newspaper work.
  • Eulalia V. Walling, '05, assistant in the physiological laboratory, has an article in the December, 1906, Journal of Experimental Zoology on "The Influences of Gases and Temperature on the Cardiac and Respiratory movements in the Grasshopper." The work on which this article is based was done last year in the physiological laboratory.
  • J. W. Blood, 1 '06, and R. C. McCormick, 1 '06, are partners in the law business in Wichita, with offices in the Winne building.
  • Clarence Pearson, '06, is principal of the Maple Hill schools.
  • Lista Makimson, '06, has a position in the Eudora schools.
  • Mary Bennett, '06, is teaching in the grade schools at Chanute.
  • P. M. Cory, '06, is bookkeeper for the Great Western Oil Refining Company at Erie.
  • Grace Boyle, '06, is teaching in the Hope high school.
  • Elmira Noyes, '06, is at home in Portsmouth, Virginia, 200 Dinwiddie street.

  • J. M. Davis, '88-'91, is the representative in the Legislature from the twenty-second district, which includes a portion of Bourbon county. Mr. Davis is a farmer. His address is Bronson.
  • Harvey Ryan, '99-'02, who was stenographer to the superintendent of the Burlington railroad in Kansas City, Missouri, had his left hand blown off several weeks ago by a giant firecracker which he was pretending to light, when it exploded unexpectedly. He was in a hospital for several weeks; but is now able to be about again.
  • E. C. Stinson, '99-'00, is principal of the Sedgwick high school.
  • Claude R. Kelsey, '91-'94, is a traveling salesman for the Abernathy Furniture Company of Kansas City, Missouri.
  • T. J. Hudson, Jr., '93-'94, is a traveling salesman for the Kansas Lime Company of Chanute.
  • Edward W. Collins, '94-,95, was recently married to Julia Bessie Arnold of St. Louis. They will make their home at 5033 Cabanne avenue, St. Louis.
  • C. F. Gustafson, '98-'99, is an instructor in chemistry in the manual training high school in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Glen S. Seamons, g '03-'04, and Lenna M. Cady, fa '02-'03, were married at Lawrence, December 27. They will live in Dodge City.
  • Ray Taylor, '01-'05, is at Dallas, Texas, in the employ of the lola Portland Cement Company.
  • W. W. Douglas, '80-'83, is cashier of the Citizens' National Bank of San Francisco.
  • William E. Borah, '85-'88, of Boise, Idaho, was elected United States senator by the Idaho legislature, January 15. After leaving the University, Mr. Borah returned to his home at Lyons and studied for admission to the bar. In 1891 he went to Boise where he has since resided and practised law.
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