"Alumni News" section of the Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas, November, 1906

"Alumni News"


of the

Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Volume 5, Number 2 (November, 1906)

The Schools of the University from which alumni mentioned in these notes have received degrees are indicated as follows: the School of Engineering by the italic letter, e preceding the year; Law, l; Pharmacy, p; Medicine, m; Graduate, g; Fine Arts, fa; the College, by the absence of any letter preceding the year. Two figures preceded by an apostrophe, indicate the year of graduation.


  • The following class secretaries have been elected by their respective classes or are serving by appointment until such time as their classes shall elect. Changes of address or news items may be sent to these secretaries or to the office of the general secretary at Lawrence.
    (* serving by appointment)
    '73 -- L. D. L. Tosh, Kansas City, Kansas, 21 S. Valley.*
    '74 -- Hannah Oliver, Lawrence. *
    '75 -- Kate Stephens, New York City, 374 Central Park West*
    '76 -- James A. Wickersham, Terre Haute, Indiana.*
    '77 -- Carrie M. Watson, Lawrence.
    '79 -- William T. Byrd, Lawrence, K. F. D. 9.
    '80 -- Annie 0. Gilmore, Eudora, R. F. D. 3.
    '81 -- Mina Marvin Wilcox, Lawrence.
    '82 -- Ethel Allen Hamilton, Toledo, Ohio, 2317 Leotwood avenue.~
    '83 -- Miles Wilson Sterling, Lawrence.
    '84 -- Clara S.Gillham, Lawrence. *
    '85 -- W. H, Johnson, Lawrence.
    '86 -- Olin Templin, Lawrence.
    '87 -- Olive Thompson, Waterville.*
    '88 -- William E.Higgins, Lawrence
    '89 -- Vernon L. Kellogg, Leland Stanford, California. *
    '90 -- Edwin. F. Stimpson, Lawrence.
    '91 -- M. A. Barber, Lawrence.*
    '92 -- E. F. Engle, Lawrence. *
    '93 -- S. J. Hunter, Lawrence.
    '94 -- May H. Spencer, Lawrence.
    '95 -- Edith Clarke, Lawrence.
    '96 -- Agnes Thompson, Lawrence.
    '97 -- Ada Faxon Filkin, Rosedale, Kansas, 113 C. street.
    '98 -- Blanche Ward Foster, Lawrence.
    '99 -- Grace Poff, Lawrence.
    '00 -- D. F. McFarland, Lawrence.
    '01 -- Eliza Luella Renn, Wellington.
    '02 -- J. C. Nichols, Kansas City, Missouri, New York Life Building.
    '03 -- Kate Dinsmoor, Albany, New York, 48 Lancaster street.
    '04 -- Ora Griesa Walling, Cananea, Sonora, Mexico.
    '05 -- Eugenia Winship, Lawrence.
    '06 -- College: Maude Olander, Kansas City, Missouri, 418 North Seventh street
    School of Law: Sadie Clelland, Lawrence.

    School of Engineering: Lawrence Brett, Lawrence.

    The Alumnae of the School of Fine Arts have organized an association and have elected the following officers: president, Mrs. Mabel Fisher Popenoe, '98; vice president, Mrs. Anna Drake McClung, '96; secretary and treasurer, Alice Taylor, '06; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Ida Burr Bell, '92. The alumnae of this School are planning to have a reunion at commencement, in June of next year.

  • Henry S. Tremper, '76, is one of the proprietors of the Pioneer Iron Works at Olympia, Washington.
  • William Herbert Carruth, '80, has been elected a director for three years of the American Unitarian Association.
  • Festus Foster, '82, is secretary of the Associated Charities of Kansas City, Kansas. His address is 738 Grandview.
  • Susa Hubbard Breck, fa '83, is teaching music in the Epworth Seminary at Epworth, Georgia.
  • W. Y. Morgan, '85, of Hutchinson has been reelected to the lower house of the Kansas legislature.
  • W. C. Stevens, '85, g '92, professor of botany in the University, is completing a new work on histological botany to be published in the spring. Professor Stevens spent the entire summer in his laboratory at the University upon the manuscript for this volume, which will be used as a college text. It will be a book of about two hundred and fifty pages.
  • A. L. Adams, e '86, visited the University, October 26. He came from his home in Oakland, California, to see his aged mother who lives in Topeka. Mr. Adams, who is a consulting hydraulic engineer, occupied an office in the Kohl building in San Francisco at the time of the great fire. The lower floors of the building were burned; but the fire stopped at the seventh story, in which Mr. Adams's rooms were situated. Mr. Adams, however, moved his office to Oakland.
  • Solon T. Gilmore, '86 l '88, of Kansas City, Missouri, visited the University last month.
  • H. Ballinger, l '86, is engaged in the practice of law at Port Townsend, Washington.
  • K. L. McAlpine, '87, is city engineer of Kansas City, Kansas, having been first appointed to that position in 1901. After the floods of 1903 he was employed by Wyandotte county to design and superintend the construction of the Kansas river bridges near Kansas City. He was reappointed city engineer in 1905.
  • Gertrude Crolly Davenport, '89, is in charge of microscopic methods in the biological laboratory at Cold Spnng Harbor, Long Island.
  • Bruno Hobbs, l '89, and H. H. Tangeman, '00, l '02, have formed a partnership and are practising law in Denver. Their office is in the Equitable building.
  • Ella W. Brown, I '91, is pastor of the Congregational church at Powhattan. Her husband, John C. Brown, died September 19, 1904. For five years after receiving her degree from the University she practised law at Holton in partnership with Mr. Brown. She was city attorney of Holton two years. From '96 to '99 she was president of the Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union, having previously held important offices in that organization. She was editor of Our Messenger and The Advocale from '97 to '99. From '96 to '03 she was teacher of English in Campbell University, receiving the degree of master of arts from that school in 1899. In 1903 she began her work as pastor of the Congregational church at Powhattan. She was ordained as minister in April, 1905, arid called to the permanent pastorate of the church in August of that year.
  • Charles P. Chapman, '91, is temporarily engaged in home missionary work at Mazeppa, Minnesota. His permanent address is 711 Forest avenue Kansas City, Missouri. He plans to resume his missionary work in Ecuador as soon as Mrs. Chapman's health will permit.
  • Clifford D. Bower, l '91, is farmmg near Delphos. He was married in 1899 to Ida J. Miller. They have a son four years old.
  • Marshal A. Barber, '91, is chairman of the health committee of the University, and has been making frequent tests of the water supply in what may be called the University districts of the city. He has also investigated general sanitary conditions under which students' boarding clubs and rooming houses are conducted.
  • E. Geneve Lichtenwalter, fa '92, C '99, has been engaged this year to teach piano in the Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Art. Miss Lichtenwalter is at the head of the faculty in her department and is the subject of a very complimentary announcement by the Conservatory.
  • Fred S. Jackson, l '92, of Eureka, has been elected attorney general of Kansas on the republican ticket.
  • Herbert S. Hadley, '92, and Agnes Lee Hadley, '99, of Jefferson City, Missouri, are the parents of a second son, born September 10.
  • James F. Noble, '92, has a position with a telephone company at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • J. E. Dyche, '92, is assistant postmaster at Lawton, Oklahoma.
  • Parker W. Cress, '93, is practismg law in Perry, Oklahoma. He is a member of the firm of Doyle and Cress.
  • Eli Cann, '94, l '95, is practising law in Denver. His address is 420 Ernest and Cranmer building.
  • A. H. Couch, '94, is teaching in Cooper College at Sterling.
  • Stanton Olinger, '95, is pastor of the Presbyterian church at Great Bend. He is moderator of the Larned Presbytery.
  • C. A. Burney, '95, l '97, has a law office in the New York Life building, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • George T. Herrington, e '95, is manager of the Flagstaff Electric & Light Company, Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Clyde W. Miller, '95, l '97, is secretary of the Republican State Central Committee, having been re-elected to that position at the beginning of the last campaign.
  • Karl E. Kimpton, '95, l '98, was married in September, 1905, to Lynn Kennedy of Lawrence. They live in Kansas City, Misouri, where Mr. Kimpton is pracising law. His address is 310 Massachusetts building.
  • F. B. Wheeler, l '95, and John L. Kirkpatrick, l '04, have formed a partnership, and are practising law at Pittsburg.
  • John G. Hall, '95, is teaching in the North Carolina State Agricultural college at Raliegh. For several years he was an instructor at Harvard. His special line of work is in botany.
  • Sheffield Ingalls, '95, of Atchison is the father of a girl born October 10.
  • Madge Lyman Schaum, '95, and Dr. John S. Wever, who attended the University in the early nineties, were married November 14 in Leavenworth. After their return from a wedding trip to Eastern States, they will be at home at 2606 East Tenth street, Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Wever is practising medicine in Kansas City, having an office in the Bryant building.
  • John R. Thierstein, '96, is president of the South Dakota Mennonite College at Freeman, a position which he has held since 1904.
  • Francis E. House, '96, l '98, has formed a partnership with Hardin B. Manard for the practice of law in Kansas City, Missouri. His address is the same as formerly, 613 New York Life building.
  • Robert T. Madden, '96, has resigned his position as principal of schools at Hays City.
  • Helen Mosher Riggs, the wife of Elmer S. Riggs, '96, died at Lawrence, October 20.
  • Albert V. Schroeder, e '96, is at Decatur, Illinois, where he has a position with the Illinois Traction Company.
  • William J. Watson, l '96, is an attorney at Pittsburg. He has been postmaster at that place since 1902..
  • Christian Rohrer, '97, is the father of a boy born in August of this year.
  • Charles M. Sharpe, '97, g '99, professor of Semitics in the Bible College of Missouri, will have leave of absence for one year beginning January 1. He will study in the University of Chicago.
  • Alta Stanton, '97, is teaching at Austin, Minnesota.
  • Thomas E. Wagstaff, l '97, was renominated for the office of county attorney by the republicans of Montgomery county, but was defeated at the election. Mr. Wagstaff's vigorous policy of law enforcement is said to have made him many political enemies.
  • Alfred J. Wise, e '97, is at Little Rock, Arkansas, where he holds the position of assistant engineer of the Arkansas division, Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific railway.
  • E. C. Marshall, fa '97, has resigned as director of music at the Northwestern Oklahoma Normal, at Alva, Oklahoma, and has opened a studio at Oklahoma City.
  • Harry P. Temple, p '97, is the father of a girl born August 3, 1906. Mr. Temple is in business at Granby, Missouri.
  • Adna G. Clark, I '97, C '00, was graduated in August from the artillery school at Fort Monyoe, Virginia. He is stationed at Fort Warren, Massachusetts, one of the defences of Boston harbor, situated on an island about seven miles from the city. His rank is that of lieutenant.
  • Joseph E. Smith, '97, is now teller in the First National bank of Beloit. For six years following his graduation from the University he had a position in a bank at Kansas City.
  • Leslie C. Gray, '97, is State agent for a Massachusetts fire insurance company. His address is Kansas City, Missouri, box 333.
  • Roy M. Robinson, '97, is a member of the committee on meetings and speakers of the "Judiciary Nominators" of New York county, New York. The judicial election in that county was of special importance this fall on account of the increased number of judges to be placed on the bench, and the "Judiciary Nominators," under the leadership of Joseph H. Choate and Alton B. Parker, put an independent ticket in the field.
  • Will McMurray, '97, is city attorney of Laramie, Wyoming, where he has been practising law for four years.
  • W. L. Myers, '98, was married, July 3, to Nellie Blankenship of Eldorado. They live in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Myers is in the real estate business, and has an office at 21 East Ninth Street.
  • John W. Crooks, '98, is practising medicine in Seattle, Washington. His address is 514 Lumber Exchange. He received his degree of doctor of medicine from the Western University of Pennsylvania.
  • Nellie Dryden, '98, is now Mrs. Henry Knight, of Laramie, Wyoming. Her husband is an instructor in chemistry in the State University of Wyoming.
  • Alice Spencer, '98, was recently married to Ernest McWayne, of Maiden, Massachusetts.
  • W. M. Kyser, '98, is principal of the Labette county high school at Altamont.
  • Carey J. Wilson, '99, who is in the life insurance business in Topeka, visited the University recently.
  • Ida M. Case, '99, is a member of the faculty of the Oregon State Normal at Ashland.
  • Harry G. Kyle, l '99, and W. B. Cline, l '98, have formed a partnership for the practice of law in Kansas City, Missouri, under the firm name of Kyle and Cline. Their office is in the Gumbel building. Mr. Kyle is police judge of Kansas City.
  • Frank H. Chamberlain, l '99, is claim adjustor for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway company, with headquarters at Wellington.
  • Frank L. Jewett, '99, who holds the Texas Bible Chair in the University of Texas at Austin, visited the University during the opening week. Mrs. Jewett, who was Margaret Caughey, '99, spent most of the summer at the home of her parents in Horton.
  • Lulu Grosh, '00, is teaching in the Great Bend high school.
  • Stella Earnest, '00, has been re-elected assistant principal of the high school at Alva, Oklahoma.
  • Edmond C. Fletcher, l '00, and Adrian Sherman, '93, l '97, are practising law in partnership in Kansas City, Missouri. Their office is in the Exchange building.
  • Willis Henderson, '00, is resident manager of the Henderson Hay Company at Toronto.
  • James Howard Torrance, l '00, is practising law at Ellinwood.
  • Nettie E. Manley, '01, is teaching English in the Emporia high school.
  • Carrie A. Reece, '01, is in Helena, Montana, where she has a position in the high school. Her address is 713 North Warren Street.
  • James H. Felgar, '01, has this year become a member of the faculty of the mechanical engineering department in the State University of Oklahoma at Norman.
  • Jefferson P. King, '01, is teaching English this year in the Sumner high school, Kansas City, Kansas.
  • H. J. Brownson, p '01, is in the drug business at Chickasha, Indian Territory.
  • Thomas McCampbell, p '01, is a member of the drug firm of McCampbell and Houston, corner Twenty-third and Vine streets, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • R. M. Rath, p '01, of the firm of Rath and Bambridge, druggists, Dodge City, visited the School of Pharmacy, October 8.
  • Beulah Roberts, '01, is principal of the Higginsville, Missouri, high school.
  • Alice Spaulding, '01, g '02, was married at Lawrence, October 18, to Melvin Taylor, a student of the University in the late nineties. Their home will be at Lyons.
  • Orville H. Brown, '01, who is practising medicine in Saint Louis, spent last summer in Europe. He writes of having met Earle Murray, '02, at Vienna.
  • Inez Chapman, '01, is principal of the Council Grove high school.
  • Esther M. Wilson, '01, g '02, went to Europe last August. She expected to enter the University of Berlin this month.
  • Lillian Barth Webb, '01, is now at home at Garden City, where Mr. Webb is agent for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway. They moved to that place from Newton, November 14. Mr. Webb was formerly a travelling auditor for the road named.
  • Ethel Luther, '01, and Ruth Barnett, '06, have positions in the Clay county high school at Clay Center.
  • G. M. Sharrard, '01, who taught Latin in the Topeka high school last year, is doing graduate work in Latin and Greek at Cornell University, having received a scholarship from that institution.
  • Benjamin R. Ward, '02, g '03, is assistant professor of English in the Kansas State Agricultural College.
  • J. F. Beaman, e '02, is employed in the bridge building department of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad at Fresno, California.
  • M. C. Blanchard, e '02, is employed by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad company on double track construction work. His address is Medill, Missouri. Mr. Blanchard was formerly assistant engineer for the Kansas City Belt railway and had charge of working up data for the new union station at Kansas City.
  • Ernest F. Weise, '02, is attending Drew Theological seminary at Madison, New Jersey. He has been employed in the Union Pacific shops at Arnistrong, Missouri, since 1902.
  • M. Trueheart, '02, is a member of the staff of the Sterling hospital and training school for nurses.
  • E. B. Krehbiel, '02, is associate in European history in the University of Chicago. He has taken his examinations for the degree of doctor of philosophy and passed them summa cuni laude.
  • Milton D. Baumgartner, '02, g '03, is doing work in German in the University of Chicago looking toward the degree of doctor of philosophy. Last year he was acting assistant professor of German in the University of Missouri, and taught in the summer school of that university. He visited Lawrence in August.
  • P. J. McCarthy, e '02, has for the past six months been locating engineer for the Carolina Company, builders and contractors, and has been locating railway lines in North Carolina. His address is Union Mills, North Carolina.
  • B. E. Hammers, '02, is an assistant to the chief chemist of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway, and has his headquarters at Arkansas City, Kansas.
  • E. Blanche Pilcher, '02, is instructor in Latin and English in the Rawlins county high school at Atwood.
  • Ida E. McKnight, '03, g '04, is teaching in the Topeka high school.
  • Frances E. Taylor, '03, is instructor in English and history in the Argentine high school.
  • Samuel Adams, '03, is attendmg a medical college at Topeka.
  • Ernest Barkman, e '03, has gone to Colima, New Mexico, to superintend bridge construction work. He is in the employ of the Missouri Valley Bridge company.
  • Albert Worley, e '03, is in the employ of the Midland Bridge Company at Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Eugene E. Sallee, '03, was appointed, this year, to the principalship of the University Preparatory School in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Verne Mitchell, p '03, has sold his drug store in Delphos.
  • L. W. Baxter, '03, received the degree of doctor of medicine from the Rush Medical College, Chicago, last June. He is practising medicine at Columbus.
  • Kate Dinsmoor, '03, has gone to Albany, New York, to complete a course in the New York Library School. This is Miss Dinsmoor' 5 second year in that school.
  • E. S. Andis, g '03, has charge of the American school at Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico. In a recent letter he says: "This is a great country-fine climate and picturesque scenery."
  • Fred Keplinger, c and g '04, formerly of the mathematical department of the University has been appointed assistant examiner in the patent office at Washington.
  • Warren S. Wilson, p '04, of Burlington, and Agnes Unruh, '04, were married in Chicago July 5. Their home is in Burlington. Mr. Wilson is a travelling representative of the Evans-Smith Drug Company of Kansas City, Missouri. Mrs. Wilson was principal of the Lamed high school in 1904-5 and taught in the Holton high school the following year.
  • Jonta Marcellus, e '04, is now assistant engineer for the Seattle and Inland railway with head-quarters at Oaksdale, Washington.
  • Trussie Smothers, '04, is teaching in a private colored school at Kansas City, Kansas.
  • George T. Guernsey, '04, who was a student in the School of Law last year has entered the Yale law school.
  • Edward S. Cowdrick, '04, was married recently to Miss Nellie Garlinghouse, of Topeka; not, as stated in the October Magazine, to Mrs. Nellie Garlinghouse.
  • W. E. Keef, p 04, has recently purchased a drug store at Glen Elder.
  • Earl Brandon, p 04, is proprietor of a drug store at Clyde.
  • Ethel C. Peters, '04, is teaching Latin in the Mankato high school.
  • Bertha V. Roberts, '04, is teaching in the CaIdwell high school.
  • F. W. Moore, p '04, is employed as clerk in a drug store at Pleasant Hill, Missouri.
  • Willard Hines, p '04, has a position as clerk in a drug store in Coffeyville.
  • LeRoy Williams, p '04, is proprietor of a drug store in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Bertha J. Virmond, '04, is an instructor in the Gove county high school at Gove.
  • Eleanor Morse, '05, has resigned her position in the Junction City high school on account of ill health, and is at her home in Mound City.
  • Lillian Bunton, '04, is doing graduate work in natural science in the University.
  • Vera Hull, '05, has lately returned to her home in Wichita from a summer spent in Europe.
  • Roy. G. Hoskins, '05, g '06, is teaching the natural sciences in the Chanute high school.
  • Birdie Greenough, '06, is doing graduate work in the University this year, at the same time teaching a class in mathematics.
  • May Williams, '05, is an instructor in mathematics in the Arkansas City high school.
  • Clara Carr, '05, g '06, is teaching history and English in the Maple Hill high school.
  • Lesley Hill, '05, is instructor in English and botany in the Lawrence high school.
  • Herman C. Allen, g '05, succeeds C. A. Rohrer, '97, as instructor in physics in the Kansas City, Kansas, high school.
  • Edna Henrichs, '05, has a position in the Humboldt high school.
  • Alfred B. Cope, '05, g '06, is superintendent of the Hillsboro schools.
  • Lulu Walton, '05, has the principalship of the Glen Elder high school.
  • Daisy Dean Dryden, '05, is instructor in English in the Eldorado high school.
  • Vivian Roberts, '05, is principal of the Augusta high school.
  • B. F. Stelter, '05, is teaching English in the Leavenworth high school. During the past summer he did graduate work in English at the University of Chicago.
  • Henry Asher, l '05, has been elected, on the republican ticket, clerk of the district court of Douglas county.
  • J. I. Gregg McElhinney, fa '05, was recently married to Mayme Adams of Lawrence. They will live in Lawrence, and Mr. McElhinney will continue his work in the mail service.
  • Wiltz B. Trible, p '05, is a pharmacist at Chanute, being manager of the store in which he is employed.
  • Elsie Watson, fa '05, was recently married to David Perkins, in Kansas City, at the home of Mrs. George Rising.
  • Edith R. Levan, '05, was married, in October, to Louis J. Flint. The wedding took place at the home of the bride's mother, in Lawrence. Mr. Flint was in the University in '00-'03. He is now in the employ of the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply company of Chicago. They. will live at 1312 Leland avenue, Chicago.
  • John A. Naill, l '06, is assistant postmaster at Herington. His father, D. W. Naill, is postmaster.
  • Floyd P. Breneman, e '06, is chemist for the Poydras Plantation at Poydras, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. He left the University, where he was doing graduate work, to go to Poydras, November 1.
  • Lois Borland, '06, is teaching English in the Norton county high school, at Norton.
  • Ella Nash, '06, has a position in the Lyons high school.
  • Willis H. Carothers, '06, has the principalship of the Holton high school.
  • Benjamin F. Sinclair, '06, is superintendent of the Havensville schools.
  • Lou Kinne, '06, is principal of the Herington high school.
  • John F. Bender, '06, is principal of the Arkansas City high school. He teaches Latin and German.
  • Georgia E. Pilcher, '06, is teaching German, history, and botany in the Anthony high school.
  • Harry F. Roller, '06, is in the employ of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. His address is Lawrence.
  • Ora Yates, p '06, is employed as clerk in the Tillotson pharmacy at Latham.
  • Warren Dennis, p '06, has a position as clerk in a Turon drug store.
  • Jesse W. Kayser, '06, who has been employed on the staff of the Kansas City Star, is now connected with the Chickaska Star, at Chickasha, Indian Territory.
  • King Joslyn, p, '06, pharmacist at Cheney, will leave Kansas in a few weeks, to take a position in California.
  • Winifred Luther, '06, is in Vineland New Jersey, where she has a position as teacher in the sixth grade of the public schools.
  • Abby E. Beckwith, '06, is principal of the Waterville high school.
  • Celia Lindsay, '06, has a position in the high school at Ada.
  • Mabel Kent, '06, is an instructor in the Paola high school.
  • J. B. Martin, e '06, who took the course in chemical engineering last year is employed in the water analysis department of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad at Topeka.


  • Frank S. Wyatt, who was a student in the early nineties, has been elected director of physical training at the Northwestern Oklahoma Normal school, at Alva, Oklahoma.
  • Mary Bowen, '00-'02, was married last spring to Robert N. Snyder, of Independence. Mr. Snyder is assistant treasurer of the Kansas Natural Gas Company. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have just returned from a trip to Europe.
  • Eva Brown, '96-'97, is appearing this season as leading lady in George Ade's comedy "The College Widow." Her stage name is Evelyn Vaughan. Miss Brown left a Kansas City stock company some years ago to follow her profession in the larger field offered by Eastern cities.
  • W. J. Reese, of Holton, a special student last year, is assistant chemist with the Peet Brothers' Soap Company of Kansas City, Kansas.
  • E. T.Nelson, a graduate chemistry student of last year, is employed by the Beet Sugar Company of Garden City.
  • Wade A. Gutherie, I '04-'05, and Hazel Renshaw, fa '04-'05, were married recently at the home of the bride in Enid, Oklahoma. They will live in Bartlesville, Indian Territory.
  • Taylor Riddle, p '02-'03, is employed in a drug store at Smith Center.
  • Ruth Williston, '00-'01, is teaching in the Hiawatha high school.
  • Harry B. Leach, a student in the University, '05-'06, visited the School of Pharmacy, October 3. He is in a drug store in Alton this year.
  • J. A. DeMoss, '78-'80, M. D. '82, St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, recently visited his daughter Edith who is a junior at the University. Dr. DeMoss is engaged in the practice of medicine at Thayer where he has lived for twenty-four years.
  • Barnum Brown, '93-'97, who is assistant paleontologist for the American Museum of Natural History, of New York, visited the University, October 4. He had spent the summer collecting vertebrate fossils in Montana, and was on his way to New York. Mr. Brown was married in 1903 to Marion R. Brown of New York, a graduate of Wells College and Columbia University.
  • John G. Kaiser, a student in the University in '99-'00, visited the School of Pharmacy, October 4. He and his brother, George F. Kaiser, p '89, are partners in the drug business at Ottawa.
  • W. F. Wheeler, a mining engineering student of last year, assisted Professor Bartow in the Illinois State Water Analysis Laboratory last summer. Mr. Wheeler is now chemist for the Illinois State Geological survey which is directed by the State University, at Urbana.
  • J. H. Davidson, a student in chemical engineering last year, who has been with the Portland Cement Company, of Colorado, during the summer, will be in the water analysis laboratory of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railway at Topeka this year.

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