"Alumni News" section of the Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas, October, 1906

"Alumni News"


of the

Graduate Magazine of the University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Volume 5, Number 1 (October, 1906)

The Schools of the University from which alumni mentioned in these notes have received degrees are indicated as follows: the School of Engineering by the italic letter, e preceding the year; Law, l; Pharmacy, p; Medicine, m; Graduate, g; Fine Arts, fa; the College, by the absence of any letter preceding the year. Two figures preceded by an apostrophe, indicate the year of graduation.

    A paragraph in the Graduate Magazine of last May spoke of the coming dinner of the New York Union of the University of Kansas. The meeting was on the sixteenth of June, at a small dining place down town. Our weather took a sea-turn, and a pouring rain came with the night. Nevertheless thirty-one were present. Among the number were Professor and Mrs. Carruth and Miss Constance straight from the University, and Professor Blake after a larger absence.

    We met for good-fellowship at half past six, but plates were not served till near nine. Thereupon we rose and sang with hearty spontaneity "The Alumni Song" written by our member, R. W. Neal, '98, and then sung in chorus probably for the first time. Following this our Secretary, H. R. Linville, '93, reported his printed directory of our Union, letters of felicitation upon our organization, and ended his interesting talk with commendations for the democracy for which our University has always stood. The president of our organization, E. E. Slosson, '90, then introduced Professor Carruth who made the speech of the evening telling us of the changes going on at our old home, of the expansion and healthy spirit in all its growth, of the work and devotion of Chancellor Strong and the faculty and Regents. The speech had the directness, sympathy, and heartiness of all Professor Carruth does, Mrs. Carruth followed the Professor with graceful allusion to the ugly duckling experience of our Union.

    Next in order Professor Blake spoke in behalf of a retaining of the distinctive marks of Western university life---qualities which our students might lose in more complex environments. After Professor Blake, the toastmaster called upon Kate Stephens, '75, who moved a telegram to our dearly-loved Dr. Francis Huntington Snow, upon completing his forty years of services at the University. Miss Stephens also presented a motion suggestive of a distinct work for the New York Union.

    Dr. J. D. McLaren, '86, followed with stories of old times, especially about degree-seeking in various States. The toastmaster then called upon Florence Finch Kelly, '81, for some account of New Zeland from which far-away country Mrs Kelly has lately returned. Aftewards Dr. J. H. Canfield spoke of his beloved old Kansas days, and the values of the University.

    Our toastmaster, Mr. Slosson, who had presided and presented the speakers with great tact and experience, called our attention to the clock. The variety, interest and animation of the speeches had led us to forget that it was near midnight. We sang "A Rock Chalk Song" and "Crimson and the Blue," and separated.

    Officers chosen for the following year are: president, Stuart 0. Henry, '81; secretary, Henry R. Linville, '93; treasurer, Stella Miller Neal, '94; with Edward F. Burnett, '77; Florence Finch Kelly, '81; and Oslin M. Jackson, '89 completing the executive committee.
    K. S.

    An association of alumni and former students of the University is being formed in Russell county. The following have signed the constitution of the club: J. C. Ruppenthal, l '95; M. J. Gernon, '03, l '04; Mary K. Gernon, 01; Elizabeth Gernon, 02; Anna Gernon, 'O1-'03; Jennie Fox, '98-'99; Decima Miles Beardsley, '76-'82; M. R. Smith, p '96-'99; Mrs. C. S. Crain, '76-'77; Mary Barrett Culbertson, '89-'02.

  • Gertrude Boughton Blackwelder, '75, of Morgan Park, Illinois, is president of the Woman's Club of Chicago. The club, which is the largest in the city, has a membership of about a thousand.
  • Elmer B. Tucker, '76, lives at Kirkman, Iowa, where he is engaged in the growing of small fruits. His wife, whom he married in 1891, was Alice L. Waite. They have three daughters.
  • M. E. Pearson, n '85, superintendent of schools in Kansas City, Kansas, visited the University September 27.
  • Harlan F. Graham and Luella Palmer Graham, '86, of Holton, have visited the University recently. Their daughter, Helen Graham, has entered the freshman class of the College.
  • Harry E. Riggs, '86, gave the class day address to the senior engineers of the University of Michigan, last June. Mr. Riggs was in Lawrence recently on a tour of investigation for Eastern capitalists who are interested in building electric railways.
  • James B. Van Vliet, l '86, is engaged in the practice of law at Frankfort.
  • Edward C. Franklin, '88, of Leland Stanford University, has received a promotion to the full professorship of physical chemistry.
  • William Harvey Brown, '88, and Martha Snow Brown, '98, are the parents of a son born June 9. Their address is Salisbury, Rhodesia, South Africa.
  • Richard Horton, l '89, of Omaha, Nebraska, visited the University recently.
  • Alfred H. Parrott, '99, g '00, was married, June 6, 1906, to Edna Pearl Canniff, of Fargo, North Dakota. They were in Lawrence, July 10, to visit relatives and Mr. Parrott's Alma Mater. Mr. Parrott is registrar of the North Dakota Agricultural College, at Fargo.
  • Howard M. Hill, I '90, is engaged in farming and stock raising at Lafontaine. Mr. Hill's cattle have won the highest awards in several fairs including the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
  • W. R. Armstrong, '90, is at Ashton, Idaho. He is still in the employ of the Oregon Short Line railroad.
  • Virginia Spencer, '91, has become dean of the Normal School for Women at Richmond, Kentucky.
  • Victor A. Rankin, p '92, is a traveling salesman with headquarters at Muskogee, Indian Territory.
  • J. H. Sawtell, '92, has resigned his position as principal of the Woods county high school, at Helena, Oklahoma, to take the chair of history and economics in Epworth university at Oklahoma City.
  • W. W. Reno, '93, subsequent to examinations taken in Washington last spring, received his promotion to the rank of surgeon in the United States army. Captain Reno expects soon to go to England on leave of absence in order to do advanced work in medical subjects.
  • W. M. Raymond, '93, was married to Ola Bowman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus S. Bowman, at Newton, September 25. Mrs. Raymond is a graduate of the Kansas State Normal and of the University of Chicago. They will live near Lawrence. Mr. Raymond is engaged in farming, having been compelled by ill health to give up his work in the South.
  • R. W. McGrath, l '93, is practising law at Fredonia. He is a director and vice-president of the State Bank of Fredonia.
  • J. H. Mustard, '94, is practising medicine in Nome, Alaska, to which place he went in June, 1905.
  • Arthur L. Corbin, '94, and Mrs. Corbin of New Haven spent a portion of the summer in Lawrence on their way to and from Colorado.
  • T. W. Butcher, '94, has resigned the principalship of the Sumner County high school to become the president of the Central Oklahoma Normal School at Edmond. At the time of his removal from Kansas, Mr. Butcher was a regent of the University.
  • J. C. Ruppenthal, l '95, of Russel is the democratic nominee for judge of the twenty-third judicial district, which includes six counties.
  • Francis M. Brady, l '95, has received the nomination for the office of congressman of the third district, on the democratic ticket.
  • Claud V. Hickman, l '95, was married December 26, 1895, to Myrtle A. Lodge, of Pratt, who was a student in the School of Fine Arts the year previous. They have one child, nine years old. Mr. Hickman has practised law in St. Joseph, Missouri, since the year of his graduation. He has taken an active interest in politics, having been secretary of the republican congressional committee in his district, and secretary to Congressman Fulkerson. In his practice he specializes in those branches of the law governing titles, estates, and real estate.
  • Sheffield Ingalls, '95, is the republican candidate for representative in the legislature from an Atchison county district.
  • Wilbur L. Gardner, '95, l '96, and Mabel Scott, '95, were married June 30, at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. W. H. Johnson, in Lawrence.
  • W. J. Squire, e '96, of the Squire Electric company, Kansas City, Missouri, has the contract for the electric installation on the new fourteen story Long building in that city.
  • Clydus C. Brown, '96, was married, August 8, at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, to Eleanor M. Brazee. They are living at Wichita, where Mr. Brown is teaching mathematics, English, and German in the high school.
  • C. E. Wallace, '96, formerly instructor in the Kansas City high school, has been elected to the chair of history and political science of Yankton College, at Yankton, South Dakota. He is also principal of the academy in connection with that college.
  • Ward C. McCrosky, '96, is principal of the Sumner county high school at Wellington, succeeding T. W. Butcher. He visited the University early in September.
  • Frederick N. Raymond, '96, has resumed his work as assistant professor of English in the University, after a year devoted to study in Paris.
  • Laura Kirby Fairchild, '97, died October 13 at her home in Buffalo, New York. Her body was taken to Witchita for burial. She was married last June, after the close of Friends University in which she taught, to the Rev. Fairchild, pastor of a Methodist Episcopal church in Buffalo. She had been in poor health for several months, but became dangerously ill only a few weeks ago.
  • C. A. Rohrer, '97, has resigned his position in the Kansas City, Kansas, high school, and has taken a position with the Banking Trust Company of Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Charles W. Fletcher, e '97, was married September 12, to Clara Catherine Westinghouse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herman Westinghouse of New York city. They live at 313 West 105 street, New York.
  • Maud Landis, '97, is superintendent of Levering hospital at Hannibal, Missouri.
  • Gomer Thomas, '97, who has been in the business office of the Kansas City Journal for several years, is now assistant business manager of the Kansas City World.
  • Benjamin L. Miller, '97, is the author of a "Description of the Dover Quadrangle" which article accompanied by maps composes the "Dover Folio" in the geological atlas of the United States now in course of preparation by the United States Geological Survey.
  • Edward P. Irwin, '97, who had been working on the San Francisco Evening Post, recently took a position on the staff of the Honolulu Bulletin. Mr. Irwin was married last summer to Pauline Clark of San Francisco.
  • Eugene C. Alder, c and g '97, was married at Exeter, New Hampshire, July 3, to, Helen Cilley. They visited in Lawrence on their way to and from Colorado where they spent the summer. Mr. Alder is now senior German master in the Penn Charter School, Philadelphia.
  • Percival John Parrott, '97 g '99 was married September 5, at Geneva, New York, to Florence Mildred Hubbard. After the first of January their address will be 65 Genesee street, Geneva, New York.
  • W. W. Douglass, '98, is teaching English in the Central high school of Kansas City, Missouri. His citizenship, however, is still on the Kansas side of the line.
  • Wilkie C. Clock, '98, was married during the summer to Margaret McCullick, formerly superintendent of nurses in Bethany hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. Mr. Clock was formerly superintendent of the hospital. He and Mrs. Clock are going as missionaries to Prima, India.
  • Alonzo D. Wilcox, l '98, of Muscotah, is the candidate for the legislature on the democratic ticket in Atchison county.
  • William T. Walker, e '98, is engineer for the Jackson and Corbett Company, General Con-tractors, of Chicago. He is married and has a son two years old. His address is 566 East 62 street, Chicago.
  • Thomas Bravais Henry, '98, has left the teaching profession, and is in the fire and accident insurance business at Independence. He visited the University recently.
  • W. C. Hoad, e '98, who has been granted a year's leave of absence from the University, will spend the next school year in the Graduate School of Engineering Research of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work there will be principally along the line of sanitary engineering and will include a study of water and sewage purification plants in the New England States.
  • Anna Heloise Abel, '98, g '00, formerly of Wells College, is now a member of the faculty of the Woman's College of Baltimore.
  • Stella M. Case, '99, was married August 23, 1905, at Ashland, Oregon, to Fred Day Wagner. They have one child, a son. Mr. Wagner is an editor and banker at Ashland.
  • Olive Lewis Chamberlain, p '99, wife of Lawrence S. Chamberlain, '98, died August 24, 1906, at the home of her father in Topeka. An infant daughter born the same day died with her mother. Dr. and Mrs. Chamberlain had come to Topeka from their home in Cedros Island, Mexico, where Dr. Chamberlain is chief surgeon of the Esperantes Mining Company. Mrs. Chamberlain received the degree of doctor of medicine from the Kansas Medical College in 1902. She was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.
  • Robert Wilson Neal, '98, g '99, has been elected assistant professor in English in the Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, and returns to college teaching, which he left in 1904 on joining the editorial staff of The World's Work, of New York City. He contributed "A Sailor of Fortune" to The World To-Day, Chicago, for May; "The Traveler," to Bob Taylor's Magazine for July; and "New York's City of Play," to The World To-Day for August. The latter is an estimate and analysis of Coney Island and its influence. Mr. Neal was also supplying the editorial discussions in Madden's Magazine before the suspension of that hopeful but premature periodical.
  • Frank P. Pratt, '99 and May Frances Cartney were married September 3, 1906, at Rome City, Indiana. Dr. and Mrs. Pratt will live at Kirksville, Missouri.
  • C. Eugene Klise, '00, was this year elected principal of the high school at Belmont, a suburb of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went there from Maynard, Massachusetts, where he had been principal of the high school for four years.
  • Frederica Bullene, '00, and Chester Woodward, p '96, were married October 10, at Denver. They will live at the Lenox, corner of Huntoon street and Topeka avenue, Topeka. Mr. Woodward is in the brokerage business.
  • C. H. Simpson, '00, and wife are teaching in the intermediate school in Santa Maria, province of Ilocos Sur, Philippine Islands. They have a daughter born in August 1905.
  • Frank Post, '00, until recently Guthrie correspondent for the Kansas City Journal has left that paper to establish an independent news bureau at Guthrie. His successor in charge of the Journal bureau is 0. D. Hall, who was in school, '96-'00.
  • J. Roy Mains, '00, who is engaged in the practice of medicine at Whiting, bought a drug store at that place last year and is conducting it in connection with his practice.
  • Victor Walling, e '01, and Ora Griesa, '04, were married September 19, at Lawrence. They will live at Cananea, Mexico, where Mr. Walling is engaged in mining engineering work.
  • James Huston Felgar, '01, was married August 29, to Henrietta Judd, of Melvern. Mr. Felgar is a member of the faculty of the Oklahoma Agricultural College at Stillwater.
  • P. P. Lester, m '01, who is practising medicine at Walsenburg, Colorado, visited the University late in September. Dr. Lester was married September 30, 1903, to Edith A. Phillips, a student in the University in the early nineties. They have one child, a girl two years old.
  • Tessie Miller Porter, fa '01, died August 19, at Caldwell.
  • Walter S. Hall, e '01, is the father of a boy born July 30.
  • Blame F. Moore, '01, who is superintendent of a school division in the Philippines, spent eight weeks in Europe this summer. He visited the University August 17, on his way to his former home at Cherryvale.
  • Charles Leland Davies, '02, was married to Nellie Breidenthal, October 10, in Kansas City, Kansas. Their home will be 37 North Valley, Kansas City, Kansas. Mr. Davies is cashier of the Riverview State Bank.
  • I. D. Crofoot, '02, visited the University October 5. Mr. Crofoot is to teach in Barton county this winter. During the summer he was in the ice business at Wilson.
  • W. A. Wheeler, e '02, and Esther Gabrielson, '05, were married October 6, at the bride's home in Hutchinson. They visited the University on their way to Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Wheeler is assistant chief draughtsman for the McClintic Marshall Construction Company at Rankin.
  • Carl M. Holmquist, l '02, formerly at Salina, is now practising law at Hays City.
  • Herbert Bailey, '02, is an instructor in the Michigan Agricultural College at Lansing.
  • William Mustard, '02, is the father of a girl born July 29, 1906. He and Mrs. Mustard with the help of one native teacher are doing the work of the intermediate school in Candon, province of Ilocos Sur, Philippine Islands.
  • Clarence J. Hindman, '02, is practising law at Tulsa, Indian Territory, where he has formed a partnership with E. Roy Adams, l '04, who was formerly at Kansas City, Kansas.
  • M. T. Gernon, '03, l '04, is the democratic candidate for county attorney of Russell county.
  • Mary Patterson Clarke, '03, g '05, has a fellowship in European history at Bryn Mawr college.
  • C. W. Nester, p '03, has purchased the drug store in Minneapolis, Kansas, formerly owned by E. A. Sweet, p '00. Mr. Sweet has moved to Orange, Texas.
  • A. T. Noble, p '03, is in the real estate business at Meade. He is secretary of the Artesian Valley Investment Company.
  • Helen M. Clarke, 03, who taught last year in Perry, Oklahoma, is this year fellow in philosophy in the University.
  • J. A. Searcy, p '03, and Anna Mickey Searcy, '03, are the parents of a daughter born August 6. Mr. Searcy is manager of the Valley Center Drug Company at Valley Center.
  • George H. Wark, l '03, is practising law at Caney.
  • Elmer McCollum, '03, g '04, received the degree of doctor of philosophy from Yale University last June. He is now instructor in chemistry at Yale. Several articles by him have appeared recently in chemical journals.
  • Nadine Nowlin, '03, g '03, who has a travelling scholarship from Bryn Mawr, will go to Europe next year. For the present year she is assistant instructor in zoology in the University.
  • C. C. Jones, e '03, is in the employ of the Bankers Trust Company, Kansas City, Missouri. His address is 1623 Lister avenue.
  • Julian Jenkinson, p '04, captain of the 1901 football team, has purchased a drug store at Esbon and is now engaged in business for himself at that place. He visited friends at the University recently.
  • Marie A. Greene, '04, g '06, is in the clinical department of the School of Medicine at Kansas City.
  • Maude Long, p '04, has been compelled to give up her position as clerk in a Hill City drug store on account of ill health. She is succeeded by Charles Pedroja, p '06.
  • Mabel McLaughlin, '04, was married August 30, at Hiawatha, to William Beck. Their home is in Holton, where Mr. Beck is in the newspaper business.
  • Edward S. Cowdrick, '04, was recently married to Mrs. Nellie Garlinghouse, at Topeka. Mr. Cowdrick is doing newspaper work in Topeka. [compiler's note: A correction appears in the November 1906 issue stating that "Mrs." should be "Miss"]
  • Frederick Rollin Feitshans, e '04, was recently married to Celia Traber, at Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Feitshans will live at 625 Euclid avenue, Los Angeles.
  • Fred W. Epps, e '04, and Myrtle Lasley Epps, '02, are the parents of a son, George Lasley Epps, born in June, 1906. Their address is 2444 Central avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Epps is draughtsman for the Brown Ketcham Iron Works.
  • Roy Moodie, '05, spent the summer collecting fossils in the Wyoming geological fields in the interests of Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg. An interesting and important collection of specimens was secured by Mr. Moodie.
  • Albert Draper, '05, is in the employ of the Deming Investment Company at Oswego. He visited the University recently. Mr. Draper is president of his class.
  • J. A. G. Shirk, g '05, has gone to Ottawa University as head of the department of mathematics. He spent the summer doing special work in the University of Chicago.
  • Lilian Axtell, '05, was married June 27, 1906, at Newton, to Dr. John Grove who was a student in 1900-2, and was president of the sophomore class. Dr. and Mrs. Grove live in Newton.
  • Roy S. Filkin, e '05, and Ethel L. Murphy, '04, were married September 4, at Edwardsville. Their home is in Rosedale. Mr. Filkin is a civil engineer for the Orient railway.
  • Frank Chapin, p '06, has a position in a drug store at Delphos.
  • J. F. Terrass, p '06, is in a drug store at Hope.
  • H. M. Springer, p '06, has moved from Leavenworth to Burlingame where he has a position in a drug store. The first of last summer he was in the drug store of H. L. Raymond, p '86, at Lawrence.
  • Aileen M. Weaver, '06, has been awarded the national Pi Beta Phi sorority scholarship to Barnard College, the undergraduate College for women at Columbia University, New York.
  • Perry C. Cook, l '06, of Gove City, died suddenly in Kansas City, Missouri, August 26. He had been taken to a Kansas City hospital for treatment.
  • Wilbur E. Broadie, l '06, is. practising law at Winfield.
  • Ada E. Bechtel, '06, is teaching-botany in the Portland, Oregon, high school. Her address is 180 East Fifteenth Street.
  • A. D. Pitcher, '06, did work in. mathematics in the summer: school of the University of Chicago last summer.
  • Harry L. Heinzman, '06, has the position of secretary of the boys' department of the Topeka Young Men's Christian Association. Mr. Heinzman was president of the University Y. M. C. A. during the past year.
  • Mabel Davis, '06, was married August 8, at Garnett, to William A. Byerley. They live at Humboldt, where Mr. Byerley is engaged in the banking business.
  • E. B. Black, e '06, has a position as civil engineer for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad. His present address is Dallas City, Illinois.
  • Ralph C. Henderson, m '06, is practising medicine at Parsons.
  • L. S. Weatherby, '06, is assistant professor of chemistry at Baker University this year.


  • Frederick Funston, '86-'87, was temporarily in command of the troops in Cuba during the recent change in the government there. He was chairman of the disarmament committee and had the task of disposing amicably of the revolutionary forces. General Funston will soon return to his command on the Pacific coast.
  • W. J. Krehbiel, a student in the early nineties, is owner and editor of the McPherson Republican. He is also mayor of his home town.
  • Wade Moore, l '99-'00, was manager last season of the Galveston, Texas, base ball team.
  • Horace G. Swazey, l '95-'96, died recently in New York. Mr. Swazey had been married only a few months.
  • Homer Neff, p '02-'03, was marned recently to Augusta Crawford, of Paola. Mr. Neff is a druggist at Spring Hill.
  • Robert Edmondson, e '97-'98, who played base ball with the Houston, Texas, professional team last summer has been transferred to the national league team of Washington, D. C.
  • Byron N. Rooks, '67-'72, visited the University last spring. His permanent address is Lexington, Missouri; but his business headquarters are in Washington, D. C. For more than thirty-five years Mr. Rooks has been in the business of instructing bankers, and others who handle large amounts of money, how to recognize counterfeit bills and coins. He has perfected a system, known by his name, and has travelled in almost every portion of the United States teaching his methods. His last previous visit to the University was in 1894.
  • Fred L. Mendenhall, '96-,97, has gone to Nanking, China, near which city he and his wife will be engaged in missionary work. Mr. Mendenhall was graduated from a theological seminary at Auburn, New York, last year. He has been in the Orient before, both as member of the United States army and as a mission worker and explorer.
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