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D. N. MINOR HOMESTEAD Article & Cemetery information furnished by Graham County Historical Society
Written by: P. C. Minor in 1947
Springdale, Arkansas
February 15, 1947

To the friends & relatives of the ones buried in this little Cemetery. I wish to state that this chart is made entirely from memory, but as I was present at all the burials & worked around & saw the graves so many times, I know that the chart is nearly accurate. Most of the graves, when buried was marked with Magnesia head stones, or built up. The stones have melted down to lime & the dust storms have drifted a foot to 18 inches of dirt, over the magnesia & there is no sign of a grave. My Grandfather's grave was built up with that stone & melted down to lime. I was down there in July 1946 & located the grave by digging down to the lime. I also found traces of where the grave had been dug out. Ground never does get as solid after being dug out. I can locate any of the other graves the same way. The Grandchildren are going to erect a small stone to Grandpa's grave this year. I am the only one left that knows all the people buried there or could locate the graves. It is my wish to give all our old friends & relatives that are left, a copy of this chart.
Only a few are here, but their grandchildren will be interested.

P. C. Minor
  • Mrs Jake Bender
  • D. N. Minor
  • Kane Charles Snyder
  • Mary Bernard Mullaney (nee Rudeman)
  • Hershel Dugan
  • Wm. Kelly (colored)
  • Davis Baby
  • N. D. Minor
  • Charles Kane Snyder
  • Robert Mullaney
  • Oscar Talbort (colored)
  • Mary Potts Minor
  • Herschel Minor

Springdale, Arkansas       February 15, 1947
1.  Mrs Jake Bender died in Spring 1881.

2.  D. N. Minor - Was State Senator at Madison Wisconsin in 1861 - From Dodge Co, Desk No. 40. Moved to Iconium, Iowa, lived several years and in 1878 moved to Graham Co., Kansas and Homesteaded the 160 acre tract where he is buried. Died in about Dec. 1882 - age 60. His Grand Children intend to erect a monument to his grave this year.

3.  Kane Charles Snyder lived adjoining my mother's old homestead, Was probably 60 years old, died in 1883.,

4.  Mary Bernard Mullaneynee-Rudeman, July 1887. She had Typhoid Fever - they did not know how to handle typhoid those days, like the Drs. do now and 3 weeks usually was the limit.In 1882 her father and mother with two sisters and one brother were living three miles south of where the town of Bogue is located. The older boys having gone to Colorado to work. A negro by the name of Hobson lived in a little dugout about 1/2 mile north east had some hogs running out. They went up to Mr. Rudemans and in the argument the negro pulled out an old cap and ball pistol and shot Mr. Pudeman and snapped a cap at Charley then about ten years old. Mary grabbed the gun out of the negro's hand and threw it out in the weeds. The negro went in search for it but as it was getting dusk, he could not find it. He returned with a double: edge dagger and Mary, brave girl that shy was, attempted to grab it out of his hand and he draw it through hear hand cutting her hand badly. She stayed at our house some after that and I well, remember my mother dressing her hand. My father N. D. Minor was also in Colorado. The negro got a, horse and went to Milbrook, then the County seat and as the closest jail was Ft. Hays, they took him there, On the second day he got unruly with the jailer, he hit the negro with a hammer and he never needed any trial.

5.  Herschel Dugan - Carpenters baby, 3 year old died 1886. Dugani built the R. R. Chess Store building also ours in Fagan. Afterwards moved to Bogue.

6.  William Kelly, colored, lived adjoining my dad's little town of Fagan, went to Milbrook with my father, met an exconvict by the name of Stewart. They had a few words and this Jeff Stewart shot him. Kelly was a yellow fellow but a good neighbor and far better citizen than Stewart. This happened in about the winter of 1886

7.  Davis Baby - Davis worked on the grading crew on the Railroad that runs past the little cemetary. Died the Spring of 1888.

8.  Nate D. Minor son of D. N. Minor. .born March 3, 1859. Died Oct, 30, 1938, ago 79 years at Bogue, Kansas. Nate D. Minor was born in Wisconsin near Madison in Dodge Co. Moved with his father D. N. Minor to Iconium, Apponoose Co. Iowa. In 1876 his was married to Mary Potts. I was born near Iconium on Grandpa Minor's farm two miles east of Iconium July 6, 1877.

In the fall of 1877 Nate D. Minor and Mary Minor, my parents left Iowa for western Kansas after 3 weeks on the road, they arrived in Smith Co. There dad built a sod house, roofed with willows and blue stem grass, thin sod on top, is the way they built them,. He got the roof finished and told Ma she could build a fire in the stove, The roof caught fire and burned nearly every thing they had. Ma told me in after years she throw me out through the south window, the only one they had in the house.

In the mean time his father D. N. Minor and family had moved from Iowa to Graham Co. Kansas, so my dad got the home stead papers transferred from Smith Co. to Graham, where the town of Bogue now is located.
My father was working hard to put the Bond issue over which they finally did. In the winter of 1887, the survey was put through and in the Spring of 1888 they commenced on the Railroad, which run from Salina to Oakley. The survey run through directly through trio pieces of dad's land. So he started a little town called Fagan. He thought the Railroad Company would give him a Depot, but the company and he did not agree, so they went 1 1/2 milers east and built the town of Bogue. R. R. Chess Store was moved to Boguo. Our store building was also moved and ma .Our store building was also moved and ma run the Post Office in it several years.

The railroad was completed by October 15, 1888, My father took sick with typhoid fever about October 10 and died on October 30 in the: house he had moved from Fagan to Bogue. He now lies 100 ft north of the Railroad track of which he workod so hard to gut through on his father's old homestead, 2 1/2 miles west of Bogue

9.  Charles Kane Snyder, son of Kane Charles Snyder, lived adjoining mother's old homestead with his parents a year or so then moved to farm south west of Bogue 31/2 miles where he was burned to death in the great prairie fire of March 1891. He was trying to save a team of horses in a sod barn. He got the horses cut loose but when he came out a stack of hay, close to the door was a fire and burned him to death. Age about 35. The only thing that saved his mother is they lived in a sod house roofed over with sod and shale.

10.  Robert Mullaney, child of Wm. & Dora Mullaney. Died July 8, 1890. Dora Mullaney is a sister of Mary Bernard Mullaney.

11.  Oscar Talbert, colored, a friendly old negro ,who lived at Bogue, Used to work for us, about 70 years old died in 1895.

12.  Mary Minor, my mother came with father, Nate D. Minor in a covered wagon in the early spring of 1878. Mother filed on the old homestead two miles west of where the town of Bouge is now located. They built a small stone house, lived there about five years. Ma also run a little post office, named Wild Horse, the first post office in Wild Horse Township and the only one, for two years. We then moved 1/2 mile north to a sod house built by Ed Hodges, father's brothern-in-law. It was in the old sod house Della May was born, May 15, 1884. We lived in the old sod about a year and a year and a half about that time my dad was getting the town of Fagan started. It was here the Post Office was changed from Wild Horse to Fagan. R. R. Chess, Ed Mullaney's father - in - law built a store built a store building. My father also built one. R. R. Chess run a store late 1886 to 1887. We moved out of the sod house into the store building and lived in it till the railroad came throuigh in 1888, when Chess moved his store to Bogue, we moved our building also. Mother gets her Post Office again from Fagan to Bogue.

We were getting along fairley well with what the Post Office paid (and what little I made) (I was the oldest of five children), till the great prairie fire in March 1891. Mother and us children were fighting the fire to save our home there in Bogue. My mother overheated herself and had an apoplexy stroke a week a week later and never was well again. She could only partly take care of the Post Office, so I stayed in the office when she could not.

In the Spring of 1894 mother wanted to go to her folks at Iconium, Iowa, so we turned the Post Office that Ma held under three names over to Mary Mullaney, Ed Mullane's sister. Mother did not like Iowa, so we came back to Bogue in 1897. Mother got weaker and fainting spells and on February 27, 1898. They now lie on the western prairie they gave their lives to develope.

In conclusion I wish to speak a word of the four brave men who helped mother save our home. A box car blowed onto the main track at Hoxie, 40 miles west of Bogue. It went through Bogue as fast as the train ever did. About 30 minutes after the box car passed through the four section men came through on a hand car. The forman stood on the brake in some stretches to keep from going to fast. When they got to Bogue and saw what a time everyone was having they let the box car go and helped us. The foreman asked Ma if she had any one to help her and when she told him no, he caled the rest of the men from helping some one else and also saved our home.

Palco is 12 miles from Bogue, fifteen minutes after the passed through Bogue the Depot at Palco was afire. It burned everything between the main line of the U. P. and Colorado and Lincoln Branch. Started at Grainfield and burned all the way to Russell. The fire was so hot it would light in places 1/2 mile ahead of the main fire and a 40 or 50 mile wind. Lots of lives were lost as well as cattle, horses and everything else.

13.  Herschel Minor, son of P. C. & Katie Miner. Born Feb. 22, 1904. Died July 20, 1904. I have a Deed to the plot occupied by the Fagan Cemetery. Recorded June 28, 1911. Recorded in Block No. 33,-Page 405, Hill City, Graham County, Kansas.

P. C. Minor

If anyone is interested in a plot layout of the Fagan Cemetery please contact Gayle Garrett

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