Gleanings from 1884 Graham County Kansas Newspapers

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SPECIAL NOTE..... The gleanings here come from microfilmed newspapers available on interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society. Click HERE for more information on borrowing film from the Society.

Local newspaper offer a wealth of information and insight into the lives of our ancestors. We have here gleanings from Graham County newspapers for your perusal. Included here are marriages, births, divorces, departures, arrivals, special celebrations, tragic accidents, etc.
Most newspaper death notices or obits are located at Graham County Obituaries.

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HILL CITY REVEILLE -- Friday, October 24, 1884
--At a meeting of the citizens of Graham county the following gentlemen were appointed a committee to issue a call for a mass convention to be held at Millbrook, Oct. 25th, 1884, and we the undersigned committee would most respectfully urge the citizens of Graham County to meet on the above named day and place in nomination a ticket regardless of politics or past political differences. Committee: A WOODIN, G. M. FETHERKILE, C. COLLINS, H. BONDY, A. E. MOSES, H. T. TURNER, H. L. THORNTON, Wm M. McCLURE, E. HANKINS [and] Isaac COVALT

--Mitchell SMITH says that Jerry SCRUGGS, a colored man who used to work at stone masonry in this city, now lives in Graham County. Has a good farm and has got rich. He had 400 bushels of wheat, lots of corn and other crops. --[copied from] Ellsworth News.

--"Down and Out"... Tuesday, October 14th, H. C. MOSELEY, the old wheelhorse of democracy, stepped down and out of the office of County Treasurer of this county, turning over the recrods to his successor. Mr. MOSELEY has filled the office with honor and credit as far as we can learn. S. N. CODER, his successor, is one of the prominent merchants of
Graham County. Mr. CODER was born in Morgan, Illinois, in the year 1855, raised up on the wild prairies of Illinois until the year of 1872, he emigrated to the great state of Nebraska where he engaged in the mercantile business. In 1879 he moved to Graham County, Kansas, still carrying on the mercantile business, holding the position of postmaster at Whitfield, Roscoe and other positions of trust. Last fall he received the nomination for Treasurer on the Republican ticket in this county and was elected by an overwhelming majority. Mr. CODER is now in the prime and vigor of his manhood and we hope to see him not only the leading politicioner of Graham County, but of Northwestern Kansas.

--George PHILLIPS of
Gettysburg carries a complete stock of groceries that he is selling at bottom figures.

--Benj. DAVENPORT brought to the mill city market this week 63 bushels of the best wheat we have seen in this or any other county.

--H. S. CLUBB of
Gettysburg has just received a fine lot of harness, saddles and harness fixtures.

--Mrs. M. J. COX has a complete stock of fancy milliner goods for sale at wholesale and retail.
--We have it from reliable sources that GRAVES, FULLER and the whiskey outfit that meet around the deep hole on the south side of the river next Saturday will yoke up the skins of the Republican party.

--Captain James JUSTUS, our next Representative from
Graham County, is one of our industrious tillers of the soil. He raised this season on his farm 1,000 bushels of small grain and twenty five acres of cornby his own actual labor.

Millbrook, Kansas, October 18th, 1884.... At a mass convention of the Democratic party of Graham County held at Millbrook, Oct. 16th, the following action was taken. On motion W. J. CRAWFORD was chosen chairman, and A. H. COOK, secretary. On motion the call was read by the secretary. On motion the chairman was instructed to appoint a county central committee, one for each township. Committee: Graham, A. H. COOK; Indiana, Peter MINDEN; Gettysburg, W. L. RISSLER; Hill City, Nic SELBY; Nicodemus, A. GREBLES; Wild Horse, C. R. SNYDER; Millbrook, Isaac COVALT; Bryant, H. C. MOSELEY; Morlan, W. B. ANDERSON.

Graham County has a young lady stage driver. She mustn't fool too much with the mails.

--T. J. GARNETT, our coming clerk of the district court of Graham County, is a slodier boy that wore the blue, has the scars made by a Rebel bullet on his body, but they will not scar him all the same this fall. He is too well fortified.

--Miss Mattie WORCESTER [WORCHESTER ?], the nominee on the Republican ticket for superintendent of public instruction, is an accomplished lady, graduated at an early age, has taught ten terms of school with good success. Her election is sure.

--James GORDON, our nominee for probate judge, was a soldier boy for over three years, wore the blue in honor to his country, and has served two terms as probate judge in this county. Is this worth your vote? We ask you to take this into consideration.

--Mahlon INLOW, son of Mrs. INLOW, is setting type in the office of the Reveille to-day. He has been engaged for the last three months setting type in one of the leading newspaper offices at
Olathe, Kansas.

--Alonzo COOK, one of
Graham Township's brightest young farmers laid on our table last Saturday some of the finest onions we have ever seen, weighing over one pound each.

--Hon. James JUSTUS of Wild Horse, B. VAN SLYCK of Firmis and C. H. McBRIDE of
Scandia made this office a call Wednesday of this week.

T. E. GHEEN and R. L. STANLEY of
Bull City ordered the Reveille sent to them at their place.

HILL CITY REVEILLE -- Friday, October 31, 1884
--Mrs. M. J. COX has a complete stock of fancy milliner goods for sale at wholesale and retail. The citizens of
Graham County are invited to call and examine my stock.

--H. S. CLUBB of
Gettysburg has just received a fine lot of harness, saddles and harness fixtures. Call and see them when in Gettysburg.

--George PHILLIPS of
Gettysburg carries a complete stock of groceries that he is selling at borrom figures.

--Announcement... I hereby announce myself as a candidate of
County Attorney of Graham County subject to the vote of the electors at the Novemeber election.... F. D. TURCK

Nicodemus, Kansas, Sept. 6, 1884... A Blaine and Logan Club was organized here today with a membership fo fifteen to begin with representing three townships, viz: Hill City, Nicodemus and Wild Horse. Oscar TOLIVER, president; A. N. HARPER, secretary; J. A. WEAVER, treasurer; R. W. DAVENPORT, vice-president; H. HOCKINS, ass't secretary; David WILLIAMSON, grand marshall. Executive committee: S. GARLENE of Wild Horse, A. N. HAPER of Nicodemus, L. ADKINSON of Hill City, chairman same, S. GARLENE.

--T. J. GARNETT, Hill City, Kansas, land attorney and surveyor, special attention given to the location of settlers on government lands in the "The Great Homestead Era of the World." [advertisement]

--James GORDON,
Gettysburg, Kansas, notary public, will attend to all land business before the local offices. Taxes paid and collections promptly attended to. [advertisement]

--Maulsby House,
Millbook, Kansas; Everything first class. Charges reasonable. Mrs. E. MAULSBY, Prop. [advertisement]
Edmond, Kansas; Livery and feed stable. Our barn is large and commodious. We solicit a share of the patronage from Graham County. [advertisement]

Edmond Drug Store; A complete stock of drugs and patent. Medicines, prescriptions promptly filled. I also carry a complete stock of fancy and stable groceries. A share of Graham County patronage solicited. E. P. DAVISON. [advertisement]

All of the newspapers articles entered here come from newspapers available on interlibrary loan from the Kansas State Historical Society. You can do an online search of Graham County newspapers on microfilm available from the Society by clicking HERE.

(Note: When you get to the Society's newspaper collection page keep in mind that the numbers off to right of the list are the reel numbers at the Society). For more information on borrowing these newspapers go to the Society's Interlibrary Loan page

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