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Graham County Sections of the

Volume XII, 1912 (Chicago, Ill. : R.L. Polk & Co., 1911)


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BOGUE, Population, 150, Formerly known as Fagan, is on the U. P. R. R., in Graham county,
10 miles from Hill City, the county seat. Has a bank, Exp., Am.

  • O. M. Chisham, postmaster.
  • Bogue Lumber Co, hardware and furn.
  • Chisham O M, Stationer.
  • Commercial Hotel, E J Jones, propr.
  • Cram A E, physician.
  • Elliott & Poage, general store.
  • Ellis James, general store.
  • Farmers' State Bank, A D Jellison pres, W D Chiles cashr.
  • Fulkerson J N, general store
  • Fulkerson & Chiles, hardware.
  • Haupt T S, general store.
  • Hoffman Elevator Co.
  • Hotel Bogue, James Berger propr.
  • Jeffrey J, hotel.
  • Jones E J, propr Commercial Hotel.
  • Kingon B C, feed and live stock.
  • Midland Elevator Co, George U White mngr.
  • Morris C E, live stock
  • Norrish Bros, hardware.
  • Porter E E, meats.
  • Porter Mercantile Co, general store.
  • Triplett C M & Co, general store.
  • Wall W, meats.
  • Wilcox & Co, general store.
  • Wilson & Co, real estate.
  • Young M H, livery.


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Gradan. A country postoffice in Allodium township, Graham county, 22 miles n. w. of Hill City, the county seat and 11 from Morland, its nearest banking and shipping point.

  • Brandt E M, general store, mgr Town Hall and Postmaster.
  • Fink G B, live stock and grain.
  • Scott M W, live stock.


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Hill City

HILL CITY, Population, 983 (U. S. Census, 1910). The judicial seat of Graham county, is advantageously located on the U. P. Ry. and on the Solomon river, 138 miles from Salina. Hill City has 6 churches, excellent public schools, 3 banks, 2 opera houses and 2 weekly newspapers. Its two hotels, the Pomeroy and the De Shoup, located respectively on the north and south side, are up to date, comfortable and well equipped with every accommodation for the comfort of patrons. Hill City offers every ad-vantage to the investor of capital seeking a growing town with a tributary territory, having a good rainfall and rich, level land adapted to corn, alfalfa, wheat, stock raising and all kinds of farming. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific. Telephone connection.

E. J. Byerts, postmaster.
Greenwood Pres, Charles Sperry Vice Pres, I R Mott Cashier. Transacts a General Banking Business, Collections Given Special Attention.

  • Andrews Charles, auto livery.
  • Beardwell Wm 0, grocer.
  • Bell George P, physician.
  • Boiler Alexander, feed.
  • Boston Department Store Co The (general store)
    • A L Daniels pres.
    • J F Rowe, vice pres.
    • Fred Volkel, sec.
    • F W Smith, treas.
  • Boucher Daisy V, restaurant.
  • Brannon A Eugene, confectioner.
  • Brooks B 0, harness.
  • Brown J T, notions.
  • Brumbaugh George C, general store.
  • Bundy John A, physician.
  • Byerts E J, notions.
  • Cafferty & Son, harness.
  • Chicago Lumber & Coal Co, H C Greenwood mgr.
  • Chilcoat Bert, bakery and restaurant.
  • Clayton Herbert D, hardware.
  • City Hotel, Albro D Markham propr.
  • Crank John L, lawyer.
  • Creighton Michael J, books.
  • Crosley, auto garage.
  • DAWSON JOHN S (Price & Dawson),
    Attorney-General State of Kansas.
  • Early W J, feed.
  • Farmers' Hotel, Fred Gill propr.
  • Farmers' Lumber and Coal Co.
  • Farmers' and Merchants' Bank
    (Capital $25,000, surplus and undivided profits $25,000)
    • J C. Sturdevant pres,
    • W H Hill vice-pres,
    • E E Mullaney cashr,
    • R B Garnett asst cashr.
  • Findley Lottie R, physician.
  • Foster Bros (Benjamin F and Brook), produce.
  • FUNKHOUSER NORA A, Propr Hotel De Shoup
    Commercial Men's Headquarters. $2.00 Per Day
  • Gillen Hugh N, abstractor.
  • Graham County Mill and Elevator Co, S S Hisey pres, John Beecher vice pres, M J Creighton sec, 0 P King Mngr.
  • Graham County State Bank (Capital, surplus and profits $35,000), I B Barker pres, J W Jenkins vice-pres, Leander Messick cashr, S G Wilson asst cashr.
  • Grecian Frank, real estate.
  • Gupton Mathenus A, dentist.
  • Hannah David J, real estate.
  • Hardman Lumber Co, Thomas A Sharp mngr, lumber, lath, shingles, building material, posts and coal.
  • Hardman William, clothing.
  • Hill City New Era, George B Munson, editor.
  • Hill City Republican, Hill & Emmons, proprs. -
  • Hill W H, real estate.
  • Hill & Emmons (Wm H Hill, Charles H Emmons), proprs Hill City Republican.
  • Hockersmith R Edward, meats.
  • HOTEL DE SHOUP, Nora A Funkhouser Propr, $2.00 Per Day, Commercial Men's Headquarters.
    The Leading Hotel in the City
    Commercial Headquarters.
    Bus Meets All Trains.
    • Mrs Clara I Reynolds Propr
  • Howe Orien P, dentist.
  • HOWLAND ELLEN F, Bonded Abstractor
    Titles Examined to Property of Graham County.
  • HOWLAND REAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT CO, F A Howland Mngr, Farms, Grass Lands and City Property.
  • Inlow Mahlon C, real estate.
  • Irick Joseph F, general store.
  • Jackson R L, automobile garage.
  • Jones George, tailor.
  • Justus Wade W, builder and contr.
  • Kackley Oscar B and Nelson S, dry goods.
  • Kaley Grocery Co (James and Frank Kaley).
  • Kansas Title, Land and Loan Co.
    Real estate, abstracts, loans and insurance.
    • H H Barbee pres.
    • E V Cumberford vice pres & treas.
    • A G Morris, sec.
  • Keleher Clement T, clothing.
  • King Albert C, contr and builder.
  • Kobler William, drugs.
  • La Shell & King (G B La Shell, 0 P King), mnfrs cement brick and blocks.
  • Legere John H & Son, live stock and clothing.
  • Lovelady Andrew 3, livery auto.
  • McGill Thomas H, real estate and notary.
  • Malcolm C M, laundry.
  • Markham A B, restaurant.
  • Mason I E, feed barn.
  • Meloette's Opera House, Fred Howland mngr.
  • Moore Elmer 3, tinsmith.
  • Morris A Grant, real estate.
  • Mort A Ross, livery.
  • MOTT I R, Cashr American State Bank.
  • Nesbitt George, shoes.
  • New Pomeroy Opera House.
  • Noe & Noe (H L and 0 W), jewelers.
  • North Side Hardware Co, Herbert D Clayton propr.
  • Palmer Joseph E, shoes.
  • Parker Ira B, physician.
  • Pedroja Charles A, drugs.
  • People's Supply Co, Charles E Webster propr, hardware, etc.
  • POMEROY HOTEL. See Hotel Pomeroy.
  • Poor A J, grain elevator.
  • PRICE SILAS C (Price & Dawson).
  • PRICE & DAWSON (Silas C Price, John S Dawson)
    Attorneys and Counselors-at-Law.
  • Reveille-New Era (weekly), A C Inlow mngr.
  • Reveille Realty Co, A C Inlow mngr, real estate, loans and insurance.
  • REYNOLDS CLARA I MRS, Propr Hotel Pomeroy.
  • Rice Augustus J, alfalfa land.
  • Rice Moss, foundry.
  • Rollow L D Mrs, photographer.
  • Rowe & Zohner (Fred Rowe, Joseph Zohner), hardware.
  • Sayers William L, lawyer.
  • Sims David P, real estate.
  • Smith Benjamin S, furniture.
  • Smith Dry Goods Co.
    • W H Hill pres.
    • Robert Garnett sec.
    • Benjamin F Smith treas.
  • Smith John W, physician.
  • Sperry & Olsen (Charles Sperry, C J Olsen), real estate.
  • Starkweather J M & Co, general store.
  • Starr Harry, builder and contr.
  • Stout P L, tinner and wind mills.
  • Stuckey Henry, dyer and cleaner.
  • Turck Frank D, lawyer and real estate.
  • Van Duyn Arnold H, physician.
  • Webster Charles E, hardware.
  • Welty-Boyd Furniture Co (John N Welty, C Herman Boyd), furniture and undertakers.
  • Welty J A, meats.
  • Wetzel & Son (Newton and Samuel A), grocers.
  • Wheeler S A Mrs, restaurant.
  • White Robert, grocer
  • White Samuel, grocer
  • Whitton C.C, meats
  • Wilcox Rex V, lawyer


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Morland, Population, 400, On the U. P. R. R., and on the South Fork of Solomon River, in Solomon township, Graham county, 12 miles w. of Hill City, the county seat. Was formerly known as Fremont. Has Methodist and Presbyterian churches, 2 banks and a newspaper, Exp. Am. Telephone connection.

  • H J Stetchell, postmaster
  • Botts J S, general store.
  • Cain C A & Son, hardware.
  • Citizens State Bank (Cap $10,000), G W Stober Pres, T A Irwin Cashier.
  • Collins G W & Son, general store.
  • Colvin & Co, drugs.
  • Connor Ira, hotel.
  • Cunningham Hugh, meats.
  • Cunningham W R, grain
  • Dalton Mercantile Co.
  • Dillingham W R, physician.
  • Gibbons M H, grocer.
  • Grenbia Charles, hotel.
  • Haney Stock Co, live stock.
  • Harvey F M, grain and live stock
  • Harvey & Travis, restaurant.
  • Hill & Son, hardware.
  • Hoffman Elevator Co.
  • Irwin F K, insurance.
  • Laird Furniture Co.
  • McAlee Bros, implements.
  • Morland Milling Co.
  • Morland Progress, G W Butler publr.
  • Morland State Bank (Capital $10,000), G W Collins Pres, D C Kay Cashier.
  • Setchell, H J, real estate.
  • Stober G W, grain and mill
  • Weber George, physician.
  • Willmott A C, physician


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Nicodemus, Population, 58. In Nicodemus township, Graham County, 14 miles n. e. of Hill City, the county seat and banking point and 6 from Bogue, its shipping point. Is on the daily mail stage route from Stockton to Bogue.

  • Sayers G M, postmaster
  • Baxter C, hotel
  • Lee S M, restaurant
  • Locke D W, physician
  • Sayers G M, general store
  • Stewart D L, physician


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Penokee. A country postoffice on the U. P. R. R., in Graham county, 8 miles w. of Hill City, the judicial seat and banking point. Tel., W. W. Exp., Am.

  • Williams L P, postmaster.
  • Collins Bros, lumber.
  • Egie Bros, hardware.
  • Green C E, livery.
  • Hoffman Elevator Co.
  • Kline P, general store.
  • Martin A M, restaurant.
  • Shuley D, grocer.


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St. Peter

St. Peter. Population, 150. In Bryant township, Graham county, 25 miles s. w. of Hill City, the judicial seat, and 11 from Morland, its usual banking and shipping point. Mail daily.

  • Ingenthron John, postmaster.
  • Dinkel Florian, hotel and livery.
  • Ingenthron John, General Store and Agricultural Implements.
  • Rome Peter, general store.
  • Stelens Wm jr, machinist.

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(Compiler's note: Although Studley lies in neighboring Sheridan County, it sits on the county line and is included in this listing)
Studley. Population, 50. On the U. P. R. R., and on the Solomon river, in Valley township, Sheridan county, 16 miles e. of Hoxie, the county seat, and 5 from Moreland [sic!], the nearest banking point. Exp., Am.

  • Turtle C W, postmaster
  • Davis James L, hardware.
  • Madden W. J, grain dealer.
  • Morrison Ira W, general store.
  • Pratt Henry, lumber and coal.
  • Turtle C. W, general store.

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